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January 9, 2013
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The darkness subsided from the bright flashes of the unicorn's magic, her mystical fireworks detonating into the constricting night revealing more of the large oak stage for a few short seconds until the tendrils of darkness bound the performer once more. Her magnificence radiated forth over the vacant seats of her none existent audience, showering her splendour towards the mere air which could do little to forsake the showmare as her audience had done. Regrettably the blue mare finally lost her enthusiasm, dropping her hooves to the floor along with her head in shame as the final viewer closed the theatre door behind himself. She stood still in silence, regretting her foolish notions of being able to perform in such a setting. The thoughts of her honestly being worth a single viewing eye turning to mock her as she slumped to the floor in defeat.

Through the crippling silence a single distant sound echoed through the abandoned performance hall. She raised her hopeful gaze to the distance where the veil of darkness receded to light a single distant figure, a pony. The only remaining member of her audience, or perhaps never a part of them to begin with. Her hooves trailed the floor one after another, slowly stomping at the carpeted floor with muffled clops. The pony was applauding her, or mocking her for her lack of such applauding from the hating audience. The showmare gazed with mixed thoughts to the distant figure before finally dropping her head once more, awaiting for the usual moment where her nightmare would end. But as the seconds of silence passed the moment of escape she longed for never came.

The applauding became louder, yet still as slow as ever. The showmare raised her vision once more to notice the previously distant figure approaching, its hooves not applauding but rather trotting ever so slowly to the stage. The unicorn attempted to call out to the silhouette but as with her spells her voice remained silent, regardless of the effort she attempted to add to be heard. She could do naught but watch as the darkened mare approached her, piercing the darkness with her amethyst eyes as she gently raised her hoof to the showmare's face, comforting her with the unexpected and deeply desired affection. The obsidian figure smiled warmly to the upset performer as the shrouding darkness constricted tighter between them, sealing off the world with the final amethyst light fading to the eternal night.

Trixie groggily awoke from her recurring dream, trailing her tired hooves to the pillow against her mane to crush it closely against her vulnerable head, attempting to shield her fluttering eyes from the bright sunlight leaking through the closed curtains. If her mind were more awake she would be thankful for the lack of foals playing nearby, but the sounds of market stalls attempting to sell their produce did little to lower the annoying ambience keeping the disinterested unicorn from rejoining the dreaming world.

Some time passed before the still tired mare attempted to raise from her resting place, her performance the day before still weighing heavily upon her fatigue as she allowed the pillow to fall from her scruffy mane. Trixie cautiously brought her hoof to her cheek, brushing lightly as she recalled glimpses of her usual dream, or rather alterations of it. There was no doubt in her mind to who the shadowed being was, not after so many nights pondering her presence. But those new feelings she awoke to, that warmth. Trixie groaned tiredly as she rolled back beneath the quilt, pressing the overused pillow to the back of her head as she lay face first into the sheets. She knew why her dream had changed, she knew exactly why her thoughts of that mare had changed.

"Why did I say yes?" The aqua mare yelled at herself in the muffling pillow as the previous night returned to her.  She finally had the chance to free herself yet instead she bound her own chains. She rolled once more to her back, tossing the second pillow beside her coiled bedding as she began to stare at the darkened ceiling. 'Why did I say yes?' She thought to herself once more, this time more curious than annoyed. She had no idea why she would continually obsess over the lavender unicorn as she did time and time again. The amount of times she promised or even begged herself to ignore her, wanting to despise the mare for every inch of hatred she knew she deserved. But she couldn't, there was no chance of her being able to despise her even after everything she had done. The small glimmer of hatred she depended on shattered when she failed to notice any of the self-centred arrogance and pompous snobbery that her negative mind had painted Celestia's student as possessing. Seeing Twilight once more simply reminded her of the same beautiful traits she had as a filly, the warming, caring, compassionate traits with none of the undesired taint of her mentor rubbing off on her. Her brilliance was truly undeniable.

