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August 24, 2012
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"This is the best birthday ever!" Pinkie Pie's words broke through the walls of Sugar Cube Corner, her exalted voice being almost painful to her friends standing by her if they hadn't already been forced to become used to her overzealous voice over the years. The party pony bounced around the room in her new bright pink dress happily singing one of Rarity's many dress making songs, which only confused the unicorn who was sure she never sung it while in her friend's presence.

"My present is next!" Twilight stated, thrilled to show her new discovery to her friends. Pinkie suddenly stopped bouncing and flashed across the room to the table growing an even larger smile.

"Ohhhh, what is it?" The earth pony shook the large box but heard no rattling sound, confused she hit the box against the table but again heard nothing. With an unsatisfied frown she brought her teeth to the box and tore the wrapping off with a single clean sweep.

Upon seeing the large scroll unfold in Pinkie's hooves Twilight took a sip of water before informing her of the gift. "Well I knew how much you love balloons so I figured it would be a useful gift to provide you with all the information you need to create your own. The thin plastic coating of the balloons and how to balance the materials and moulding is all there, as well as a new discovery I made on how to create helium!" Twilight placed her hoof onto the complex design in the centre of the scroll. "I made this machine last night, it was a little complicated to figure out the specific amounts of the different elements required to create the helium but I finally figured out a good supply into the machine to produce your own! Now you no longer need to depend on others to provide it all for you, isn't that great?!"

Twilight's large almost awkward smile stared the confused birthday pony in the face. "Ermm, yeah of course it is Twilight. I'm sure that it will be, very. Useful." A short period of silence fell over the room until Pinkie noticed Fluttershy entering the room with a far more interesting looking gift. "Oh! What did you bring Fluttershy?"

The timid pegasus almost dropped the bowl she was carrying to the sudden sound before managing to lift it onto the table. "Happy birthday Pinkie, sorry I'm late I had to finish the salad dressing, one of the little bunnies got to it again last night the cute little things."

"Oooo, tasty." Pinkie stared into the bowl of flowers and leaves.

Fluttershy gently brushed her hair aside as she continued, pleased by her friend's delight. "I noticed you haven't had much proper food lately so I thought it would be a nice idea to get you a hearty meal. It's all been grown in my garden, don't worry about those little bite marks though the animals take a keen interest in them as well but I made sure they are all clean for you."

"Thanks Fluttershy!" Pinkie dived at the startled pegasus pulling her in for a tight hug. "You are always so thoughtful I can't wait to dig in!" The party pony lowered her mouth to the delicious looking bowl before suddenly stalling, staring through the glass to the sight of her next present before her eyes. "Are they?" Pinkie slowly raised her face away from the food to stare at the packet dangling from Rainbow Dash's mouth.

"Humbugs? Sure are." Rainbow happily answered dropping the packet of brown and tan sweets from her mouth, seemingly without any reaction time Pinkie dived across the table, catching the packet in her own mouth before falling flat against the wooden furniture.

"Humbugs!" Pinkie yelled happily tearing open the packet sending the sweets flying across the room. "Oh it's been so long since I last had these! It's days!"

Fluttershy retreated behind her mane as her friend seemed to forget about her gift. "They are still fresh so you can always have the salad for tea, or for breakfast maybe, but you know only if you want to." Her whispered words only caught the ear of Rarity who came to support her.

Pinkie threw a hoof-full of humbugs into her mouth, loving the delicious flavour as she swirled the brown and tan treats between her cheeks. "Bah, humbugs!" She giggled softly before biting down hard on her gift.

A loud cracking sound suddenly silenced the room, filling each pony with dread as the reality of what happened passed between the five friend's eyes before looking down at the pink pony with concern. After what seemed like an eternity Rarity finally spoke. "Pinkie?"

The previously happy party pony burst into tears holding her jaw with her hooves. All her friends quickly approached her trying to comfort the crying mare. "It's okay dear, please let me have a look." Rarity attempted to open the crying mare's mouth but even with her telekinetic magic found it to difficult to move the clamped entrance. "Please Dear, you need to have the tooth looked at."

"No it's fine nothings wrong with i-" Rarity stole the advantage and forced her light blue aura inside Pinkie's open mouth, as much as she hated using force she knew it was the only way she would examine the problem causing her friend so much pain.

"Twilight?" Rarity called for her best friend, not noticing she was already making her way over to examine the problem. "What do you think? Does it look chipped or cracked?"

