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August 31, 2011
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Fluttershy's cottage became clearer in the distance as Applejack made her way closer to their destination. After leaving the sight of the local ponies, Fluttershy had once again flown on top of Applejack and rested on her back. "Comfy, Sugarcube?" The orange mare asked, smiling as several kisses to her neck answered the question. Applejack thought back to the first time she made this journey, with her lover on her back walking home from the party, she remembered how unsure she felt of herself, of Fluttershy. Those feelings seemed so alien to her now, the very idea of their love being wrong seeming like a foalish fallacy to her. 'Then ah was still a foal a day ago.' She reminded herself, as she approached the open door of the cottage.

Fluttershy slowly hovered off her lovers back as she looked around her home. The furniture was covered in muddy paw prints of differing sizes and one of the curtains had been torn down. She looked over to the rabbit sitting down on the couch. "Oh Angel Bunny, I see the other animals came in while we were gone." The shy Pegasus smiled looking towards her little friend as she thought about all the cute animals that made each mess. Angel Bunny merely looked back at her with an annoyed expression on his face as he jumped off the couch and placed the small magazine on the table, making his way to a pile of carrots.

Applejack looked around at the mess the house was in. "Y'all need any help cleanin' this?" She asked, staring at what seemed to her like someone had been chased around the room.

"Oh no, it's fine, this happens almost every day. It's kind of sweet really, I love the little animals that do these paw prints, look at their little feet, oh it's so cute." Fluttershy began to fly over and clean up the mess.

"Ermm, ok then if ya say so. Ah'll go grab my hat and head over to the farm." Applejack headed towards the stairs before she heard a sad voice stop her.

"Can't you stay?" Fluttershy looked up to Applejack who turned around to her. "I, I would still love to spend more time with you, it would be nice, if you could."

"Fluttershy." The Earth pony walked over to her lover and threw her strong legs around her, bringing her into a hug. "Ah'm just goin' home for a bath that's all, besides we can't be next to each other every second as much as we would love to, we each have our jobs to do as well." She pulled out from the hug, bringing Fluttershy's face to meet hers. "But tonight ah don't have any more work, ah'll be back as soon as ah can." She leaned in to kiss her Pegasus, their tongues meeting briefly before she broke the kiss, looking into her emerald eyes. "Ya still taste of apples, ya best bathe as well, it'll be a relief after last night." Applejack smiled at her, as she lowered her hoof and trotted upstairs. After a short search she found her hat lying beneath the bed and after the nights memories left her she managed to look away from the bed blushing, making her way back downstairs towards the door.

Fluttershy was waiting near the open door as her lover came to her. "I love you." She said clearly, as she leaned in to kiss Applejack.

Half a minute passed before they broke apart, their tongues hanging outside before being concealed back into their mouths. Applejack looked her lover in the eyes and struggled on her speech for a second time. "I love you." With a small hug, Fluttershy made sure Applejack's hat was on correctly, and she left looking backwards smiling, before galloping off to home.

As Applejack left her sight, Fluttershy slowly closed the cottage door and turned around to Angel Bunny, who was looking worried at his carers new expression. His fears came to pass as Fluttershy flew through the room grabbing Angel Bunny in her legs and bringing him in for a hug. "Oh Angel Bunny! I love her so much! She's so beautiful! She's so strong! She's so caring! She's so honest! She's so nice! Oh she's everything I ever dreamed of! She's completely perfect! I've never been so happy! I love her so much!" Fluttershy's joyful wording got cut off by a carrot being lodged in her mouth. "You want me to chew it for you?" Angel Bunny brought a paw to his face and pointed at her apple crumble filled mane which he had been lodged in. "Oh, hehe, yes I should go have that bath, thanks Angel Bunny." She lowered her friend down and he started licking himself. "Oh don't do that I'll make you a bath to." He looked up for a few seconds with a stern expression before continuing to lick himself.

Fluttershy slowly hovered into her bathroom and began to pour the warm water. She nibbled on the carrot in her mouth slightly as she collected a selection of bath foams and soothing salts from the cupboard, she gently hovered over the bath releasing the collection into the rising steaming water before placing them back.

