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August 26, 2011
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Applejack lay on her back as the yellow Pegasus pony's tongue frantically searched her mouth, trying to gain a grip on the orange mare's that was being evasive, extending the game in their passionate lock for as long as possible. Noticing Fluttershy becoming increasingly desperate Applejack brings out her tongue in defeat for her to find. Within a second of their tastes connecting Fluttershy dives into her lovers mouth, forcing her into the bed with two hooves on the side of her head. Applejack became shocked by the usually shy mare's behaviour but didn't try to break the forced lock, as easy as it could be for her increased strength, she relished in Fluttershy's dominative actions. The Pegasus pulled away and before her gasping lover could moan her name, she began to lick down her orange coat, returning her moans to inaudible noises. Applejack was filled with both passion and shock to Fluttershy's increasingly demanding mood, heading lower down her body. But then just before she reached towards her thighs Fluttershy burst into Applejack's vision, metal wings burst from beneath her coat as she yelled Applejack's name and held her down. 'What in the-'

"Hay?" Applejack woke up, her mind barely piecing together the recent images, attempting to find something to connect to as canon for her most recent actions. 'Oh, it was just a dream, that was a weird dream.' Applejack thought to herself before suddenly being hit by a shocking idea. 'Wait it was a dream? Fluttershy everything we did w-' Her mind was brought to a sudden stop as she felt a soft wetness grace her lips, the taste was sweet and warm, before her vision came into focus she already knew where it was coming from. Applejack's smile grew inside the kiss as her vision came, a sea of endless glistening yellow under the morning sun, then slowly two large eyes opened half way, staring an emerald light into her own.

Fluttershy shyly retreated from the kiss, looking down at her lover curled up in her legs. "Good morning, Jack." Her voice was as cute as always to Applejack as she lay there, her mane being stroked by the Pegasus who was holding her as if she was a wounded animal, looking down at her with love and compassion.

"Good mornin' Flutter." Applejack replies, staring back up at her lover. "How long have y'all been up for?"

"Oh not long." Fluttershy looked over to a clock on her vanity. "It's only 10, so only about an hour." She returned her glance to the pony in her legs with a smile.

"Ya've been sitting here for an hour? Ya could've woken me ya didn't need to wait for me!" Applejack stated feeling guilty for wasting her morning.

"Oh It's fine, I like being with you. You know, you are cute when you're sleeping." Fluttershy blushed while she continued to stroke her yellow mane. Noticing her lover blushing in return she continues while grinning slightly. "You also talk, in your sleep I mean. Did you know that?"

"Ermm, no pony's ever mentioned that before no..." Her voice trailed of as she begins to recall her dream. "Oh no, oh ya don't mean?"

Mimicking a weak impersonation of Applejack, Fluttershy begins quoting her sleep talk. "Oh, oh Fluttershy, Fluttershy, mmm, oh Fluttershy" Fluttershy looks on as the orange mare in her legs starts giggling awkwardly and continues. "Oh, yes, yes, mmm, Flutter, oh yes Flutter. What in the Hay. That was where you woke up." Fluttershy finished, giggling herself as she brought her head down to Applejack, their lips inches away. "That sounded like a very nice dream. I'd like to hear it, if you don't mind."

"heh, ermm, ok ah guess. Ah was ermm, with ya, and we were, you know kissing an' ermm, y'all were licking me and ermm ya grew robot wings an'...ermm...yea. Ah'm sorry ah know ah should be the one licking you." Applejack was shy enough speaking to make Fluttershy look normal.

"That sounds beautiful, it sounded like a dream I had last week." Fluttershy seemed to be lost in a memory, before looking back at Applejack's eyes. "Ermm, without the robot wing thing."

Applejack continues giggling awkwardly again. "Hey ah'm honesty, and ya did ask." She stated smiling up at her lover. "Last week eh? How long have ya been dreaming about me for?" Applejack began to rub at the noticeably shyer mare's chest as she awaited her prolonged response.

Fluttershy eventually managed to speak in a quiet tone. "I, don't know, for sure, I mean, maybe, maybe a few months." She was blushing heavily at Applejack as she lay her head down, resting on the Earth ponies strong legs. "I, wanted to tell you I liked you, for months but, but you know, I'm."

"Shy." Applejack finished of the Pegasus sentence, moving from her curled up position and stretching above Fluttershy. "Ya were buyin' a lot of my apples lately." She sat looking down at her lover, noticing a questioning look on her face as she began to stroke her long pink mane. "Yea ah noticed, ah thought there was just more critters to feed. Ah was to dense to notice the real reason back then."

