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January 31
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The slowly dimming light of Celestia’s sun radiated through the open curtains of Ponyville’s unusually vacant library. The absence of customers, friends and most notably the librarian herself had allowed for a calming atmosphere to truly appreciate the wonders of the literacy bestowed upon the occupant. The baby dragon found much needed time to relax and enjoy the bright pictures of his tome, pulling at the page’s tab with his claw to enjoy the majestic sight of the cardboard dragon breathing fire towards the fleeing timber wolves. Smiling in glee as the fair maiden threw her hooves around the dynamic dragon with the pull of the second tab.

The quaint oak door opened for only the third time in the day, allowing for the large cloaked figure to duck her way inside, almost hitting her horn against the low frame as she entered. The unannounced visitor cautiously looked behind herself as she closed the door to the outside world, before finally removing the unwanted disguise from her graceful body. Celestia examined the quiet interior of the home her student had clearly not changed over the last year before spying out the small sign of familiar life curled up behind a writing desk. “My hero! You saved me from the vile beasts!” Spike stated with a feminine tone as he read aloud the few words adorning the pop-up page. “Do not fear Lady Rarity! Your knight shall keep you safe from harm!” He finished with his own words before starting to change the page.

“Hello Spike.” The playful tone of the Princess alerted the young dragon to her presence, causing him to instantly close the nursery book with surprising force before gazing up to the mare with a clear disregard for personal space.

“This isn’t-Oh, Princess Celestia? Hello?” Spike’s words luckily changed with seeing the identity of the nosey mare, noticing the playful smile radiating down at him. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Do you happen to know if Twilight Sparkle is home?” The solar mare asked, still gazing down at the little dragon and the book in his possession, noticing him quickly attempting to hide it upon her closer inspection.

“Oh Twilight?” Spike stated with clear joy. “Yes she came back a while ago, she bounced around all giddy-like talking about her date before heading upstairs.” He lost himself in thought for a few seconds, enjoying knowing his mother figure had found such joy before quickly returning to his senses. “Oh...she told me not to tell anypony about that...”

Celestia merely smiled in response before starting to make her way to the stairs. “Do not worry Spike, I’ll just tell her I guessed.” Twilight’s assistant was unsure how to take the sincere smile of his carer’s mentor, knowing she clearly enjoyed what she heard, but at the same time fearing how exactly she would use the information. The Princess’ majestic hooves echoed through the steps of the tree as she made her way out of vision, leaving the baby dragon to himself once more. As the seconds passed by and the thoughts of Celestia’s meeting with Twilight waned, he simply shrugged and began to open his hidden tome once more.

The Princess slowly made her way up the arched steps towards her student’s room, her present desires being mostly for her student’s relationship and happiness, but also holding her usual thoughts of maintenance, wondering how the little bookworm had taken to living on her own accord. From the surface at least the library seemed to be even more spotless and tidy than when the previous librarian had left it, but as with Beatrix before her, her student’s bedrooms always portrayed the truth. Celestia climbed each step with ease before finally reaching the bedroom door, and before knocking, she placed her majestic ear against the oaken wood to listen in. Not noticing any warning signs of privacy she forsook usual manners and quietly opened the door with the smallest amount of magical energy it required.

Celestia’s plans for infiltration were instantly dismantled as the room’s occupant immediately threw herself around her  teacher’s pearl coat. She could barely hear the muffled stage name of her selfless student escaping from Twilight’s misinformed hug as she rubbed her face along Celestia’s chest. Several brief, but warming, seconds passed before Twilight withdrew herself almost as quickly as she first tossed her body against her, and blushed deeply rubbing her front hoof along her back leg in shyness. “So sorry Princess, I thought, you were~”

“Somepony else?” Celestia gently patted her student’s mane as she gazed down compassionately into her violet eyes.

Twilight responded with a deeper blush as she spied Celestia’s knowing glance, recalling the letter last night she had sent to her tutor. She merely nodded in response, unable to say anything that wasn’t likely already known. “So ermm, what brings you here Princess?” The lavender mare noticed the same half smirking smile staring back at her as a wordless response, causing her to shy away again. “Right, I guess that was a silly question...”

The Solar Princess gently brought the tip of her hoof beneath her student’s chin, rubbing softly to comfort the little mare, “I’m not here to tell you off Twilight Sparkle, on the contrary, I came to listen to your feelings first hoof.” Celestia’s warm smile brightened Twilight’s still shy face as she returned her hoof to the floor. “Shall we take a seat?” Twilight nodded in approval as she began heading back to her bed, on the way Celestia finally caught the opportunity to look around her faithful student’s room, as a direct contrast to Beatrix’s the lavender mare had kept almost everything immaculate, as if picked clean by the dust that would usually retire against the surfaces. The overall cleanliness clearly pointed out the few places she commonly used, the writing desk as one, with multiple ink stains littering the papers from some unseen accident and a wicker waste basket filled with scrap scrolls most of which were either looked fully written or discarded immediately one line in due to a spelling or grammatical error. The vanity also showed some lesser signs of use, but most of all lay the bed which Twilight now sat upon, showing clear signs of tossing and turning through numerous dreams both good and bad. As Celestia sat her sun adored flank onto the bed the sweet fragrance of the bedding still permeated from the sheets as if in direct opposition to the stress the bedding seemed to have received.

