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August 15, 2011
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“FINISHED!” yelled Pinkie Pie happily. It broke Rainbow out from her extensive thinking as she looked down her body. She was almost covered in bandages, most areas she was positive didn’t even need them, but Pinkie did them anyway. Including areas very close to her, personal, area. Rainbow was annoyed at herself for being taken away in thought when Pinkie's hooves were down there. Knowing her luck that's the closest she was going to get to Pinkie.

“Well I'm happy for ya, doubt y'all be needing any real doctor when you’ve got Pinkie 'flimsy hooves' Pie helping ya out” Applejack said gleefully patting Pinkie Pie on the back, who was nervously giggling to herself.

“What are you talking about?” Dash replied. Unknown how long she was stuck in inner thought oblivious to her friends interactions around her. She looked at Pinkie Pie in the eyes who was still looking surprisingly shy and nervous for the fun lover she was.

“Pinkie doesn't really have any medical training you know, or general social care training for that matter either. I doubt she's even read a book about it.” Twilight noticed the looks she was getting and simply reached the point. “She wasn't very good at keeping her hooves in the right place, she kept rubbing against you and.” Twilight clears her throat “Ventured a bit far from the bandages.”

There was an air of tension. Pinkie Pie was very shy, Rainbow Dash felt like she had just been on display, Rarity was loving every second of it and Twilight was confused. Fluttershy was quietly drinking some punch while blushing and Applejack had some things on her mind, namely how awkward this scene was. “Okay! Let's play some party games!” Applejack said loudly to make sure she broke as much of the silence as possible. The 4 ponies went over to the open floor, first off was some dancing. Twilight scanned the book she hid in her mane, positive that dancing didn't class as a 'party game' before she noticed a glance from Applejack and hid the book away with her usual, very telling, awkward laugh.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were still sitting down next to each other. The wounded mare was looking into Pinkie's eyes, who finally broke from her shyness and met the violet eyes, looking deep into each other. 'This can't be wrong, just look at her, she's looking right back!' Both ponies had the same idea, except one contained cupcakes. 'KISS HER! KISS HER!' Their minds synchronised the idea. “I...”

“Come on y'all onto the dance floor, I'm not makin' a fool of myself alone!” Applejack came in at the worst possible time. She pulled the two away from what seemed to them like their only moment for it. Reluctantly, they all danced for a good length of time, except for Rainbow Dash who kept insisting she was healthy and just wanted to watch the others as she held her side, drinking from her bottle and carefully swallowed some sweets not wanting another pony to notice them.


Every pony was exhausted. They chose to cross off dancing for the night. “Guess what time it is!” Pinkie Pie yelled coming around the counter with a trolley covered in a white cloth, not wanting anyone to answer before she could “CAKE TIME!!!” Pinkie yelled as she pulled a cloth of the trolley, revealing a concealed cake underneath it. As much of a surprise this wasn't to any pony, they were all glad to finally get the cake they had been hungry for after all the dancing.

Rainbow Dash brought out her energy drink bottle again which caught the attention of the other ponies. “It's just an energy drink, I'm not getting wasted.” Rainbow answered a question none of her friends were going to ask. “Oh, and no you can't have any I need it for the show.” She continued to drink.

“What show is that Rainbow?” Replied Twilight. She originally thought she was the quickest on the subject, until she noticed every pony looking at her. “Okay I get it, I'm a bookworm, so what show is it?”

“Oh Darling it isn't bad, it's not a very popular show for none pegasus ponies” Rarity told Twilight calmly as she walked behind her and gently nudged the lavender pony awarding a slight giggle.

“It's the anniversary of the Wonder Bolts forming! Every year they get together on this day and perform for Cloudsdale! This year!” Rainbow Dash seemed like she was almost going to explode “This year I'M PERFORMING! Eeeeeeee.” Dash started trailing of with similar inaudible sounds after she yelled.

“Seriously Dashie!” Pinkie Pie leapt up in joy.

