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September 11, 2011
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Rarity walked out from her still steaming bathroom, she levitated the door closed to keep the bedroom dry as she made her way to her vanity. The clock showed only half an hour left until the date. "Come on Rarity, you can do this." The white unicorn looked into the mirror, her own reflection looking back at her. "You can do this, in half an hour you will be at a date with Twilight Sparkle, the date will work, she will come home with you, you can make love to her, you can live by her side." She repeated herself several times trying to draw her strength of will. "It will be different from before." She struggled reminding herself of her past. "This date will be different, it will work." 'It's never worked before, I've never had a successful date.' Rarity knew she was right, especially since Twilight was going to do something wrong for sure as well as her. "No, I can't put blame on Twilight." Rarity sighed. "Why do I have to be romantic, a date has never worked out why did I have to ask for one."

"It will work Sis." A small voice came from the door as Sweetie Belle made her way inside her sisters bedroom. "I wish I didn't have to keep reminding you how good you are."

Rarity laughed lightly at her sister's remark. "You're right Sweetie, I'm sorry I just, I've not exactly had a good record of dating." She looked over to the smaller unicorn. "We love each other, even if this date fails that won't change. I just wish we could have a good date as well though."

Sweetie Belle faced back out the door. "Come on Sis follow me, we did something for you." She began to run downstairs.

"We?" Rarity commented worryingly. "Oh what have those foals gone and done now?" She followed her sister downstairs. As she made her way into the store she noticed something was amiss, the entire room was darkened. "Oh Sweetie what have you done now?" She asked before stopping with her mouth open, the table was candle lit on one side with lavender flowers in a vase, there was a bench on the other side big enough for two ponies, on the table in front of the bench was the plate of salad still intact. The entire room had a slight smell of lavender which made Rarity feel warm thinking of Twilight Sparkle.

"Well, what do you think? We only had an hour so couldn't do much." Sweetie Belle asked coming closer to Rarity.

"Sweetie, it's beautiful. Oh this would be perfect for tonight." Rarity replied, feeling more positive than ever about the date being successful.

"Told you it was a good idea." Scootaloo responded grinning at Sweetie Belle.

"Hey ah was the one who made this." Apple Bloom interrupted.

"Fillies I don't mind who did it, it's beautiful and I thank you all. But I'm afraid I still need to find out what to wear, and I don't have long until the date is going to begin." Rarity looked around to the far side of the store to the clothes, eyeing each dress in a row, rejecting each in turn for the occasion.

Apple Bloom stopped glaring at her friends as she heard Rarity's plea. "Ah don't think y'all should wear anythin', Twilight may like dresses but she still prefers ponies to be how they are." Apple Bloom jumped up onto the table, grabbing one of the lavender flowers in her mouth. "Ah think y'all should just put this in ya mane." Apple Bloom looked over to Rarity again, who turned around to meet her gaze.

"Thank you Apple Bloom, I think you are right that would be a good idea for Twilight Sparkle." Rarity gently levitated a flower from the vase and calmly placed it into her mane. "Now fillies I'm going to be heading of soon, I need you three to go elsewhere for tonight. Twilight and I shall be using the house and we will need some privacy." Rarity made her way back upstairs to finish getting herself ready.

Sweetie Belle looked questioningly to her friends. "I'm going to need somewhere to rest if they are going to be alone, can I sleep with any of you?"

"You can always sleep with me, Sweets." The Pegasus responded placing a hoof on her fillyfriend's shoulder. "Oh wait, actually I'm grounded they won't let anyone around."

"But, ya outside?" Replied Apple Bloom still holding the lavender flower in her mouth.

"Yeah, that's not going to make it any better for her sleeping over is it." Scootaloo laughed while silently fearing her punishment when she got back. "I wouldn't mind staying somewhere else thinking about it."

Both ponies looked over at the Earth pony holding the flower. "Granny's still annoyed by the mess last time, an' the clubhouse is to cold for the night." The three foals sighed wondering what choices they had. "We can go mine an' get told off, go Scoots an' get told off, or stay' get told off."

"It's annoying that Twilight and Sis are using this place tonight." Sweetie Belle stated, before getting an idea. "Hey, that means the Library will be free!" The three friends nodded to each other in agreement as they made their way outside


Spike looked over to the basements clock as he placed his modelling tools down. "15 minutes left, best go get Twilight ready she's not going to do it herself." Spike sighed as he made his way upstairs. He opened the door to the main library and called out for Twilight. "Twilight the date's going to be soon let's make sure you look." Spike stopped mid sentence as he saw Twilight Sparkle by her vanity. "You look, beautiful."