"It was Rarity's idea." Fluttershy began to talk in a cheery voice again. "She was helping me before I even knew my own feelings. Rarity is such a clever pony when it comes to love and romance. She even showed me my books, I, ermm, I really love reading those." Fluttershy began to blush again mentioning her hobby before her voice became louder with worry. "Oh Rarity, I do hope her and Twilight do well."

Applejack became lost in thought, she remembered how Rarity was indeed as clever as everyone keeps making out. She originally thought Rarity was just a snobby stuck up unicorn, but over the time they had spend to get to know each other, she had really learned that Rarity was truly worthy of all her praise. She was fitting of her Element of Generosity, she helped people when she could get nothing back, she never even hoped to get anything back. She would always help out any pony any way she could, and when it came to romance. Applejack laughed lightly for a few seconds. "When it comes to romance, no pony's better than Rarity, don't ya worry about her. If anyone could get Twilight, my bits on it being Rarity."


Twilight awoke to the sight of her library floor littered with scattered tomes, some open while others seemed to have lost several pages which lay around the lavender unicorn as she awkwardly rose herself on her hooves. 'I need to stop doing this.' she thought to herself, while gently massaging her back from the pain of the hard floors rest. Several seconds passed before she felt her back was fine and began to look around the mess her night's studying had made. "Oh, what was I reading this time?" She muttered loudly to herself.

"Dating and you, a mare's guide." Twilight looked around to see Spike slowly walking through the mess reading the names of each book he picked up. "The wonders of dating." He continued to add them to the pile in his arms. "Evaluating my first date. By Twilight Sparkle." Spike looked through the blank pages and shrugged before adding it to the top of the pile anyway. "The bookworm's guide to romance, hey Twilight this one should fit you." Spike began to laugh heavily at his discovery, accidentally hiccuping the top book on fire, sending it to the Princess. "Oops." he tried keeping a strait face before laughing again.

"Spike!" Twilight still got agitated by the use of 'bookworm' no matter how many times she heard it. "Anyway pass me my book, I need to add to it." Twilight held her hoof out waiting for Spike, who was looking worried. "The one you said before, Evaluating my first date. I need it."

Spike began sweating lightly, "Ermm, I accidentally lost it?" He gave a forced smile hoping to not be forced to answer what really happened to the book. Upon noticing Twilight's forcing gaze he tried reasoning. "Well, it didn't have anything written in it yet, so you could just start again, right?"

"Urgh, Spike! Oh I don't have time for arguing I'll just make it again." Twilight levitated over a new blank book with a quill and ink, writing down a new title and opening the book. 'I, Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's personal pupil, am to write down a full evaluation of my first 'date' in my study to discover the deeper aspects to the magic of friendship.' Soon after this single sentence Twilight dropped the book down from her levitated gaze and began to glide past several books from the floor before throwing them aside.

Spike looked into the book Twilight had dropped and looked slightly annoyed. "This is all you were going to write?"

"Well yes! I can't write anything else I don't even understand any of this stuff! I can't write about what I can't understand! Argh!" Twilight threw all the levitated books against the walls, knocking down yet more books which caught a grunt from the little dragon knowing he would have to clean them up.

"Why don't you just not write about it, not study it?" Spike began clearing up the new books. "Every other pony just has a date, no pony ever 'evaluates' it. They just enjoy it."

"But I can't enjoy it if I don't know how!" Yelled Twilight, her voice actually striking Spike with worry as she lay down on her hooves. Twilight was never this caught up about not knowing something before.

"Just, go with it." Spike stopping picking up books and walked over to Twilight, sitting down by her side. "No one knows what to do, it's a date, it's love. You are trying to think of an answer that just doesn't exist. There's a reason why you can't find any books on it Twilight, you aren't the first who can't explain it." Spike patted his mother figure on the back. "Whatever you do will be right, it won't stop her from loving you. She loves you for who you are, however it goes, nothing will change that. You just need to..." Spike stopped patting as he held Twilight's shoulder still. "Try." As Twilight began moving again, Spike took of his claw from her shoulder. "It will work don't worry." He stated as he returned to the pile of books he was collecting.

Twilight sat upright, drying several tears from her eyes. "You're right Spike. But, but I think I still need to read something...I don't feel right without-"

"Here." Spike dropped down a book before Twilight's legs. "'Dating between Mares'. It's good, it gives simple advice on how to act and behave in different social areas. The restaurant section will be most useful. Don't take it word for word though, just use it as a reference for what to expect." Spike began to go back to work.

