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September 6, 2011
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Celestia lay in front of her writing desk, her angelic mane rested still flowing on the bedrooms carpet. The Princess gave a soft sigh as she gazed back to the desk, there were several parchments along the rim containing half finished orders to several of her subjects. Among the orders lay a single, blank scroll with a quill resting at its base. Celestia gave another small sigh, she wondered if it was maybe her hundredth of the hour. She knew all to well the reason for her distress. 'Twilight Sparkle, who is it you love?' Celestia kept loosing herself to her thoughts and worries. She loved and cared for Twilight like a sister, at first she feared it was the same as with her real sister, Princess Luna. But as their time passed together she could feel no desire for the young unicorn. Though this relieved her worries, it still upset her until the conclusion of the Summer Sun Nightmare event.

Celestia looked up to her grand bed, tucked into the covers lay the resting figure of her sister. Her beautiful purple body slightly raised and lowered as she breathed lightly in her sleep, her mouth open but silent as she lay holding a small plush version of her sister. Celestia always found Luna to be both elegant and beautiful, yet at the same time cute and adorable. It always brought a smile to her face to gaze back at the love she had missed for a thousand years. "Thank you Twilight Sparkle." Celestia knew no matter how many times she would repeat those words it would never be enough to pay her student back. The very thought of her sister being lost forever to Nightmare Moon was to painful to bare.

'That is why I need to help you, Twilight.' Celestia sighed again as she reminded herself of her duty to her lovers saviour. She stared out through the open window, it was still several hours until Luna needed to awaken and the skies were mostly clear in the deep blue light. The white Allicorn surveyed her kingdom for any signs of approaching smoke. Celestia needed to know who her student was with, she needed to make sure she made a good decision, that she hadn't been forced into anything against her better judgement. Celestia knew Twilight wouldn't be easy to force, but some ponies out there, as much as she hated to know it, have done such things. It brought fear to her mind as she worried for her friend.

Princess Celestia's mind continued to torment itself with the worst case scenarios, she knew she was being over protective, but with missing Luna for so long she couldn't help how she was. Celestia was taken so deeply in thought she hadn't noticed the approaching smoke, the small trail entered the room and formed into a scroll above the desk, landing onto Celestia's face. "What the?" She began before noticing what it was that attacked her, a scroll smelling of fresh dragon breath. The Princess breathed lightly in and out as she calmed herself for the task, she had been waiting vigilantly since she sent her request to Spike, but to have the information that could spell disaster for her friend in front of her made her tremble. As she finally felt herself calm Celestia sat up and levitated the scroll over to her vision, the white glowing light slowly unravelled the scroll before her as she began to read.

Dear Princess Celestia

It is my concerned opinion as Twilight Sparkle's assistant that I would request the information of, and events surrounding Twilight Sparkle are kept secret and preferably not discussed. Whether between myself and Your Highness, or Your Highness and those you wish to discuss with. As such I humbly request not to discuss information about Twilight Sparkle in interest of us keeping on good terms with every pony, and dragon, involved. Which includes not mentioning I writ this letter to Your Highness.

Now that the needed support of our interests is out of the way.

Twilight Sparkle's dating Rarity! The beautiful white unicorn of Ponyville! She's also of course the Element of Generosity as I am sure you remember, oh and she's so beautiful! I'm so jealous right now I had a crush on Rarity myself but seeing those two unicorns together oh it's amazing! Seriously you should have seen them kissing, that was so good! Rarity was all over Twilight and Twilight was loving it completely and utterly! They were so caught up they didn't notice half of Ponyville looking at the it was amazing everyone was cheering and had their jaws held wide open! Oh sadly I needed to go back to the library soon after they finished so I couldn't follow them, but they only went to Sugar Cube Corner so I doubt they did anything.

But seriously Twilight had no idea Rarity loved her until just yesterday when she asked her out! She is now so utterly in love it's beautiful! I never saw Twilight so happy she's really really in love with Rarity it's so cute and adorable, oh I could just wish I could see them kissing again now but they are out getting ready for their date! Oh did I mention their date? I think I did. Well anyway they are going to have a date tonight! And knowing how those two have been down each others mouths so deeply the last day and how much Rarity wants Twilight I can see it going so well. I know I could never have given so much joy to Rarity it's so beautiful seeing Twilight giving her it.