Twilight Sparkle looked away from her mirror levitating a brush over her mane. "Thank you, Spike." She looked down smiling at her assistant who was slowly making his way towards her, staring at her body. "I didn't over do it did I?" Twilight asked worried about the dragons gaze.

"No Twilight you look, you really look beautiful. I've never seen you like this before." Spike looked into her still smiling face as he saw she was appreciating his comments. "I mean, you know Rarity will love it." Spike shied slightly as he realized he had been staring at her. He made his way over to Twilight looking around her, every inch of her coat seemed to shimmer, and she smelt of her lavender perfume. "To be honest, I thought I had to come up here to dress you myself, you haven't been so, so fine with the date idea before."

Twilight gave her awkward laugh. "The book said how to get ready." She looked at Spike who she noticed sighed at her. "Well it is a good book, it's helped a lot, a real lot. Thank you for it again."

Spike laughed at her reasoning, he knew he should have expected it. "Yeah it's fine. Don't worry about it." He eyed Twilight over again, this time out of curiosity. "Do you think you should wear anything for tonight?"

"I was wondering about it, the book said you should wear what suits you and, well. I suit not wearing a dress I guess. But I don't know what Rarity wants." Twilight looked outside the window, hoping to see any ponies passing nearby for a hint.

"Rarity loves you for who you are Twilight." Spike replied as the unicorn turned to face him. "She loves everything about you, which includes what you wear. I'm positive if you don't want to wear anything she won't want you to wear anything."

"You're right Spike." Twilight responded happily as she checked back at her reflection. She finally knew everything she needed to know, she knew what Rarity wanted, she knew how to act at the restaurant, she finally understood the date. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror, it beamed out an air of strength. "This is going to be perfect, Rarity will love it." Twilight said to herself as she happily made her way to the library door.

"Wait you're going already? There's still 10 minutes." Spike called over to Twilight as her lavender aura surrounded the door.

"It's considered polite to be early." Twilight happily responded as she levitated a small saddlepack over her back.

"Wait Twilight, what's in that?" The dragon began making his way over to the door. 'She's got a book hasn't she?'

Twilight backed out the door as she looked back at her assistant. "Oh this? It's a gift for Rarity, yes it's considered polite to give gifts as well so I'm giving her a gift." Twilight gave a large fake smile as she exited the library. "Don't wait up Spike, I'm going to be gone all night!"

Spike sighed as he chuckled to himself. "It's obviously a book." He made his way over to the door to close it, but as he held the door in his grasp three ponies walked through the opening. "Wait what are you?"

"Thanks for taking us in Spike! It's very kind of you!" Sweetie Belle interrupted as she gave a small hug to the baby dragon and made her way inside.

"What are you talking about? I never said you could." Spike questioned confused by the foals.

"Yea it's so cool that Twilight said we could spend the night here!" Scootaloo continued their invasion as she also gave the dragon a hug and sat down by Sweetie Belle.

Spike held the door open still as he tried piecing together what he was told. "Twilight said you could stay here?"

"Since Rarity and Twilight are going to be using my house she said we could stay here tonight." Sweetie Belle stated smiling happily.

"You mean she said YOU could?" Spike responded falling for the Crusader's play. "Not all of you."

"Well since I have to come here we decided we might as well make it a sleep over, come on it will be fun!" Sweetie Belle smiled even wider as Scootaloo joined in.

"Fine, it will be boring tonight with just me and Owlowiscious anyway." Spike gave in to the cute smiles. He looked back outside to see a small earth pony walking up to the door with a flower in her mouth. Spike smiled at her as he gave a knightly bow, holding the door open for her to enter. "After you, my lady."

Apple Bloom looked up to the small dragons face as he bowed by her, she couldn't help but smile to her being treated so nicely, no one had treated her like this before. She stayed still gazing up at the young dragon who after several seconds broke from his bow. "Oh, sorry it's just Canterlot tradition I forgot you aren't used to it." Spike felt annoyed with himself for treating a pony he barely knew badly.