The lavender mare sighed softly, birthed more from uncertainty than any negativity, gazing off to the walls of her room as she apologised. “I’m sorry about the lack of letters about my studies of friendship recently...” She trailed off with another quiet sigh, trying to avoid eye contact to show her uncertain thoughts. “I’m just having difficulty focusing on them lately, whenever I try~” Twilight’s voice suddenly lost volume as she began shying away during her words, slowly rubbing her leg in shyness as she almost whispered the final section of her apology. “Thoughts of Trixie end up filling my mind...I don’t know why, I just sit down to write a letter about friendship and suddenly it is just several pages about her!” Twilight gives an almost forceful stare at Celestia as she finished with surprising volume, before swiftly turning her gaze away and quieting back down in awkwardness. “It’s like, she’s all I can think about...”

Celestia remained with her caring but silent approach, simply sitting beside her student while gently rubbing her back to comfort her as she always used to, waiting for the little mare to finally calm enough to speak her own, conclusive response. “It can be hard to come to grips with, but speaking to you face to face dear Twilight Sparkle, it does appear like you are finally discovering the most intimate aspect of friendship.” Celestia paused her slightly manipulative lecturing briefly to smile warmly to the sight of her student’s face, slowly growing brighter with a building blush as she clearly took in her words. “I do enjoy hearing about your loving friendship with Trixie.”

“She’s a good friend~” Twilight’s voice almost began croaking as she struggled to keep the flimsy posture she barely managed to keep intact with subconscious fidgeting.

“Yes, Such a special friend, who you can enjoy a romantic date with, sharing food under candlelight.” The pearl alicorn smirked happily as her ‘guess’ evidently pulled the lavender mare’s heart strings. Causing her to almost open her mouth in objection, before silently closing it muttering only a few words which managed to escape.

“It, was a date?” Twilight quietly asked, as if only looking for clarification with what she struggling to understand.

Time passed, during which Celestia continued to softly comfort her student who remained in thought, while her own mind filled with memories of her own past, and the chance she took with Luna shortly after her return. The light of her celestial body in the sky began to shimmer as the hours of sunset approached, causing Celestia to finally raise to her hooves. Smiling down lovingly to her heavily blushing and temporarily shy student before her, satisfied with her questionably less evasive and forceful approach compared to her involvement with her other student. “I must return to Canterlot for my duties, it was a pleasure to see you again, my faithful student.” Celestia made her excuses as she began to leave, slowly trotting towards the bedroom door before finally turning her gaze back to the lavender mare still lost in curious yet happy thoughts. “Such brilliant mares come along rarely Twilight Sparkle, don’t pass this chance up. You two are beautiful together.” Celestia lectured her student a final time before leaving, her voice and face reflecting a degree of seriousness and caring compassion that the lavender unicorn had never seen nor heard from her mentor before, as if holding something personal within each word, within moments the royal composure returned and the Princess of the Sun retreated through the door, leaving Twilight Sparkle alone once more with her emotions.

Several minutes passed as the lavender mare simply stared at the door, before squinting slightly to the presence of moisture gracing her cheek. Twilight softly brought her hoof to her face to rub gently along the wet trail leading from her violet eyes, watering with tears of some unknown sadness she felt within Celestia’s words, reflecting within her own previous fears of being unable to befriend Trixie. She rubbed her lavender hoof across her delicate eyes to quell the flow of such thoughts before bursting out the room, and almost tripping as she descended the stairs with speed to find her assistant. “SPIKE!”

The little dragon fumbled forwards off his cushion, landing roughly against the flimsy cardboard of the fair maiden. He swiftly brought himself up, scratching at the side of  the nearby table to lock his gaze on his worried foster parent. “What’s wrong Twilight?” Spike responded with a much quieter yell than the attention fuelled scream before it.

“”Oh Spike! Great!” Twilight responded gleefully as she spied her scaled assistant. “Is the Princess still here?”

Spike sighed heavily before gazing down to the tome he was coveting, withdrawing his foot from the page to notice it grabbing at the now torn pop-up scene. He managed to stifle the sudden rush of annoyance and grief by gazing around the room for any signs of the tall mare he was too occupied to notice leave. “Doesn’t look like it.” Spike continued to look around for any signs of adhesives to fix his story before noticing the lavender mare releasing a prolonged but quiet groan. “Is something wrong Twilight?”

“Yes, everything!” The worrying unicorn began pacing around the room as she trailed off a quick list of seemingly random phrases and words with little conjunction before finally reaching her main point. “So what am I doing to pass Trixie up?! I’m already her friend and we’re meeting tomorrow and we get along perfectly! What more am I meant to do?! Arghhh!” Twilight threw herself down back first onto a luckily placed cushion, bringing her hooves to her aggravated face to hide herself from the world.

Spike quietly hummed to himself as he began trying to glue the cardboard back in place. Finally finding a gap between groans, huffs and puffs to reply. “I think the two of you are going at a nice pace to be honest.”

“Oh a nice pace, sure... except for Celestia telling me I’m going to be wasting my friendship if I don’t somehow do more!” She tossed herself around to face down into the beaten cushion, muffling her words into the velvet lining. “And then everypony keeps calling it a date...I’ve never even been asked on a date...”