"Thanks Spike." Twilight almost opened the book before a realization hit her. "Spike, how did you know she's a mare?" Twilight suddenly felt a slight worry, she knew Spike's crush for Rarity, who she was about to date.

"It's Rarity, I know." Spike sighed slightly as he continued stacking the shelves back up. "I asked her out a few weeks ago, the same usual reply. 'Sorry Spike but I love another unicorn.' She always said that, yet I never saw her with another unicorn. I began to feel that she was lying, that she just didn't want to be with a dragon like me. I would have understood it but it was her lying that was getting to me." Spike sighed again as he stopped working. "I was an idiot, I told her I didn't believe her, that I never saw her with anyone that she just wouldn't tell me the truth. I expected her to hate me, but she didn't. She finally came out with the name only as I demanded it from her." Spike turned around to face the lavender unicorn looking back at him. "Twilight Sparkle. The pony she loved, but could never tell." Spike returned his gaze back to the shelves as he began stacking more of the rooms carnage in place.

Spike felt warm as he saw hooves thrown around him, a crying violet mane covering his vision. "I'm so sorry Spike. I didn't meant to hurt you, I shouldn't-"

"DON'T SAY THAT!" Spike yelled interrupting Twilight's words. "You two love each other, don't you dare think that it's wrong!" Spike turned around to look Twilight in the eyes, they were still full of tears but now payed full attention to his words. "I love Rarity, and I love you. I want you both to be happy. I came to terms with your relationship before you did, and I refuse to allow you to ruin it just as quickly as you found it! I researched that book for you to help you, I let you sleep through the morning work as you were whispering her name. I made sure to get you free time today for the date. I want this to work just as much as you do, Twilight!" Spike turned around as he noticed tears building in his eyes. "Please, just give it the chance to bloom Twilight. For yourself, for Rarity, and for me." Spike tried fighting the tears as he continued with his work. He would be lying if he said he didn't like Rarity still, but he would be lying even more if he said he wanted to tear the unicorns apart.

Twilight pulled away from the baby dragon, noticing his held back tears, she decided to be just as strong and hold of hers. "Thank you Spike. I promise I'll do whatever I can."

"Yeah?" Spike continued stacking books. "Then start of with the book when you get back. It's almost 12."

Twilight looked over to the library's clock, it was 11:40. "Thank you again spike, I'll go get ready." As Twilight headed up to her bedroom she called down. "And I'll get you a cake." She noticed the smile from the side of the dragon's face and headed to her vanity. She began with levitating over her brush to her mane, brushing and combing it neatly from the rugged mess that reminded her of the time she had been 'cursed'. Smiling at the foolish memory, Twilight noticed a new bottle on her vanity, 'Lavender Perfume', there was a note attached. 'Rarity loves both the colour and the smell. Love Spike.' Twilight happily applied a small amount of her assistant's gift to herself as she walked down to the caring dragon, and embraced him in a hug. "Thank you again, Spike."

Spike smelt the sweet fragrance of lavender from the hug, not overpowering, but enough to trigger a calming atmosphere around him. "Well I know she will love it." He replies, before noticing Twilight's playful gaze crushing his macho appearance. "Yes I'm soft I know. But get out there or you will be late."

Twilight trotted over to the door, opening it with her magic. "I'll get you an even bigger cake!" She yelled inside as she closed the door behind her.


Twilight was happily trotting her way down the street, getting the occasional glance, for the townsfolk she didn't usually seem so cheerful. As she made her way to Sugar Cube Corner a beautiful voice stopped her in her tracks. Twilight looked to see the beautiful white mare slowly making her way over. "Twilight, dear." Her voice was heavenly, ever since the previous night she had heard her voice, seen her body. The white mare captivating her waking, and sleeping moments. Rarity called again as she approached Twilight. "I have been waiting to see you again since our meet last night, I had, ahhh" Rarity stopped speaking as she stood by her lover, the sweet calming fragrance she adored filled her senses. "Twilight dear, is that, it's you?" The white mare brushed her neck against Twilight's, their manes flowing side by side as the beautiful mare leaned in to enjoy the lavender unicorn's aroma.

"Rarity, I." Twilight noticed a small forming crowd in the distance, looking at them. Just as she felt nervous she remembered Spike's words. 'Please just give it a chance to bloom.' Twilight remained silent, as she slowly brushed her neck against Rarity's. The two unicorns began to circle around brushing against each other, remaining side by side as they embraced each other in their passionate dance.

