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May 20, 2013
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Brightness cascaded down over the kingdom of Canterlot from the open valley, shadowing the mountain foundations as the celestial sphere reached its peak. The sun loomed overhead, radiating its warmth over the thankful population of Equestria’s capitol below. Rays of bright light bombarded the white stone of the castle multiplying their effect to almost be as blinding as the sun itself, the metal tipped spires glowed with such energy that all who beheld the angelic structure could do little but marvel at the sight of the Solar Princess’ palace. The palace that acted as the very shrine and heart of the sun in the worshipping kingdom below.

In the centre of the glowing stone towers lay the grandest spire of the castle, the white stone rose to the tallest point in the capitol city, and at its peak beneath the engraved roof lay the only opening within the stone walls surrounded by an open balcony. The sun’s brightness illuminated the pearl coat of Equestria’s ruler as she stood silently observing her loyal subjects below, her eyes trailing from the grand vantage point to her entire open kingdom. Celestia always found peace gazing across the beautifully coloured lands she called her own. The still grasslands trailing for as long as the eyes could see, the forests rustling to the movements of wild animals within, the gently flowing streams passing beneath her castle, and finally the subtle sound of hundreds of loyal subjects chatting away at the base of her keep. She continued to pan her eyes gently across the wonderful sights of her peaceful kingdom, holding the chest high stone barrier with her hooves as time passed by.

Celestia finally withdrew her hooves to the smooth stone below, turning slowly to leave her observation point as she silently drew one hoof before another. The brightness of the outside world soon faded to the dark room who’s interior lay illuminated by only a few candles and the light breaching through the open door. She took care to make her way silently inside until she could leave the echoing stone floor behind her to be replaced by an extravagant carpet beneath her hooves. Celestia smiled warmly to the smaller mare laying with her violet mouth slightly open as she slept on the large bed serving as the centrepiece of the room’s attire. Enjoying the soft sound of her breathing, the adorable flicker of Luna’s eyelids and her small nuzzles against the lush pillows helped to soothe the waking Princess who could do little but be thankful to have her deeply missed sister so close to her again. Her thoughts remained unyielding even after many months since her faithful student helped to save Luna from corruption, helping to return her to the mare she used to be.

Luna continued to sleep lightly during the daylight, her sleep almost being broken by a stray ray of sunlight shining against her withdrawing face before returning to her shallow rest as Celestia levitated a large curtain to conceal more of the balcony. The alicorn left the second curtain open to allow for the message she was so deeply awaiting, slowly making her way inside the darkness to light another candle to help soothe her need for light. The fact of her polar differences with the mare she cared for was never lost on the Solar Princess, but they had found the perfect ways to live with each other over the length of their extended lives.

Only a day had passed since Celestia last heard from Twilight Sparkle, but the words involved in the highly emotional letter failed to settle well with the student’s mentor. She had examined all the likely possibilities in her mind when she pushed the showmare’s hoof, knowing that Beatrix would never allow herself to ignore another’s pain. But as the hours passed without any word from either of her students she began to grow restless to the thought of any possible error in her usually pristine plans.

“Sister?” Celestia silenced her hooves from their restless pacing as she heeded the soft voice of the waking mare, slowly turning to face the darker alicorn rubbing the rest from her eyes. “Do not wear out our favourite rug with your worrying mind.” Luna returned the almost smirking smile to her sister before tapping the bed with her hoof. “Let us rest together, and soothe your worries.”

Celestia accepted her sister’s request, slowly trotting towards the large bed as her grand wings spread to take gentle flight, blowing a cooling gust down to the bed below as she hovered onto the covers beside the darker mare. Within moments of laying close she found herself naturally trailing her leg around the violet mare as she herself rested her still tired head against the larger alicorn’s chest. “Thank you, Sister.” A long pause followed her gratitude, during which time she merely comforted her heart with gentle strokes of her sister’s purple mane. “It isn’t like her to be tardy.”

“It is also not like Twilight Sparkle to send a letter each day. Her happiness has most likely grown.” Luna replied shortly after, enjoying the compassionate hoof of her beloved.

“I hope that you are correct Sister, Beatrix would surely have wanted to see her. But that character of hers...” Celestia trailed her voice shortly to the knowledge of her student’s fake personality. “It is becoming more of a problem with each passing day.”

“A problem you will need to cope with, Sister. We both know that you have no desire to see her hurt once more.” The Princess of the Moon replied once more, helping to dispel any of the unwanted thoughts her sister refused to allow.

Celestia raised her sight from the beautiful mare to the open balcony, staring out over the skies of her kingdom as she continued to await the mail she deeply desired. “Twilight would be the only pony capable of penetrating her shell without hurting her, if only she was given the chance.” The Solar Princess exhaled silently, disliking the fact that she needed to place her own failed duty onto another.