Before long the bath was ready and Fluttershy turned off the water. She gently flapped her wings as she lowered herself into the warm water. The soothing bubbles and salts spread around her coat as she lay down in the tub. The sweet and calming aroma filled her senses carrying her thoughts away, the soothing water spread around Fluttershy's thighs, causing her to moan lightly as the tension from making love began to calm. The warm feeling of wetness around her thighs brought back memories of Applejack's love. Before long she found herself relaxing more than she ever had in her bath before, the thoughts of her lover filling her mind, slowly drifting her off to sleep.


Applejack was galloping through the apple orchard making her way to the barn, she never usually left it for so long and a part of her had began to miss the sight and smells of her home. She slowed down to a canter as her mind began to worry. She knew loving Fluttershy was fine, the story had even cleared up her worries of her family. But what if her family felt differently. What if the story wasn't true? Her mind blanked from the thoughts as she fell backwards, not paying attention to her running as she found herself sitting in front of a large red stallion. "Oh, sorry Big Mac." She apologised before the thought hit her harder than her brother did. 'Ah'll have to tell him sooner or later.'

"You should really pay attention to where ya going." Big Macintosh spoke down to his little sister, offering a hoof to pull her up. As Applejack slowly rose he spoke out a second time. "Ah hear there's been some gossip about you and a Pegasus."

Applejack forced herself to be strong and look up into her brothers eyes, she just hoped that the book was correct. "Yea, It's a Pegasus. A filly. Ah'm datin' Fluttershy." She saw her brothers hoof rise over to her, she flinched fearing the impact. But instead, felt a light tap on her back.

"Eeyup. It took ya long enough." Big Macintosh continued patting his sister while smiling, before turning around to face their home.

"Thanks brother." Applejack said quietly, before noticing something amiss. "Hey wait a secon'! Ya can't say 'eeyup', ya never get off this farm. how did ya know it was Fluttershy?"

The red stallion turned around with a smirk. "Apple Bloom's little unicorn friend told me. An' besides. Ah can smell her animal friends all over you." Noticing his sisters blush he faced back to the house and continued walking. "Come on, ya still have dinner to eat."

Applejack happily followed by her brother's side. As they approached the kitchen door she knew Fluttershy was correct, her family did still love her, no matter who she loved.

Applejack was thrown backwards for a second time as a rolling pin struck her chest. 'At least ah thought they would still love me.' She thought to herself as she stood up. There was an annoyed old green mare with a white mane holding a rolling pin, looking at her with deep red eyes.

"Where have you been missy? We have respect on this farm, we follow traditions! Ya can't go dallying about breaking them like this!" Granny Smith was staring her grand daughter down. Waiting for her excuse.

Applejack sighed as she brought her head up. 'Ah guess not everyone will be fine with it, but better to get it done with now.' She thought to herself before talking aloud. "Ah know it's not traditional to love another mare, especially a Pegasus, but ah love Fluttershy. An' no matter what you think about it it won't change the fact ah love her."

"Wha?" Granny smith replies looking confused. "Ah don't care who ya love what ah care about is you not coming home for dinner!" She pointed her rolling pin at the table, a cold apple pie on a single plate was the only remains on the table cloth. "Bein' on time for dinner is a family tradition! Ya never break it without tellin' me first!"

Applejack smiled with relief. "So ya don't mind me being with Fluttershy then?"

"Wha? Ah don't even know who this Fruiterfly is. Ah've seen ya lookin' at fillies for years, now a Pegasus is a bit of a surprise but the filly isn't. Now go eat that pie!" Granny Smith pointed again at the table.

Applejack looked at her questioningly. "Wait, if ya didn't hate me being with fillies why did ya tell me that ah should go after Earth pony stallions?"

"Family tradition." Big Macintosh triumphantly states as he walked past his sister and made his way upstairs. Applejack gave him a playful face as he passed her.

"Well it would be best if ya did get an earth stallion for sure. Then ya can have help with the farm an' have a foal." Granny Smith returned her grand daughters gaze to her. "Ah never said it was wrong, just that it was better. Ah'm sorry that you thought ah meant it differently."

Applejack noticed a small tear in her ruby eyes. "Thanks Granny. Ah'm glad y'all love me still, ah was worrying ya wouldn't any more." She felt a blunt pain again as the rolling pin hit her in the chest a second time.