Spike added the finishing touches to the cardboard, sighing upon noticing the glue merely stuck the piece in the air rather than raising up and down. He closed the book onto the surprisingly strong structure leaving the tome slightly ajar before deciding it was best to just leave the mess alone before it got any worse. “Your description of the date earlier when you came back was very sweet.” The baby dragon replied smiling to his carer.

Twilight managed to bring an eye from the cushion in an attempt to object, until noticing the happy gaze of her assistant looking back at her. With a quiet sigh of resignation she tumbled herself back around to lay facing the ceiling. “I just don’t know what to do...”

“Hello? Magical fire breathing letter delivery-dragon here!” Spike waved his arms briefly before smirking down to the lavender mare, who responded with her own agreeing smile shortly before leaping back to her hooves, and making her way to the library’s writing desk.


Spike hopped upwards multiple times in an attempt to read the scroll the determined mare was busy writing. “Come on I can’t see.”

“I’m just writing a formal letter Spike~” Twilight replied briefly

The baby dragon gave a coy expression as he noticed the blushing cheeks of the lying mare. “Just a formal, passionate letter.”

“It’s just a normal letter...” Twilight began giggling as the baby dragon leapt onto her back and tried climbing onto her mane for a better view, causing her to blush further as she fell to the floor with her assistant scrolling the letter with her lavender aura. “Done! There you can send it.”

Spike returned to his feet, grabbing the letter from the air as the magic faded around it continuing to mock his carer. “You always spoil the fun.” Upon finishing his words he began breathing in deeply, before exhaling his lungs through his fire glands, causing the lightly moisturised breath to engulf in green flames and cascade over the message, coiling it with emerald flames, binding the message with Draconic magic turning the paper into a cloud of ash which began flying towards the window.

Twilight began hopping in circles giggling like a filly as she waited for her friend. While Spike merely watched on happily, enjoying the sight of the unicorn finally enjoying herself, even if in a slightly awkward way. Suddenly a fumbled knock reverberated through the oak door, the sounds of proud but cautious hooves tapping against the wooden frame. “Trixie’s here!”

“I only just sent it...” Spike spoke to himself confused as the lavender mare’s magic quickly threw the door open to the startled cloaked unicorn who was about to repeat the knock.

“Greetings Twilight Sparkle, Trixie received your letter-”

“You came!” Twilight threw herself around the cloaked magician who almost fell to the ground in shock, before cautiously returning a hoof to grace the hugging pony’s back.

Trixie found herself becoming increasingly uncomfortable in the prolonged hug, with every new gaze locked onto them by wandering ponies crossing through the centre of town. “Can we take this inside please, Twilight?”

The lavender mare withdrew herself slowly, looking past her friend’s figure to view the build-up of ponies staring back at her, causing the situational shyness to return as she quickly stepped aside for Trixie to pass her. “Yes of course sorry!” She almost whispered with quick speed as she awkwardly walked backwards into the library with her desired guest, closing the door in front of her.

Trixie sighed in relief as she noticed herself alone with her friend, away from the public gaze. She brought a hoof to the dark hood, pulling it back over her mane to reveal her beautiful features to the adoring unicorn beside her, levitating her magical magenta aura along the gemmed clip to pull the cloak from her body with a single dynamic sweep akin to the pull of a strong gust, to land the warm clothing onto the floor beside the door, missing the coat-stand completely. The showmare kept her arrogant expression even upon noticing the failure of her act, luckily her host didn’t seem to notice as she trotted alongside her, brushing her soft tail against her azure coat before sitting down on a nearby cushion, facing Trixie with a happy smile and open hooves. “You asked for Trixie to come over then.” She simply stood in place by the closed door, looking on confused to the younger unicorn’s actions, watching as she simply opened her forelegs up facing her. “What are you wanting, Twilight Sparkle?”

“You said we would continue hugging when inside.” Twilight replied gleefully.

The showmare took a step backwards awkwardly before speaking again. “Trixie never said-”

“You said ‘Can we take this inside please Twilight,’ so ‘this’ would mean the hug as we were hugging at the time, so you said we would hug when inside!” Twilight interrupted to quickly explain, earning a confused looking stare from the defeated pony.

Trixie scrapped her hoof against the floor silently in the uncharacteristic shyness that seemed to dominate over her emotional and passionate embraces in the last few days. Attempting to think of anything witty to reply back with. “But, it would be you, that would be hugging me...” An alien voice suddenly caused the showmare to freeze.

“I’m really starting to see what the Princess meant.” Spike sighed almost silently under his breath from behind one of the library’s many piles of books. Trying not to be noticed by the naïve young couple.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Trixie commanded fearing being spied on by anypony especially during such activities.

“Oh, that’s just Spike.” Twilight replied for him as the little dragon gave an almost sheepish smile as he came from around the book pile to greet Twilight’s new friend.

“Hey I’m Spike, Twilight’s assistant. Pleased to meet you my Lady, I love watching your shows.” Spike spoke with the same voice he used during his novels, bowing before the unicorn he hoped to befriend.

The azure unicorn enjoyed the bowing presence of her admirer before her, responding with a satisfied and cheerful smile to her loving fan. “Trixie is pleased to hear that, all should enjoy her performances as much as you do, little dragon!”

