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November 28, 2012
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The quiet sounds of foals playing echoed through the hard wooden walls, their soft laughs penetrating the hidden ears of a figure buried deep beneath a constricting array of quilts and pillows, her vain attempt to remain asleep swiftly shattered by the sudden impact of the foals ball striking against the hoof-crafted oak, the resulting reverberations breaking the drowsy pony from her slumber. Apologies echoing through the woodwork continued to deny any attempts to return to the preferred dream state, slowly forcing the unicorn from her comfortable bed as a pillow fell unnoticed from around the mare's horn to rest scruffily against the sheets. The same lack of care which looked to identify the rest of the unkempt bedroom, who's floors lay littered with varying costumes which the tired mare carelessly waded through to reach her vanity. The only area of the the sunlight deprived room to be graced with the light of candles. Though she could see herself clearly in the spotless mirror the mare refused to look, preferring instead to gaze along the magnitude of photographs and newspaper clippings, as unsettling memories of her recurring dream replayed through her mind.

The unicorn managed to form a brief smile to the sight of some of her positive reviews, breaking her from her thoughts. 'A must see show!' 'Able to move an audience!' and her personal favourite. 'Could she truly be the most magical unicorn?' The mare closed her eyes slowly as her horn glowed brightly in the dim light, a pink hue radiated from her light blue horn gently breezing through her lighter mane to gather around the most cared for costume in the room. Her aura cautiously levitated the purple star-graced cape over her back, clipping the jewelled brim beneath her neck as an equally styled hat gently descended over the magician's horn. As she felt her costume complete the mare smiled brightly to the sight of the magician standing before the mirror. "The Great And Powerful Trixie is indeed the most magical unicorn!" Trixie spoke with charismatic flare as she distanced herself from the mare she refused to see reflected.

Trixie glanced her eyes back along the short percentage of her vanity she cared to look at before turning around with a stern and definitive stomp to the floor, proceeding to proudly walk towards the front of her wagon and opening the bedroom door to show a drastically different room. The walls all coloured brightly with the curtains opened allowing sunlight to radiate through the guest friendly abode. The unicorn levitated a small bag of coins beneath her cape as she gazed out the window into the streets of Canterlot, memories of her previous visits both good and bad warped through her mind before recalling the name of the nearby store she desired. With another definitive stomp the showmare proceeded outside into the extravagant town centre.

As soon as Trixie left her mobile home she could already feel the gazes of the posh upper class unicorns staring at her, their high priced clothing and jewellery surrounding them, giving them a sense of superiority which the showmare could feel leaking from their eyes. However all such gazes were powerless compared to the most magical unicorn in all of Equestria, and though she may be poor and not have a fancy life, Trixie still knew she was greater than any of the posher unicorns that attempted to stare her down. She continued with her proud trot towards Caesar's Dressing.

"Greetings Caesar!" Trixie proclaimed loudly as she entered the restaurant, causing annoyance to some of the customers before gaining the attention of the owner who returned to the counter with a warm smile.

"Ah greetings, Trixie wasn't it? What brings you back to Canterlot?"

"Trixie has returned to perform her awe inspiring magical talents once more!" The bragging unicorn continued with her volume despite visual protests by other, less powerful clients. "But first! Trixie has come to indulge once more in your beautifully fine hay smoothies!"

"A mare of taste you are, Trixie. I am pleased that even after the years away you have remembered my exquisite recipes and ingredients." The well permed colt motioned for one of many chefs to join the two ponies at the counter. "Ah Trixie, any flavour specifically you would enjoy?"

"There would be no finer smoothie than the one you made for her last time!"

"Then Monsieur would make for you the finest of hay en vanilla with a dashing of caramel." The owner nodded to his staff who returned quickly to the kitchen. "A gentlecolt would never forget the order of such a beautiful mare."