Luna compassionately surrounded her sister with her smaller legs, hugging her until she reformed her usual smile. “You have never given up on your students, Sister, and neither has Twilight Sparkle given up on her studies of friendship.” Celestia warmed to her sister’s caring words, stroking her own hoof softly across her violet face before a familiar whirling sound interrupted their loving embrace. Luna withdrew from the denied kiss to return to her pillow with a slight frown as Celestia’s concentration fortified itself on the approaching green smoke entering the bedroom, the magical mist coiled around itself above the Princess before flashing into physical existence as a slightly ink stained scroll. Celestia caught the scroll in her hooves and exhaled a deep breath of relief before cautiously unravelling the sought after message before her eyes. Knowing the lettering inside would either spell love between the mares she cared for, or the second broken heart of this generation’s students.

Luna watched patiently as her sister’s expression turned to one of immense happiness, before smirking to some unseen humour. “I take that it is good news, Sister?”

The joyful alicorn turned to face her questioning lover, levitating over the scroll to her awaiting hooves. “It could be better, but it is far from worst. It would seem I overestimated the interference of ‘Trixie.’”

Luna began to read the overly cheerful letter, reading it with less enthusiasm than the exclamation mark riddled sentences would seem to desire. She finished the surprisingly long but sweet message before sighing to herself with a mixture of happiness and disappointment. “I see she has not mentioned anything saucy, or even a word of love. You told me they were in love, Sister?”

Celestia continued to smirk, almost releasing a laugh as she understood her sister’s disappointment. “They are, but Beatrix clearly still refuses to accept it...and Twilight is simply being herself.” She gazed over towards a romance filled bookshelf in the room before continuing. “At this rate I may need to send her a book on the subject, or perhaps just write her a message telling her she is in love. For being my smartest student to date, Twilight is also sadly the most dense.”

The pearl mare raised herself from the bed to pan her eyes over her exotic collection of literature, trailing her hoof past each novel before tapping against a perfect guide book for the subject. Just as her golden aura began to wrap around the tome she froze to a sudden idea flashing within her mind. She swiftly pinned it down before smiling even wider with a mischievous grin. “Sister, may I examine the letter once more?”

“Of course.” Luna freed her grip on the exciting message, allowing her sister to return it to her vision. Celestia skimmed the sentences for the single quote she recalled in her planning mind, and upon seeing it grew the unmistakable grin which Luna had grown ever so used to experiencing. “What devious plot are you concocting now, Sister?”

The Solar Princess turned from the bookshelf keeping her still grinning smile as she spoke. “Do not worry dear Luna, I am aware of how ineffective such forward measures have been. Beatrix is indeed difficult to reach herself.” Her golden aura began to close the scroll, stashing it within her flowing mane as she gazed at her visibly concerned partner. “However I had yet to explore third party involvements, and there is one perfect mare for the task.”

Luna rested her head against the enthralling pillow as she enjoyed the unquestioningly caring aspect of her sister’s expressions facing her, comforting the smaller mare who could always be sure the seemingly devious plans contained the best interests of her students at heart. “But how could anypony be as subtle and inconspicuous as you for this task, Sister?”

Celestia returned the playful grin of her lover mocking her previous visit with the showmare before unfolding her grand wings once more, readying herself to take flight. “We will have to see, won’t we.” She began to hover towards the balcony before a sweet sound caused a pause in her ascent, Celestia gazed down to the beautiful sight of her partner holding her forelegs open, reflecting the equally loving eyes of the mare she cared for from the shared bed. “Of course Sister, I could never leave without saying farewell.” With a gentle motion of her dignified wings the pearl alicorn lowered herself gently to the bed, to share the loving embrace without any scroll to intervene.


Rarity slumped her diamond engraved flank onto the stool before her workbench, trailing her hoof through the collection of fine fabrics and even finer threads as she lost her mind to the increasingly difficult task she threw upon herself. She had struggled with her disapproving friend’s opinions and actions thus far when they only worried about Twilight’s happiness, but now that she was truly falling for the showmare they disliked, their emotions would more than likely erupt in fear for far more than just her happiness. ‘Should I tell them? Sooner would be best, but what if they attempt to sabotage the relationship?’ The white unicorn shook her head shortly to such a notion before lowering her vacant gaze to the table. ‘They would never do such a thing, even to Trixie. Perhaps letting Twilight be the first to announce would be best, but what if she needs their help to feel comfortable to do such a thing?’