Trixie's thoughts continued uncontested as the tired mare rested on her side, her mind filled with unanswered questions and undesired views blocked away by the constant thoughts of the lavender mare. The time that she spent imagining her warming face only subsided when a quiet knock broke her from her daydream, drawing the resting mare's weary legs from the bed as she proceeded to the kitchen and with a delicate yawn, opened the top half of the wagon's door.

"Good morning Trixie!" The cheerful, memorable voice greeted the far less energetic mare with a wide smile. The showmare squinted her eyes slightly to the sudden rush of sunlight before her irises focused on the warming face that invaded her dreams. The lavender mare lowered her hoof after tapping the oak door to await her new friend's response.

"Twilight? Why are you awakening Trixie at this hour?" The curiosity in her voice remained muffled behind her drowsy lips as she subtly brushed some sand from her eyes. The showmare almost called out a second time to question her guest entering her home before realising she had subconsciously held the door open for her friend.

The lavender unicorn turned as she made her way inside, reflecting her sweet smile once more to her host as she apologised. "I'm sorry I didn't think I would be waking you. But it is already nearing midday, and I didn't want to ruin the promise we made."

Trixie hid another yawn behind her hoof as she began to wake more to the world. "Promise? Trixie does not recall..." Staring into her guest's violet eyes returned more thoughts of the previous night to her, desires that she couldn't refuse despite the heavy reverberations from being accepted.

Twilight's smile only increased in warmth as she noticed her new friend visibly recalling their final words. "I knew we would enjoy being together today so I made us a list of activities!" The giddy mare clapped her hooves together before returning them to the floor. "It's going to be so much fun! We will love being friends."

The tired mare sighed silently, turning her head to avoid being seen as Twilight's words finished. The concept of a list of most likely physical activities did not bode well with her previous plans of rest. "How about we just relax for the day, Twilight?" She questioned as she returned her vision to the enthusiastic unicorn. "You could exchange your thoughts or ideas with Trixie." She avoided admitting her tiredness, hoping her guest would accept her offer rather than probe deeper into her reasoning, or worse yet feel like she was avoiding her.

Twilight evidently took her request in the best light, almost jumping from her seat by the table as Trixie personally requested the sharing of minds she so deeply desired. "Yes! I'd love that, I have so much I want to know!" The smaller unicorn beamed with happiness as she eagerly awaited for her friend to sit beside her, tapping at the spare seat as she smiled. Trixie felt the radiating warmth of her friend who held keen interest for her, but at the same time regretted her choice upon fearing it would be her that would have to talk. As both mares sat facing each other beside the table Twilight instantly leaped into her first question. "For how long have you been adept at magic?"

The fears of her friend's probing indeed came to pass, though upon further thought it was inevitable when she requested such a discussion. "Trixie has been talented since she was a filly..." She trailed off her truthful answer, avoiding adding more detail as she attempted to shift the discussion to her friend. "But enough of her Twilight, tell Trixie more about yourself, about your talent."

The lavender mare shied away, blushing slightly to the interest in her life. "I don't really talk about myself that much. Being a showmare is more interesting than being a student."

"Nonsense, Trixie would be most interested to hear about you." The performer's masterful plan soon bore fruit as Twilight, ever so eager to spread wisdom, began to inform her friend of her own magical talent. Offering words of wisdom which the blue mare already knew all too well. The familiar knowledge allowed the showmare a brief respite as she rested herself, nodding occasionally to the lavender mare's endless and aimless words while picking up on the few details that were new to her tired ears.

The student's sweet voice rattled one word after another, each sounding so calming yet elegant to the showmare who almost found herself ready to seal her eyes closed for rest until the tranquil talking ceased suddenly. She fully opened her less taxed eyes to her slightly upset friend. "What is the matter Twilight?" She asked fearing it was her own resting which caused the unsettling feeling.

The lavender mare gave an apologetic gaze before speaking. "I really want to talk to you more, but I got so carried away I almost forgot I was supposed to meet Rarity today."

Trixie recalled the beautiful mare she witnessed leaving the library the night before, and the way she touched and held Twilight as close as she did. "The white unicorn?"