Pinkie looked towards her other friends keeping distance through watery eyes as the two unicorns continued to invade her personal space. "I'm afraid it looks completely cracked, we're going to have to get her to the dentist."

Pinkie bucked the two unicorns away with sudden desperation to the mention of one of her biggest fears. "NO! Not a dentist! I'm fine it doesn't even hurt!" Pinkie tried badly to hide her pain as her friends brought themselves up from the floor, trying badly to hide theirs also from the sudden kick.

Rainbow approached the injured mares with a look of guilt in her eyes. "I'm really sorry, I didn't think they would."

"It's not your fault Rainbow Dash. I've told her time and time again she should look after her teeth more, as much as it pains me to say, something like this was inevitable." Rarity gazed back down to the suffering pink pony before speaking once more. "Come on now, let's get your tooth treated."

"NO! No dentist!" Pinkie flashed across the room underneath another table awarding a frustrated sigh from the beautiful unicorn.

"Twilight dear, would you mind taking her?" Rarity smiled warmly to her best friend as she made her way to the door before lightning the air around her horn with a lavender aura, growing in power before firing it towards the pink pony, gripping her hooves with her telekinesis and slowly dragging her towards the door.

"This will be a lot easier for the both of us if you don't resist!" Twilight stated panting heavily, using all her strength to drag her friend towards the door. Upon finally covering the short distance the lavender mare struggled even more as Pinkie dug into the grassy floor, anchoring herself in front of Sugar Cube Corner. After several more minutes which only resulted in tearing up the front lawn Twilight's patience finally got the better of her, and with a screaming voice she called for the only pony she knew could provide her aid. "APPLEJACK!"


It was a usual quiet day working in Ponyville's dentistry with the odd check up visits, that was until a loud sound slowly approached the building, the dentist assistant's day was quickly livened up by the sight of a pink pony wrapped tightly in rope being dragged into the waiting area. "Can I, help you?" The light blue mare asked awkwardly.

"Y'all okay now?" Applejack questioned dusting off some of the dirt Pinkie brought with her.

"Yes I should be fine now, thanks for the help Applejack." Twilight replied happily managing to levitate the trapped pony onto a chair.

The strong mare gave a cheerful smile before making her way back outside, following the path of dug up soil back to Sugar Cuber Corner. "Can I help you two?" The assistant repeated again.

"Oh yes Pinkie, I mean Pinkamena Pie is here about a cracked tooth." Twilight informed the assistant while keeping a keen eye on her friend in case she attempted to flee yet again.

"Pinkamena, Pinkamena... Ah yes, her last appointment was meant to be two years and three months ago, and she never turned up, or replied to any letters asking her to come back."

"I'm afraid she is a bit scared of dentists." Twilight replied with a smile hoping she could still get her seen by the specialist.

"I'm scared because they want to drill my mouth and inject me with things and put me to sleep and hack away at my teeth and fill them with stuff and blow water at them and-"

"Yes there is a free opening now with doctor Molar we can get her seen straight away for you." The assistant replied with a warming smile, both her and Twilight doing their best to ignore the endless list spewing from Pinkie's fears.

"Ah Colgate who do we have next then?" A proud yellow stallion wearing a white coat appeared from the staff room. "My my, Pinkamena, it has been a while hasn't it?"

"It's okay I'm all better now thanks!" Pinkie attempted to flee before finding herself caught in a powerful levitation spell powered by all three unicorns. Helpless under their grasp Pinkie breathed deeply as she was guided into a bright white room and laid to rest on a strange equally white bed.

"We don't need all these ropes, we are a sophisticated practice and don't need to rely on such brash techniques." Molar stated gently removing the entangling ropes from the scared pony. Pinkie felt slightly relieved as the ropes left her body, that was until sudden metal cylinders shot from the chair and held her down helpless.

"Oh, that is impressive." Twilight stated happily checking the other aspects hidden inside the advanced chair.

"Now then, Pinkie is it?" Molar checked through several notes Colgate passed him before slowly making his way over to the trapped pony. "I understand you have a fear of dentists still?"

"No, not at all, of course I don't!" Pinkie lied badly trying to not make her living nightmare any worse.

"You see I know you do, and it is a sad thing, there is nothing to be afraid of. We are only doing our jobs in the most reassuring ways possible." The dentist gently petted the still frightened earth pony before speaking again. "If I was to take off the restraints would you run away?"