"Oh, no it's fine, ah thought it was sweet. It's just no ones ever treated me like that before, it's." Apple Bloom cocked her head sideways and grinned at the dragon. "It's weird, nice but not normal." She began to giggle lightly as she noticed the dragon looking nervous. 'Ah guess he doesn't get out much. Well especially not if he still greets like that around here.'

Spike continued looking into the young ponies eyes. 'Why does she keep staring? This is awkward.' He worried to himself, he had barely seen the young ponies with how he was always working, and the few times they did interfere with the library they didn't talk to him much. "I think we should go inside, before it gets cold." Spike tried hinting to break the awkward moment.

'He's weird.' Apple Bloom thought to herself. 'Oh wait, if he's from Canterlot ah never formally introduced myself oh ah should have known.' Apple Bloom brought her hoof to meet Spike's hand, instantly gaining his full attention. 'Oh how does this go?' "Ah haven't introduced myself, ah'm Apple Bloom, an' these are Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, an' y'all are?" She asked, unsure if she was doing it correctly.

Spike felt relieved with the familiar ground he was in. "My name is Spike, assistant to Twilight Sparkle. It is a pleasure to know you my lady." Spike bowed again towards the small pony.

Apple Bloom smiled happily at Spike, she found he looked handsome when he bowed, like a true gentlecolt. 'Well, gentle...Dragon?' She felt confused for a few seconds before she broke herself from it. She gained a taste on her tongue for the tenth time since leaving the previous house. 'Why am ah still carryin' this?' She remembered the lavender flower in her mouth and looked over at the dragon. "Here, ya can have this." Apple Bloom lowered her mouth to Spike's hand, dropping the flower gently into his grasp. 'Well that takes care of that.' She smiled to herself.

Spike looked down at the gift he received and noticed the mare's smile. 'She, gave me a flower?' He  brought his gaze back up to the earth pony who had began making her way inside to sit by her friends, they were gossiping in whispers before Apple Bloom came to sit by them. 'Does she like. No giving a flower is a custom, it's a custom in Canterlot. But she's never been there, maybe they have the same here?' Spike became lost in thought trying to reason what was happening. Soon into the thoughts he began to laugh at himself for noticing how much he was acting like Twilight.

"Hey Spike! Come on over have a seat!" Apple Bloom called over to Spike patting the ground near her with a hoof. As Spike closed the door Apple Bloom looked back to her friends who were grinning. "What? Ah think he should sit with us to."

"Sit by you, you mean." Scootaloo replied before a white hoof forced itself into her mouth.

"Yes I think he should, tonight will be good for all of us." Sweetie Belle responded, 'She Finally found a pony, err dragon.' She smiled at her blissfully ignorant friend.


Rarity walked down the dark street. Celestia's sun had long since left, with Luna replacing the day with a beautiful star filled night. All the clouds were sparkling, the entire night seemed crafted for just the two of them. "It's beautiful, almost as beautiful as Twilight Sparkle." Rarity said aloud looking into the deep expanse. It was to late now to back down, her date had finally come. Their date. 'Come on Rarity, you need to do this for Twilight, she doesn't know what to do.' The white unicorn made her way towards The Starlight. Where she would wait for her lover in the beautiful night. "This is a perfect start already."

'5 minutes until the date, knowing Twilight she would turn up directly on time.' Rarity wanted to be ready for Twilight, to let her lover see her in the street to know the date would work. 'Who's that?' Rarity noticed a pony stood in front of the tree, standing by the bench that was to be their meeting point. "No, I wanted to meet Twilight there!" Rarity rushed her way over to the lone figure not knowing who it was. As she approached the figure a cloud passed by, lowering a stream of moonlight over the ponies body. Her coat glistened from the moonlight in a beautiful display. "Twi, Twilight Sparkle?" Rarity realized who the pony was in the night's light. The beautiful lavender mare turned around facing her in the eyes.

"It's lovely to see you, Rarity." Twilight responded. Rarity approached her, looking down her beautifully glowing body as hers also began to shine from the moonlight she entered. "You look beautiful tonight, Rarity. The moon itself is dulled by your angelic coat." Twilight placed a hoof to her lovers cheek as she looked in her eyes.

'Is she, flirting?' Rarity felt a warmth from her words. "Twilight, are you flirting with me?"