The boutique’s door opened nearly silent behind the enthralled mare, closing soon after as the unannounced guest slowly made her way inside the warm shop, advancing through the racks of plush dresses and professional suits to the owner who remained obliviously stuck in thought. She merely gazed down at the beautiful unicorn before her, trailing her eyes along her shimmering coat, from her curled mane to her bright chest, finally trailing her vision along her forelegs as she leaned forward to breathe cautiously along her tapping hooves. As her mouth lay merely inches from the beautiful mare’s sensitive ears she began to softly speak. “Greetings Rarity.”

Rarity’s emotions suddenly peaked with fear and shock as she darted from her chair, almost striking the invading figure with a clean swipe of her hoof before staring at the large alicorn before her, pausing in wonder. “P, Princess!?” The pearl unicorn quickly lowered herself to the floor, submissively bowing her face to the carpeted floor. “I am so terribly sorry! I didn’t know it was you, please forgive my attack.”

Celestia always enjoyed the warming sight of her subjects bowing before her, and the beautiful Element of Generosity was no exception. “There was no harm done.”

“I am still so terribly sorry for such an action, I just did not expect your arrival.” Rarity cautiously gazed up to her dignified ruler, soothing her fearful mind to the sight of the caring eyes cascading affection back down at her, signalling the freedom to rise. “Not that I dislike seeing you, on the contrary I adore seeing you again Princess. But why have you come to meet me?” She looked around herself to the nearby dresses before turning to smile brightly to her important guest. “Would you like a new dress? I have recently been working on a grand design that would be perfect for you!”

“That will not be required.” The Solar mare continued upon seeing the slight sadness form in the dressmakers eyes. “But I may examine them on a more fitting day, when there is less to discuss.”

Rarity’s gleeful smile to the notion of such an important customer faded as soon as it spawned to the wording of the dignified alicorn. The notion of having anything of value to discuss between them was always distant and small, especially considering the only connection they truly possessed was the Elements of Harmony and the lavender mare she adored, of which the most recent changes to the latter became all the more clear as the reason for her ruler’s visit. Just before she could open her lips to speak, Celestia interrupted. “Yes, this is about Twilight Sparkle.”

Rarity’s anxiety caused her to laugh lightly before regaining her composure to reply. “As Twilight’s best friend I will of course assist you with anything you desire for her well being.”

“Then let us discuss the showmare which my student has been sending so many letters about.” The Solar Princess waited for her subject to open her delicate lips once more before continuing. “Or perhaps more importantly, shall we discuss the unicorn who has been mentioned as...” A golden aura surrounded the scroll in her flowing mane, unravelling the message before the unicorn’s sapphire eyes to highlight the words she began to quote. “Always being there to help me with my feeling towards the wonderful mare.”

The pearl unicorn’s emotions swirled together to the mixture of the beautiful letter before her and the clearly lecturing tone of the alicorn standing over her. “As her best friend I have prided myself on always been there to help Twilight to understand her emotions and feelings, as all good friends would do.” She held her hoof to her chest as she spoke, closing her eyes as her angelic words trailed from her equally caring voice. During the silence following her words Rarity cautiously opened her eyes once more to see the unmoving statue staring back at her, prying into her mind in response. “I didn’t make her fall in love, it was her own doing! I merely helped her to understand.”

“Of course you didn’t, you would never attempt to edge your friends into relationships.” Celestia commented in an almost mocking voice, cementing the knowledge of her subject’s actions into each carefully chosen word. “As fate would have it this, assistance, of yours has been most beneficial.”

Rarity’s romance adoring mind seemed to peak to the final sentence escaping her ruler’s lips. “Thank you Princess, I.” Her words cut short to the sight of the dominant figure holding her hoof to the air holding the scroll before her, silencing her gratitude.

Celestia passed the scroll to the smaller unicorn, giving her time to read and visibly enjoy the heart warming message, watching patiently as her sapphire eyes darted across each line as if fearing the letter would be taken from her at any moment. Upon finally finishing with an almost blushing smile the beautiful unicorn glanced back to her ruler, still unsure of why she was showing her such a private message portraying the love between her friends. “I have been looking forward to my students finally falling in love, but as can be seen from this, compassionate letter, it is still clear that Twilight has yet to understand her desires.”

The pearl unicorn returned her gaze once more to skim the letter upon hearing the unsettling view, affirming the sad truth she still knew to heart as her best friend’s lettering failed to contain even a single use of love. “Sadly Twilight Sparkle has never been one to understand such advances...” The beautiful mare’s voice almost trailed in thought about her own desires before she quickly attempted to hide them from the monarch’s mind. “After all Trixie clearly does desire the same herself, but she seems unable to tell her.”