The growing crowd were staring, spreading whispered gossip between each other as the two mares continued their courtship. Three small foals managed to nudge their way through the crowd to see what the commotion was about. The small white unicorns face lit up as she shouted triumphantly over her friends. "See, I told you my Sister would get her! Now pay up!"

"Wha? Ah didn't bet nothin' Sweetie Belle no fair!" The small yellow earth pony tried defending herself.

"I said the other day they would get together and betted on it you can't say we didn't." Replied Sweetie Belle slightly frustrated.

"Well duh of course you did." The orange Pegasus placed a hoof on her shoulder. "But none of us took you up on that bet. I mean come on she could get anyone she wanted! She's the second most beautiful mare in Ponyville. Behind you, of course." Scootaloo looked into Sweetie Belle's eyes earning a blush as the young filly moved in to her lips.

"Fillies!" Apple Bloom kicked Scootaloo in the flank stopping her. "Not in public!" She began looking around making sure no pony saw her friends being intimate.

"It's fine they are all staring at those two over there anyway." Noticing Apple Bloom's serious expression the Pegasus accepts defeat. "Fine, just remember where we were later, Sweets." Blowing a kiss to the blushing unicorn.

The crowd suddenly burst up in excitement, the three foals looked over to see that the two unicorns had stopped their courtship and had delved into a deep open mouthed kiss. Apple Bloom smiled as she looked at the beautiful couple. "Ah hope Applejack an' Rainbow Dash get along just as well."

The unicorn tore her concentration away from her sister and corrected her friend. "Applejack isn't after Rainbow Dash, she's after Fluttershy."

"Wha?" The young pony looked deeply confused. "Bu, but Sis kept sayin' about Rainbow to me!"

"Well yeah, she did like Dash, who wouldn't like Dash. I mean seriously?" Upon noticing the looks she received the Pegasus continued. "But Dash liked Pinkie Pie."

"WHA?" Apple Bloom's jaw held open at the wave of confusing realizations hit her. "But, Pinkie?"

Sweetie Belle held up her hooves to the two friends to quiet them down, before explaining to her. "Rarity liked Twilight but could never tell her, she could however tell when other ponies were falling in love before they knew themselves. She helped Fluttershy realize she had feelings for Applejack and tried to help her with telling Applejack, but she was to shy and never could. Applejack however loved Rainbow Dash and wasn't aware of Fluttershy's love for her, and eventually asked Rainbow Dash out. But Rainbow Dash loved Pinkie Pie, who in turn loved Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie had talked to Rarity about it many times but never could find herself to tell Rainbow Dash, who herself only just recently discovered she loved Pinkie Pie and tried herself to ask her out but failed to get a good chance to. Applejack upon realizing Rainbow Dash didn't feel the same way got upset but found she wanted Rainbow Dash to be happy and managed to get over her love. Which in turn came around to her realizing she loved Fluttershy, which we were about to go over and find out if it was the case or not before the crowd interrupted us showing my sister and Twilight Sparkle, who was completely oblivious to everything before now in love with each other." The small unicorn began to pant slightly upon finishing her summary. She noticed Apple Bloom's jaw still hung open before finally managing to speak.

"I don't think my cutie mark is in romance writing any more. None of this makes any sense. Ah'm just confused." She looked over at her yellow flank, still blank and sighed.

"Hey, no sweat Bloom, you can't be as good at everything as us eh?" Scootaloo stated arrogantly.

"Oh that reminds me, Scoots." Sweetie Belle looked over to her. "Zombie Ponies?"

"Ermm, oh you heard about that." Scootaloo looked shyly away to her wings.

"Zombie Ponies do not go into romance! They have nothing in common, no one wanting to read about romance wants to read about them! Especially Fluttershy, you know what she's like around scary things! She didn't need to get that story." Sweetie Belle sounded concerned as well as annoyed looking at her friend.

"Well, it was a boring story and I thought, that it needed something happening you know. I thought it sounded good anyway!" Scootaloo lowered her head again slightly. "Yeah, I guess I'm not going to get my cutie mark doing this either." She giggled lightly while looking backup at the beautiful unicorn looking back at her.

The crowd was beginning to disperse. "Come on y'all stop now before they see ya." Apple Bloom began to nudge her two friends out of their locked gaze. "We still have Cutie Mark Crusader Book Swapping to do." The three foals nodded to each other as they began to head back away from the scene.