Twilight Sparkle leaned in to Rarity, their eyes looking deeply into each others. "Yes, your eyes are so beautiful, their most beautiful feature is how I see myself reflected, leaning in to kiss you."

Rarity giggled slightly. "Twilight dear, that flirt doesn't even work." Her correction was cut of as she felt Twilight's lips surround hers. Their mouths barely opened as the kiss came to an end, it was short but sweet. 'Why was it so short it was like, like a first kiss?' Rarity looked into her lovers eyes for a short while before she remembered what she saw earlier. 'She was reading how to be romantic, oh Twilight please never change.' Rarity smiled at her lover who moved her hoof over to Rarity's side. 'This date might work after all.' She happily noted, as Twilight lead her towards the restaurant door.

Twilight held open the door to The Starlight and bowed towards Rarity. "After you, dear."

Rarity looked up awkwardly at a smartly dressed colt who looked questioningly at Twilight. "Thank you, dear." She walked in quickly thanking her lover to avoid causing a scene, allowing the door pony to take over the door operations.

As the door closed the cloud reformed, closing the hole that worked to illuminate the young unicorns. With a gentle flap Luna rose from the cloud she was resting on as she looked down at the restaurant window, watching the two ponies enter. "Phase one complete." The purple Allicorn smiled happily as she flew of to continue her plan.


Twilight Sparkle and Rarity slowly made their way into the restaurant, the interior was a calming red hue with gentle music being played by a green unicorn sitting at her table with a lyre, her eyes lay closed as she manipulated the strings to the pleasure of a light cream mare gazing dreamily at her. Rarity smiled as she noticed there were many filly couples sat together at tables. She knew this restaurant was an accepting place making both the name and atmosphere perfect for Twilight. 'This is going to work.'

"Good evening ladies, are you interested in eating tonight?" A soft voice came from a beautiful cream earth pony that approached them, she had a cloth over her shoulder along with several glasses supported on a miniature table resting on her back. "Do you have a reservation? I am afraid we currently only have reserved places available to sit."

Rarity levitated over her reservation note to the waitress. "I have ours here, Miss?"

"Creamed Filling, thank you for asking." The waitress smiled as she looked over the small note for a few seconds before grabbing it in her mouth. "Ah of course miss Rarity, miss Twilight Sparkle. Your table is number 6, please follow me." The waitress lead the two ponies to their table. Twilight left herself standing when Rarity tried pulling out a chair for her, with reluctance Rarity sat down herself and smiled as Twilight came behind her to push her in. Twilight went to her own seat which Rarity levitated in a similar manner. With both ponies finally seated Creamed Filling giggled slightly. "You two are cute together, I will be over shortly to bring your menus. Please enjoy yourselves at The Starlight." She headed of to the kitchen door with her supply of glasses and the reservation note.

"She is a nice pony." Twilight commented as she disappeared behind the door. "But not as nice as you." She looked over to Rarity, who just began giggling to herself.

"Twilight dear, you really don't have to flirt if you don't want to. We are already together you don't need to win me over." Rarity continued giggling, she loved Twilight flirting but it did make her feel awkward, especially being in such a public place.

"As you are such a good prize I need to make sure to keep you won." Twilight replied.

Rarity looked over to her lover with a questioning look. "I'm not going to run of with another pony dear, you need to work on your flirts if you are going to use them." She noticed Twilight look down as she spoke. "Sorry I didn't mean to say they were bad or anything, they are cute and I love them."

Twilight looked back up from her concealed saddlepack to Rarity. "Oh no, it's fine, I know they need some work I only just thought of them." She laughed awkwardly as she returned her gaze down to the small book in her pack before looking back up to Rarity, knowing she couldn't bring it out unnoticed.

Rarity rested her head on her hooves as she looked into her fillyfriends eyes. "You know, Twilight Sparkle. We haven't truly had a chance to talk since we became close." She lowered one hoof to the table as she began drawing invisible circles with it. "I want to know more about you."

Twilight looked her lover in the eyes as she began to recall what she read. 'Talk about yourself, the positive aspects as well as some negative, so you will know if you are good for each other.' Twilight breathed in gently before speaking. "I love books, I love to read and learn and to teach what I can, I am Princess Celestia's personal student and I am out discovering the magic of friendship for her, I am good with magic and I am the element of magic, I am good at organising and planning, I like helping out how I can, I like to criticise things and try them out. But I am not good at being able to do things I don't know, I hate not knowing things, I always need a book to reference to, I don't like to be told incorrect things, I sometimes loose my temper, I have been known to yell and burst into flames when annoyed, I can loose control of my magic, I can get upset easily, I have been known to hate myself at times for ruining things and I can get carried away with things. Twilight panted heavily finishing her long list.