Trixie tipped her hat with a hoof to hide her slight blush before replying. "Of course you remember the finest drink you serve! but-"

A young mare returned through the kitchen doors levitating a silver platter, on it resting her smoothie in a disposable cup fit with straw, a beautiful solitary rose and a delicious sparkling apple. Carrying the platter past the stallion as he took the red fruit in his own aura, slowly floating it towards his customer. "A gentlecolt never forgets. What would you say to me seeing you tonight?"

"Of course all of you may see The Great And Powerful Trixie perform tonight!" The young mare stated loudly to all the restaurant, placing a bountiful supply of bits on the counter before making her way outside with her purchase, making as much use of the faked misunderstanding as she could. "The Grand performance will inspire All who gaze upon it!"

The cloaked mare exhaled lightly to the awkwardness as she left the restaurant before swiftly regaining character, enjoying the delicious smoothie as she trotted proudly once more to her quaint abode. However she didn't make it far before another colt, less interested in her flank, appeared before her blocking her way. "Are you the mare responsible for that, shack in the town square?"

The showmare removed the straw from her lips before speaking powerfully in response. "It is a Wagon! And it does indeed belong to The Grea-"

"Whatever it is that thing is hideous, do you have any clearance for having such a poor thing in our beautiful town centre?" The old colt questioned sternly as all nearby eyes clearly focused on the confrontation.

Without thinking of the reply Trixie kept to her stage persona and dealt with the heckler before all who watched. "The Royal Sisters have given The Great And Powerful Trixie full performance rights in Canterlot! Both Princess Luna and Princess Celestia have told her that ALL deserve to watch Trixie's awe inspiring show!" She stood still with her head held high as she heard the whispers flow between the onlookers of the conflict, spreading thoughts and gossip about her truly admirable talent. Within a few seconds the colt withdrew and moved aside, allowing the bragging mare to make her way proudly back to her wagon. Just before entering she turned once more to her fans and spoke aloud. "When the Moon has been raised take seat before the stage and you will see the Greatest Show in All of Equestria!"

The boasting unicorn slammed the door shut behind her, breathing deeply as she levitated her beverage to the centrepiece table before bouncing up and down multiple times, giggling like a little filly until she held her hat firmly, calming her as she closed her eyes speaking proudly to herself. "Was there ever any doubt to Trixie still having her flare?!"

The cloaked mare sat down at the table as she began nibbling along the surface of her meal, staring blankly at the rose before levitating it into a bowl of mixed salad beside the sink, preferring it as a quick snack over a token of unwanted affection. Trixie continued to slowly enjoy her meal as thoughts of her first returning appearance filled her mind, she had truly set up the expectations of her audience, especially with the added lying hype of the Princess' involvement. But all the while as she solidified her act and persona in her mind, Trixie stared through the wall of her bedroom to the picture by her vanity, and though she could not physically see it, the image remained burned in the showmare's mind.


As night fell upon Equestria a large crowd formed before the dropped down stage of the showmare's wagon, so large in fact that several pegasi had retreated to view from atop the nearby rooftops to allow for all of her adoring fans to see her show in its full glory. As the final members of the audience took their place a sudden darkness filled the sky, a thick cloud rose before the moonlight to cascade total darkness on the town centre. After several seconds allowing for the audience to begin gossiping sudden streams of light shone forth from the stage. "Mares and Gentlecolts, unicorns pegasi and earth ponies, rooftop viewers! Welcome all as today Canterlot is proud to present The Great And Powerful!" The streams of light centred on the centre of the stage, lighting it from all angles as a sudden burst of light formed causing all onlookers to shield their eyes before seeing the main attraction of the show standing mid stage on her back legs with her hooves held high. "TRIXIE!" A burst of energy rocketed through the backdrop of the stage, lighting a magnitude of pyrotechnics, spinners spinning and streamers streaming. A vast array of bright and colourful pyrotechnics fuelling the crowd's excitement before finally, with a wave of her hooves masking her real magic beneath her hat a large firework shot into the air and within a few seconds detonated, sending a roar of colour and music through the sky and clearing the dark cloud. Shining Luna's Moon back over the audience.