"The only way ah can hate ya is if ya don't finish dinner! Ah made that just for you, and don't you even dare think of heatin' it back up!" Granny Smith pointed at the table again, this time with Applejack finally accepting defeat and heading over to the cold meal. She loved her Granny's cooking, but was never a fan of cold pie. As she began to eat the freezing meal Granny Smith headed upstairs. "Ah'll get ya a bath on, and don't think of using the cooker ah can sense it!" Applejack smiled happily as she began to eat her apple pie.

Applejack's hunger finally died down as she finished her cold meal, with half her apple crumble landing on her mane her earlier meal left her needing another bite. She placed the dish on the sink and headed upstairs to the bathroom. 'Ah love my family' She thought to herself, as she climbed the stairs. The sound of rushing water stopped as she reached the top, the door opened as the green mare walked towards Applejack, smiling at her on the way.

"If y'all have a fillyfriend now, ya best learn to eat nicer." Granny Smith stated with a slight laugh as she brought up a hoof to wipe away the remains of her apple pie from her grand daughters mouth. Before heading downstairs to wash up.

Applejack made her way into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and throwing her hat on the handle. She took in the atmosphere of the steaming room before making her way to the bath, a blank metal tub filled with boiling water, she always loved the simple farm life. Applejack climbed into the tub and lowered herself in, the boiling water instantly making her feel a nice relief. She thought of Fluttershy, quickly throwing her face and mane into the water, clearing the dirt with her hooves. She wanted this to be quick so she could get back to her lover.

Several minutes into the bath, Applejack climbed out, her body slightly glistening from the sunlight of the window. She made her way to the door and opened it, to the large red figure outside. "Nope." Big Macintosh stated pointing her back inside.

"Ah promised her ah'd be right back after ah washed!" Applejack shouted up at her brother trying to get past, unable to move his stronger body she eventually gave up.

"Ah don't know the details, an' ah don't really wanna." The stallion stated looking down at his sister. "But ah take it you two got, intimate." Pausing as he noticed her blushing face. "Y'all might be up for another round, but ah reckon she's exhausted." He gently pushed his sister back inside the steaming bathroom. "Give her a few hours, and you should really get ya energy back to."

Applejack smiled thinking of her and Fluttershy's night. She accepted the advice and headed back inside. "Ya right, thanks brother." She closed the door and lowered herself back into the warm bath. She wasn't comfortable with bathing for long periods, but she knew her brother was correct. As always.

"Eeyup." Applejack laughed as she heard her brother from outside the door. "An' for once drain the water when ya done." Applejack failed to hear the rest of her lecture. She was staring outside the window, looking over the hill to Fluttershy's cottage. She slowly lowered herself to be comfortable in the water. As she thought about how much she loved her Pegasus.


Spike finally finished stacking away all the books from Twilight's earlier havoc. He wondered sometimes if she spent more time destroying books than reading them. Soon after finishing he felt a flame rise in his chest, as he burped it followed out and unravelled into a scroll. "Spiiiiike!" The baby dragon's ears picked up as he heard the muffled yell from outside the door. He quickly hid the scroll and ran over to let the unicorn in. As the door opened his eyes widened, a light blue cake levitated through the doorway, almost bigger than the opening itself. A lavender unicorn closely followed the floating cake inside, her magic keeping the treat afloat is it landed on the library desk. "Here Spike, I promised you a-" Twilight's voice was cut off by a joyful scream from her assistant.

Spike rushed over to the cake and leaped at it, making sure it was real. "This is as big as Pinkie Pie's!" He yelled as he threw his face against the icing, licking the light blue streak around the outside of the cake. "Sapphires!" He yelled even happier.

"You really helped me Spike, I've never felt so happy, I wanted to make sure that you knew how much I cared and." Twilight stopped speaking as she noticed Spike wasn't paying any attention, his face was buried inside the centre of his present splattering small pieces of the treat over his scales. Twilight's smile only grew to the sight, she knew Spike was grateful, and he knew how she felt.