I really wish I had someone like Rarity has Twilight now, but just seeing them together really makes me think I will get someone someday, maybe a pretty dragon? Do you know of any cute dragons out there Princess? I can't think of any but that one over Ponyville and another I bumped into, seriously those dragons are so big and I don't think I've seen any cute small ones myself, Am I the only baby dragon here? It's so unfair I want to find someone to love myself seriously if you do know of any please let me know I'd be grateful!

Anyway back to about Twilight yes, so anyway Twilight has been all over Rarity she doesn't know anything about romance as she's such a bookworm but she's really really learning fast I can tell it with how she acts, I mean she even kissed Rarity herself! Oh that kiss was so sweet did I mention about the crowd? Yea that crowd really loved it, all of Ponyville seems to love them being together, those two unicorns just fit so well! They are both so nice and sweet and beautiful I can see them being together forever, oh I wish them luck.

I suppose I should wrap this up, I will make sure to let you know when they come back from the date all about it, I can't wait to gossip!

Your humble servant, Spike.

P.S. Please don't tell Twilight I sent this.

The white aura surrounding the scroll vanished as it fell towards the floor. Celestia's eyes widened as her mouth lay open, the ideas flying around her mind filling up her thoughts. 'Twilight and Rarity?' The idea shone over the rest as it filled her, her body began heating up as her mouth began to tremble over the words. "Twilight loves Rarity? Rarity loves Twilight?" Her eyes closed slightly as she felt herself ready to explode. "IT'S RARITY YES!" Celestia yelled into the air as she flew upwards almost hitting the ceiling as she began laughing. "SHE LOVES RARITY!" Celestia began to hear shuffling from the bed, as she slowly tried to regain her composure. 'Oh dear I guess I was a little to loud.'

"Tia, it's the middle of the day." Moaned the smaller Allicorn lightly as she rose her head to meet her sister. "What are you yelling about?" Luna began rubbing her eyes with her free front hoof as her other still held the miniature Celestia.

"Oh, I'm sorry Luna. I just got so excited I forgot where I was." Celestia lowered herself back to the floor as she approached her sister. "I just got this excellent news and I got a little carried away."

Luna lightly tapped on the bed near her as her sister approached. "Must be good news then, what is it?" Celestia sat down on the bed by her sister as her horn started to glow, carrying over the scroll from the floor.

"Here, read it yourself." She smiled as Luna's darker aura surrounded her own tackling the scroll away to her vision. Celestia's smile grew as her sister's own formed, her eyes beautifully tracking side to side taking in the information.

Luna stopped reading, throwing aside the scroll to the wall as she looked her sister in the eyes. "Well that explains your yell then." She stated happily as she leaned in to hug Celestia. "Though it was obvious, surprised you didn't know."

"Please Luna, neither of us could have guessed it we barely see them." The white Allicorn looked down at the grinning Purple Allicorn, now laying down on her back.

"Oh, I hear many things flying over Ponyville rising the moon. Especially over a certain boutique." Luna smiled upwards as she closed her eyes. "A white unicorn moaning 'Twilight' as she lay in bed."

"It's rude to spy on people, Luna." Celestia lowered down to her sister as she told her off.

Luna gently tossed aside the small plushie, preparing herself for the real replacement. "Like when I caught you spying on me, Tia. You should have just-" Luna's voice cut of as their lips met, the larger Allicorn gently rubbed her hooves down her purple body, moving to gently massage her wings. Luna flinched slightly as her wings unfolded to the touch, she began to moan as her horn glowed closing the window, the only light became a crackling fire in the distance.

Celestia broke the kiss looking playfully at Luna. "Scared of being seen?" She asked as her sister began giggling.

"Just I like the dark, it's not like we haven't done it in the garden." Luna replied, bringing her hooves to Celestia's chest, gently rubbing down her angelic white coat.

Celestia laughed lightly. "That was a unique visit for the ambassadors." She lowered her head back to Luna, returning to kiss her as she moved her hoof lower down Luna's awaiting body.