A loud stomp of applause pleased the showmare as she took a bow, deeply enjoying each and every hoof of her adoring fans sending their thanks to what was only the start of her grand performance. However when returning to thank them with her own gaze an unexpected sight almost gripped her in fear. In the back of the audience surrounded by a guard each side sat the Royal Sisters. 'They obviously know what I said, but they haven't stopped me...yet.' The fears soon faded to the sight of Luna smiling, enjoying her performance. Trixie knew she had the Mare of the Moon in her grasp, and she loved it. "And of course we thank the Great Princess Luna for this wonderful night!" She pointed towards the back of the audience, shining a magical light over the Princess of the Moon who reacted nervously to the sudden attention from the crowd and show. Trixie began to conjure some flowers into Luna's hooves before noticing a very clear and stern gaze from her sister, the same gaze that she had seen before on multiple occasions causing her to suddenly return to her usual routine, fading the illumination from her sister but not before noticing Celestia whisper something into her ear.

Despite her lack of recent performances, the showmare's enthusiasm and determination drove her on stage, her own arrogance and superiority blinded the unicorn to any doubt of her power. Trixie's awe inspiring feats fired off consecutively one after another as she strode defiantly across her wooden stage. Mystical fireworks blazing from her hooves, illusions of fire and ice streaming before the admiring audience's very eyes. Conjuring flowers and sweets from the very air around her and spreading them over her viewer's manes as they watched in shear amazement. Her adoring fans stood before her bewildered, their jaws hung open in what might have been speechlessness but noticeably also hunger for her treats. Trixie truly felt alive once more, to the sight of a whole audience for her small stage, of what must have been in the hundreds if not even more. The showmare simply lowered herself into a bow as her short but fulfilling routine ended, and while she hung her head low the sound she so desired, the sound she so desperately needed burst through the silence. Hundreds of hooves stomping at the grassy floor brought a new warm smile to her light blue face.

As the stomping and cheering began to lessen Trixie brought herself back from her bow to stand before her admiring audience once more. The mare soaked in the final traces of appreciation for her routine before speaking aloud to the collective ponies. "The Great And Powerful Trixie is pleased with your appreciation and admiration of her show!" The mare slowly trotted around the stage as she continued, holding her head high and occasionally waving her hooves, spreading seeds of awe overhead. "There is only one thing that Trixie could do to make up for your approval, and that would be to inquire into requests for The Greatest Equine who has ever Lived to perform on stage!"

The showmare's arrogant nature caused her to voice a self-proclaimed title once again, being to enthusiastic to please her audience to notice before several of them began to murmur between themselves as she attempted to perform. "Well? Is there nopony out there that has anything they wish to see?! Or has The Great And Powerful Trixie already performed every act of brilliance known to ponykind?!"

Trixie looked away pompously during the ensuing list of ridiculous requests, most notably the request to 'take it off', finally as she turned around she saw a colt within the crowd holding his hoof to the sky. "Yes you, a colt with manners! What is your request of the most Magical unicorn in All of Equestria?!"

The light orange unicorn grew a sarcastic smile as he spoke, which Trixie soon picked up on. "Well 'the great and powerful' Trixie, I was wondering why for somepony claiming to be the greatest and most magical equine you aren't one of the Elements of Harmony, one of which is the Element of Magic if I so recall? Owned by another unicorn?"

The showmare felt the full brunt of the insulting question and swiftly attempted to respond to the heckler in turn. "Trixie does not need to be one of those-"

"Yeah, they just beat Discord and saved Equestria!" Another colt interrupted.

Princess Celestia leaned down to her sister, who was visually distressed by the heckling against her new favourite performer. "Word of those events gets around fast."

"You did summon the nobility to the celebration sister. Only one of those attending needs to have a gossiping lip." Luna spoke back up to her sister, without physically moving her eyes from the worried showmare to do so.

"Yes I know of her she was a student, Moonlight Sparkle wasn't it?"