Twilight headed over to her bed, leaving her assistant. 'And very good friend.' She reminded herself, alone to enjoy his reward. She lay down on the sheets with her hooves supporting her face. She began to think of Rarity again, the unicorn that had made her feel so happy. Twilight rolled onto her back holding her legs around herself almost bursting out in a joyful scream. Suddenly her mind stopped her and she opened her eyes, staring into the ceiling. 'I still don't know anything about dating.' The lavender mare worried for a few seconds before remembering the book spike had shown her. She looked over the side of her bed to the library below, the entire place was spotless no books out of line. The only thing out of place was the splatters of cake being thrown aside by Spike, who was now only visible by a waving tail from outside the icing.

Twilight remained worried as she turned back to the bed, she had no idea where the book went, she NEEDED that book. She gave out a sigh as she dropped her head against the bed. 'That's?' Her violet eyes lit up as she noticed the binding, Twilight leaped into a sitting position noticing the very book she needed lay right beside her bed, accompanied by her own written journal on the night stand. Twilight laughed nervously as she realized she overlooked the most obvious place Spike would put her books. Her mouth silenced itself as she began to open her new book, 'Dating between mares'. "Ok." Twilight began skimming the chapters of the book. "Is your mare right for you?" She began to giggle slightly skipping the first few chapters, she knew she had mastered those already, or rather Rarity had mastered them for her. "How to treat your mare, Being romantic, Expressing your love, Prime locations to date." She noticed several sub chapters from the list. "Restaurant, Cinema, Picnic, Night Club, Garden stroll, Performances, Starry night." Twilight smiled reading the final, she always loved spending nights staring at the stars.

Twilight's mind drifted away, she imagined herself and Rarity laying by each others side, looking at the beautiful stars in the endless sky. 'They are beautiful, and so elegant.' Rarity looked down from the stars to face Twilight, looking back up at her. 'But there is another star, more beautiful and elegant than even they.' She lowered her hoof down to Twilight's flank, gently rubbing around her cutie mark, made up of several stars each one being touched by her loving white hoof. 'Yours.' Rarity leaned down to Twilight, bringing her lips to her own. They lay there beneath the starry night as her lover caressed her cutie marks, kissing her deeply.

Twilight eventually came around, she noticed herself blushing heavily and feeling warm, she looked over to note half an hour had passed in her day dream. She made sure to not think about the night again as she went back to her book. She only had over two hours until her booked appointment, she loved that Rarity cared for her, but she really needed the time to study if tonight was going to go well. Twilight returned to the book, opening at the chapters. Her curiosity peaked as she was about to flick by the first part of the book. 'Is your mare right for you?' Twilight knew she was, she had to be. But she had something inside her not allowing her to just 'think' it, reluctantly she opened the first chapter. "Is your mare right for you." She made sure to speak to herself quietly, she didn't want Spike thinking she might have second thoughts about Rarity. She loved Rarity, she knew she did.

Twilight grew a small smile as she began to read the chapter. "Does she make you feel happy, do you want to spend time with her, do you think about her constantly? Does she make you feel warm, that you have a special place just for her." Twilight's smile slightly faded as she read the next line. "Will you make her feel the same ways?" 'I, I think so.' Twilight began to worry, did she really make Rarity feel happy? 'Rarity asked me out, she kissed me, she, she rubbed my body.' Twilight smiled again as she continued to read. "If so, then try and ask her out." Twilight giggled happily for a few seconds. "Rarity asked ME out!" She happily stated, as she flipped by the chapter. She was positive their love was right.

"How to treat your mare." Twilight levitated over her journal and quill from the night stand. "Treat her as you would like to be treated. Hold her hoof, look her in the eyes, compliment her on her appearance." Twilight began noting down the advice in her journal. "Open doors for her, offer to pay the bill, shield her from the rain, walk her home." Twilight continued to write down the majority of the chapter.

Twilight's horn faded from her magic as she let the quill lie in its ink pot. She looked through the pages she had written. "6 pages of how to treat Rarity." She thought about the quantity of information for a moment. "Well she always said not to think to much about it, this will be enough." Twilight happily stated placing the journal on the bed. She looked back over to the book. "Being romantic."

Twilight approached Rarity, sitting down at a candle lit table. She brought her hoof to the white mare's face, staring into her sapphire eyes as her horn slowly began to glow. A gentle white and lavender light surrounded a petal on Rarity's plate, slowly it hovered into the air and levitated over to the white mare's awaiting mouth. As Twilight's magic entered her lovers mouth she felt a soft sensation, as if Rarity's tongue had licked her soul. Her magic faded as the petal was gripped in her white lips. Twilight dipped towards her lover, sharing the petal with a kiss.