“Yes, both mares are living in ignorance, unaware of each other’s passionate love.” Celestia slowly trotted around her subject as she spoke, toying with the ideas forming the master plan as she released one word after another. “If only there was a way for somepony to make them understand, to guide them into each other’s legs.”

Rarity turned her questioning gaze to the taller mare beside her, noticing the forming smile, almost smirking as she patrolled in thought. “So you came all this way to meet me, for the sole purpose of stringing me along to do the dirty work for you?”

Celestia paused her hooves to the insinuating, and almost blunt phrase of the mare staring up at her, smirking even wider down towards the beautiful unicorn who's eyes reflected her own jewels back to her . “It is far from ‘dirty’, my generous subject.”

A brief blanket of silence descended over the boutique as Rarity’s piercing gaze forced it’s way inside the open eyes of the manipulative alicorn, taking free reign within her unprotected jewels while attempting to observe anything undesirable within her thoughts. As the seconds passed by, the unicorn’s lips slowly began to coil into an equally grinning expression to the manipulative mare above her. “What will you have me do?”


Trixie slowly trotted beside her friend, forsaking some of her usual arrogance from each step as her mind instead began to concentrate on the unicorn beside her, enjoying the amusing sight of her fumbling with yet another list which seemed to dictate times of the day for some unknown reason. The reasons behind such activities held little interest in the showmare’s mind, who instead simply enjoyed the warming sight of Twilight attempting to juggle numerous objects within the same telekinetic field. A small huff escaped the smaller unicorn’s visibly frustrated lips before she flung the parchments back into her saddlepack. “What is troubling you, Twilight?”

The lavender mare quickly lost her aggravated tone as she gazed up to the caring mare beside her. “I’m just not sure what to do next. The meeting with Rarity was meant to last 7 minutes longer, there’s nothing on the timetable for right now.” She left out another almost silent cry of annoyance, hating the fact she didn’t plan a backup event for such an occasion.

Trixie silently smirked to herself, tipping her hat to avoid her expression being seen before speaking down to the irritated mare. “Then it is befitting that Trixie chooses the next location, if you cannot.”

“But I can! I still have them all here, I have the full day planned.”

“Then what shall we do now, Twilight?” Trixie swiftly asked once more, causing the unicorn beside her to almost begin begging for time as she dropped one of her scrolls and the ruby apple to the floor. A magenta hue caught the food inches from the grassy ground, as the showmare slowly levitated the fruit back up to her friend’s lips. “Do not worry about it Twilight, we can simply wait here for the required time.”

The lavender unicorn returned Trixie’s sweet smile, causing the showmare to blush awkwardly in response upon seeing her own reflected in the violet mirrors. Twilight’s worry soon faded to the sweet sight and gladly accepted the floating food before her, wrapping her own aura around Trixie’s weaker magic as she slowly brought the apple to her lips. She froze briefly before her hungry lips surrounded the treat to the sudden strong smell entering her nose, retreating her mouth from the meal she desired to sniff closer along the ruby coat. “It smells of paint...”

Trixie smirked releasing a soft laugh as she continued to hold the apple, enjoying the comforting aura around her own. “Well you did want it to look, ‘clean’, Twilight.” She released another quiet giggle as Twilight drew her hoof across the surface of her magenta aura, tickling her slightly as she scrapped some of the still wet paint off the skin to drip the bright red colouring from the tip of her hoof. “Which is more than can be said for you.” She finished with another light hearted comment, sadly being lost on the lavender mare who seemed to huff once more in annoyance.

“Great, I can’t eat that now, it’s even more dirty than before.” Twilight broke her side of the levitation, causing the food to drop slightly before Trixie returned it to the air.

“It is only a little paint, Twilight.”

“Only a little paint? Are you aware of what paint contains?!” The bookworm began rattling off  a series of pointless facts and figures which the showmare merely found increasingly amusing to listen to, enjoying the overblown nature of her argument towards a simple singular drop of paint. She smiled towards the sight of her overworking lavender lips opening and closing in close succession to each and every meaningless comment.

Trixie had begun to subconsciously nibble at the delicious skin of the apple as her friend continued to rant, eventually breaking her from the endless explanations as she stared at the food she wished she could consume being slowly devoured by her new friend. Upon noticing the unicorn’s desiring gaze, Trixie followed her vision down to the apple and blushed shyly before speaking. “Trixie apologises, do you wish to enjoy it yourself? She has opened some of the undesired skin for you.”

The lavender unicorn shook her head slowly in response, smiling sweetly to her new friend as she enjoyed watching her eat. “No, it’s fine. You can continue enjoying it.” The generous lips of the showmare glistened slightly in the midday sun as the apple’s juices reflected Celestia’s beams, leaving her mouth sparkling like the surface of a calm stream. The quiet rumble of the bookworm’s stomach interrupted her pleasurable thoughts before they could fully surface, causing her to lightly rub her chest as she continued to observe the charming unicorn.