Twilight giggled briefly to the overplayed greeting from her assistant, gazing lovingly along the azure coat of her new friend, enjoying the beautiful sight of it glistening in the candlelight without any of the magician’s garments to hide her appearance. The lavender mare continued to keep her hooves stretched out before her, causing the showmare to dig at the wooden floor again.

“I’ll just go get some snacks for us.” The baby dragon called out in a loud voice, clearly wanting to make his absence heard. As he turned towards the kitchen Spike could see a thankful gaze return to him from their guest for not staying to watch.

Trixie didn’t say anything, instead she just approached her friend and leaned towards her cautiously to get the hug out of the way, as her hoof gently graced Twilight’s lavender back, her friend’s hooves wrapped around hers in return, embracing each other in a long cuddling hug. Unlike the previous time being alone allowed the showmare to enjoy the comforting privacy, softly caressing Twilight’s back with one hoof, gently brushing their manes against one another.

Spike quietly entered the room with a plate of assorted snacks and drinks, placing it on the library’s writing desk with silent precision before turning his gaze to the cuddling unicorns. He enjoyed the sweet sight of the warming embrace but inevitably had to interrupt it with a purposeful clatter of the plate to alert the older unicorn to his presence, not wanting her to object to the thoughts of being spied on again. The azure unicorn swiftly withdrew from the hug, shyly withdrawing her gaze from the mare she cared for. “So we have some cookies, a few sugar cubes, some hay sticks, and this one cupcake I think Pinkie must have-”

The library door burst open as a pink projectile shot through the library with enough speed to cause a sudden torrent of wind, blowing the unicorns’ manes across their faces as the party pony stopped without any deceleration directly before Spike. “There it is!” Pinkie stated with overwhelming joy as she dived her head against the plate, pulling out with her mouth filled to the brim with sugary goodness. “ah fort ah lefft’t ere!” Pinkie exclaimed with her eyes closed in bliss, spitting out crumbs as she spoke.

Trixie quickly turned herself around to face the unknown threat, before raising out from her defensive stance upon noticing her strange fan suddenly staring directly at her chewing with her mouth open. “P, Pinkie Pie?”

Pinkie swallowed her cupcake, licking her lips with overzealous use of saliva, causing the showmare to step back worried by her fan’s previous request wanting her to lick her hooves. “Hay Trix! Hay Twi! Hay Spike!” Pinkie began bouncing around merrily with her newly gained sugar energy, giggling as she spoke. “What’s this super duper secret meeting about then?!”

Twilight placed a hoof on Trixie’s shoulder to help reassure her against the strange mare invading their privacy. “Oh it’s not really that secret, we are just getting acquainted with one another, since we’re new friends and all.”

Any reassurance Trixie felt from her friend’s words instantly vanished as Pinkie ran directly up to her face, gazing down with a stern expression directed straight at the showmare. “You are Twilight’s new friend?”

Trixie found herself attempting to retreat downwards from the invading gaze, but found herself unable to move, and only able to mutter a single word quietly under her breath. “Yes.”

Pinkie kept her stern face, growing more serious by the second as she lowered further towards the quivering unicorn. “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Pinkie’s grabbed the now startled unicorn in her hooves as she leaped into the air in blissful joy. “Twilight has a new friend!” The two mares shot out the open library door, leaving behind a mixture of worried objections and manic cheerful laughter.

Twilight sighed, giggling between her breaths briefly as she waited for the mare’s to return, within only a few seconds the pink pony returned into the room laughing loudly, releasing Trixie from her hooves to bounce around in circles. As soon as she released the unicorn from her captivity, Trixie instantly threw herself towards the lavender mare’s hooves for defence from the pink menace, nervously shaking in fear from having her private space so violated by the mare she barely knew throwing her around at alarming speeds. “We totally have to set you up a welcome party! No wait, or will it be a new friend party?! Or maybe both! A DOUBLE PARTY!” Pinkie screamed happily as she bounced out the library door.

“Bye Pinkie!” Twilight called out before using her lavender aura to close the door once more. She gazed down lovingly into her worried friend’s face, enjoying the way she held her closely. She returned the embrace softly stroking the unicorn’s back to reassure her, as Celestia always did for her. “Pinkie Pie is a good friend, she is just, a bit hard to get used to.” Twilight giggled briefly before noticing Trixie’s nervous shaking, responding with a reassuring hug. “I’m sorry, I probably should have warned you about her.”

Trixie breathed deeply to slowly regain her composure, and though she wished for her comforting costume, she enjoyed the nostalgic hug in it’s place. Softly brushing her face against the embracing unicorn before opening her eyes to notice the three of them alone once more. “Is there any more of your friends you need to warn me about?” Trixie questioned as she withdrew herself from the warming hug.

“Not really, Pinkie is the most...” Twilight paused for a moment to think of the nicest word to describe her random friend. “Unique, of them all. You already met my best friend Rarity.” Twilight continued to smile happily as her new friend began pacing around the room, noticeably smiling to the mention of the generous unicorn. “She has always been really nice to talk to about everything.”

“Unicorns always are.” Trixie responded idly, resulting in a short giggle from her friend who enjoyed her usual arrogance.

“Then there is Applejack, who you also met earlier...” Twilight trailed off still cautious about the azure mare’s feelings towards her honest, but a little too blunt friend.