"Come on Tia, I need to be able to rise the moon in a few hours." Luna jokingly stated, doing nothing to stop the affection she was receiving.

"You will just need to skip spying into rooms today." Celestia laughed again, before delving her tongue inside her lovers open mouth.


Rarity lay with her back to the side of the bath, warm water flowed around her as the warming currents continued the work her massage had began. The sweet fragrances from the rooms flowers and the soothing salts cleaning her relaxed the beautiful unicorn. Yet the most calming aspect to her bath lay within her hooves, a beautiful violet unicorn lay awake with gently closed eyes, breathing lightly against the white mare's chest. Rarity smiled as her hoof trailed over her lovers mane as she relaxed on her body. Twilight had never looked so peaceful, her gentle smile remained during her calm breaths as she ever so slightly nudged herself deeper on Rarity's chest, letting the violet mare feel even more comfortable in her new position.

Rarity loved Twilight, her mind made sure to remind her of this every second as she gazed down at her dream. Her dream that had became a reality. 'I can't wait for our date.' Rarity failed to hold in a slight giggle but to her pleasure Twilight accepted the gentle moving of her chest, smiling herself as she noticed Rarity was happy. 'It isn't 9 yet, but I really can't say we haven't started the date.' The white mare thought to herself, while continuing to stroke her lovers mane. 'I won't fall back on my promise, not for either of us.'

Lotus and Aloe walked along side each other as they entered the room, Rarity stared at them smiling as she noticed the pink ponies lipstick was covering her blue twin's body. "Rarity, Twilight Sparkle." Aloe called their names while returning Rarity's knowing smile. "The night is moving along and the two of you have a place to be, if you would be so kind to leave the bath we shall dry your bodies." Aloe kept in her pleasure as she emphasized her final line.

"Oh, ok." Twilight sighed slightly as she brought herself of her lover. Twilight knew they couldn't remain like this forever especially due to their date in a few hours. But having to leave their embrace still upset her. 'I just want to be with Rarity.' She knew there was something that couldn't be explained, her deep desire to never leave her lovers side. But as much as it pained her there was nothing she could do about it. As Twilight raised onto her hooves she looked back down at the beautiful pony looking her in the eyes. "Thank you Rari."

Both unicorns lowered themselves from the still warm bath, it's currents now flowing in circles without their bodies to obstruct the flow. Lotus and Aloe walked slowly up to the dripping ponies with towels over their backs, they reached for them with their mouths before Rarity had an idea. "Wait, would you let me dry Twilight Sparkle for you, it would be much less of a hassle with my magic."

Lotus laughed lightly to her friends request. "You mean you just wish to feel Twilight Sparkle more, Rarity?" Lotus turned her vision away from her blushing friend to look into Twilight's eyes. 'If there was ever a gaze that said yes it's that.' She thought to herself, before throwing the towel over to the unicorns.

A white aura surrounded the object in mid air, hovering the towel over slowly to Twilight's wet body. "Stand still Twilight Sparkle, I won't take long." Rarity knew well Twilight could easily dry herself, and feared that she wouldn't accept the offer. As the towel approached the lavender unicorn just stood still, looking towards her with patient eyes. 'Celestia thank you.' She thought to herself as she began rubbing Twilight's body dry. Gently rubbing around her face caused a strong blush which remained for the duration of Rarity's attention.

'Rari, I could do this myself. You really don't need to.' Twilight's thoughts cut short again with a soft moan, her entire body felt warm enough to dry the water itself. 'Rari really you don't need.' She gave another moan as a sensitive area was glanced over by the magical towel. 'Rari I.' Twilight stopped her protesting thoughts as she gained an idea. Her horn glowed slightly as her lavender aura formed around Aloe's towel, whipping it of her back to fly towards Rarity.

Rarity saw the incoming object and opened her mouth to protest, before remaining silent as she knew there was nothing to protest about. The towel brought itself over to Rarity where Twilight began drying her lover of in a similar fashion.

Aloe sighed lightly as she leaned into her sister. "I wanted to dry Twilight Sparkle." She said softly, earning a small kiss to her neck.