"You see, we only do what is needed." Molar backed away from the chair to open a cupboard out of sight. "So if you were to run away when we haven't even begun, how could we make sure you wouldn't run away when I used this."

Pinkie was struck by immense fear as the dentists turned around wielding a macabre device as large as his leg, the device was littered with scraping instruments and multiple large drills and needles, high pressure water blowers and sleeping gas masks, everything and more than the party pony feared slowly approached her hysteric face, she attempted to scream but found her mouth open by Colgate from behind as the device turned on, spewing cruel sounds which slowly grew louder as it approached.

Pinkie closed her eyes as Twilight's remained open and intrigued, as the device slowly approached the almost crying earth pony a small thin cotton swab extended from the centre of the machine and gently glided across Pinkie's teeth with one of Zecora's renewing mixtures, quickly and painlessly healing the decayed teeth, renewing her mouth to perfection. "There we go." Molar stated defiantly as he turned off his over elaborate cotton swab and placed it on a shelf. "Now will you promise to look after your teeth so you don't have to come back?"

"YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" Pinkie screamed still traumatised from the event.

"That's a good girl." The dentist opened another draw to bring out a collection of lollipops "Do you want a lollipop?"

"NO!" Pinkie rushed out of the room as soon as her restraints were withdrawn and dashed back towards Sugar Cube Corner.

"I'll take one." Twilight asked happily as Colgate lifted one out to her. "Thanks. That was very interesting you never used that machine with me."

"Well Twilight Sparkle, you are never a problem. Sadly with Pinkie Pie, a little fear is needed to balance out her far to unhealthy obsession with sweets."

Twilight giggled lightly before sighing, sucking on the tasty treat. "Well you know Pinkie, I'll give her one day before she is back on an all sugar diet."


Twilight Sparkle made her way back to Sugar Cube Corner, the task not being very difficult due to the helpful trial of destruction left from dragging her friend across town. Upon entering the store she was greeted with a warming smile and hug from Rarity, who was clearly a lot happier than Pinkie Pie. "I'm glad you like it Pinkie, I prepared it specially for you and is very good for you." Fluttershy hovered around the room happily now that Pinkie had began eating her salad.

"Thanks Fluttershy, it really does taste great." Pinkie replied truthfully before sighing. "But it's not the same..."

Rainbow Dash noticed her friend's sorrow and knew the only way to cheer her up, looking around to make sure nopony was looking she sneakily picked up one of the humbugs tossed across the room earlier in the day and placed her legs around Pinkie in a hug to hide the exchange. "Hey, I got you something."

Pinkie noticed Rainbow roll a humbug towards her, the alluring sight of the hard boiled sweet in attractive brown and tan staring up at the party pony. "But I shouldn't-" Without even finishing her own sentence Pinkie dipped her mouth to the table, lifting the humbug in her mouth to enjoy the sweet flavour rolling over her tongue, offering no attempt to hide what she was doing from her friends.

"Twenty minutes." Twilight stated looking at the clock before laughing. "I guess it makes her happy though."

"Very happy! This is still the best birthday ever!" Pinkie yelled looking back at her friends before biting down hard on her treat.
It's Pinkie Pie's birthday and her friends are all busy giving her questionably wonderful gifts. However sadly Pinkie's lack of care to her teeth and diet result in one of her gifts proving to be a little to hard on her tooth. Soon her best birthday ever swiftly becomes one of her worst to the mention of needing to see the single pony she fears the worst. The dentist

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro(c) and Lauren Faust
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angusyoung3 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
love this fanfic! :D

pinkie should learn to brush her teeth and lay off the sweets. or else.
:iconmlpcolgateplz::iconsaysplz: or else you will be in major pain at your local dentist.
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:icontwilightsparkleplz: She'll never truly learn...
angusyoung3 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
True :D
Coobalt-Dahonli-One Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013

I swear, I didn't know about your story! If I had known about it sooner, I would never have written this comment.

I'm sorry.
BB-K Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, I knew one day this will have to come. The excessive eating of candy surely will lead Pinkie to Colgate. :)
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Colgate waits patiently in the distance.
Toogadab137 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional Photographer
oh my gosh, i have a fear of dentists too! i got a tooth filled awhile ago. ive had a bad dental history all my life.
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Coincidentally I got the idea for this story while going to the dentist, well when I say coincidentally it isn't to surprising considering the obvious similarities between the events.
Toogadab137 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Professional Photographer
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aaaawww pinkie what happened to that no fear song:(
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