Trixie paused her pacing to return her eyes to the worried lavender mare, silently remaining in thought before returning her hooves to motion. “So she’s your last friend?”

Twilight couldn’t help but feel saddened by her new friend’s words, feeling a sense of the loneliness she must have lived with. “No Trixie, I have more friends I can introduce you Fluttershy, she is a little withdrawn, but she is very kind and considerate and spends her time caring for animals, you would like her a lot.” The lavender mare’s face brightened to Fluttershy’s description clearly resulting in a positive light with her the showmare, only wishing she could also build such views of Applejack. “Then there’s Rainbow.”


“Oh sorry, Rainbow Dash.” Twilight finished breaking from her mind, fearing how to put across her other upstaging friend. “You also met her...”

The showmare paused her pacing to query her host further. “Trixie doesn’t recall the name.”

“She was the pony you met last year, the pegasus who went up on stage-”

“Oh, that arrogant pegasus thinking herself better than Trixie? Such pompous boasting!” The sudden outlash from the showmare brought Twilight into bursting laughter as she realised how much the two personas had in common. “What is so funny?”

“Oh, it’s nothing...” Twilight replied still smiling. “I was just thinking of how great the three of you will get along, especially with how much Applejack and Rainbow already obsess over who is best.”

“Trixie does not affiliate herself with such hecklers!” The showmare stated loudly, stamping at the floor in objection, pausing briefly to stare into her host’s unwavering smile, causing her to shy away with a scoff. “...Trixie already knows she is the best anyway.”

The lavender mare giggled a little more as she toyed with her new friend. “I don’t know Trixie, I had to save you from the Ursa Minor.”

“That was different!” Trixie yelled in objection, before remaining silent blushing deeply as she attempted to find some excuse in her usual story telling.

Twilight casually trotted over to the worrying magician, enveloping her azure coat with her forelegs. “You will always be the best in my eyes, Trix.” Twilight quietly purred into her ears.

Trixie enjoyed the mixture of bodily and intellectual warmth, giving her the praise she needed. “Of course Trixie is the best in your eyes, none can match her magnificent magical talent.”

“Your spells are amazing.” The bookworm replied, removing herself from the loving embrace to begin clapping her hooves in blissful educational joy. “I’ve never seen such beautiful illusions, everything in your show forced my attention, I was never taught how to make such dazzling spectacles!”

The showmare’s persona lit up brightly to the words of the fellow student, declaring such wonder for her own ability. “Then perhaps it is something The Great and Powerful Trixie can teach you?” She barely had time to finish her sentence before her friend squealed in joy.

“I’d love it!” Twilight stomped the wooden flooring multiple times as she hopped in place, her eyes remaining wide and locked on the showmare awaiting one of the things she dreamed of. “When can we start?!”

Trixie’s heart warmed further as she gazed around herself to the unusual building built within the tree, the large open space surrounded by sturdy thick oak providing the perfect venue for such a small, private performance. Her desire to prove her dominance over her peer swiftly silenced any problems the unicorn’s mind wanted to address as she threw her leg to the air, pointing to the somewhat empty space around them. “We shall start right now! This room is befitting for such demonstrations!”

Spike slowly nibbled away at the cookies he brought, remaining purposefully oblivious to the actions and words of the two love-birds until he found the books he was previously standing on being ripped from under his feet. “Hey what gives?” The baby dragon questioned to no pony in particular, soon discovering the culprit as his guest’s magenta aura flew through the air, grabbing and tossing countless books haphazardly out of the way, clearing a large flat surface between the door and stairs. An action that would usually annoy the hard worked assistant if he had actually done the book sorting today. Spike watched on as his carer trotted over happily to the messy magician, before shrugging again with a sigh to begin rummaging through the pile of books.

The azure mare levitated one of the glasses her fan had brought, bringing the transparent glass to her lips to quench her vocal cords as she watched the lavender unicorn approach. She returned the glass to the table, clearing her throat softly before speaking. “Approach Twilight Sparkle!” The showmare’s enthusiastic persona became fuelled by the new show, casting her hoof horizontally across to her ‘student.’ “Join The Great and Powerful Trixie on stage!”

Spike finished his rummaging, managing to grasp at his heavily battered storybook, saving it from beneath the crushing weight of the pile before turning to redirect his attention to the unexpected performance, laying back to relax on the surprisingly comfy pile of literature.

Twilight happily nodded as she joined her new friend for the second time on stage, standing beside the showmare, earning a warming blush from the arrogant mare. “Good.” Trixie cleared her throat once more subtly before throwing her forelegs into the air, standing on two feet as she continued her act. “Observe the Brilliance of Trixie’s magic! Do not blink for even a second, or you will risk missing the most awe inspiring spells known to ponykind!