Both unicorns continued drying each other, Twilight was the first to finish being more hasty than Rarity, who was taking her time enjoying Twilight's finer regions. Rarity travelled over her lovers rear, causing a small awkward laugh as she did. Finally only one area remained damp. 'Just a small taster.' She thought to herself smiling as she lowered the magical towel between Twilight's legs.

"Rarity I think You are done now." Twilight giggled to herself, the feeling of her lovers attention drawing around her lower region was strange, but it was already dry. "Seriously, Rarity you have already done that areAHHH!" Twilight screamed out, the feeling of it rubbing past her lower area was never like that normally. She usually felt a slight feeling when she did it, but Rarity doing it. 'Wh, whats happened?' As soon as the pleasure had come, it departed. Twilight saw the towel gently hover over to Lotus who grabbed it in her mouth. Twilight's mind continued questioning herself. 'What, how did that, what did Rarity, down there? Wait, why?'

"There you look much better Twilight Sparkle." Twilight broke from her thoughts as she looked Rarity in the eyes.

Rarity was smiling even more than normal, as if she had gotten something she had wanted for a long time. 'Rarity, wanted to do that?' Twilight couldn't understand, she had been cuddling with her, massaging with her, kissing her for days. But this single thing she did, it wasn't ever mentioned. No book ever said that was a part of romance. 'Why would she do that? Why would she want to do that? Down...there? No one wants to do anything there.'

"Twilight Sparkle, Rarity. It is good seeing you both ready. Now I do believe it's time for you to return home and get ready, yes?" Lotus called over to the unicorns as both her and her sister were stood by the door, holding it open for them.

"Yes, Come on Twilight we best be going." Rarity leaned in and kissed the lavender mare, before gently nudging her. "Come on less thinking as much as I know you love to."

Twilight broke from her thoughts to Rarity's touch. "Oh, oh yes sorry let's go." 'Why would she want that?' The thoughts still etched themselves into her mind as the four ponies made their way out the room into the reception area.

"Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, can you to, help yourselves out please I have a little, something to take care of." Lotus called out from behind the door as both unicorns looked back, Aloe was no where to be seen and Lotus was panting heavily struggling to keep herself standing, with only her front half shown from the door. "You know, the way out, yes, ahhh, ermm, please, come back later yes, another day, ahhh, was a pleasure helping, both of you, bye!"

Twilight felt concerned and decided to head over to check on the pony, before being stopped by Rarity's hoof. "Twilight let's go, we should leave them with their privacy." Rarity smiled as she lead her lover outside.

Twilight and Rarity walked into the streets of Ponyville. Celestia's sun was slowly starting to lower in the sky. 'It won't be long now.' Thought Rarity as she gazed up into the deep blue expanse.

"Oh I didn't pay them!" Twilight yelled feeling annoyed with herself as she started to turn around.

"Don't worry Twilight that's been settled already." Rarity looked down as she turned the lavender mare around. "I'll tell you about it another day. For now let us head home." Rarity gave a reassuring smile to Twilight.

If Twilight didn't already have a list of worries and questions in her mind she would have asked what Rarity meant. But she accepted the offer. 'Another day, that's always the answer.' She smiled to the thought. 'But the day does come, tonight will be that day.'


Rarity bid Twilight farewell as she made her way into her library tree house. Rarity flinched slightly when she heard the sound of multiple books falling before the sound was soon over taken by that of levitated books flying into walls. "Twilight will never change." Rarity giggled as she began to make her way to the Carousel Boutique.

Rarity's smile lasted until she approached the door of her house, her happy thoughts of her lover soon hid themselves with what she saw. An orange pony stood in front of her shop wearing a hat over her yellow mane. Rarity gulped as she made her way close to the lone pony staring into the shops window. 'Why isn't she with Fluttershy? Did something happen? Why is she here and staring inside? She looks upset, oh Celestia no.' Rarity almost felt herself tearing up as she approached and called out to the lone pony. "Applejack, is something the matter?"

Applejack turned around, to Rarity's delight she wore a large honest smile. "Rarity! Ah've been looking for ya for ages but y'all weren't in." Rarity was relieved that her worries were for nothing, and also for the fact Applejack actually looked clean for once.