The aqua mare pondered the thoughts in her mind before levitating the fruit away from her lips, and smiled to the clearly hungry unicorn beside her attempting to hide her need for food. “Then it is decided, Trixie shall treat you to a meal worthy of her standards!”

Twilight shook her head shortly, still wearing her smile as she attempted to speak in protest to the idea. “I’m really not that hungry Trixie, I’ll be fine let’s just stick to the list.” Her words barely managed to complete themselves before the showmare threw her hoof into the air before her.

“Nonsense Twilight! Trixie has already stated that she would choose the next event, and now is a fitting opportunity to invite you into enjoying the life of Equestria’s greatest magicians!” The showmare’s bragging caught more attention from nearby pedestrians, who she seemed to pay increasingly less attention to over the course of their journey. Holding her nose high as several murmurs attempted to break through her focused attention on the mare before her.

The lavender mare subconsciously smiled as she panned between the onlookers, causing a blush of shyness to the attention they were receiving. “It’s really not needed Trixie, I prefer just eating normally, maybe a little sandwich...” She sighed silently as her attempts to convince her new friend fell on deaf ears, watching the blue mare begin her usual arrogant trot towards the centre of the street. A brief, warming smile formed within her lips as Trixie turned her gaze, beckoning her to join with calming eyes.

As Twilight approached her friend she began to trot slowly down the street, causing the lavender mare to quickly catch up until they could trot beside each other. Twilight felt an unusual calmness within her mind as she continued following the lead of her newest friend, a sense of calm which reduced her usual need to portray facts and figures to oppose the choices the arrogant mare made as she scanned each and every store window, searching for a fitting restaurant while passing up many places she herself would personally choose. After only half a minute however Twilight already found herself needing to break the comforting silence to once again speak out in protest at the idea of needing a meal. “Trixie...”

“This looks perfectly fitting!” Trixie interrupted her best friend with her loud statement, causing the usual glances towards her from a queue. The lavender mare turned to stare at the exceedingly posh restaurant, fit with firefly lanterns and even a roped section near the door which multiple couples stood patiently within, waiting for their own turn to enter. She noticed the satisfied expression on the showmare as she proudly trotted up to the waitress beside the door.

“Trixie, there’s a queue!”

“Greetings doormare!” Trixie stated loudly with her usual show-boasting arrogance as she stood before the unicorn levitating a clipboard between them. “May you stand aside and grant passage to Trixie and her companion?”

The guarding mare placed her hoof out to block the passage of the unicorn attempting to walk straight past the queued couples. “I beg your pardon Miss, but the two of you should join the queue before entering.”

Trixie scoffed shortly before performing more of her boasting before her audience. “The Great and Powerful Trixie does not need to ‘queue’, she is here by order of the Princesses themselves! Her companion is also of a Great position within the royal circle!” The aqua mare turned full circle to finally face the waitress’ eyes again. “Trixie admires your determination, but she must request you stand aside for Equestria’s Greatest Magicians!”

Twilight felt uneasy to the attention Trixie was creating, feeling the eyes of the couples queueing staring at her and the showmare with clear disapproval, a part of her wished to flee the scene or speak out against it, but she couldn’t leave Trixie alone to deal with the resulting outcry. She swallowed her nerves to trot beside the showmare, who looked back to her as she approached with a cocky but warming smile.

“I am afraid you are not on the list Miss Trixie. There are others who have been waiting and unless I receive word of your appointment I cannot let you in without waiting your turn.” The waitress used her vast experience to remain calm against the showmare’s words, keeping herself stood high to not show the weakness that crept into her mind.

The showmare returned her gaze into a scoff once more, refusing to give up before the now large audience forming behind them. “The Princesses will not be pleased to hear of this-”

“Ah there you are!” A beautiful voice from behind broke Trixie’s trail of thought as an equally beautiful unicorn strode up to greet the three mares. “I did not expect you two to arrive so soon.”

The waitress felt relief as she gazed towards her friend approaching, breaking the clear tension that was being thrown upon her. “Welcome Lady Rarity, do you know this customer?”

Rarity smiled warmly as she gazed between her best friend and her would-be lover before replying. “Of course, they are dear friends of mine, you have already met Twilight but this is Trixie.” She cautiously paned her gaze between the building crowd and the clearly dissatisfied customers before speaking once more. “I take it they haven’t been let inside?”

“I am afraid not my Lady, Miss Trixie has claimed to be on the list but her their names are not present for today.”