Endless magenta illusions radiated within the large oak, brightness reflecting from every surface as flashes and explosions rocketed the usually quiet library. Both the lavender mare and purple dragon remained speechless enjoying the demonstration of magical prowess, the resulting light and sound of which began to attract many passing ponies to gaze through the windows which leaked bright flashes into the now dark skies of Ponyville. The showmare continued to perform without noticing her additional viewers, waving her hooves as they trailed bright streams of magenta with each majestic gesture. Her horn glowing with mystical energies as she finally brought herself to the end of her routine, waving her hooves in circles before materialising a conjured bouquet of flowers which she held against her chest with one hoof, allowing her other three to rest against the floor in silence, signalling the final curtain to her private audience. Trixie remained with her head down, awaiting the inevitable applause she relished, and within mere seconds she grew a warm, satisfied smile as her admirers began cheering, clapping claws and stomping hooves in approval. She opened her eyes to the sight of lavender legs before her, raising her face to view her happy friend staring back at her, reflecting her own pleased face in her cheerful violet globes. “That was brilliant Trixie!” Twilight threw herself around her skilled friend, hugging her tightly in both approval and adoration.

Trixie’s happiness began seething out of control as she finally received the praise from her rival she so desperately needed, her denied dreams and thoughts she previously feared ever attempting now being a reality as she enjoyed every second of the lavender mare’s affection. She withdrew herself from the hug, gazing down at the bouquet against her chest, before passing it over to her friend. “And now, you, Twilight.”

The bookworm openly accepted the sweet exchange of conjured flowers, smelling the scent of her friend’s magic before  very softly levitating them down on the table beside the other snacks. “Where do you want me?”

“Right beside me.” Trixie replied with a caring passionate tone, pleasantly surprising the lavender mare as she nodded in approval, standing close to her friend as she regained her character. “Anypony can make can illusion...” The showmare began to lecture to the willing student as the two mare’s stood together, the older mare softly lowering her horn to meet Twilight’s own. “A simple illusion alone could never impress, there is no realism within it, no risk, no sense of danger.” The azure unicorn’s horn began to glow with a gentle magenta hue, radiating along the horn tip’s surface before enveloping Twilight’s own magical conduit with her knowledge, causing the younger mare’s eyelids to flicker to the unusual sensation. She began to understand the spells she had witnessed, piecing together her own ideas with the stimulation from the magician teaching her. Feeling each thread of the spell winding around them as they continued to embrace the building magic. “They claim it is fake, that they are just illusions.”

“But deep inside, their hearts know it’s real.” Twilight concluded. Their horn tips remaining locked together as her own lavender aura began to embrace her friend’s magic, as they continued their magical embrace the resulting aura began to form an illusion around the two unicorns, flowers of both colours began growing and blooming around them, encircling them in bright purple petals which began to fall from the plants which vanished as swiftly as they appeared. Twilight’s eyelids flickered more as her mind filled with the upkeep of the spell, still not used to such an elaborate decorative conjuration. The petals began to spin rapidly around the two mares in an unknown breeze, turning into a torrent as the petals gained in speed, spinning violently around the vulnerable unicorns. The blades sliced through the air with a loud sound of rushing wind, violently churning the space around the two embracing mares. Twilight could visualise each of the magenta and lavender petal blades that spun around her as her eyes remained closed, the hundreds of deadly blades dancing to her own whim, with a final burst of power and trust shared between the two mares, Twilight rose to her backlegs along with her new friend, raising their forelegs to the sky as the petals tore through their presented targets sending shivers through every inch of their vulnerable bodies before exploding into bursts of bright light, filling the room with fireworks of their respective colours.

Twilight fell to her hooves gasping in shock to the previously unknown sensation which rocketed through her body. Breathing heavily to recompose herself as her friend knelt down to offer a hoof to help. “Did you enjoy it?” She questioned in a curious yet playful tone.

“It was...unusual.” Twilight replied, happily accepting the help to raise back to her friend’s level. “You feel this each time?”

“You get used to it, it is the best way to give an audience what they truly want.” Trixie began brushing the remaining magical residue from her friend’s coat as she concluded her lecturing. Her usually dormant openness being reborn from the memories of her days being Celestia’s most prized student. “You are talented at learning new spells, second of course to Trixie’s ability.”

Twilight couldn’t help but blush to the praising words, rubbing a hoof along her leg in shyness. “Well, I’m sure there is a lot I can teach you also.”

The showmare scoffed more playfully than objectively to her friend’s words. “What could you possibly teach The Great and Powerful Trixie, Twilight Sparkle?”

The lavender mare pondered over her options, greatly desiring to share her magical knowledge. “You’re adept with the illusion and conjuration schools...” She brushed her chin briefly before gazing back up in triumph. “Oh I know! I could teach you some mysticism, or alteration!”

The showmare scoffed once more, cockily returning the gaze to her host as her magenta aura radiated from her horn to surround the nearby bouquet she previously conjured, lifting the flowers delicately into the air as she levitated them before herself. “Trixie can handle such simple manipulations.” Her arrogance soon wavered as a bright flash burst forth from the flowers, causing them to vanish from her grasp before re-materialising several paces away in lavender hooves.

“I don’t recall seeing you teleport.” Twilight stated with a slight tone of arrogance picked up from the unicorn before her.

“Of course Trixie can teleport!” The azure mare’s voice squeaked slightly as she badly attempted to lie. “She teleports into all her performances!”

“Running during bright flashes and smoke bombs isn’t quite the same thing, Trixie.” Twilight replied with her own supply of cockiness, before toning it down to support the magician she cared for. “It may be difficult to master, but it’s still the same school, I’m sure I could teach you in no time!”