“Yeah! Here look I brought this so I could brag about it!” Rainbow Dash emptied her saddle pack onto the floor. Sweets fell out first which every pony made a note off. Pranking equipment that Dash really wasn't in the state for any more, a letter. Twilight looked in shock as she saw a scroll fall. More sweets fell, and finally a broken sealed envelope. “Ah there it is!” Dash opened the already torn seal from when she first opened it and pulled out a letter. “Ahem. Rainbow Dash, I, Soarin of the Wonder Bolts hereby give you permission to perform your First place routine from The Young Fliers Competition, as a bonus for the crowd at this years Wonder Bolt Anniversary. Here are 6 tickets for yourself and your friends to make the show.” Rainbow Dash remained silent covering her mouth for a few seconds. “Isn't. This. Just. AWESOME!!!”

All the ponies cheered, and Twilight took this opportunity to quickly grab and conceal the scroll, as well as grab a few sweets. When down grabbing more sweets she noticed the other unopened letter. “Dash, what's this one?”

Rainbow Dash looked at it and remembered. “Oh, that mail pony dropped it off this morning, I guess I brought it with me.” She began to open it. “Let's see...Hey Rainbow Dash it's been a long time. I need to meet you to talk about something personal, meet me below your house on the date we first met at mid day. Gilda.” Rainbow Dash sighed. “I guess she wants to be friends again, I guess I should have met up with her again after that party, but she did take off badly.” The pegasus seemed concerned.

“Don't worry about it Dashie, I'm sure she's not being a meanie any more we could get a new friend!” Pinkie seemed as pleased as ever at the concept of new friends to play with.

“Well I for one say she's bad mouthed and rude, I don't think any time away can change that. But if she does want to be friends again there's no reason to not give her the chance.” Rarity responded. To which the other ponies all seemed to agree, except for Fluttershy.

“Anyway!” Replied Pinkie happily. “Cake time!” The pink pony grabbed a knife in her mouth and began to cut slices for her guests. To which every pony clearly noticed Rainbow Dash's was the largest.


“Well...Anyway back to the party I guess!” Dash tried to move things along. Still hyped from both the sugary cake and the talk of performing with the Wonder Bolts. All the ponies agreed except for Pinkie Pie.

'It's time.' Pinkie marked of a check list down, invitations check, arrival check, dancing check, cake check, banter check. She tapped the pen on the next, personally added check box on this specific list. “Okay girls! It's time for the best part of the night!” All the ponies looked to their friend, who looked to be so happy she would explode 10 times, which was a few more than normal. “Secret Closet Time!” Pinkie yelled. Twilight slyly brought out her book and began to find the description while the other ponies all looked in question as to what the game was. “It's simple!” Replied Pinkie. “Two ponies go into the dark secret closet, and whatever happens in the closet, stays in the closet!” Pinkie was bouncing up and down. “I think first it should be me and Rainbow-”

“Sorry Pinkie we can't do that.” Twilight responded cutting Pinkie Pie off.

Pinkie stopped bouncing and stood still. “wh, why not?” Pinkie questioned softly.

“It says in here that you need a closet to do it in.” Twilight looked around the room. “I'm sorry Pinkie but there is no closet here, we can't play it, sorry.” Twilight tried to make it as nice as she could, but she could tell Pinkie didn't like this news.

“ was my plan. It was the only one that would work, the only game I found, I was sure it would work, me and Rainbow Dash finally, it” Pinkie's mane slowly began to loose it's puffy nature, and not to soon after, Pinkie burst out in tears.

Everypony attempted to say calming things to help their emotional friend, she was clearly upset and only Rarity really caught on to why. Rarity motioned Rainbow Dash to go to make her feel better. Rainbow eyed her drink and gave it to Pinkie in an attempt to show the compassion she secretly felt. “Here Pinkie, you can drink this, I don't usually let others but it's good.” Dash was almost in tears herself, the pony she only just realised she had more than lust for was hurt, and she wished she could do anything to help.

Pinkie drank savouring the taste of Dash's lips on the end of the bottle as the last of the liquid left the container. Pinkie looked for a few seconds. Then. “This is...YES!” Pinkie jumped up almost knocking Rainbow Dash backwards. “YES! YES! YES!” Pinkie looked Dash in the eyes and said very happily with tears still streaming down. “Spin the bottle!” Pinkie hugged Rainbow Dash. “It will still work!”