"Oh that's a relief. Where is Fluttershy?" Rarity slowly walked over to her store levitating a key to the lock.

"She's fine. Ah left her a few hours ago when we went to wash up. Ah'm about to go back there now but wanted to give y'all this first." Applejack picked up a small basket in her mouth covered by a red and white cloth.

"Thank you very much dear, but I don't fancy a picnic today, I have a date with Twilight tonight and I will eat then." Rarity sighed slightly, she never really enjoyed picnics, especially since hers always seemed to get rained on. To which she was positive Rainbow Dash was having some sort of running prank at her expense.

"Wha? No it ain't a picnic. This is a salad I made it for the two of ya." Applejack lowered the basket to the floor and gently picked up the cloth. Beneath was a beautiful home made salad adorned with a large supply of dandelions around the usual supply of petals. There were also many succulent apple sides spread around the petals. In the centre of the plate was a large half of an apple inscribed with words. 'Rarity and Twilight Sparkle, may you two find eternal love with one another.'

Rarity yelled in glee as she threw herself around her friend. "Applejack! Thank you so much!" She knew her friendships were good, but had never expected such a sweet gesture from someone other than Twilight, especially from the work pony. "But." Rarity slowly backed out from her hug. "I'm sorry but we are already going to a restaurant tonight, and they don't allow outside food."

Applejack began to laugh and wiped a tear from her eyes. "That's not a problem. Ya both can sit down and eat this at any point, and besides." She looked Rarity in the eyes and felt her laugh almost come back. "Do ya really think Twilight's going to last the whole dinner, you know how she is. Best to have this for after in case ya both hungry."

Rarity giggled lightly at the idea. "Yes you are correct, it would be a good idea to have a backup." Rarity loved everything about Twilight, including how she would crack up when she wouldn't know anything about a subject, like a restaurant. As much as it was problematic it was also one of her most adorable features. "Thank you Applejack." She noticed the large half of an apple again and returned to question her friend. "How did you get such a big apple?"

"Oh that's not the biggest there's another bigger. Sometimes an odd large one can grow but it's very rare." She looked back into the unicorns eyes. "Ah'm sharin' this one with the both of ya and the other half with Rainbow an' Pinkie."

"That's so sweet, I never thought about you doing something like this for us." Rarity commented again as she slowly levitated the salad towards her.

"Why, 'cause ah'm a unsaphisticated work pony?" Applejack jokingly stated.

"I know, I am still so sorry about how I first treated you. Thank you for keeping by me, Applejack, it means a lot. Especially this." Rarity smiled as she apologised. She felt better getting how stuck up she used to be of her chest.

Applejack brought a hoof over to gently pat the air above Rarity, making sure to not to touch her herself. "It's ok, ah'm sorry to for my own actions. But really, y'all mean a lot to me, ah love all of ya, not as much as Fluttershy of course, but nothin' can compete with that." Applejack turned to face towards Fluttershy's cottage. "On that note, ah'm really gonna be late ah best get back now."

Rarity called out a final time before her friend left. "One second, you said this was only the second largest?"

Applejack looked back as she galloped away. "Only my little pony gets the largest!"

Rarity looked back down at her friends gift smiling. "Thank you Applejack." She finally made her way inside her home and levitated the plate of salad from the basket onto the table, before moving to sit down by her desk looking into her picture of Twilight Sparkle.

"Well that worked." A small voice came from outside as the door swung open. "I doubt we will get our cutie marks doin' it though." Apple Bloom stated as she made her way inside closely followed by her two friends.

"I'm glad I managed to get this back! I feared she would have destroyed it, I love this story!" Scootaloo stated looking into her book entitled 'Night of the Living Zombie Ponies.'

"I seriously can't believe you still let her have that book." Stated Sweetie Belle as she noticed the salad on the table. "There are some things that ponies just shouldn't write about." She powered her horn with effort as she managed to lift a petal down to her mouth. "And that's one of them."

"Sweetie Belle don't eat that!" The three ponies froze in place, the petal dropped as Sweetie Belle panicked to her sisters loud command, before it was caught by Rarity's own white aura bringing it back to the plate. "Sorry I didn't mean to yell Sweetie. It's just, that was made especially for Twilight and myself." Her voice trailed of as she started feeling bad for yelling.