The usually arrogant mare turned her gaze away briefly to consider the choice, as much as she hated wanting to admit needing or desiring help, the choice to finally learn such abilities was too much to ignore, especially coming from such a caring and appreciated source. She returned her gaze to Twilight’s own to reply with an equally pleased smile. “Very well.”

“YES! I’m going to teach Trixie!” Twilight yelled happily hopping in circles before landing on all fours, and with deep concentration empowered her horn and vanished. Trixie barely had time to worry before another bright flash subsided behind her and she felt a hoof grace her shoulder. “Okay Trixie, I picked up how to teach from Princess Celestia so this should be great!” The lavender mentor soothed her pupil as she rested her head alongside Trixie’s own, keeping their horns level and close as her magical aura levitated the blooming flowers onto the table beside them. “Now just concentrate on the flowers...” Her voice soothed the showmare further as she spoke in a low quiet tone. “Fill your mind with the flowers, their essence with your own.” Her own aura faded from the conjured plants as Trixie’s magenta hue began to envelop them, basking them in latent energies. “The stems are your body, the water your blood, the petals your hair.” Trixie’s eyes closed as she concentrated her will onto the bouquet, empowering her energy to conceal them in brightness. “The flowers are you, Your will, shall be done.” Twilight moved her own horn over to Trixie’s to embrace her friend’s magical power to share her knowledge.

A sudden jolt of knowledge shot forth into Trixie as she opened her glowing eyes in shock to the unexpected sensation, the entire table the flowers rested on immediately disappeared from sight in a bright flash, and within milliseconds a loud shattering sound emanated from the oak walls, the glowing in her eyes subsided to the horrific sight of wooden splinters falling from the thick tree’s interior, the flower petals vanishing from existence as the magical energies collided with the solid wall. Watching on in horror as the results of her spell littered the floor in debris. “That was amazing Trixie! You teleported the whole table!” Twilight responded gleefully clapping her hooves despite the deadly demonstration.

“Amazing?! If that was me-”

“Oh, don’t worry about that Trixie.” Twilight replied in a caring, supportive tone. “You weren’t expecting it so you kind of accidentally teleported the table into the wall destroying it...But you can’t do that to yourself as your magic won’t allow it!”

“How positive are you of that?” Trixie questioned still feeling unsafe to the idea.

“Well, Celestia told me, and ermm, I haven’t read of it happening.” Twilight replied with a still cheerful smile despite the violent accident. “Are you ready to teleport yourself?”

“Not really...” The azure mare attempted to think of another spell to attempt before finding herself surrounded in another hug.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” The lavender mentor refused to accept anything except for a yes, withdrawing from the supportive hug to once again stand beside her student. Trixie gulped down her nerves as she stood beside the mare she now entrusted her life to, standing flank to flank touching their horns together to begin casting. The room fell silent as both mares concentrated on the magical energies they began to share, embracing one another with both their minds and bodies to empower the brewing knowledge within the azure unicorn. “Imagine yourself where you are, and where you want to go.” Twilight continued to lecture as their eyes twitched to the spell that she herself has cast many times, fuelling her experience into the older unicorn. “Just a few steps, no more, no less.” Trixie began to glow with an increasingly brighter light as the teleportation began to take effect, clearing taxing her energy to the still alien spell. “Imagine yourself standing right before us.” Twilight concluded as Trixie vocalized a long pained groan as she maximised her potential before finally disappearing in a bright flash of white light, causing the lavender mare to avert her eyes before returning them to where her friend would appear. But despite her best cheerful expression, nothing appeared. “T, Trixie?”

The large crowd outside the library watched on in shock to the previous event with the table, and as a result everypony breathed in deeply in suspense as the magician disappeared in the bright flash. Keeping their lungs filled to brim in shock as the mare vanished. A light blue pegasus with a rainbow mane scoffed to the sight of the magical act as she returned to the ground from her vantage point. “Well obviously she got scared of the last attempt and fled. I have to admit though at least THIS time the fleeing makes sense.” Rainbow Dash folded her wings back against her coat as she concluded her opinion.

“Come now that is not fair on Twilight, she only wants to help.” Rarity responded.

“Like when she helped you fly in Cloudsdale?” Rainbow retorted without missing a beat. “I’ll be the first to admit I really like Twilight, she’s great. But I’m not going to let her magic get anywhere near my wings! The next thing you know she’s going to randomly spawn a sail on my back.”

A quiet screaming voice emanated from far above as the friends below began their arguing, an azure unicorn began falling from far above Ponyville, she attempted to build the newly found magical attunement within her horn to teleport her to safety, sacrificing her remaining energy with multiple short bursts which caused her to appear closer to the ground each time, but still falling as her remaining energy left her powerless to the descent. Twilight Sparkle left her library home in search of her missing friend, before noticing her friends outside. “Oh, hey everypony. Have you seen Trixie?” She searched around noticing almost the entirety of Ponyville turning to face her, feeling uneasy to the attention. “Also why IS everypony here?”

“Good evening Twilight dear.” Rarity greeted her best friend warmly. “We were just enjoying the spectacular show the two of you were performing inside, we knew it was a private event, but that is why we didn’t want to interru-”

Twilight’s ears tweaked to the approaching screaming voice, instantly turning her gaze upwards to the skies to notice the dim flash of Trixie’s final attempt to teleport to safety, her eyes instantly growing wide to the sight. “Get out the way!” Twilight yelled loudly as she stomped down on the floor roughly to keep herself stable, empowering her horn with a sudden burst of desperate energy, shooting a beam of violet towards the falling mare, catching her with a powerful levitation barely above the height of the library, slowing her descent dramatically over the next dozen meters before landing her softly against the floor in a thick lavender crash mat.