Part of the petal fell wet from their lips, as Rarity lowered Twilight to the floor, her hooves gently pushing the lavender mare to voluntarily descend. Rarity continued to kiss Twilight, as she spread her body on the featureless floor.


"Twilight Sparkle." Twilight awoke to the feeling of being softly shaken. She opened her eyes slowly as her vision focused on the deep sapphire eyes of her lover standing over her, her white hooves softly pushing Twilight as she lay in bed. "Twilight." Rarity gazed over the bed, two books lay open with a quill nearby, she shook her head with a sigh. "Twilight Sparkle, get up you're late." She began nudging the lavender mare softly.

"Oh, Rarity." Twilight noticed the concerned look in her lovers eyes. 'I'm not dreaming?' She could see the clock behind her beautiful violet mane, it was 4:15. After a few seconds Twilight's mind finally began to catch up. "Oh Rarity, I'm so sorry, I, I missed the spa, didn't I?" Twilight began to rise up still tired, fearing she had ruined their date.

Rarity smiled slightly as her horn glowed, she levitated over the book on Twilight's bed to land in front of them. "Falling asleep reading again, I see?" Her smile grew as she read the title of the open page. 'Being romantic.' She looked over at the drowsy pony adorably rising to her hooves with a small yawn. "Never change, my love." She leaned in, and with a small kiss, took away her lovers worries. "I know the twins well, if we hurry you can still get your appointment." As Rarity rose Twilight up she laughed. "I am glad you took my 'beauty sleep' comment literally." Brushing her hoof through Twilight's rugged mane.

The two unicorns made their way downstairs, Rarity noticed Spike's gaze filled with joy, yet also sadness. She left Twilight's side as she walked over to the little dragon. "Thank you for letting me see her Spike, you are a true gentleman." She leaned forward, kissing Spike on the cheek before returning to meet Twilight at the door.

"Yeah, take care of her I want her back tomorrow." Spike knew he failed to keep his manly appearance as he saw Rarity leave smiling back at him. "Thanks Rarity." The door closed behind the two unicorns leaving Spike alone. "She kissed me." Several minutes passed before Spike broke from his trance. He walked over to a pile of books, picking up the scroll he had placed behind earlier. He opened it and began to read, already fearing the subject he unwittingly sent.

Dearest Spike.

Thank you for sending me the information regarding Twilight Sparkle. However I request more detailed information on who my student has fallen in love with, and the resulting outcome of her date and that of her future love life. I request this on purely concerned terms and have no intention of snooping into her relationship. You would also understand that I request you tell no one of this assignment.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Celestia

Spike sighed as he rolled the scroll back up. "Me and my big mouth." He walked over to the desk of the library, and began to write his report.


Twilight and Rarity finally approached the twins spa. "There! Only half an hour late, not as bad as it could have been." Rarity gazed over to her lover by her side, her head hung in shame. "Now Twilight, there's nothing to feel bad for."

"If I hadn't fallen asleep." Twilight sighed. "I knew I was sleeping, I knew I had to wake up." Twilight stopped and Rarity followed suit, holding a leg around her lover. "I wanted to stay asleep, the dream was, it was good. You, you were in it." Twilight looked up into Rarity's gaze, she could see her watery eyes as if to respond themselves.

"Twi, I." Rarity softly held her lovers face looking into her own. "I have those dreams to, they, they aren't anything to feel bad for I. I." Rarity's voice became to quiet to hear, as she leaned in to Twilight, kissing her gently, several tears softly gracing her lovers face.

"There you two are!" A voice cut off their embrace as they looked towards a blue mare with a pink mane standing beside the open door. "Come inside Twilight Sparkle, we are ready for you!" Lotus motions her hoof to the opening giving a sweet smile towards Twilight.

"Come on dear." Rarity softly nudges Twilight towards the spa. "Don't make them wait longer."

As Twilight enters the spa she is instantly filled by calming fragrances, she noticed there was no other ponies waiting as a pink pony approached her. "Twilight Sparkle! Follow me please, we can start you right away." Aloe smiles as she offers her hoof to lead her customer. Before Twilight could enter the door with her she looked back in worry, Rarity was no where to be seen.