Rarity's tongue slowly pulled out from Twilight's mouth. She knew that she wanted nothing more than to continue, but had promised the date tonight. The rest. Rarity breathed deeply as she pulled out from Twilight. "Let's save the rest for our date, shall we?" Twilight nodded back gently, her breathing even deeper than Rarity's, the white mare thought it adorable how much energy she put into that kiss, how much she desired her. Her own thoughts of desire becoming even more potent as she smelt her lovers aroma again, as she positioned flank to flank with her. Her body was screaming at her to not have to wait, but Rarity kept her control. '9 hours, then we can finally be together.' She thought to herself, as she led Twilight down the road to Sugar Cube Corner.


The two unicorns entered Sugar Cube Corner as they looked over to the clock on the wall. It was directly on 12, yet they were the only ones there. They were meant to meet with Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack like normal. But the only ones there were a handful of customers all looking down at their plates, and a very relieved Mrs. Cake running up to the couple. "Thank Celestia you two are here." She said in a quiet whisper as she made her way over to them.

Twilight could hear a strange sound of creaking coming from upstairs, and what sounded like whispers. "Are Rainbow and Pinkie talking up there?" The lavender unicorn asked, she looked around seeing the few customers the store did have pretending they didn't hear her, as Rarity was blushing intensively and giggling to herself.

"Twilight..." Mrs. Cake sighed to herself as she was reminded how little Twilight knew of such things. "Can you two please use your magic to make some sort of..." She lowered her voice to a whisper again. "Sound proofing for upstairs?"

Twilight began to walk to the stairs. "We need them down here anyway I'll just go tell them to be quieter and come down."

"No!" Rarity ran in front of her. "Aha, Twilight, don't be so hasty, we don't need them down if they are to tired to join us." She noticed Twilight about to speak and whispered to her. "I'll explain it tonight, just please do the spell." She coaxed Twilight back to the centre of the room.

Twilight looked slightly annoyed, mostly due to her yet again not knowing everything. 'But she did say she would tell me tonight, and she said the same for yesterday to happen tonight.' The lavender mare smiled back at Rarity before channelling the magic in her horn. A spiral of light began circling out from her horn, reaching a point a meter above her head where the waves of magical energy began to circle around itself forming a large flowing sphere, moving as if it was filled with water. The sphere grew several times it's height until it hit the ceiling, colours swirling around as if light was trapped inside the flowing magic bubble. With no warning the sphere shot upwards amazing the none unicorns in the room as it passed through the physical walls and wrapped itself around the upper floor of the store, leaving a sheet of reflected light hanging over the store.

To the others it must have seemed like a miracle, but to Rarity she knew it wasn't a very taxing spell. However unlike the rest, Rarity saw the true beauty of the sheet of magical energy. The colours reflecting were those of a unicorns soul, it was so bright, so beautiful. But what struck her most beautiful of all was the lack of lavender, unicorn's magic often had their most clear colour as their coat. But with Twilight's, the prominent colour was a soft beautiful white. Her own colour was romantically demonstrated as her soul's most loved colour. Rarity's finally brought down her gaze from the beautiful magic field and met Twilight in the eye, Twilight herself was also looking at the field she created as she blushed towards her love. "You know more about magic than I." Rarity spoke as she brought her hoof to the lavender mare's face. "Your soul is truly romantic."


Applejack was rubbing her hooves down Fluttershy's wings, as she lay on top of her kissing the Pegasus she loved. Time seemed pointless to them as they lay embracing each others tongues. Suddenly something hit the back of Applejack's head causing her to break their kiss. "What in the hay?" She turned around to see a small white rabbit holding some carrots, looking annoyed pointing to his left.

Fluttershy brought herself up to see her small friend, before wrapping her legs around Applejack's head and pulling her back down. "Oh Angel Bunny, please give us a little longer." She said as she brought her lips back to Applejack.

Their kiss only lasted a few seconds before Applejack felt another carrot hit her head. She pulled out in annoyance. "What's wrong with that critter?" Angel Bunny coughed loudly and threw a carrot towards the clock on Fluttershy's vanity. "What? It's only...oh road apples, it's 12! We're gonna be late!" She looked down at Fluttershy who still had her legs wrapped around her neck. "Come on Flutter, as much as ah want to keep kissing we're already late meetin' everyone."

"If we are already late." Replied Fluttershy bringing Applejack down further. "Then what's the problem." Before Applejack could try and reason with her, her lips were covered by the Pegasus' own. As much as Applejack hated being late, she also didn't want to stop kissing, and Fluttershy's determination made a good excuse.