"Her name is Twilight Sparkle!" Trixie yelled loudly interrupting the unwanted discussion which instead faced back towards her, glaring their grieving eyes on the caped mare, causing her to step backwards before replying. "Trixie knows of her, but though she is powerful herself she is still NOTHING to the Great And Powerful Trixie! All of those Elements together don't hold a candle to her Absolute Unbridled Power!" She made a deafening stomp to the unfortunate wooden floor of the stage, almost breaking a hole through the planks. She kept her powerful stance as she finished despite the incredible pain that coursed through her leg due to the impact.

The pain in Trixie's leg escalated violently within a few seconds to the point where she could barely contain her cries of distress any longer, but just then a bright explosion of light magic detonated above the stage, shocking the heckler's next comment out from his mind before his open lips could speak it. The showmare gazed up at the sudden sound and light of the glowing magic, the sphere of light winding within itself and detonating into a ball of bright yellow flame. She knew this wasn't her own work, and that only one pony in Equestria had such an aura. Trixie stifled her tears to take another bow, taking advantage of the Celestial gift to trick both her audience and herself into believing it was all a part of the show. The distant sound of stomping hooves fulfilled her hopes as the Princess of the Sun began celebrating with her sister in tow. The adoration of Equestria's rulers swiftly descended over the rest of the sheep who celebrated the end of the performance.

The wounded mare arose back onto all fours, making sure to rest her weight on her good legs as she wished her audience goodbye, saying as few words as possible to avoid identifying her pain. "Farewell, you have been, a great audience! Trixie, shall return!" As the mare finished her sentence, three figures carefully approached the front of the stage. She glared down at the almost crying face of the older mare being supported by a stallion, and another much closer to her age standing guard behind them who looked ready to pounce on her at any moment. After only glaring at her for barely ten seconds the showmare slowly turned around and limped away from the stage, leaving her cheering audience behind wishing for an encore that would never come. The crying mare took a step forward towards the distancing unicorn before the strong legs of her partner kept her still, gently leaning her against his chest as she wept.

Trixie exhaled deeply as she made her way out of sight, resting her body against the side of her oak wagon where nopony could see her. As she rested a looming figure approached from the night's darkness. "Good morning Trixie."

The shocked mare turned around quickly to the sudden unexpected voice, the firefly lamp above her wagon's door illuminated the figure of the local restaurant owner approaching. "Caesar? The middle of the night is far from morning."  The mare stated, slowly backing away from the still approaching stallion.

"Of course it is now, but when you awake in my legs it will be far into the morning." He rubbed his hoof past her cheek as he spoke, seemingly not caring about her reluctance. "Remember that I said we would see each other tonight?"

"Trixie said you could see her perform as all others did!" Her attempts to back away failed as the invading stallion took hold of her foreleg.

"Yes and now we are going to have the greatest performance are we not? One just between us."

"Trixie is not interested! Leave her alone at once!" The mare struggled in the stronger stallion's grip, as his face advanced closer to her own she began to feel a strong presence of destructive magic building in her horn, her stronger magic subconsciously surfacing to strike at the invading threat. Just before her missile released itself from her horn's confines a tall looming shadow descended over both ponies, causing the struggling mare to stare in unexpected relief.

"I believe the mare said she wasn't interested." The bold voice caused the stallion to stall and turn around, the tall figure of the Princess of the Sun stood dominating overhead. "I dislike my dungeons being empty, do not give me an excuse."

Caesar quickly let go of the mare he desired and slowly backed away from the scene. "I get it, only the powerful get to have the beautiful." Celestia took a defiant step towards the stallion in response, and within a few seconds the unwanted company had fled from sight.

Trixie's subconscious defence slowly fizzled out from her horn, returning itself to her body as she breathed lightly in relief for not having to use it. "Trixie thanks you Princess, but she could have handled it on her own."

"I know all to well." Celestia turned back to look down at her subject. "But you wouldn't have slept soundly." The Solar mare's mane continued to flow in the glistening night as she herself remained still. "You should know better than to be courted by such a stallion."