"I'm sorry I thought I was going to be with my friend during this." Twilight grew concerned as she tried retreating out the door, before the sweet voice stopped her.

"Rarity will be with us in a minute. Twilight Sparkle, she is talking to my sister about your treatments. If you would please follow me, your friend has booked you in for a special treatment and we best get started quickly if you are to be ready for tonight." Aloe calmly motioned her hoof again for Twilight to follow her.

Twilight stopped retreating as she heard her final words. "How do you know about my date?" She asked in a shy tone, as she slowly made her way over with the spa pony.

"We know what we need to to make our clients feel relieved. Rarity has made you our special client for today, Twilight Sparkle." As Aloe looked Twilight in the eyes, she felt oddly calm from the earth ponies wording, she followed Aloe through the swinging doors.

As Twilight disappeared from sight, Rarity and Lotus entered the reception area. "You're sure you know how? It was only a few hours." Lotus asked slightly concerned to her friend.

"Oh I'm sure she won't notice the difference, and besides I do learn from the best." Rarity grinned at  Lotus, causing her to laugh lightly. "Even if I made a mistake, it wouldn't ruin anything."

"You're right. You remind me of my first days toying with Aloe, how much I still love her moans." Lotus smiled to herself as they continued down the hall. "You two make such a beautiful couple." As they approached the doors Lotus stepped in front of Rarity and looked her in the eyes with a playful smile. "When you two have laid together, promise us you will come around after we close someday. We have always found the two of you to be, very beautiful." Lotus reached out, slightly stroking Rarity's leg.

"I will make sure to let her know, it will be like the old times again." Rarity giggling lightly to the touch. "Just this time, I will finally have my lover as well."

Lotus happily brought her hoof back to the floor as she reared her way through the doors. "Come on then, your lover is waiting."


"This way, Twilight Sparkle." Aloe walked through another set of doors, Twilight followed her inside. The room was a light warming shade of white, mostly empty and featureless, several sweet smelling plants adorned the walls, and there was two blank tables of the same colour about the size of a grown mare. "Lie down here, Twilight Sparkle." The pink pony stood near the far table, motioning for Twilight to follow. As Twilight approached Aloe brought down her hoof, offering it in aid for Twilight to climb up.

"Thank you." Twilight replied, pleased by the ponies sweet nature. After receiving a smile in return Aloe walked away as Twilight lay herself flat on the table. It was surprisingly comfortable and had a hole near her head. She heard the quiet sound of a cart being drawn in, noticing it was covered in a white sheet as Aloe stopped it behind her.

Aloe gave a playful smile. "No peeping, Twilight Sparkle." Twilight brought her head back to the front, lying over the hole in the table. "You are meant to rest your head in the hole, Twilight Sparkle." Again she accepted the ponies command, there was something about the way she spoke, always sounding sweet while at the same time always using her full name. She smiled thinking she may be even more polite than Rarity. As Twilight heard the sound of the cloth being withdrawn, she looked out from the hole to her right. There was a second empty table, within hoof reach of her own. Before Twilight could feel upset from the thought, Aloe once again made her feel at ease. "Rarity will be laying there with you soon, Twilight Sparkle."

Aloe looked through her selection of equipment, and brought her gaze up to Twilight, pondering each tool. 'She is such a beautiful unicorn, so sweet and innocent.' She smiled as her hooves trailed over several objects. 'But, I promised Rarity she would be the first to toy with her.' Aloe gave a small sigh to herself as she brought her chin to her hoof. She would give anything to have some fun with this adorable pony. Even Lotus said she wanted to. 'I guess I'll pass those.' She brought her sight away from her selection of tools, and focused on the containers to their side. 'I guess a small massage to move things then, like normal, I can never have the real fun.' As Aloe sighed again she brought several of the small bottles to her mouth, opening each to the sweet smell of oils. "Twilight Sparkle, remain still I shall begin in a second."