Rarity merely smiled, enjoying the arrogance of the showmare attempting to cheat her way inside. “They are with me, I apologise for not being here to begin with but I asked them to go on ahead whilst I finished a dress.” Rarity’s beautiful lips smiled warmly, winning over her friend as she stepped aside. “I am sorry for the commotion, but Trixie can be a little vocal.”

“It is forgiven Lady Rarity, please enjoy your meal.” The waitresses’ voice grow silent as the three unicorns made their way inside the warming restaurant, Trixie proudly walked forward to find a seat as Twilight sighed quietly to herself beside her best friend.

“Thank you Rarity, I’m so glad you came when you did.” Twilight thanked honestly as she gazed into her friend’s eyes, returning a sweet smirking smile.

“Don’t mention it dear, I am also glad I caught up when I did. Trixie really can get herself into some sticky situations.” Rarity giggled lightly with her friend as they both stared warmly to their new friend.

“She is really sweet, but she can be so awkward at times...” The lavender mare trailed her voice as she continued to warmly stare at the showmare trotting around a vacant table and looking back to her, meeting their violet eyes across the room.

“Come on dear.” Rarity nudged her best friend’s flank, hiding the pleasure she felt as she returned Twilight to the waking world. “Trixie’s waiting for you.”

Twilight shook a strange feeling from her mind before making her way to the vacant table. Approaching a free chair before being stopped by a magenta glow pulling out the oak seat for her. The two unicorn’s traded glances as she accepted the seat her new friend provided for her. Scooting herself in slightly further after Trixie’s magical hue dissipated. “Thank you Trixie.”

“It was Trixie’s pleasure to assist you.” The arrogance faded from her voice as her lavender friend returned the same deed, levitating the chair for her to gladly lower her flank upon. “Trixie thanks you, also.” The showmare quietened her voice as a cream coloured mare approached the table carrying a silver platter on her back, with the helpful pearl unicorn behind her.

The waitress reached over for the drinks on her back, before turning happily to the usual assistance of her favourite customer levitating the glasses of garnet wine to the table. “Thank you Rarity.” She turned her gaze back to her less common clients before continuing. “Welcome to The Starlight, would you like me to take your orders?”

“Where is the posh menu?” Trixie questioned to the new pony before receiving a levitated menu from Rarity as she sat beside her friends. Rarity thanked Twilight as she received the same caring treatment to her chair as the showmare attempted to read the list she could barely understand, after struggling to find any mention of food she knew she eventually tapped at one of the options with her proud hoof. “Trixie will have one of these, it will best befit her high-class taste!”

The waitress noted down the expensive option before turning her attention to the lavender mare. “I’ll just have a heart salad, and some dried hay please.” Twilight smiled to the serving pony as she jotted down her cheaper meal.

“Twilight, Trixie brought you here to eat as she does...” Trixie trailed her voice off as she silently wished she could have chosen a similarly ‘normal’ meal.

Twilight sighed lightly before speaking in protest once more to the pony she cared for. “I just prefer the more simple food Trixie. I don’t have the same rich taste as you or Rarity.”

The earth pony hid her growing need to laugh at the clear lovers as she glanced to her friend, who she noticed held in the similar need. “And the usual for Rarity?” Her caring smile grew as Rarity returned an agreeing nod before heading to the kitchen.

Rarity bided her time as her lovestruck friends continued to gaze into each other’s violet eyes, helping herself to the delicious wine as a calming silence graced the table. She sipped shortly at the ruby drink before finally speaking to quell the silence as the showmare brought her own glass to her parched lips. “It is great of you to bring Twilight here, The Starlight is the most romantic restaurant in Ponyville, perfectly fitting for your date.”

Rarity earned the satisfying result she aimed for as Trixie almost released her filled mouth in shock to the unicorn’s unexpected words. Trixie attempted to speak in protest to the notion, but found herself unable to speak before the pony she cared for responded for her. “I prefer eating elsewhere but I do like this restaurant, it is warming.”

Trixie felt a strange sense of sadness as Twilight ignored the notion behind Rarity’s words. She gazed back to the white mare who seemed to stifle a giggle, reminding her of the previous words spoken about Twilight at the boutique. “It is warming.” Trixie repeated, feeling the sadness overtaken by an equally strange warmth.

Trixie continued to dwell on the notion of the romantic meeting as Creamed Filling returned to the table with three meals. Once again being pleased to have the levitated assistance of her friend to ease her job. Twilight smiled happily as the delicious salad was placed before her, but the showmare herself gazed awkwardly at the shrivelled orb descending onto the table in the place of her requested meal. She almost spoke out in protest to the horrific looking excuse for food before Rarity swiftly interrupted her. “These all look excellent! Thank you for bringing us them dear.”