"Well Trixie is sorry, Princess, but she wasn't exactly trying to be 'courted'." The limping mare brought herself back to her hooves as she levitated open the door to the kitchen. "Again she thanks you, but now Trixie could do with a rest." As soon as the door lay open she was aggravated to see the Princess duck her head and climb inside the open wagon before her. 'You are worse than that stallion.'

"A little cramped." Celestia commented as she sat down on one of the two chairs surrounding the centrepiece table.

"That's because it's not meant for Alicorns."

Celestia grinned slightly to her subject's tone of voice, levitating a flower from the table vase to her lips. "Oh? Then for who is this second chair meant for? A unicorn, or a pegasus. Or perhaps an earth pony?"

"None of it is your business." Trixie snapped, grabbing the flower from her unwanted guest before tossing it inside the open salad bowl, at the same time removing the rose from the stallion that tried to take advantage of her and tossing it into the bin.

"Do not forget I am your Princess, and I never gave you the permission to perform. I believe I can make anything my business, isn't that right, Beatrix?" Celestia levitated a second flower to her lips, nibbling slowly on the bland petals.

Trixie sighed lightly stopping her actions as she stared at the floor. The sound of her real name being spoken by one of the hoof-full who knew it breaking her from her stage persona. "What do you want to know? That I'm alone? That I don't care for having anypony else in my life? That I am happy just being Trixie?!" The aggravated mare turned around to face her target before continuing brashly. "That I don't demand such answers from a younger mare when I myself am over a thousand years old and don't even have a colt myself? How about that Celestia?!"

Celestia kept her expression constant despite the added hurtful question at the end of her rant. "When you outlive your fifth partner you lose the desire to settle down."

The previously aggressive unicorn lost her hateful tone upon hearing the reply. "I'm, sorry. That wasn't tasteful."

"You are right it wasn't. But besides now that my dear Luna has returned to me we have kept each other company."

Trixie released a quiet expression of amusement before replying. "Yes, I'm sure you do."

"There is nothing wrong with it Beatrix, love is love. I would rather be with my caring sister than the local mare enthusiast forcing his way into my wagon." Celestia continued to eat the flower in her lips as she levitated a third onto her subject's plate.

The noticeably uncomfortable unicorn tapped at her plate for a few minutes as her guest ate, Celestia's continued attacks against her unwanted meeting outside the wagon continuing to unease her as she wished to sooner forget about it. Eventually the mare stood onto her hooves and began pacing around the kitchen, minding her painful leg as she moved. Finally she stood still in her tracks and questioned the unwanted guest. "Look, do you want something?"

"I merely wished to talk to you, it has been a long time since we last saw each other."

"Yes it's been years since you last abandoned me!" Celestia didn't reply to her statement, instead she simply continued to nibble at another flower's petals. Infuriating Trixie as she had to back down, knowing she would not be getting a reply as much as she knew she deserved it. "But what do you want? You could have talked to me before this what is so special now? The fact I have returned to my tours? As you never talked to me when I first began them."

Celestia finished her new flower, swallowing the remains as she levitated a small napkin to her lips before speaking. "There has been a, development, that I can no longer turn a blind eye to." The Solar Princess looked over calmly to her host, the devious grin that previously coated her face lay replaced by a serious, yet also surprisingly caring gaze. "I am sure you are aware of Twilight Sparkle?"

Trixie's heart wound within itself to the mention of the lavender unicorn. Countless emotions and feelings of polarizing diversity threatening to tear out from her vocal cords, barely containing themselves as she struggled to respond. Relying once more on her persona to help smooth the thoughts, acting as if they were not her own. "Trixie is aware of her."

"We both know you are far more than aware of her, but I ask, how much you still think about my faithful student?" The alicorn responded staring deep into her subject's eyes, slivering into her hidden mind.

The unicorn faked a laugh to the notion. "Why would The Great And Powerful Trixie ever need, nay why would she ever want to think about such an inferior unicorn to herself?! She is the most magical equine to ever live! She has absolutely Nothing to do with such an overblown mare!"