Aloe moved the cart slightly closer to the lavender pony, as she moved to Twilight's flank, she noticed the beauty around her cutie mark. She brought her hooves to Twilight's back, beginning a slow touch around her shoulders, pushing just deeply enough to feel her body responding. She trailed down her spine rubbing outwards with each descent. As she neared her flanks she pulled away softly. 'Oh how much I wish she wasn't Rarity's lover.' She thought to herself again, the adorable figure laying flat, awaiting pleasure. Aloe smiled as she returned to the open bottles of oils, she let the oil trail over her hooves. She always loved this sensation, almost as much as she loved giving it to the ponies in return.

Aloe brought her hooves to Twilight's sides, rubbing the oils gently into her coat. She heard Twilight moan as she brought her hooves up to the mare's shoulders, and continued down her front legs. Twilight was becoming increasingly vulnerable to her hooves, moaning more as she worked around her muscles. Her desire increased as she continued massaging her beautiful body. Twilight's moans were becoming more vocal. "Oh Rarity." Aloe heard her moan, and knew instantly how much her client wanted for her lovers affection, the same way as she always desired Lotus. Twilight became aware of what she did and tried apologising. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"Shh, Twilight Sparkle." Aloe responded, her own eyes filled with desire. "It's ok, just think of Rarity, I'll do the rest." Aloe continued massaging Twilight, each time she rubbed past she heard her moan her lovers name again, each time becoming more filled by passion. Aloe was truly amazed, she had been told by Rarity many times how much she loved Twilight, and had told her today how much Twilight loved her in return. But to hear her moan like she was, to hear her constant desire for affection. It was truly beautiful. Aloe felt slightly sorry with herself, for honestly wanting to steal her innocence away when Rarity was the only one in the world who should be allowed to even think of such a thing.

As Aloe continued to work, she noticed the time had come, as the doors slyly opened. She looked over at the pony entering the room as she slowly approached her, she whispered in Aloe's ear. "Is she ready?"

"Yes, but one thing." Aloe let the new hooves take over the position on Twilight's back. "She has been moaning your name, promise her tonight, you will make love to her." She kissed her replacement on the cheek as she carefully made her way outside the room. Meeting up with Lotus outside. "I don't think I've ever seen such an innocent pony in love like her, even I was never that adorable."

"You were never innocent." Lotus kissed her gently as they looked on into the room. "It was you who took my innocence, remember." Aloe merely smiled as she lay her blue mane onto her partner, as they both yearned to see how far Rarity would go. "I don't think she will make love to her here."

"I don't know, as much as she has talked about that date, you know how Rarity is when her lust takes over." Aloe giggled lightly before stopping herself fearing to be heard. "We might have to stop her if she goes to far."

"That reminds me, she said yes." Lotus began rubbing her lovers flank as she gave the news.

"Good. After that massage, I would hate to never toy with Twilight Sparkle." Aloe began to giggle again, before it was cut off by Lotus, with a sudden deep kiss.

Rarity's hooves gently massaged Twilight, she had spent the last few hours learning how to please her lover, which with the moaning she could hear, she knew she was doing. "Rarity." Rarity's own passion filled as she heard her name being moaned. "Oh Rarity." As she continued with each muscle she heard more moans, each one struck her heart even deeper than the last. She could barely control herself from jumping onto her the lavender pony as she continued massaging her back. She knew Twilight didn't know it was her, and that just made it all the more passionate.

'Twilight's moaning my name, even when I'm not here. She's thinking about me, I'm in her mind, in her heart. Oh Celestia I've never felt so loved.' Rarity continued to work her hooves into Twilight, making her moan more as her hooves trailed her body. She massaged her legs, her shoulder her back. But she hadn't massaged everywhere yet.

Rarity's own passion fired up as she brought her hooves lower, past her lovers sides and began to slowly massage her flanks. Rarity had never hidden how much she loved this part of Twilight. "Rarity." Twilight continued to moan, deeper than the others as Rarity began rubbing her flank. She trailed over her cutie marks, pushing at the sensitive area as she trailed each and every one of Twilight's stars. She heard Twilight moan deeper, and more questioningly. She knew it wouldn't be long until her cover was blown. But for this it was worth it. Rarity continued rubbing at her lovers cutie marks, rubbing the oils deeper into her coat as she began to moan louder.

Twilight began noticing what was happening, she broke from her fantasies of Rarity massaging her as she remembered who it was, 'The sweet spa girl is doing what?' Twilight pulled her head from the hole, and rolled her body around, facing upwards as she was about to yell at the pink pony. She saw the beautiful white mare of her fantasies, smiling at her with a satisfied look on her face. "Rarity?"

