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December 24, 2011
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Rainbow Dash marvelled at her work as she hovered above the frozen landscape. Ponyville was blanketed by a thick but even layer of soft snow, shimmering with the light of Luna's moon. It was truly a beautiful sight one that even Rarity would stare open jawed at. Rainbow smirked as her eyes took in the view, it was truly a masterpiece from Ponyville's master weather pony. Suddenly Rainbow quivered as an ice-cold lance of wind tore through her soft coat. 'Oh, right the cold.' She laughed lightly as she looked up, the grand creation of clouds filled the sky as a calming blanket, though it wasn't the type of blanket Rainbow truly wanted as she flapped her freezing wings for the final time, gently lowering herself onto a wooden beam. Usually she would dive down landing in a spectacular fashion, but even Rainbow's arrogance knew it's limits carefully stopping on the slippery frozen beam. The wood was covered in snow, the trees were covered in snow, ponies themselves would be covered in snow if they weren't inside by their warm calming fires.

'A warm, calming, fire.' Rainbow Dash trailed on her thoughts. Like every year her cloud mansion lay among the sheet of freezing clouds making her usually warm home inhabitable. But also like every year a door slowly opened in the distance, it was small and barely noticeable from the centre of town, but Rainbow knew where to look. 'Right on time.' The sight of her yellow pegasus friend filled her heart with warmth causing her to take flight to make her way to the awaiting fire.

Fluttershy felt cold as she held open her cottage door, but with barely a minute gone by the cold turned to warmth as her friend descended surprisingly gracefully outside the door. "Welcome home." her quiet voice welcomed the blue pegasus as she stepped to the side, allowing the freezing weather pony inside. It was the same time every year that her cottage became Rainbow Dash's second home, she loved helping her best friend and it was all made worthy with the look on her face, hidden by the superior persona, was the look of happiness and gratitude.

"Thanks Fluttershy, I won't be a burden." Rainbow could see her own smile as she spoke reflected by her best friend's beautiful eyes, as blue as her reflected coat. She knew it was a lie, Fluttershy wouldn't have her any other way, she was always wanting to help her.

"I know you won't." Fluttershy giggled lightly holding her hoof to her mouth, her way of laughing was always cute to Rainbow Dash, hay, everything about her was always cute. As the shy pony finally stopped giggling she motioned the same hoof towards a soft rug resting before a warm, calming fire. "You were out so long, you should warm yourself up."

Rainbow nodded happily. "Thanks again." She gave her host a smile fitting the fire's warmth before slowly making her way onto the soft rug. The fire was even warmer than last years, which was warmer than the year before. The radiance warmed her hard worked wings and evaporated the remaining snow from her coat and mane. In a mere moment half of her days wishes had come true, resting in the warming grace of the burning fireplace. Not to long after the remaining wishes came to pass, as Fluttershy sat down beside her.

Fluttershy sat still by her friend's side for a short while, gazing into the warming fire. "Is it warm enough for you?"

Rainbow extended her wing, wrapping it gently around Fluttershy's shoulder. "Could use a bit more wood." She joked happily as Fluttershy rested her head against her friend's chest, enjoying her warmth even more than the fire.


Rainbow Dash continued gently rubbing Fluttershy's coat with her wing, her friends almost silent snoring sounded beautiful to her, but then again every sound she made was beautiful. Rainbow looked over from the mare in her embrace to a distant sound, she couldn't help but laugh as Angel Bunny tried arguing with Tank but became exhausted before her slow pet could even manage to attempt a reply. Rainbow looked back with a cheeky grin to her friend upon realizing she woke her, though all she could see in the tired ponies eyes was kindness, happiness and love staring up at the subject of her dreams.

"Oh dear." Fluttershy held a hoof over her mouth as she looked up to the ceiling. Rainbow followed her eyes and smiled when noticing the problem, hanging perfectly centre above the soft rug hung a branch of mistletoe.

"You put that there, by mistake?" Rainbow looked down at her friend smiling happily.

"Yes, oh I did the same mistake last year." Fluttershy stated failing to fake sincerity.

Rainbow gently lowered her friend against her wings, supporting her softly as she trailed a hoof down her pink mane. "You do it every year." She slowly leaned towards her, supporting the mare with her hoof as she gently kissed her soft yellow lips.

"Rainbow." Fluttershy breathed lightly staring up at her friend with a worried gaze. The mistletoe only demanded a single kiss. But her fears were dissolved by the light blue smirk quickly descending down for a second kiss, Fluttershy held her friend closer keeping her in for a final beautiful kiss.

Rainbow Dash gently lowered her tired friend to the rug, though her mouth was to tired her legs continued hugging the blue pegasus, bringing them both down to the soft rug together. Neither pony lost their smile since the kissing began, and Rainbow gently nuzzled Fluttershy awarding a soft giggle. "Happy Hearth's Warming." Rainbow said surrounding her friend with her wing.

"Happy Hearth's Warming." Fluttershy repeated making herself comfortable in her winged blanket. She yawned quietly before managing her final waking words. "My love."

Rainbow smiled happily at her cute friend, resting her head by Fluttershy's own ready to sleep. "I love you to."
Rainbow Dash finishes preparing the weather for Hearth's Warming, although the result of her hard work prevents her from returning to her cloud home Fluttershy makes sure she has a home to return to.

FlutterDash shipping.

A short happy story of what Rainbow Dash needs to do each year as a result of the colder winter weather, but even though he needs to do it she loves it every year.

Please leave a comment after reading.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro(c) and Lauren Faust.
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