Twilight openly pulled out her book everypony had already seen her use, and casually flipped through the pages looking for this new game. “Okay, spin the bottle. You need one bottle, three or more ponies, that's all. Rules, the bottle is spun on the floor and whomever it lands nuzzle end facing has to do one of three things. Tell the truth to a question the spinner asks, do a dare the spinner asks, or.” Twilight gulps before finishing the rules. “Or kiss the spinner. The choice of three must be decided before the bottle is spun, and whoever it lands on MUST do the truth, dare or...kiss. The spinner goes in turn around the circle, direction up to players. The first choice is made by the game master.” Twilight lays the book down feeling a little uneasy as to why Pinkie would pick such a game.

“This is going to be so fun! I originally thought of this, but we had no bottles they all ran out a few days ago so I had to cross this off, but Dashie fixed everything!” Pinkie looked very happily at her would be lover, then to the other ponies, trying to coax them all into playing.

“Let's do it.” Rarity commented brashly. She knew Pinkie's idea and would be sooner muddy than prevent her from doing it. Rarity also had her own agenda, gazing into Twilight’s violet eyes. She loved Pinkie Pie's silly, yet effective idea.

“Ermm, yes I'd like to do it also.” Fluttershy spoke one of her first words the entire party, as she smiled up at Applejack.

“Well if Fluttershy is wanting ah say let's play it. Besides we can all pick not to kiss anyway.” Applejack looked over at Fluttershy again but saw she was a little upset. “But ya know a kiss might be fun also yeehaa!” She noticed Fluttershy's smile improved and could tell what she wanted from this game.

Rainbow Dash looked at Pinkie Pie, both staring each other in the eyes. “I'm in!” she slammed her hooves to the floor. 'This is perfect, this is how I will kiss her!' Rainbow now had a plan.

Twilight was clearly uneasy with this, but with Rarity holding her hoof she knew she had to do it, everypony else wanted to, she would just be sure to give an easy dare when it was her turn and be done with the silly game. “Fine.”

Pinkie Pie bounced around “Yay! We're going to kiss!” She says rather loudly, causing a few laughs from the other ponies, and a deep desire from Rainbow Dash.


The six ponies sat around in a circle in the middle of the room. Clockwise was Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy. In the middle Pinkie placed the bottle.

“Okay so first person will be-” Pinkie Pie begins to say herself.

“Ah reckon ah should go first!” Applejack proudly states “Ah am the element of honesty, an' if it's gonna be a truth who better to get us started! Besides” She finished. “If Twilight goes first with a kiss we won't get anywhere all night.” The four ponies agree with Applejack on this.

Pinkie Pie accepted defeat, knowing she will just have to wait a little longer. “Okay your first AJ.” Applejack is about to spin the bottle when Twilight stops her.

“Remember it says the game master needs to pick the first one. If you are going to play it play it right.” Twilight always seemed to get irritated over missed rules of any game.

“Fine then, so game master Pinkie Pie what should ah be doing? A truth? Dare? Maybe a kiss with a pony haha.” Applejack laughed not ever expecting the last.

Pinkie Pie was lost staring into Rainbow Dash's eyes, all she heard from the previous question was 'kiss with a pony' “yes kiss with a pony all right.” Pinkie replied staring at Dash.

The ponies were speechless, Pinkie really demanded a kiss? “Ermm, okay here goes nothing!” Applejack spun the bottle. The ponies all looked down at the slowly stopping bottle wondering who it will land on, who Applejack would need to kiss.

'who AJ will need to kiss? Oh no. NO!' Pinkie suddenly realised the problem with this game, it was unpredictable. 'There was no way to tell who it would land on! What if it landed on Dashie!' Pinkie quickly got an idea. “GUMMY WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE? THAT'S SO FUNNY!” pointing her hoof up at the wall away from the game, all her friends turned instantly to where Pinkie was pointing. While the other players were distracted Pinkie slammed her other front hoof on the bottle stopping it in its tracks and returned to her position. The bottle was left facing Fluttershy.