"Twilight dear, I didn't mean to list your aspects, I want to know about you, you as a pony what you are thinking about and how you feel. That's what I want to hear you talk about." Rarity was secretly confused by the large list she had heard, but she already knew all the information she was given.

"Well, I. I don't know, what do you want to know?" Twilight was confused, she didn't recall being told to think of such answers.

Rarity smiled as she brought her hoof to Twilight's, holding their hooves together. "What are your dreams?"

"My, my dreams?" Twilight knew the book wouldn't help her. 'It's a simple question, answer it.' She gazed down at her hoof being held by Rarity. "I dream of, spending the night under a starry sky, with you." Twilight smiled lightly, she felt warm knowing she had both told Rarity of her night's dream, but also done it without aid.

"That's beautiful, Twilight. What are your hopes?" Rarity continued her questions feeling herself blushing as she saw the same on her lovers face.

'Hopes? I hope for.' "I hope we can be together, not have to leave each others side." Twilight saw Rarity's smile as she continued. "I, I also hope to learn about, no it's not about us forget it." She stopped herself. 'She doesn't want to hear that.'

"Please continue Twilight." Rarity caught her lovers now confused attention. "I want to hear about you, not just about us. What do you hope for in life."

Twilight felt uneasy talking about herself, but she didn't want to disappoint Rarity. "I, hope to learn all about friendship, and magic. I hope one day to help Equestria." She laughed slightly before finishing herself of. "I mean other than the dangerous Elements of Harmony things."

"That's beautiful Twilight. But don't forget as well as Luna, you have helped Ponyville on multiple occasions, you have helped many ponies even the entire town and other animals. You are already living the hopes you wish for. Don't ever let yourself feel down as you have already done so much." Rarity kissed her lover on her hoof. She noticed a few short glances towards her table but knew such a formal kiss was allowed. "Now Twilight, what do you aspire for?"

"There used to be only one thing I aspired for, to be by Princess Celestia's side, as her royal advisor. With the full knowledge of Equestria to help her highness." Twilight smiled as she thought of her dream job. "But, now there's another." She looked back at Rarity as she held her other hoof. "To be by your side. To be your lover and help you be happy. I just hope I don't need to pick between them, but if I did." Twilight leaned towards Rarity. "I would choose you."

Rarity reluctantly pushed away Twilight as she came close to kissing her. "Yes I agree Twilight, but please as we are here, will you kiss my hoof instead?"

Twilight looked around noticing several ponies were looking towards her and Rarity. "Is there something wrong?" She asked up to her lover.

"No Twilight, nothing is wrong, it's just more formal to kiss the hoof at a dinner." Rarity brought her hoof to to Twilight, who in turn leaned down and kissed it. "Thank you Twilight." The other ponies in the restaurant all returned to eating their meals. 'That was a close one.' She feared they would be kicked out, but the date was still going to work.

Twilight thought for a short while after the kiss. "Rarity, would you mind if I asked those questions as well?" She saw Rarity grow her own smile as she nodded.

"Of course I shall Twilight." She blushed drawing circles with her hoof again as she began to talk. "I also have dreams like you do, I have dreamed of you for many moons now, in my dream there would be the two of us, laying with each other. I think I shouldn't go into detail here though." She giggled to herself joyfully before continuing. "I hope my fashion takes off, that my clothing is seen by the world and for Royalty themselves to love wearing my dresses. Similarly, I aspire to become a famous fashion name, to be known across Equestria and be the talk of the land."

Rarity was about to continue before Twilight interrupted her. "You have already been seen and talked about, by those famous ponies who came to your show. Your hopes are already becoming complete." Twilight stroked Rarity's leg near her hoof as she continued. "All of us who have tried your dresses loved them, and they were great to wear to the Gala. You are a brilliant designer Rarity."

The beautiful white unicorn felt herself ready to burst in glee, Twilight was more adorable than ever making her truly feel loved. She wanted nothing more than to leap onto her lover smothering her in kisses. But she knew she couldn't, not here. But soon. Rarity giggled loudly as she held her eyes closed. 'Soon.'