“Always a pleasure to be of assistance, enjoy your meals.” The waitress stated happily as she made her way to the next new customers.

Trixie kept in her views of protest as the posh unicorn stated what she had been given was apparently normal. She continued to stare at the off-looking food on her plate before poking it cautiously with her aqua hoof. “Is there a problem with your dried apple, dear?” Rarity questioned, correctly guessing her new friend clearly had no idea what she had ordered.

“Dried apples? Why are they not fresh?” Trixie stated even more concerned.

“Sun-dried Ambrosias, grown in Sweet Apple Acres and basked to chewy perfection by the sunlight soaked through the honey glazing, they are a local delicacy.”

Trixie cautiously gazed around to notice several couples looking back, forcing her to attempt to consume the apparently healthy food. She wrapped her magenta hue around the dried fruit before lifting it to her lips. The strong smell of honey permeated her nostrils as she carefully scrapped her teeth along the shrivelled surface, biting down into the chewy exterior to release the tangy interior juices down her throat. Instantly regretting her choice of meal as she pulled the unspeakable dish away. After half a minute of difficult chewing she finally swallowed the small bite with a a visible expression of disgust, releasing the apple to fall back to the plate. “That didn’t taste like an apple...”

Rarity surrounded the dried fruit in question with her light blue aura, levitating it swiftly to her lips to test the taste in question. Shocking Trixie as she clearly enjoyed eating a third of the forsaken leftover before wiping her lips with a napkin to speak. “On the contrary dear, that is one of the nicest I have ever had!” Rarity quickly recomposed herself, placing the unwanted treat onto her own plate.

Trixie’s awkwardness to the scene soon faded as Twilight’s giggling broke the tense atmosphere. “Rarity tried to get me to eat one of those once too. We just don’t have what she would call a ‘refined taste’.” Twilight’s words soothed the showmare’s heart as they shared a giggling laugh. Surprising the pearl unicorn as she heard The Great and Powerful Trixie giggling for the first time, almost sounding as sweet as Twilight herself.

“Trixie does prefer the more natural tastes herself.” The showmare admitted as she finished her out-of-persona laugh. She trailed her vision from her friend’s eyes to her lips, her own mouth grew more damp as she watched Twilight bring some natural hay to her opening lips.

The lavender mare began to nibble at the straws of hay, enjoying the almost bland taste before noticing her new friend’s words and hungry stare. “Would you like some Trixie?” She asked expecting a yes as she already began to levitate some of the hay from her lips to the aqua mare. Rarity almost exploded in joyful glee as Trixie gladly accepted Twilight’s food. Opening her lips to allow Twilight’s lavender aura entrance. She giggled quietly as the showmare’s moist lips surrounded her magical essence, tickling her horn as it rippled through her body causing her to recoil to the foreign but strangely alluring touch. “Trixie...stop it.”

“It is you that is using your magic, Twilight Sparkle.” Trixie responded happily, enjoying the soft sounds of her friend as she finally broke the levitation spell to stop the ticklish sensation. Both mares simply gazed at each other before Twilight noticed the attention they were receiving from the other customers and shied away from the locked gaze to continue sharing the meal they both adored.


The pearl unicorn rushed her own dish as her friends continued to share their own, swallowing the final bite of the dried apple as she patted her beautiful lips clean with a finely sewn napkin. “Excuse me girls.” Rarity pardoned her leaving as she rose to her hooves, trotting slowly over to the waitress in the distance.

Twilight simply smiled to her friend as she left, returning her still smiling gaze to the showmare as she levitated the final leaf into the blue unicorn’s lips. A soothing sensation passed through her magical aura as the ticklish reaction began to fade away, enjoying the soothing nature of Trixie’s lips taking the leaf from her grip. As both mares began to finish their shared meal Rarity made her way past them towards the entrance. “Goodbye Rarity.” Twilight bade happily to her friend as she began to leave.

“Goodbye dear, oh and do not worry about the payment, I just handled that for you.” Rarity smiled with a grin as she heard Trixie attempt to make a comment against her paying, not providing her with the ammunition to complain as she proudly made her way outside.

“Trixie isn’t poor...” Trixie sighed as Rarity ignored her attempts to defend her livelihood. The slight annoyance and sadness it brought soon being cured by her friend’s sweet voice.

“Dear Princess Celestia, today I learnt that it is always good to help your friends even if they say they don’t need it...” Twilight began to recite a lesson of friendship, only to be interrupted by a giggling laugh from her evidently cheered up friend.

“Oh Twilight...” Trixie composed herself, tipping her hat to hide her slight blush. “Thank you.”

The lavender mare blushed herself as she levitated her wineglass to her lips. “I am happy to be able to help The Great and Powerful Trixie.” Twilight’s blushing intensified as an aqua hoof graced her own.