The three foals made their way up the table and looked down at the salad. 'Rarity and Twilight Sparkle, may you two find eternal love with one another.' "Aww that's so sweet." Sweetie Belle stated looking down at the beautiful gift.

"More like cheesy." Scootaloo added grinning as Sweetie Belle nudged her in retaliation. "Oh come on, who really writes love notes like that."

"That time in art class, when y'all made that painting of you and Swee-" Apple Bloom started before an orange hoof became lodged in her mouth.

"Yea, so anyway nice salad." Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom who held up a hoof before dropping it back down.

Rarity smiled at the foals sitting on her table. "Thank you Sweetie Belle, and you to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo." Rarity sat down at her table and sighed lightly.

"So hows the dating going?" Scootaloo asked bluntly. "Done anything hot-"

"Scoots!" Sweetie Belle objected quickly to her friends question.

Rarity looked up slightly worried. "How did you know we are dating?" She waited several seconds before looking over to her sister. "Oh right."

"It's not all me!" Sweetie Belle said as she shied away behind the table cloth.

"I mean come on how obvious do you need to make it." Stated the orange Pegasus. "You keep a picture of Twilight at your desk, you keep talking about wanting to be with her, then you end up with her, dancing and kissing her in public in front of half of Ponyville!" She noticed Rarity blushing and shying away herself as her public display was mentioned. "I'm pretty sure everyone in Ponyville knows of you two by now, and if they don't they should, it's hot!" Scootaloo looked back at Sweetie Belle again as she finished, winking at her.

"I guess." Rarity started, still feeling shy. "I guess I did sort of, get a bit carried away with it."

"Nothin' to be ashamed of. Bein' in love is a great thing!" Apple Bloom stated before frowning slightly looking down. 'Ah just wish ah had someone to.' She looked up again and smiled slightly as she saw her two friends holding each others hooves.

"I am truly proud you are all so accepting over this." Rarity stated as she smiled at the three foals. "Some ponies aren't as nice when it comes to, fillies liking fillies. It is good to see you are all so happy about me and Twilight."

"Well they sound like idiots." Stated Scootaloo bluntly again. "If anyone says anything about me and Sweets I'll kick their flanks!" Scootaloo sounded happy before realizing what she said. "Oh I mean if anyone says anything to my friend's I'll..." She noticed Rarity's gaze. "Ok I'm busted."

Rarity giggled happily noticing the two foals expressions. "I don't know why I didn't see this one sooner! I guess I didn't think you would start this early Sweetie! Oh you two have got to tell me everything you've done!" Rarity thought about what she said for a second. "No wait, you better tell me you haven't done anything! Your both to young for that!"

"Hey we only kiss and hug and stuff we don't do those things!" Scootaloo stated bluntly again before noticing what she said, again. "I mean we haven't...screw it." She looked over happily at Sweetie Belle who was looking back at her. She offered out a hoof to her lover who accepted it, pulling the young unicorn close to her. "No point hiding it now." She added happily, as she lowered her mouth to Sweetie Belle's joining them together for a kiss.

Rarity felt herself ready to burst from the joy of her sister having found love, even if it was earlier than expected. The kiss ended after a short while, both still being to young to drag it out further. As they remained in each others legs looking into their lovers eyes Rarity burst out in joy. "Oh Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo! You two make such a cute couple!" Rarity lowered her gaze to Apple Bloom who was watching her friends happily. "Do you have anyone in your life yet, Apple Bloom?"

Apple Bloom looked up shortly before returning her vision to her friends embrace. "Nah, ah haven't found anyone yet, or no ones found me yet. Whichever way it's meant to be." She sighed softly as she continued to voice her thoughts. "Ah know ah'm still young, but what if ah never find anyone when ah'm not young. Ah don't know how to do these things, ah wasn't good at writing the romance either."

Rarity held the yellow pony in for a hug. "It's ok Apple Bloom, it might take time but you will find a special pony some day. It might even be the last one you expect that you will find love for." She petted her red mane lightly. "Just think about your sister, she only just found the mare of her dreams, and she couldn't be happier. It might seem like it will never come, but when love does come. It is beautiful."