"Here are your menus Rarity and Twilight Sparkle, please feel free to let me know when you have made your decision." Creamed Filling moved to lower the menu's from the tray on her back, to her pleasure she saw the menu's gently levitate over to the couple with a white aura. "Thank you Rarity." She replied looking to the unicorn with a smile. "On the reservation it says you are entitled to a free bottle of Canterlot Ruby wine. It seems someone here likes you two." Creamed Filling smiled as she returned the reservation note to the table and made her way to the restaurants other guests.

Rarity looked down at the reservation, there was a seal of a crescent moon printed over the writing of the wine offer. "That, wasn't there before?" She asked, to which Twilight gave a similar unknowing expression. Rarity decided it would be better just to accept their fortune and question it another day. "So, Twilight Sparkle. What do you want to eat? It's all on me." She kept in her laugh as she thought about what she said. 'You aren't into that remember Rarity.'

Both ponies opened their menus. There was an extensive list of delicious salads and stuffed fruits of all kinds. Rarity smiled noticing the sign for Sweet Apple Acres was besides the apple dishes. 'Only the best for the best restaurants.' She added as she continued to browse. As much as Rarity loved sophistication she never cared to much for the upper class foods. She avoided the 'specially extracted and picked' items in favour of the more succulent list. She spotted an option which struck her heart instantly. "Well I've decided." Rarity let Twilight know as she placed her menu down. "Dandelion stuffed Apple, oh it sounds so nice." She clapped her hooves together before looking towards her lover. "Well Twilight, have you seen anything nice yet? Remember you can have anything you want." Rarity didn't want to suggest cost was an issue, but she did feel the need to help Twilight. "I wouldn't suggest the 'specialist' list though, they tend to not be as juicy as the rest." She spoke quietly making sure not to let any staff members hear her complaining.

"Oh you don't need to worry, I was given some of those specialist foods myself to when in Canterlot. They really weren't good." Twilight spoke in her usual level, causing several staff members to glance over to her, forcing Rarity to awkwardly laugh for her as her face remained hidden trying to choose. "salads, stuffed fruits, specialist, drinks." Twilight continued looking for longer before finally making up her mind. "I'll go with a hay smoothie." She said happily.

"Hay smoothie, with wine?" Rarity questioned in a serious tone.

"They, don't go together?" Twilight asked. She noticed Rarity kept her expression as she began to go back into the list. "Oh ok, I'll have a dandelion smoothie then. That will work." She placed her menu down, still standing open on the side of the table.

"Twilight I have dandelions as it's a food meal." Rarity burst out laughing before covering her mouth upon receiving glances from the room. "Yes it's fine Twilight enjoy your smoothie." 'Oh Celestia don't make Twilight ever change.' She happily thought to herself. Twilight was so adorable.

As Rarity continued to hold her head to the table giggling to herself, Twilight took advantage of the chance to pull out the book from her saddlepack, hiding it inside the open menu facing towards her. Twilight felt a relief as she opened her book. She noticed several things she had already gotten wrong, a handful of her flirts were wrong which she felt relieved about knowing Rarity was fine with them. She continued to read down her list of being romantic. She smiled happily as she mentally ticked of the majority of her list.

Creamed Filling came back to the table, staring slightly at Rarity before she asked her question. "Are you ready to order, Twilight Sparkle?" She looked down at Rarity again. "Rarity?"

Rarity managed to stop her giggling fit as she looked the waitress in the eyes, she wiped several tears from her own before replying. "Yes we are, sorry about that. I shall be having the dandelion stuffed apple, and Twilight will be having." She failed to keep in her laughing as she mentioned her lovers idea again. "Dandelion smoothie, that is all thank you. That and the wine." Rarity burst out giggling again as she threw her head to her legs to muffle the sound.

Creamed Filling looked down at the unicorn's foalish laughing fit she was enduring. 'Strange pony.' She thought to herself as she finishing jotting down the order. "Ok, Dandelion stuffed apple, Dandelion smoothie and Canterlot Ruby. They won't take long, I will bring them over shortly. Until then make sure to keep control of Rarity, Twilight Sparkle." The waitress finished as she closed and picked up both menus, including Twilight's book as she placed them on her tray and walked to the kitchen.