Celestia's gaze coiled around her target's lying features, listening patiently to her words and spying on every detail her expressions leaked. As she finished with a soft stomp, not wanting to damage her other hoof, her subject held her head high and proud. Proclaiming her defiance, but also her weakness as her eyes subconsciously darted towards her bedroom wall, as if staring at something away from sight. "Gotcha." The alicorn stated victoriously as she stood to her hooves, making her way to the door. As the Princess approached her light aura surrounded the handle before swiftly being surrounded by a stronger pink sphere of magic. She looked over to the nearby mare attempting to hide her spell beneath her pointed hat and simply smiled. "You are aware that there is no way you can stop me, Beatrix? I would rather we didn't destroy your door." The light pink hue faded from around her own magic shortly after finishing her sentence, allowing the invading mare to open the desired door unhindered. The Princess made her way inside the well lit room, treading carefully over a neatly sorted pile of spell books and into the centre of the room itself. Casting her knowing gaze across the tidy room before locking herself into position, rearing up onto her hind legs the alicorn drove her powerful horn into the air, and with a single swift motion carved the magical field in twain. Trixie took a step back in shock as her illusion shattered before her very eyes, revealing the real room to the increasingly nosey monarch.

"That is much better." Celestia stated through her satisfied smile as she examined the room of her old acquaintance. From what little light existed she could decipher the large array of torn, useless or otherwise discarded costumes, the crumpled sheets of the bed, and the general lack of imagery or decorations over even a single wall. Exactly as the alicorn remembered. That was until she gazed her eyes to the light source of the room, seeing a vanity far more decorated than she had expected. "This is unique."

"Of course it is!" Trixie replied loudly trotting cautiously into the room to stand before her vanity, looking up at her own reflection before turning around, refusing to look at anything else on display. "Only Trixie's mirror is clear enough to reflect such a beautiful face!"

"I am referring more to the news clippings." Celestia responded as she began to skim the magnitude of pinned clippings, notes and pictures surrounding the mirror.

"But of course! Trixie collects all her wonderful reviews! It is the norm betwee-"

"The Eternal Night has ended, and the Princess of the Moon has been returned. All thanks to the courageous activity of six mares... Chaos has been vanquished. Once again the Elements of Harmony have saved Equestria... An interview with the Element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle..."

Trixie cautiously looked towards the clippings in question before returning back, attempting to keep her arrogance firm. "Trixie likes to keep up to date with important news, as all ponies do, but unlike others The Great And Powerful Trixie only cares for the most vital and Equestrian breaking news!"

"Exam tips for first time students, with special guest Twilight Sparkle." The Princess replied looking down with a questioning gaze.

The unicorn hesitated briefly before almost wishing to scream in response to the constant accusations. "Fine so Trixie keeps an eye on that unicorn! Twilight Sparkle steals all the fame she deserves with her inferior talents and that is all!"

"So there is no added agenda?" Celestia questioned sternly.

"That. Is. ALL!" The showmare stomped her hoof once more to the floor, holding her head high with her muzzle tall, refusing to acknowledge any more.

Celestia withdrew herself slightly in response, scanning her eyes across the base of the vanity to the highly pronounced photograph resting beneath the mirror. "Very well." The alicorn levitated the image into the air, slightly out of reach of her subject as her eyes began to glow with bright fire. "Then there is no reason you should keep this pointless picture."

Due to the sound of her ruler's threat and the sudden warmth being drawn into the air the previously self-centred mare discarded her refusal to co-operate, replacing it with an uncontrollable fear to the sight before her eyes. "What are you doing?! No you can't do this!"

Celestia kept her ground as her subject attempted to claw her way up the large pearl mare's chest. "I am just getting rid of an insulting image for you, after all, it is completely worthless to you." Within a few seconds the very air around the photograph changed in pressure before bursting into flames.

"NO! That's all I have of her!" The weaker mare frantically struggled to reach the burning frame, watching helplessly as the landscape around the beautiful lavender mare began to smoulder and ruin. Upon seeing the flames touch the mare herself a sudden stream of destructive magic built up in her horn and unleashed itself against her ruler. The missile struck the more powerful mare, forcing her away from the vanity and down to her knees having barely enough time to defend herself from the brunt of the attack.