Apple Bloom pulled out from the hug wiping several tears from her eyes. "Thank ya Rarity, it felt good to talk about it." She noticed her friends had stopped cuddling and were standing near her looking upset. "Thank y'all for caring." She stated happily, she knew no matter how much her friends loved each other, they still loved her and cared for her as their friend.

"Don't worry Bloom, You'll find him someday!" Scootaloo announced.

"Scoots!" Sweetie Belle knew she was to late to stop her this time. 'She has such a big mouth.' She thought to herself happily.

"Oh, you like colts?" Rarity picked up on what was said, which caught a worried giggle from the Pegasus.

"Ermm, yes I don't I just don't seem to enjoy fillies that way, sorry." Apple Bloom felt as if she was wrong, 'Is liking colts wrong? Every pony seems to be with another filly...'

Rarity laughed at the worried pony's expression. "Oh dear don't be silly, liking colts isn't wrong at all! In all honesty that's the normal way it goes. We just...Ponyville just, seems to. You know. Have a lot of fillyfoolers." Rarity laughed again lightly at her use of wording. She hadn't been called that since she was a foal.

Scootaloo regained her arrogant composure. "Yea! I mean come on how else are foals born if there's no colt there you know." She looked around at her friends glances.

"You really should stop skipping school, Scoots." Sweetie Belle stated before starting to laugh with Apple Bloom.

"Yea fine whatever, come on let's go do something." Scootaloo demanded slightly annoyed at the mention of her lack of care for lessons.

Rarity suddenly stood up. "Oh! No I really should be getting ready for the date!" She looked at the clock but still noticed there was a good 2 hours spare for getting ready. "Fillies I will need to ask for you to not be in tonight please, Twilight will be coming around tonight and we would like some alone time." Rarity's happily stated, the very idea of them being together tonight almost made her want to scream.

The three ponies all nodded happily with large angelic smiles towards Rarity as she made her way upstairs. When she was out of sight they dropped their fake smiles. "Did you hear that, I told you things will be hot tonight." Scootaloo gently rubbed her lovers coat as she spoke.

"Her voice was so happy, I can't wait for her to finally make love with Twilight. She's wanted to for so long." Sweetie Belle added as she drew the Pegasus in for a hug.

"So they're gonna be comin' here tonight then?" Apple Bloom looked around the room. "It's a bit, how do you say, plain."

The other two looked around the room after the comment. It looked so much like a store still, there was barely anything romantic about it. "You're right." Sweetie Belle Stated as she grew a large grin looking between the other two ponies, who clearly shared the same idea.

"Cutie Mark Crusader Romantic Atmosphere Makers!" The three foals ran outside, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle jumped into a red wagon attached to a scooter. Scootaloo leaped onto her scooter, she brought out her wings and kicked herself of, heading the three ponies to their club house for supplies.


Fluttershy was sitting down at her desk, her body still glistening from the bath. The yellow Pegasus was busy reading through a book in candle light, looking slightly confused as she did so. "This seems very different from the last time I read it." She commented as she closed the book over. The title 'Night of the Living Romance' was in large print on the cover. Fluttershy looked over to Angel Bunny who was sitting on the window ledge looking towards Ponyville. "Did you notice anything different Angel Bunny?" The rabbit either didn't hear her quiet voice or didn't care to reply. Neither of which were new.

Fluttershy lay herself back on the chair. It was quiet, the pleasant sounds of animals were her only company like always. 'Except for last night.' She thought to herself. 'Applejack made love to me.' She smiled happily remembering what happened. But this only made her feel more sad. She missed her lover, it had only been around 6 hours, but to Fluttershy it felt like an eternity. All she wanted was to feel her lover by her side again, the strong earth pony keeping her comfortable and safe. Making everything good. Making her truly feel loved. "I love you Applejack."