Twilight felt herself laughing at her fillyfriend who was slowly coming to her senses. 'Rarity can be silly sometimes.' She thought to herself as she looked over to her book. To her shock she couldn't see her book anywhere. "Where is it? Where's my book!?" She was diving over the table looking to see if she dropped it anywhere.

"What book?" Rarity asked seeing Twilight's concern.

"Ermm, it's just, I, the menu! That's it the menu I can't find the menu anywhere." She laughed awkwardly hoping Rarity wouldn't question her answer.

"Oh, she just took the menus to the kitchen, did you want to order something else?" Rarity asked, holding in her laugh as she finalised "maybe some food?"

Twilight sat back down slumping slightly into the chair. 'They took my book, I needed that, I don't know what to do!' She sighed as Rarity leaned over and stroked her leg, slightly cheering her up. 'I guess, maybe I don't need it. I don't really have a choice anyway.' Twilight looked up to the beautiful white unicorn holding her leg. "Thank you."

"Is something on your mind, dear?" Rarity replied, seeing the worry Twilight was feeling.

"Oh no nothing, nothing at all" The lavender mare began laughing awkwardly. She soon stopped and answered truthfully. "I'm sorry Rarity, They took my book away, I've been reading it for help, I don't know what to do without it." She sighed to herself as she lay back into her chair. She noticed Rarity stand up. 'Well done Twilight, you just couldn't not talk about books could you.' She thought to herself as she believed she ruined the date.

A short while passed before Rarity sat back down at the table. "I'm sorry Twilight I needed to talk to the waitress." She smiled as she held Twilight's hoof. "Don't worry Twilight, I'm here everything is fine."

Twilight looked up at her lover. "I didn't ruin the date?" She asked quietly, receiving a kiss to her hoof in response. "I'm sorry, I just wish I didn't rely on books so much."

"Oh Twilight, that's one of the adorable things about you, I always love how much you read, how you always sneak in a book like you did today. You might not enjoy it, but I would never hate it." Rarity kept her lovers hoof held to comfort her until the waitress returned with their order on her tray.

"Here you are, Dandelion stuffed apple." Creamed Filling placed the plate before Rarity. "Dandelion smoothie." She placed the drink in front of Twilight. "Also your bottle of Canterlot Ruby wine." She brought over two wine glasses setting them near the plates as she opened the bottle, pouring a small amount into each glass. "And finally, this is for you Twilight Sparkle, I am sorry for accidentally taking it." She reached over for the book on her tray before it became enveloped in a lavender light and flew towards Twilight's awaiting legs, holding the book close to her chest.

"MY BOOK!" She yelled as she began hugging it, most of the rooms patrons looked over shortly before returning to their meals. The waitress laughed slightly but accepted her reaction knowing it was the restaurant's mistake that caused it.

Creamed Filling began to make her way back to the kitchen as she heard a thank you from Twilight and Rarity. 'They really care for each other, I hope their relationship lasts.' She thought to herself, making her way back to the kitchen.

Rarity smiled as Twilight continued to hold her book, she looked over to Rarity with a worried gaze. "It's ok Twilight." Rarity confirmed for her. "You can read it at the table if it will make you comfortable. I love seeing you read." Twilight happily nodded as she placed the book onto the table. Rarity managed to see the title of the tome. "Dating between Mares? Ermm Twilight you haven't read chapter 8 have you?" Rarity knew this book herself back when she first tried dating.

"No I haven't reached that far yet." Twilight replied. "Why?"

"Oh nothing, it's fine that you haven't." Rarity felt slightly relieved. 'she hasn't read about making love yet then.' She wasn't sure if it was good or bad that she hadn't, she hoped Twilight would be fine with it, but at the same time didn't want to ruin the discovery for her.

Twilight opened the book back to the restaurant section where she grew a smile looking at her wine glass. "We should make a toast." She happily stated, as she shrouded her glass in her lavender aura, levitating it to the centre of the table. Rarity followed suit, levitating her own glass to meet Twilight's. "To our continued love."

"To our continued love, Twilight." Rarity responded, as they gently knocked their glasses together causing a soft chime. The two ponies brought the glasses to their mouths, Rarity drank her wine smoothly having grown used to the texture and taste, even if it was a very rich year. She giggled lightly as she noticed Twilight taking only a small sip before bringing her mouth away from her glass. "You will get used to it, my love." Even following a book to the letter Twilight was still inexperienced when it came down to it. But Rarity knew she would teach her everything in time. "Our date is perfect."