The startled mare soon recovered, raising her sight to her subject stomping on the photograph to dispel the fires. But as she arose to her hooves an unexpected sight filled her eyes, her previously solitary acquaintance dropped down to the floor in tears, brushing her face against the mostly intact image of Celestia's student in her singed hooves. As she continued to watch Trixie holding the picture to her body the truth of her feelings soon became clear to the Princess, and the resulting implications spawning from them. "This could be a problem." Celestia stood still, losing herself deep in thought as memories of her student's letters filled her mind, the way they were written, and the words involved... She smiled warmly to herself as her experienced mind filled in the gaps of her glorious plan. 'Oh perhaps, it could be better than I had ever hoped.'

The Princess slowly approached the crying mare, waiting patiently while she brushed the tears from her eyes, and speaking just before the first word escaped her lips. "As I wished to mention earlier there has been a development with Twilight Sparkle, one that affects you Beatrix."

"What is it?" Trixie replied, rubbing the final tear from her eye as she brought her gaze up to the pony that destroyed her possession. "That she didn't want me to have a single trace of her left?"

"Be reasonable. You know she would never want such a thing. It was the only way to gain your full attention on the matter, and most importantly see the result of taking her away." Celestia replied swiftly, looking down as the unicorn continued to hold the burnt frame.

"And what did you find? That I fell into an emotional mess as you took what I cared for away?"

"Yes, that is exactly what I found." The pearl alicorn replied quietly, before making her way over to the candlelight of the vanity, and levitating an unsealed scroll from under her armour. "Which makes this all the more interesting." She gazed down once more to the unicorn on the costume laden floor before unravelling the scroll, clearing her throat silently as she began to read the message.

"Dear Princess Celestia. It has been almost a year since we crossed paths, and though we knew each other so briefly I find no way to lessen the thoughts of her in my mind. Nay I wish never to forget about her. The Great And Powerful Trixie, a name she gave herself..." Celestia paused her reading as she felt the gentle nudging of her subject pushing it's way through her legs, the Mare of the Sun stepped backwards, allowing for the seeds of her plan to become implanted in the showmare's mind.

'Nay I wish never to forget about her. The Great And Powerful Trixie, a name she gave herself  likely out of nothing more than a desire to be known and loved by anypony that could hear her unique title. But all I did was ruin the very thing she desired, ponies forgot or worse yet laughed at her as she left focusing only on me and my own exploits. Every day I am haunted by the knowledge that I never ran after her, I never understood she simply wanted a friend until it was too late. I have searched through every newspaper and asked every pony I could find, but now that almost a year has passed since that day without a single trace of her, I fear I am losing hope of ever seeing the mare of my dreams.' A tear dripped over the forming smile of the Unicorn as she finished the relevant section of the letter, placing the singed photograph back beside the scroll to gaze lovingly at the smiling lavender mare. "Oh Twilight, will you never change? Your arrogance thinking you know everything about everypony else, and your endless obsessions..."

Celestia kept in her urgent desire to cockily state the similarities between the unicorns as she spoke. "That is the most recent, and alarming letter about 'The Great And Powerful Trixie' there are many more in my chamber, all relating to her feelings about you from as soon as the night she last saw your face."

Trixie failed to hide her warming smile as her increased happiness brought back her defensive character wall. "Well then you have been hearing a lot about Trixie from your student, who happens to be her greatest fan."

"I wished to sit back and observe my student's growing feelings, but from her most recent letter it has become apparent I can no longer simply hope that destiny's would intertwine."

Trixie stared blindly through closed eyes as the recent thoughts built with her memories, feelings being forged through a meander of experiences. "Trixie shall add Ponyville to her tour..."

"Tomorrow is the anniversary of your previous visit."

"Trixie has not been keeping track." The light blue mare replied before freezing to the sight of the Princess tapping her hoof at the marked calender beside her vanity. She gently sighed as she looked off to the side. "That location wasn't exactly smooth last year, even without the Ursa."