Twilight nodded happily to her friend's knowledge of her best friend. "You met her before when she joined your performance last year, you coloured her hair green." She subtly smiled in amusement to the memory.

"Yes, Trixie knows of that unicorn." The image of the two closely embracing unicorns remained burned in her retinas, the thought of which ached her heart as she turned her gaze to the table. "You should not keep her waiting, Twilight."

The lavender unicorn struggled with her thoughts until the obvious solution to her filled the blank. "You should come with me Trixie. She would love to see you!"

"Trixie does not think that it would be appropriate for her to join you."

Twilight lightly grabbed her friend's hooves, breaking her from the upsetting thoughts as she responded now with her full attention. "No it will be great! Rarity has been helping me a lot recently. I'm positive you will like her, she is a very caring pony."

After a brief pause Trixie exhaled softly, still gazing with a vacant look as she replied. "Very well. Trixie does suppose she should see the mare that brings you such happiness." A sudden compassionate warmth overtook her as Twilight threw her forelegs around her newest friend, helping to relieve some of the sadness that she couldn't understand. A few warm seconds passed before Twilight broke from her caring hug to retreat to the door, turning around to patiently wait for her friend who slowly opened her eyes as the compassionate hold left her. "I thank you." She stated almost silently under her breath before raising to her hooves.

The lavender mare bounced around in a tight circle for a few seconds happily before stopping to stare at her friend. "Come on let's go and see her, my best friend meeting you, it will be so great!"

"One moment, Twilight." The showmare turned her vision away before her friend could see her growing smirk as she made her way into the bedroom, swiftly closing the door behind her to avoid her guest's prying eyes from seeing the real state of her home.

A minute passed before the bedroom door closed once more, gaining Twilight's renewed attention as she turned to indulge her eyes in the star-graced attire of the performer in her true splendour. "Now we can go see Rarity." Trixie nodded in approval, tipping her steeple hat slightly as she did so. The comforting familiar feeling and warmth of her costume providing her with her persona's strength as she left the wagon with her friend beside her.


The streets of Ponyville were far from vacant, with the bold boastful voices of the market stalls calling out to their next customers. Mares and stallions of varying ages travelled between the traders, spying their gaze across the advertised wares before turning their attention to the approaching magicians. Their gossiping voices didn't hold the same pompous superiority of Canterlot's unicorns, but despite not having such views their invading observation still threatened to unsettle the showmare who held her head to the skies as they passed by the market. Refusing to allow her protection to fade from whatever slanderous concoctions were being traded between the town's population. She solidified her persona as she continued to proudly trot alongside her much more open and relaxed friend.

"Howdy Twilight!" An all too familiar voice stalled Trixie in her tracks as the nearby unicorn turned to her side to greet one of the numerous vendors. "I don't suppose ah could interest ya in some apples?" As Twilight began to canter towards the market stall Trixie's hidden fears revealed true as the orange earth pony could be seen staring back at her from behind baskets of fruit.

"Hey Applejack." Twilight greeted her friend merrily before turning to look to the unicorn she left behind, motioning her hoof to beckon her over. "Applejack is another of my friends."

"We've already met." The farmpony stated with great difficulty to keep her negative feelings inside. She turned her attention away from the unwanted customer to focus on the lavender unicorn. She stumbled words within her mind until her friend answered the question she was unable to ask.

"Trixie's my new friend!" Twilight exclaimed happily, clapping her hooves before turning to the now adjacent taller unicorn beside her once more. "I was going to tell Rarity first, but it's just too good to keep a secret."

Applejack passed her cautious emerald eyes between the two mares multiple times, thankfully noticing no lying within the violet eyes of the showmare despite the clear discomfort from it being mentioned. "Well I'm happy for ya Twilight, it's always good to have more friends." She couldn't bring herself to voice her still existent disapproval to Twilight herself, she loved her friends being happy and refused to ruin that happiness even if she had the unshakable feeling that the arrogant unicorn would do so herself sooner or later.