Angel Bunny remained with his gaze outside the window. He looked over the path to Ponyville, then back to the direction of Sweet Apple Acres, then back to Ponyville. The silent rabbit was noticeably upset. As much as he refused to show it he loved his carer, he knew how much she loved Applejack's company and how many days she had spend moaning her name. He kept his vigil look out for any signs of the approaching mare. He noticed Fluttershy say those words again, 'I love you.' He looked back over through the window. Several more seconds passed added to the several hours he was at the window when he finally saw a figure in the distance. It was pony shaped for sure, and it had a hat. Angel Bunny shot up as he noticed this and turned to face Fluttershy who was still sitting quietly at her desk.

Fluttershy sighed again before a carrot hit the back of her head. "Oh Angel Bunny, are you hungry?" The rabbit was frantically pointing at the door. "You want to go outside?" She asked, to which the rabbit ran to the door and slammed against it pointing at her then the door. "Ok, you seem to want to be out quickly so it must be important." She calmly flew over to the door while the rabbit sat down exhausted. "I thought you wanted to go outside?" She asked as she opened the door.

"Fluttershy!" Applejack stood ready to knock on the door as it opened by itself, seeing her beautiful yellow Pegasus in the door way. She quickly noticed she may have been to loud and apologised to the shy pony. "Oh ah'm sorry Flutter, ah was just so pleased to see ya."

Fluttershy stood still gazing at Applejack as she spoke, countless fantasies unfolded before her eyes as she gazed into her lovers eyes, her lips moving as she spoke in her adorable accent. Not a second after Applejack finished speaking Fluttershy flew into her, knocking the shocked pony to the floor as she threw her mouth onto Applejack's own, frantically kissing her, as if fearing she would be taken away.

Applejack was shocked beyond words to Fluttershy's enthusiasm, however she knew not to stop her. Fluttershy wanted this. She wanted this. She felt so powerless to the weaker ponies passion, she never imagined being the one to be dominated in such a way, but it felt good, and it felt right. Applejack remained still, accepting all of Fluttershy's advances, meeting her tongue when it dove in to give her lover even more of her desired pleasure.

Several minutes passed before Fluttershy's built up passion began to lessen, she opened her eyes staring down at the orange pony she held firmly into the ground. Fluttershy felt shocked as she stopped her kissing. "Oh Applejack, please forgive me, I'm so sorry, I just, I got carried away, sorry." 'Applejack is the strong one what was I thinking? She doesn't want this!' Fluttershy began to grown concerned as she saw her lovers eyes open. "Please don't hate me, I don't know what I was doing I'm sorry." She looked down still at her lover who she just dominated. She was smiling and panting.

"Flutter." Applejack managed to speak. "That was amazing. Ah couldn't hate ya for anything you would ever do. An' and ah loved what you just did." Applejack began rubbing the Pegasus' yellow body, noticing her worried expression change to be happier. "Ah didn't think you liked it that way, but ah liked it. Whichever way you want us to be, ah'll happily do it." They both smiled happily as Fluttershy lowered herself for another, gentle kiss.

Fluttershy brought herself up from the floor as she looked down at her lover, she noticed the floor her passionate leap had thrown them to was covered in dirt that now rested on both their coats. "Oh, sorry I got us dirty again." She giggled lightly remembering the food event from earlier. "We should really go do this inside where its cleaner." Before she could move away Applejack grabbed her leg, causing her to turn around.

Applejack looked her Pegasus in the eyes as she remembered what Fluttershy herself said earlier to keep them interlocked. "If we are already dirty, what's the problem?" She pulled the Pegasus down to her who was laughing lightly, they rolled on the floor outside the cottage several times before Applejack forced them to a stop, looking down into Fluttershy's eyes as she held her hooves forced beside her lover.

"And you will finish it." Fluttershy happily finalised. As Applejack lowered herself onto Fluttershy, kissing her deeply, continuing their delayed embrace.
Princess Celestia receives her awaited letter, while Rarity and Twilight finish their appointment at the spa. Applejack has something to take care of before returning to Fluttershy, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders feel the need to be both nosy and help.

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Aren't celestia and Luna sisters?! Sorry I'm a little new for this .good story though
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They aren't going out in public and making out etc. like the mane cast are at the moment (young couples tend to be more outwards like that) As such not many ponies likely care one way or the other as they aren't subject to seeing such things. If they did know most of them wouldn't likely mind anyway.
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