Trixie gently rubbed her hoof along Twilight’s lavender leg as she gazed towards the mare she cared for. Before breaking herself swiftly from her unacceptable thoughts to stand before the blushing lavender mare. “Trixie has greatly enjoyed our time together today! She will look forward to the next time we meet, Twilight Sparkle!” The showmare smiled down to her still seated friend before quickly turning to the door, rushing her way to the safety of familiarity to leave her unconscious actions behind her.

Rarity felt the fresh air blow against her pearl coat as she left the restaurant. Smirking to the tall cloaked figure before her as she made her way across the street, as she approached the cloaked figure a dignified voice escaped the dark hood. “How are they doing?”

“They have became very close friends, however they still have a ways to go for accepting their love.” Rarity responded, gazing up into the dark hood to see the radiant face of the Princess staring down at her with lecturing jewels.

“Did you not knock them into each other’s hooves? No forcing of kisses? No touching of their-”

“Celestia, please. You asked for my experience in this field.” Rarity stated slyly staring up to her ruler, enjoying her own feeling of superiority for this single moment. “The seeds exist, but you cannot force the plant to grow. We must water the seeds of love and nurture the growing buds of passion, before it can finally blossom as the beautiful flowers we all desire.”

The cloaked mare merely smiled in return to her subjects words and tone. Enjoying working with the manipulative unicorn who continued to remind her of herself. “Very well, we shall take it the slower way, perhaps that will be best fitting for them.” She nodded in approval to her subject’s actions as she began to walk away from the scene, escaping the range of the growing curiosity from the nearby queuing couples.

‘You can trust me, they will fall in love.’ Rarity smiled to herself as the Princess left, turning slowly to begin making her way back home to continue her interrupted dressmaking.

“Rarity.” A familiar voice stopped the beautiful mare in her tracks, as she returned to face the showmare behind her.

“Ah Trixie, have the two of you finished-”

“That meal was not a date! Trixie did not take Twilight Sparkle on a date, Twilight simply needed food as she was hungry.” Trixie stated with a serious expression, forcing her stern view towards the pearl unicorn. “That is not to say she didn’t enjoy the meal, but it was not a date!”

Rarity kept her expression still as Trixie attempted to stare her out, watching as the showmare began to crack beneath the pressure of her own words, clearly not agreeing with the view her persona voiced. “Yet you were unable to say this when inside, and you kept my single innocent comment in your mind after all this time.” Rarity smiled warmly to the unicorn before her, speaking once more as she noticed Twilight leaving the restaurant behind her. “I trust that I need not say more. Farewell Twilight!” She began to take her leave, satisfied with the knowledge that Trixie knew her own feelings.

“Bye Rarity!” Twilight yelled happily from across the street before galloping up to Trixie who swiftly turned to face her. “That meal was wonderful Trixie, thanks for taking me.”

“It, it was Trixie’s pleasure, Twilight Sparkle.” Trixie struggled with her words as she gazed at the mare before her who simply gazed back innocently, having no apparent understanding of what the meal had truly been. “Trixie will see you again another day, Twilight.”

“Tomorrow! Let’s meet tomorrow, we can continue my list!” The lavender mare clapped her hooves together in excitement to the notion of continuing her perfect plans, much to the amusement of the showmare who enjoyed her exalted voice.

Trixie smiled happily in response to her friend’s enthusiasm. “Very well. we shall meet tomorrow.” Her thoughts attempting to distance themselves from the problematic mare soon faded from her mind as the lavender unicorn wrapped her forelegs around her, brushing her comforting hooves against her crystal blue mane. Twilight smiled happily before galloping home to begin planning the next day, leaving Trixie to return to her wagon with the lingering feeling of Twilight’s embrace. The aqua mare turned to watch as the mare she cared for galloped off into the distance, her delicate, beautiful body galloping elegantly into the horizon.

Celestia continued to oversee her student’s well-being, growing a satisfied smile beneath her dark hood as the three unicorns took their leave. Observing Beatrix’s blooming happiness as she began to make her way home, noticing the subtle movement of her hoof tipping her steeple hat, the clear tell-tale sign of her attempting to hide her blushing face. “Subtlety can indeed work wonders, but there is still a little room for a nice gentle ‘push.’” Celestia’s smile formed into her usual devious grin as she turned from her selfless student, trotting slowly towards Ponyville’s library, taking the time she needed to concoct her next flawless plan.
Celestia finally receives Twilight's letter she had been awaiting, but upon discovering her students still remain ignorant to their feelings, she takes a different approach to edge the magicians together using Rarity's helpful experience to begin watering the seeds for her.

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A Twixie romance story

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