The prying attention of nearby ponies didn't help the showmare's already fading comfort as Twilight continued to commune with the mare she mocked. She was silently thankful for the farmpony not to be mentioning the earlier conflict outside Ponyville, though she could tell from her still iced gaze that her good will was only for the lavender mare. As Twilight continued to talk aimlessly with the merchant, Trixie's dominant persona found convenient support with standing close to the smaller chatting mare despite not joining in with the unwanted discussion herself. Hoping for an end to the discussion and as a result an end to the unwanted gazes.

"It's great talking to ya Twi, but these apples don't sell themselves and I wouldn't want to keep y'all from meeting with Rarity." Applejack gave a wide over-exaggerated smile to her cheerful friend, hoping she would take the hint that they both had places to be, and ignore the fact she simply didn't want to hear about the aggravating unicorn.

"Oh, right I keep forgetting today. I just keep getting carried away." Twilight returned the smile without the added over-exaggeration to her hard working friend before looking over her juicy wares, and upon seeing the desired meal levitated a small collection of bits from her saddlepack to the vendor. "I'll take one of those sweet red ones again."

The orange mare replied with a appreciative smile to her friend's good taste. "Ah hope you enjoy it sugarcube."

Twilight surrounded the purchase in her lavender aura as she looked across to the unicorn beside her. "Do you want me to get you one Trixie? Applejack's apples are delicious."

The arrogant mare swiftly launched herself upon the accusation of her wealth. "Trixie does not need to have her food bought by another, and neither would she want to buy any tainted produce from such a stall."

"My families apples are the best in Ponyville! And I'd never 'taint' them, not even when selling them to you."

A thick blanket of tension lowered itself over the market stall leaving silence in its wake. Applejack had to uphold her families honour, but deeply wished she could change what she said when she began to notice Twilight growing a questioning gaze. However before managing to apologise for the sake of the mare she actually cared for, the insinuating unicorn broke the silence herself. "Very well, farmpony. Trixie shall try one of your apples when she desires sustenance."

Trixie's response threw the defending mare back slightly as she watched the showmare begin to trot away with the same arrogant pride as before. As Trixie took her leave Twilight seemed to lose the forming sadness from her questioning mindset as she quickly caught up with her new friend. The arrogance of that unicorn wouldn't usually allow herself to back down from such a conflict she previously created, yet she seemed to leave as if not wanting to fight in front of the innocent unicorn. 'If she does care for Twilight's happiness, then she has a very strange way of showing it.'

Twilight waved goodbye to her friend before refocusing her attention to the unicorn beside her who continued to trot in the solidified proud profile which she kept to since the avoided conflict. Though her frown left, the smile had yet to return as the curious mare voiced her concern. "You two don't get along, do you?"

"She is a good mare, she couldn't be anything but that if she is your friend." Trixie continued her arrogant trot, looking down shortly to the drawn eyes of her friend. "Trixie does not apologise to her hecklers, it is them that insult her on stage and it is them that are to blame."

'I know you would like each other.' The lavender mare sighed silently as she thought about the friendship both her friends denied each other. A short period of silence followed Trixie's final sentence until the smaller mare noticed the unforgettable sight of the Carousel Boutique becoming clearer from the distance. "That's Rarity's house!" Twilight proclaimed happily, breaking herself from the previous sadness as the thoughts of her new friend meeting her best friend renewed themselves in her mind.

"A boutique?" The blue unicorn questioned reading the extravagant sign on the overly colourful exterior. 'Typical considering her beauty.' The memorised news clippings usually mentioned such a radiant unicorn alongside the other Elements, Generosity if she recalled correctly. Generous enough to spread her love and happiness to the only real friend Trixie had. The strange thoughts eluded her to time until a delicate knock against the boutique's door returned her to the world.