A dozen carrots struck the couple in bed simultaneously, forcing Applejack to stop. "Fine, we're goin'! You're an annoying little vermin you know that?" She didn't ask how the bunny picked up so many carrots at once, being sure she wouldn't get a reply anyway. "Come on Fluttershy, let's go meet everyone we can continue after we get back." She began to pull her lover out of bed, who seemed content on staying in bed. "If SOMEONE will let us later of course." She looked back at Angel Bunny, who was heading back downstairs not seeming to care. 'He's an odd critter.' Applejack thought to herself as she pulled Fluttershy to a sitting position. "You're not gonna move are ya?" She asked with a smirk noticing Fluttershy's refusal to stand.

"I guess you will have to carry me again." the cute Pegasus whispered smiling.

Applejack laughed slightly before commenting. "Ah don't know which one ya are more, cute or lazy."

"Cute." Fluttershy said triumphantly as she lightly flapped her wings, floating her into the air and gently landed on Applejack's back, positioning herself to be comfortable for both ponies.

'No argument there.' Applejack couldn't find anything about Fluttershy not to love, when around others, just the two of them, or their private time. She couldn't look at her lover as anything less than a gift from the heavens she flew down from, and to love her as an Earth pony, it was truly beautiful. Applejack broke out from her thoughts as nice as they were, they had friends to meet.

As Applejack made her way to the door Fluttershy spoke out from her back. "Angel Bunny, keep the cottage safe until we get back please." The two left the door and headed to Ponyville. Angel Bunny picked up a small magazine and sat on the couch. The door was left wide open and unlocked like normal and countless animals began to travel through making their homes on the furniture. The white rabbit turned the page and continued reading.


As Applejack got closer to Ponyville several ponies could be seen in the distance. She felt a weight relief of her back as Fluttershy floated into the air and landed by her side. They began walking flank to flank but the Pegasus had returned to her shy behaviour looking towards the ground as they walked. Fluttershy had been so passionate during the night that Applejack had almost forgotten how shy she was around other ponies. She felt a special warmth knowing that being around her made Fluttershy feel safe and happy enough to loose her shy nature. "We can walk a bit apart if it will make ya feel more comfortable." She asked down to the cute shying pony.

Fluttershy looked up blushing to the question. "Oh no, I know it's, I'm just a bit, you know, but I like walking with you, like this. It feels nice." She began to hear gossiping from ponies in the distance looking towards them, she retreated her head behind her mane as she continued to walk beside her lover.

"Don't worry about it Flutter." Applejack called down to her as she continued to lead the Pegasus along. "Ya said it yaself, no pony's gonna hate us for being who we are, and loving who we love." She nodded back at several couples smiles on the way to Sugar Cube Corner, as well as noticing one pony's glare to which she happily noted Fluttershy hadn't seen. 'At least most ponies anyway.'


Twilight Sparkle was sat drinking a hay smoothie through a straw, as Rarity sat beside her with a dandelion salad arranging the petals on the plate. The bell above the door rung as two ponies walked through the door. "Hey AppleShy!" Twilight giggled as she stopped sucking the smoothie. The two ponies sat down on the chairs opposite their friends, they smiled at Twilight's name calling, or rather Rainbow Dash's as Applejack leaned over to take a petal from Rarity's plate. Looking up at her face which seemed to be ready to burst at any second.

"Fillies! Your manes!" Rarity yelled happily as she pointed her hoof to the new couple. Applejack and Fluttershy looked at each other, forgetting to ready themselves before coming outside and not noticing how rough their manes had gotten from the night before. Fluttershy's usual flowing pink mane was rugged from Applejack's repeated attention. While Applejack's mane had lost it's hair band from Fluttershy's moment of thrashing and was draped over the sides of her neck. The two ponies laughed awkwardly not noticing this before they left.

"Ah guess that's why everyone was lookin' at us on the way." Applejack managed to say shyly, Fluttershy was completely silent unable to even mutter a word as she blushed heavily.

"Oh this is wonderful!" Rarity was beaming with energy "Oh please you will tell all about it riiiight?!" Rarity seemed ready to explode again, her foalish side showing as she rested her head on her hooves waiting for a response.

Applejack remained silent concerned of the others hearing what was being said, and surprisingly to her Fluttershy spoke very quietly. "We, ermm, we kind of, ermm, we, made love."

"YES!!!" Rarity yelled at the top of her voice, the entire store looking at her as she jumped into the air. "YOU DID IT!" She yelled again as she leaped into Fluttershy and hugged her. "Oh Fluttershy you finally did it, oh I can't wait to make love to Twilight, you just made me so happy, you two make such a cute couple. I wish you all the luck in Equestria! Oh and I wish I have the same luck!" Rarity began giggling as she hugged Fluttershy, before noticing every pony was looking at her and she slowly let go to regain her composure. "I, think I will just finish of my salad." She said as she began to sit down by Twilight, dipping her head towards the plate to avoid eye contact with the room.