"Hello Twilight Sparkle." Rarity continued smiling as she lowered herself to her lovers vision. "I heard you missed me not being here, so I decided I would massage you instead."

" planned this?" Twilight was slow on many things, but still proved she was a bookworm when it called for it. As she looked up at Rarity who began giggling to herself, Twilight burst out laughing. "This is like something Pinkie Pie would do."

"Oh, she could never be this romantic." Rarity managed to stop giggling as she looked down at her lover, she looked her in the eyes, her violet eyes staring into Rarity's own. "Would you like us to continue?"

The spa ponies made their way into the room and stood by the wall, awaiting Twilight's reply. "Yes, but." Twilight hesitated looking into Rarity's gaze. "Do you mind if, Rarity does it all?" The two ponies nodded and sat down on the free table. Aloe lowered herself onto Lotus' legs as they watched the new couple doing their amateur, yet passionate massage. As Rarity was about to roll Twilight over, her lover stops her. "How about you massage, my chest."

"How could any pony could deny such a request, Twilight Sparkle." Rarity reapplied the oils to her hooves, as she leaned into Twilight's chest. She began to rub from the centre outwards, bringing her hooves over to her sides. As Twilight began moaning her name again, she began rubbing softer over her chest. Until eventually she came to a stop. Rarity began moaning herself as her hooves gently rubbed over her lavender body. "Twilight." Rarity stopped her massage, and climbed on top of the table, on top of Twilight. She brought her hooves behind her lovers head as she pulled her in to her own. Rarity kissed Twilight, opening her mouth to slide her tongue inside. Twilight continued her moaning inside her lovers mouth, the feeling of the oils against her chest now being pressed against Rarity's was sending more pleasure than ever. Rarity felt the same on her own coat, as she brushed herself against Twilight, their chests massaging each others. Rarity brought the kiss even deeper, desiring more of Twilight, she could barely stop herself as she began moving her hooves down her body, lowering to her thighs. Then suddenly, she felt her leg gripped.

"Well this is all very passionate and we definitely would love to see it through." Replied Lotus, pulling Rarity's leg back to Twilight's chest as the two unicorns looked at the spa ponies. "But I do believe you are wanting this, later and not now, yes?" Lotus gave a warm smile to the lovers.

"I am sure you are wanting to do this in private for your first time yes? I would hate to take that away from you, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity." Aloe once again spoke in her sweet voice, calming the atmosphere of the forced end.

Twilight and Rarity looked at each other, and happily for the spa ponies began blushing and giggling. "I'm sorry Twilight, I guess I got a little carried away." Rarity slowly rose up as far as she could with Twilight's legs still gripped around her.

"It was, it was nice. Thank you." Twilight blushed even deeper as she looked into her eyes before turning away shyly.

"Well, Rarity, how about we treat your muscle strain now as well?" Lotus smiled at her friend as she offered her hoof for Rarity to gain access to the table, with a short kiss to Twilight's lips, Rarity headed off her lover's table and lay down on her own.

"I shall continue where I left off, Twilight Sparkle." Aloe gave her the usual winning smile as Twilight turned to lie on her chest. Both spa ponies soon got to work, as Rarity and Twilight looked at each other over the short distance.

Rarity offered her left hoof to the middle of the gap, to which Twilight happily joined. As they lay there, with their stresses being relieved they both stared into each others eyes, holding each others hoof. Rarity looked up at Aloe's awaiting eyes before returning her vision to her lover. She promised, and she was happy to hold that promise. "Twilight Sparkle."

"Rarity." Twilight responded.

"Twilight Sparkle. Tonight, I shall make love to you." Rarity smiled happily as she saw the question in her lovers eyes. "It's a good thing, Twilight, you will love it."

Rarity held Twilight's hoof as the treatment continued, noticing she never lost her smile, while noticing the same in return through her beautiful violet eyes.
Fluttershy and Applejack split apart for the first time after the party, while Applejack finally comes out to her family. In the mean time Twilight Sparkle tries to understand more of dating, before being dragged away to the spa for a special treatment.

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AppleShy, TwiRari and LotusAloe shipping.

The first part of Twilight and Rarity's date.

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