"It's open." A caring voice called out from inside, fuelling the lavender mare to wrap her telekinesis around the handle and gain entrance into the warm store. Trixie was visibly pleased as the door closed behind them to seal away unwanted gazes from the town's lingering population, returning her eyes to the store's interior she spotted the large quantity of fashion heavy dresses, posh suits and other ridiculous tastes resting on the numerous mannequins. In the centre of the room near an unfinished dress stood the same undeniably beautiful unicorn she saw the day before. Her pearl white coat reflected the room's bright lighting, shimmering like the diamonds marking the flank of her perfectly proportioned body. Trying to best such beauty was truly an impossible task, even for one as Great and Powerful as herself.

Rarity hummed the same tune she learnt from Twilight after hearing her sing it on multiple occasions. Her sweet voice matched her equally fine physical appearance as she levitated a spool of thread from the table, threading it through the small needle and passing it through the awaiting fabric, before finally returning the needle from the incision all within a few perfectly timed seconds. "How can I help you?" Rarity's voice once again spoke in the same sweet tone, interrupting her own tune as she gazed over to her guests. Her face brightened to the sight of the mare she cared for standing before the closed door, but before she could open her lips to speak her sight trailed to the second unicorn standing beside her wearing the all too familiar, yet highly dated, star patterned cloak. She continued to keep silent as she locked her sight between the two mares, looking for any hinting expressions as to the intimacy of the relationship between them.

"Good morning Rarity! I know we were supposed to go and see Trixie together today, but I have even better news!" The giddy unicorn failed to keep in her gleeful happiness as she unleashed cute sounds to the pleasure of both mares. "Trixie came to see me last night and she asked to be my friend!"

"This is wonderful news, Twilight!" Rarity stated swiftly, wrapping her hooves around her best friend, enjoying the warming embrace as after months of supporting the innocent mare's feelings she finally made friends with the mare she subconsciously loved.

Trixie felt less impacted by the spreading news now that they were in a more private setting, but the warm smile of her host did little to help. Though it was true that this friend of Twilight's seemed happier about the news than the previous, the over-interested nature of the beautiful mare seemed problematic in its own right as she threw her hooves around the showmare, pulling her into her third hug. She felt strangely unsettled by the foreign touch, as warming and compassionate as it truly was the hug felt somehow wrong compared to the previous times with Twilight.

Rarity removed herself from her new guest, and began to talk before even allowing herself time to return to all fours. "So tell me, how did you two meet last night?"

"It was just after you left, I returned upstairs to write a letter when Trixie knocked on the door." Twilight began to recite seemingly everything that happened whether important or not.

"Oh, so I just missed the two of you then?" Rarity questioned with slight sadness in her voice, as much as she knew privacy and desired it herself, she couldn't help but snoop on everything slightly romantic her friends could do.

"Trixie witnessed you leaving before she requested a discussion." The showmare gave a rare reply to the question, providing the hint towards desiring a private meeting.

Rarity continued her warm smile unhindered to being told of privacy. "Of course, it is highly understandable that the two of you would want to meet in private. But with that said it is also wonderful that you will let your friends know as well. I love to hear about everything that makes you happy dear, so please continue."

Trixie continued to listen without interrupting the lavender mare, enjoying her pleasing voice and enjoying even more the fact she skipped past her apology in the otherwise highly descriptive list of events. The showmare took this time to explore the store, trotting slowly between the mannequins until she noticed the worktable near the back of the main room. On its top beside the collection of spools and fabrics lay a small picture frame holding a photograph of the beautiful mare herself alongside a small and similarly coloured filly, both smiling happily beside each other in the image.

"That hug is so beautiful." Rarity stated as Twilight's descriptions finally reached the end. The beautiful mare was pleased to notice the blush slowly fading from the lavender unicorn as she concluded talking about her meeting with the pony she didn't understand her feelings towards. Another compassionate hug soon followed to which Trixie once again felt something tug at her heart as she witnessed the exchange between the two mares, the passionate embrace of the unicorns that clearly cared for each other more than friends.

"I am pleased with how happy you make Twilight." Rarity placed a hoof on the cautious unicorn's shoulder as she continued to examine the photograph, staring at the filly that shared common traits between the two best friends. "Is something the matter, Trixie?" The beautiful unicorn questioned with genuine concern, caring for the unicorn that she hoped would finally treat Twilight like she wished she could, and like she knew the innocent mare deserved.