Twilight was lost in thought slightly to one thing she heard Rarity say. 'Make love to Twilight.' What was making love? If she was IN love then it must be important, and Rarity wants it so badly from her, maybe that's what the date is about? She made a note to look it up when she got back to the library after dinner.

Mrs. Cake made her way over to the newcomers at the table. "Well if the drama is out of the way." She laughed slightly. "What will you two be having?"

Applejack lurked through the menu's apple selection. "Apple crumble for me."

"Make that two." Fluttershy calmly added. Mrs. Cake jotted the two crumbles down and headed back to the counter to her husband.

Twilight glanced over to the work pony. "Don't you always make your own crumbles? About them tasting better and the like?"

"Normally yes, but ya know. I haven't been home yet have ah. Besides, she still uses my apples, so's not to much worse, just lacks our home flavour." Applejack looked around the room for a few seconds. "Wait a second, where's Rainbow and Pinkie?"

Rarity brought her face up from her salad she was still arranging and pointed upwards. Applejack and Fluttershy looked to see the flowing magic sheet. "Oh, it's beautiful." Fluttershy was taken away by all the colours, it was like a cloud of butterflies.

"Twilight made it, it is very beautiful. It's a sound proof bubble surrounding Pinkie Pie's room." Rarity could see Twilight blushing as she was drinking her smoothie, as her magic's beauty was mentioned.

"Oh ok." Applejack stated looking up, before looking around and lowering her voice leaning into the table. "Wait, you mean. Their still at it? It's been over half a day!"

"Well, you know how those two are." Remarked Rarity smiling as she finished up her salad arrangement. "Pinkie Pie always has energy, and Rainbow Dash will never be the first to give in. Those two will be at it forever." She ate a few of the extra petals before sliding over the plate to Twilight, the words 'For the mare of my dreams' were spelled out before her. Twilight glanced Rarity with a smile as she pushed her smoothie over to her. They each began to enjoy each others meals.

"That's cheesy even for you." Applejack grinned over at Rarity as Mrs. Cake came over with two apple crumbles, laying them down before the two hungry ponies. "Thanks! Flutter made me more tired than workin' usually does." She laughed as she dived her face into the apple crumble, spreading bits of it around the table into the other ponies. Fluttershy giggled as she gently nibbled the edge of her meal.

Rarity shielded herself from a few pieces of apple flying towards her. "Applejack, dear! Now that your with a mare you should learn to eat nicer!" A piece of the meal landed on her face earning a disheartening grunt as she levitated a cloth to clean it.

"Oh, I don't mind, I think it's pretty funny." Fluttershy giggled again as she slowly bit at the top of the crumble.

"Yea? Fluttershy probably needs to learn to liven up and eat like this then." She laughed gently as she pushed Fluttershy's face into her meal. The two unicorns looked on in horror, Fluttershy hated getting her mane and face dirty. But instead they heard a laugh coming from her as she brought her face outside the dish, dripping with pieces of apple and custard she looked at the Earth pony with a large grin.

"Why don't you eat more then!" Fluttershy pushed Applejack's already eating mouth deeper spreading the remains of her meal around the table. Fluttershy burst out laughing uncharacteristically as her lovers head slowly rose from her depleted meal. Her loose mane dragged across her face covered by custard as she stared at Fluttershy who was returning the stare. "Ermm, you started it, you know, Jack."

Applejack leaped into Fluttershy throwing them both to the floor near the table, the unicorns looked on in horror as the two ponies rolled several times before Applejack stopped herself on top of Fluttershy, with her hooves held either side staring down into her eyes. "And ah can finish it!" Fluttershy opened her mouth awaiting her lovers descent, just before their mouths met they were thrown on their side by a large brush held by Mrs. Cake.

"Ok you two that's enough, if you all weren't such good customers I wouldn't be putting up with all this mess you've been making the last two days." She frowned slightly when she saw the two lovers looking down as they stood up. "Oh there's nothing wrong with you two, I love all six of you finding you love each other. But the last thing my other customers need is to see wet and sloppy kisses while they eat." She laughed slightly as she noticed several of her customers seemed to think the opposite. "Now come on, you should get yourselves home and have a bath." Before making her way back to the counter she finalized. "Separately, Celestia only knows you two will somehow manage to get muddy if you have one together."