Twilight nodded in agreement to Rarity's comment as she cautiously brought her mouth for another sip. "I'm glad I have my smoothie." She replied as she placed the wine down. The lavender mare levitated over her smoothie, taking the straw in her lips as she began to suck her meal down. "This is nice, never had this flavour before." She stated before returning her lips to the drink.

Rarity laughed to her comments as she levitated over the fork to the apple. Noticing her laughing was causing to much movement to the utensil she decided to set it down for the time being and cautiously levitate the dandelion petals one at a time to her mouth. 'Yes, this date is perfect.'

Twilight continued with her reading while drinking her smoothie. 'Chapter 8.' Rarity's earlier comment came to mind causing her to stop reading. 'Why did she comment on chapter 8?' Twilight looked up to her lover, upon noticing she wasn't reading her book, she began to turn the pages several chapters deeper. '6 heading home, 7 keeping each other company, 8.' She suddenly became shocked, almost sucking the cup through the straw. 'Chapter 8, Making love?' Twilight thought for a moment at the words making love. 'Rarity said she couldn't wait to make love to me? She said she was going to do it tonight? This is what it is! Finally I will know what it is!' She made sure to look up to notice if Rarity was still looking away, to her joy she was. Twilight began to read the chapter.

The first page was mostly familiar. 'If the date went well and you are enjoying each others company and you both feel ready, then you can move on to making love.' Twilight smiled at the thought as she looked up to Rarity. "Rarity, you said the date went well?"

"Yes dear, this date has been perfect. Don't you agree?" Rarity responded happily to Twilight's question.

"Yes I agree!" Twilight returned to the book, 'The date's gone well, we are enjoying each others company, if she's ready I guess I am to.' Twilight clapped her hooves together in joy. 'We can make love!' She gleefully thought.

Rarity continued to smile at her lover, she was looking very happy and just asked her if the date went perfectly. 'I love you Twilight, I can't wait for when we get home. I can't wait for us to make love.' She didn't notice the page Twilight was looking at before she returned to her meal.

'Ok so making love is?' She looked down the page. 'Kissing, rubbing her body, caressing her cutie mark.' Twilight had already done these things, she hadn't noticed it was about making love. She continued to read now nearing the bottom of the page. 'The above are all good to do during making love as well. A good way to prepare your mare for making love is to lick her cutie mark, providing pleasure on the sensitive marked area.' Twilight started feeling her body heat up as she read the final line of the page. "This is what she wants!" Twilight said out loud happily as she gazed up at her lover.

"What was that, Twilight dear?" Rarity asked, as she saw Twilight rise to her hooves. "Oh where are you going Twilight?" She asked slightly concerned as her lover approached her. Rarity could see the deep desire in her violet eyes. "Twilight dear, we can kiss later not here." Rarity was concerned for being seen kissing in the restaurant, oblivious to Twilight's true intention.

Twilight approached Rarity, and as she reached near her, Twilight's desire over took her. She lowered her head to Rarity's flank, as she brought out her tongue she licked gently across her lovers diamond cutie mark. The taste and feeling was exquisite as her tongue trailed gently over each of the three diamonds.

There was silence, with only the sound of several utensils being dropped by unicorns vanishing magic. "Twilight Sparkle!" Twilight heard her lovers voice, it was almost silent but calling out to her. Twilight cautiously looked around, the entire restaurant was staring blindly at her with open mouths. The gentle music of the restaurant lay silent. Twilight returned her tongue inside her mouth as she slowly made her way back up.

The extensive silence was broken by a sound of cheering coming from the green unicorn who had stopped playing, as her partner sat near her holding a hoof to her face while laughing awkwardly. Twilight saw a large stallion approaching her. "I'm so sorry, please, here's the payment keep the change!" Rarity threw down a large selection of bits on the table as she grabbed Twilight's leg, running with her to the door. "I'm really sorry!" She yelled as she left the restaurant, leaving behind their meals and book.

Twilight felt herself being dragged quickly outside, keeping to her hooves as best as she could while her mind trailed off. 'What did I do wrong?'
Rarity and Twilight Sparkle finishing getting prepared for their date, Rarity's fear soon leaves her as Twilight begins to treat her romantically, making her feel like she will finally have a successful date.

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