"Is she yours?" Trixie questioned bluntly, keeping her eyes focused on the young filly in the photograph.

Rarity pondered the question shortly, following her would-be-friend's vision to the image of her sister before reacting strongly. "Heavens no! Sweetie Belle is my sister!" She recoiled her hooves to her lips before returning one to the questioning unicorn's shoulder. "Besides if I WAS to have a foal they wouldn't be close to her age yet." The pearl unicorn removed her light grip to face her guest before questioning herself. "Why would you ponder that?"

Trixie raised her vision to the distant lavender unicorn obsessively wiping the surface of her ruby apple in the distance before speaking, knowing that she wouldn't be able to hear whilst obsessing in such a way. "As Trixie said she saw you the previous night." She noticed the nodding from her host before continuing. "She saw the way you departed, the way you touched her."

Rarity almost burnt up inside from knowing her actions were seen, the touches she couldn't help when alone with the lavender mare. "Trixie please, don't mention this to anypony else."

"There is nothing to be ashamed of, Trixie enjoys knowing you can bring her friend happiness." Rarity could notice the struggling emotions within the showmare as she spoke. "Your sister looked to share appearances with the two of you, it was a simple error."

The pearl unicorn shook her head briefly, holding her guest's shoulders to face their eyes into each others. "You have it all wrong Trixie." She quickly continued to avoid the showmare's defences from spiking to such an accusation. "We are not a couple, we are best friends, very close friends but that is all."

Relief drenched the arrogant unicorn as she grew a smirking expression which Rarity could notice a subtle smile within. "Trixie should not have expected anything different. Twilight would never be capable of understanding such relationships."

Rarity trotted beside her guest as they both turned their sight to the vigorously polishing mare, her attention still captivated on the eternal struggle to make the fruit 'perfect'. "Oh I wouldn't say never." The beautiful mare lowered her sapphire eyes to the unicorn beside her, witnessing the equally captivated violet globes cast their attention over the lavender mare. Rarity's romantic mind began to bake the scene as she pieced together her guest's reactions and thoughts. The slight awkwardness she felt hearing Twilight's words was a perfect base, while her worries of the mare being in a relationship suited the delicious creamy filling. Trixie's clear interest in her body, gazing her eyes across her coat helped to paint the final touches of icing to the romanticised cake which Rarity's warm smile served to bake. She prided herself on such detections of her friend's relations, and already within moments of meeting the unicorn Twilight adored she determined that the same unyielding passion must also exist within the showmare.

Discovering the truth however only solved one problem, albeit an important fact to discover. Rarity knew now that she had two mares with hidden love that she tasked herself with bringing together. The first naive to the notion of falling in love and the second likely too arrogant to accept such feelings. She sighed silently to herself as the colossal task broadened to such extents that her 'gentle pushes' never usually required. Her original attempts to gain intimate ground with her best friend were as difficult as they were without the added problem of introducing a magician obsessed with her stage character.

As Rarity returned from her thoughts she noticed the unicorn beside her had returned to stand beside the lavender mare, gazing down at her with the still arrogant smirk as she watched Twilight examine the worn skin of her meal. "Twilight dear, don't you think you have cleaned it enough?" Rarity commented as she made her way to her friend.

"But it's not clean." Twilight huffed beneath her breath as she began to rub at the apple again, attempting to clean the undesired mark until a light blue aura snatches the food from her grasp.

Rarity examined the mentioned filth to only find a single dark spot along the surface of the tasty fruit. "It is perfectly fine Twilight, such marks are natural." A soft sigh escaped the unicorn's lips as she turned around from her guests to begin coaxing her light blue aura once more. She kept the apple hidden from view as she began to levitate a small brush  into a pot of ruby paint, and while humming the familiar tune secretly brought it to the apple, delicately painting the marked surface before turning around with her usual bright smile. "There! Perfection. Now you can eat it, dear." Twilight cocked her gaze suspiciously as she looked down to the fruit she failed to clean, before returning it to her best friend.