Fluttershy looked at her mane pulling of several pieces of her meal from it with her hooves. "Oh, I don't like getting messy." She frowned as she spoke, but soon began to giggle noticing Applejack was in an even worse state.

"Here you two." Mr. Cake came by with two towels, handing them to the ponies before making his way back to the counter. Applejack turned to Fluttershy and began to clean her face, brushing the towel over her earning more giggles as she finished wiping away the majority of the mess. When she lowered the towel she saw Fluttershy's emerald eyes looking sweetly back at her.

"Yea, ah'm sorry I guess that was a bit silly throwing your face into the meal." Applejack began to clean her lovers mane.

"It's ok, it was, kind of, fun." Fluttershy was smiling still at her lover. "Ermm, but maybe, let's not, do it again, I don't think it was you know, a very good idea. It was, messy." They both burst out laughing, Fluttershy quieter than Applejack as she finished cleaning the majority of the mess from her mane. "Oh Jack, your still messy! Here let me clean you." Fluttershy picked up her towel from the floor and moved up to Applejack.

"Don't worry yaself about me, ah get muddy all the time ah'll do it." Applejack quickly dived her face into the towel in her possession, rummaging it over her face and through her mane. In several seconds she had gotten as much as she had from Fluttershy off. "That's how we do it on the farm." She gave a quick laugh.

"Oh, but you didn't get it all, I mean, there's still some left, like here, on your mouth." Fluttershy slowly leaned into Applejack, opening her lips as she pulled out a piece of apple from her face, she dropped it to the floor and moved in to kiss her.

"Don't make me get the broom!" They heard Mrs. Cake from inside the kitchen, with no visible way to see the two ponies embracing.

"How does she do that?" They laughed lightly at each other as they moved apart and made their way over to the counter. They both placed more bits than their apple crumbles cost them and left the towels nearby. They headed over to their unicorn friends who both had happy looks on their faces, and waved goodbye as they departed. "I guess we should get going, back home again I mean, ermm my home or yours?" Fluttershy asked as they walked outside Sugar Cube Corner.

"Ah think ah should go to mine, you head to yours. Ah should really let mah family know ah'm ok, ah should've been home yesterday. Not to mention ah need a bath." Applejack smiled as Flutterhy looked back at her slightly upset. "Don't worry yaself, ah'll walk ya home an' be right back as soon as ah'm done. You need to bathe yaself to after all." Applejack leaned in to kiss Fluttershy on the lips, finally outside they had the chance to. A loud whistle cut them out of the kiss, Applejack looked around to see a light green unicorn mare winking at them, with a light tan mare looking down awkwardly at the floor trying to drag her away from the street. She decided this was the best time to make their move along and began to walk back to Fluttershy's cottage.

Back inside Sugar Cube Corner Rarity gave a slight stretch and placed her hoof over Twilight's shoulder. "Well, we should get a move on to dear. We need to start getting ready for our big night!" Rarity brought herself to her hooves. There was still 8 hours away but Twilight didn't question how long her appearance would take. "Oh I forgot to mention, I booked you an appointment at 4 at the Spa. I would recommend you get some beauty sleep before then, not that you need it of course, but I would hate you to be tired tonight." Rarity made sure to leave out the details of the spa making her body more tender for the night. "Tonight will be completely perfect." Rarity said allowed by accident as she smiled to herself. "Ready to leave then Twilight Sparkle?"

"Yes I'm ready." She swallowed the last of Rarity's salad message as she followed her to the door. "Oh wait, sorry I forgot one thing. I will see you at 9 then. Wait, where are we going to meet?"

"I booked us a reservation at 'The Starlight', it's just past the Spa near the bottom of the street. There is a tree with a bench in front of the restaurant. I shall await you there. Until then, Twilight Sparkle." Rarity hugged Twilight as she left Sugar Cube Corner.

'I love you Rarity.' Twilight thought to herself as she saw the beautiful mare exit. Twilight made her way over to the counter, the last of her friends not upstairs to leave as she waited for Mrs. Cake. As she approached Twilight asked with a smile on her face. "I need a big cake, preferably jewel flavoured."
As the ponies all wake up after the night of the party, Applejack and Fluttershy begin to notice some changes in their relationship. While Twilight and Rarity begin to get ready for their date. The four friends all head to meet up at their usual time at Sugar Cube Corner.

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AppleShy and RariTwi shipping, with hinted RainbowPie and ScootaBelle.

The date will need to come in next time, similar to the party I didn't realize how long this would end up being.

Also yes metal wings has become a running gag, and if you can see the Muppet Treasure Island reference I love you.

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My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro(c) and Lauren Faust.
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