"So, is it a deal?"

The cloaked mare gazed down to Twilight's scroll once more before replying through her smiling lips. "A rather one sided deal, but it isn't like Trixie has a choice."

Celestia tracked her subject's slowly retreating movements from her wagon before perusing her to the stage. 'You will learn just how even the deal is.' The streets of Canterlot lay silent and vacant in the dead of night, with all the local posh unicorns either sleeping in their beds or engaging in one of the distant ballrooms. She watched silently, adding to the atmosphere, as the showmare levitated the stage floor against the backdrop, resting it behind a descended copper bar to keep the wagon's stage whole. With a careful eye she looked over each of the wheels and supports using the magenta aura of her horn to examine in the darkness. Pleased with the maintenance she made her way to the front of the wagon, standing before the reins and a pile of oak as Celestia calmly followed to her side. "I don't take you as much of a workmare with those legs."

The showmare smiled to the knowledge she could amaze a Princess once more. A cool wind blew through the unicorn's mane as she gently closed her eyes, feeling the mysticism flowing through her body, the new aura permeating her horn and flowing into the cool air. The winds of magical energy danced amongst themselves in a spectacle of glistening stars before descending to the grassy floor, circling and coating the hoof-shaped oak as her eyes opened to view her telekinetic beauty. Each piece of solid oak arranged itself to the aid of the dancing pink flames forming the figure of a wooden pony, the limbs all remaining detached by all but the light streams of the unicorn's magic giving the figure an almost lifelike appearance. Upon completion the wooden mare casually dug at the floor, showing a keen desire to be given a task as Trixie gently brushed her face against her wooden pet's own, receiving an equal motion in return.

"Very impressive, Hilda, isn't she?" Celestia enjoyed watching as the unicorn's embraced, not receiving any word of correction to her memory. "She has grown much from your old doll. It is good to see that you still practice the same mysticism."

Upon hearing the confirmation of her oldest friend, Trixie gently patted the side of her featureless oak face, in close succession her magic coursing through the frame caused the mare to begin moving forward at a gentle pace, slowly pulling the wagon from it's resting place. The showmare avoided the hooves she herself was moving before leaping onto the seat above, minding her injured hoof as she landed on the comfortable cushioning surface surrounded by her hoof-crafted intricately engraved seat, holding the reins loosely in her hooves as Celestia casually trotted beside her through the streets of Canterlot. As they travelled side by side she heard a quiet yawn from her subject. "It will be light by the time you reach Ponyville."

The tiring unicorn lay herself down on the warm seat, nudging into the corner to get herself comfortable. "Do not worry, Trixie has grown used to relocating as she rests. These journey's are one of the few times when she finds the peace to rest her head." The journey continued without words for a few more minutes until she finally spoke again, surprising the older mare who figured she had fallen asleep. "Though Trixie can still scarcely believe she is actually returning to that town..."

Celestia kept her gaze forwards to her steps as she replied in her usual, knowing tone. "You just needed an excuse to see her again, and that I have provided."

Trixie yawned once more, quietly and subtly as she finished making herself comfortable under the moonlight. "Perhaps, or maybe you are just looking out for your faithful student's well being, never wanting her to be upset."

Celestia slowed down to a stop as the wagon departed through the gates of Canterlot, and began following the road slowly towards her student's town. As the distant glowing magical fires vanished into the darkness the Princess exhaled silently in relief. "She is not alone in receiving my eternal care, my selfless student."
One year since the abrupt end of her previous tour, Trixie returns to Canterlot to begin her show anew. Despite the initial success it remains clear that she cannot forget about the mare that haunts her memories. Something which is desired and deeply examined by Princess Celestia, however the discoveries of Trixie's true feelings towards her student seek to open a path she had previously only dreamed of leading. A path she swiftly urges the willing unicorn along as she sends the showmare off to Ponyville.

Magician's Obsessions:
Chapter 1 (here)
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 (
Chapter 7 (being written)

A Twixie romance story.

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My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro(c) and Lauren Faust.
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