Rarity levitated the brush out of sight behind herself as she continued to smile. "So Twilight dear, do you have any plans to take Trixie somewhere special?"

The change in topic cut short Twilight's querying examination, almost causing her to forget about the apple entirely once she heard the mention of planning. "Oh yes, I made a small list last night of the friendship activities we would enjoy together!" Both onlooking unicorns found amusement to the somewhat expected sight of the student unravelling a scroll from her saddlepack, trailing the long list along the floor before beginning to recite her completed activities. "Let's see, the meeting with Rarity was first." She drew out a quill to begin marking the boxes beside each listed action. "We met Applejack...went shopping...we talked about ourselves..."

"Oh you talked about yourselves to each other then." Rarity interrupted quietly to the showmare, enjoying the sight of her tipping her hat to hide her blush.

"It was mostly Twilight who talked about herself to Trixie."

"Mostly." The beautiful unicorn responded in a timely manner, earning a renewed awkward gaze from the mare she could now see as a friend.

"That's all so far." Twilight prevented the showmare from being able to reply, looking down her still mostly blank tick-boxes. "There is a lot left for us to do. Maybe we could complete trying out dresses now since we are here."

Rarity approached her best friend, rubbing her neck against her own briefly to attract her attention before yanking the scroll from her hooves. "How about the two of you go and enjoy a nice movie, or enjoy a stroll through the park." The lavender mare attempted to reach for the scroll as her friend retreated with it in possession. "You could enjoy a nice atmospheric meal yes?"

"I know, those things are on my list." Twilight reached out once more, as if pleading to have her plan returned.

"I shall keep it safe for you dear. Let Trixie decide on how you enjoy yourselves." Rarity concluded, levitating the scroll out of sight behind one of the dressing room curtains.

Trixie proudly stood upright beside her friend upon hearing the request. "Very well, Trixie shall take her somewhere fitting." With that said a magenta aura surrounded itself around the door handle, opening the door with the hidden telekinesis beneath her hat. "Farewell, Rarity."

The beautiful mare enjoyed the sight and sound of her new friends farewell, noticing the masked good will within her voice. Though it was clear the showmare found it difficult to open up her feelings to others or even herself, she was satisfied with the secretive friendly nature she felt during their meeting. "Let me know how it goes Twilight, Trixie."

Upon witnessing the two unicorns leave her vision Rarity finally lowered her hoof and returned inside. Allowing for Trixie to have her say in the activities was the first of many steps towards 'helping' the mares fall in love. But she knew there was still much more to be done, meetings to be planned and perhaps most importantly, friends to be coaxed in line. The beautiful mare lost herself in thought with how to break such news to her friends who still couldn't trust the showmare, oblivious to the silently opening door behind her.

Twilight returned the waving gesture to her best friend as they left her field of view. Within seconds of being safe the lavender mare re-opened her saddlepack and to Trixie's surprise drew out a second, identical scroll to the previous scroll her friend had taken from her. As she jotted down the completed activities once more she levitated the bottom of the scroll to both mare's vision and ticked off the last activity on the list. 'Have Rarity confiscate the copy.' Twilight smiled with a sweet knowing, arrogance to the unicorn above her, who responded in turn while gently nudging her friend. "That is why Trixie likes you, Twilight Sparkle."
Trixie awakes to the memory of her promise the night before, before she can ponder the reasoning for making friends with Twilight the very mare in question comes to see her, to spend the day with her new friend and see Rarity as promised.

Magician's Obsessions:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 (here)
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 (
Chapter 7 (being written)

A Twixie romance story

Story picture by gunslingerpen

Please leave a comment after reading.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbo(c) and Lauren Faust.
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But you already have commented! Or perhaps you will comment about the comment, or the comment was not a comment but the next comment will be a comment but then why would it be a comment if it wasn't a comment which was to wait for the comment about the comment?! :iconpinkiepiewaitwutplz:
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Lol, that pretty much sums up how I reacted as I read that. So much confusion.
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I am sure Twilight would go insane trying to understand it.
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