Twilight Sparkle breathed deeply as the toll of the vital but sudden spell sapped her energy, she made her way as quick as possible to the unicorn in her magical pillow, embracing her with her hooves as her lifesaving spell evaporated. “Are you okay Trixie?” As soon as she embraced the azure unicorn, she swiftly grabbed Twilight’s legs and threw her face into her saviours chest, brushing herself against the younger unicorn for safety, an action which seemed to not only please Twilight herself, but also a vast majority of the audience which collectively moved from an initial cheer, to a mass swoon to the adorable sight. Upon noticing the attention the two of them were receiving, Twilight raised back to her hooves, levitating her seemingly uninjured friend onto her back before starting to back away from the crowd. Knowing that Trixie wouldn’t want such attention especially at a time when she seemed so vulnerable. “Thanks for coming to, ermm, enjoy our performance! With practising a play.” Twilight slammed the door behind her as they entered the library once more, closing shut the curtains to prevent the audience from watching anything else.

Twilight sighed in relief as she lowered her new friend onto a cushion, brushing her hoof along the azure unicorn’s face as she opened her eyes to gaze up to the lavender mare. “You saved my life, Twilight.”

Twilight blushed deeply to the thankful praise before replying. “Well, it was mostly my fault, I’m sorry Trixie.”

Trixie placed a hoof against her saviour’s lips to silence her before speaking again. “You saved my life twice, first from the Ursa Minor falling on me, and now from falling myself~”

The lavender mare continued blushing in happiness as the older unicorn embraced her. “I couldn’t just let you get hurt. I couldn’t allow that to happen to anypony, especially not to you.”

Both mares continued to embrace passionately until Trixie released a soft yawn, the resulting energy loss from the chained teleports clearly taking it’s toll on the inexperienced unicorn. “I should be getting home...” Trixie stated with clear sadness in her voice between more yawns.

“Don’t leave Trixie.”

“I need to go to bed, Twilight.” The azure unicorn responded again. “I’ll return tomorrow.”

“You can sleep here with me.” Twilight responded without any time to think on the response. “I mean, we can have a sleep over, I have a spare bed and I’ve done one before so I know what to do!”

Trixie kept her gaze locked with the bookworm as she levitated over a book from a shelf, which seemed to hold the word ‘sleepover’ from as much as the tired unicorn’s eyes could identify. “Okay, lead the way Twilight.” She responded with a grateful and happy smile as she began trotting groggily over to the steps, following the bookworm’s more energetic hooves. Leaving behind the sleeping baby dragon slumped over the pile of books as if it were a bed of golden coins.

“This is my room” Twilight happily stated as she greeted her guest inside, who seemed to be completely unable to notice the host’s words and long descriptions of activities and games they could play. Instead simply trotting over to the  star patterned bed and slumping her exhausted flank against the quilt. “Oh, that’s my bed Trixie.” Twilight felt a slight sense of regret as her words caused the unicorn she cared for to leave her bed and slowly trot to the spare bed she was promised, before collapsing against it in tiredness. “Okay, so we can play truth or dare, or read some scary stories. Oh I know a good one about the headless horse!” Twilight’s words fell on deaf ears as she noticed the azure unicorn had already fallen asleep, underestimating exactly how much energy she had put into trying to save herself. She quietly made her way over to the sleeping mare, softly pulling the spare quilt from beneath her resting friend to cover her in the the coldness of the unused bedding, leaning down to kiss her forehead. “Goodnight Trixie.”

Twilight blew out the candles on the bedside table, laying herself down in her warm bed, reaching out with all four hooves to wrap herself warmly in the star patterned quilt. The library was completely silent, only the distant hooting of Owlowiscious serving to show any signs of life in the late night home. Thoughts of her day with Trixie continued to fill her mind, but the more she thought of her, the more lonely she felt. The naïve unicorn still couldn’t fully understand the full extent of her feelings she had for the unicorn she longed to be with. Her thoughts continued uninterrupted until noticing herself being softly nudged, she turned over to notice her friend nudging her way into her bed, a sight that pleased the lavender mare greatly as the feelings of loneliness disappeared. “Trixie?” Twilight softly spoke.

“I was cold.” Trixie replied softly, climbing her way up to the pillow beside her, earning a warm smile from the mare who’s privacy she had clearly violated. Being pleased to notice no objections.

“Oh, right. I forgot I don’t really use that bed at all.” Twilight giggled briefly, before soothing herself with brushing Trixie’s silky mane. “You can sleep with me then, Trixie.” Twilight replied warmly, embracing the tired mare in her legs for extra warmth and comfort, as both mares swiftly fell asleep to sweet dreams within their warming embrace.
Twilight finally manages to fulfill her longtime desire to discuss magic with Trixie, both learning from her and teaching the showmare her own magical talent. But as one of the lessons goes horribly wrong Trixie gains a new appreciation for her longtime rival.

Magician's Obsessions:
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A Twixie romance story

Story picture by gunslingerpen

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