The ponies turn back around and Fluttershy says “I'm sorry Pinkie I couldn't see him any EEEP!” Fluttershy was suddenly perched on a nearby table staring at the bottle that was facing her, with her tail flicking side to side.

“Ah, haha ermm, this is awkward isn't it?” Commented Applejack already blushing. “Ah mean it's only a game an' if Flutter doesn't feel up to it then...”

Twilight looked them both in the eyes “Whoever it lands on MUST do it, it says so in the rules.”

“I ermm, I don't know ermm maybe, maybe it might be a little...” Fluttershy was being even quieter than usual, but she was looking Applejack in the eyes.

Applejack could see Fluttershy's blushing, and remembered before with their walk to the party all the things she said and did. 'Flutter may be shy, but ah know she wants this, ah hope.' “Flutter.” Applejack slowly motioned with her legs for Fluttershy to fly over. Fluttershy did so and landed in the middle of the circle, holding a hoof behind the other and looking down in her usual shyness. “Flutter...” Applejack brought up the shy ponies head with her hoof. She didn't need to say any more, as she leaned into Fluttershy, who already had her eyes closed and mouth open, waiting, and kissed her. This was Applejack's first kiss, and she guessed it was Fluttershy's too. She didn't know if she was doing it correctly or not, but for certain it was the best feeling she had ever felt.

Twenty seconds had passed, and Applejack thought it to be a good time to pull out. But to her surprise she couldn't, Fluttershy's front hooves were wrapped around the back of her head, she felt Fluttershy's tongue licking her own and was overcome with the feeling. Applejack was stunned unable to move, and she didn't want to. She placed her front right hoof around Fluttershy's back and kept her supported, so she wouldn't have to stop.

Fluttershy was in paradise, all her stories were nothing compared to the reality of it. All the days she had sat watching Jack work, all the times she got an apple from her, every time she heard her accent. Fluttershy always had vivid pictures in her mind, when talking she would always imagine Jack taking her down to the floor. This was real. This was happening. Oh Celestia this is really happening! Fluttershy felt Jack's hoof slowly grace her back as she stood there, still kissing the mare she loved deeply. Over a year of waiting. Fluttershy was truly, finally, happy.

“How long is a kiss supposed to be?” Asked Twilight, as she was staring at her friends kissing in the middle of the circle. “Is it always that long? How do you hold your breath?”

Rarity was almost ready to pounce on the beauty of the event. She could barely talk without screaming joy. She had known Fluttershy's love the Applejack for over a year but she never noticed Applejack's own until recently, though this should have come as a shock she knew why, but was pleased all the same. What Rarity saw wasn't a case of 'second choice' she knew that Applejack truly did feel the same as Fluttershy, if not as deeply desiring as her of course, but very few ponies really read so many of those books. Rarity looked over to Twilight as she began asking so many pointless questions. She always found her curiosity cute, and what she loved most of all was how Twilight responded. She had no negative reaction to the two mares kissing, and only trailed of her endless list of questions trying to find how it all worked. This added more hope to the beautiful unicorn, who desperately wanted to go next.

Rainbow Dash saw her two best friends together, and couldn't be happier.
'Dash I could do with some help please.' Fluttershy had come up to Rainbow Dash during one of her training sessions. 'Sure shoot it Fluttershy!' 'I, I, I'm wondering how you can get a pony to like you.' Dash stopped what she was doing and looked at her oldest friend. 'That would depend who it is, sure you be yourself, but if your only yourself the person won't notice you, as you don't exactly get seen by anyone. You need to get to know them. So then, who is it? Stallion, mare, griffon?' 'Applejack.' Fluttershy responded.
It was about three months ago, Fluttershy came to let Rainbow Dash know about her love. This led sadly to the upsetting event two weeks ago. Thought it was true Rainbow Dash liked Pinkie Pie, back then it was only lust. She may have gone with Applejack if she hadn't known about Fluttershy's desire for her. She could have been so close to ruining two friendships at the same time. But as fate would have it, this couldn't have gone better for the three of them. Rainbow Dash smiled.

After what seemed like an eternity, Fluttershy broke from the kiss, she was breathing heavily as Applejack slowly moved back, looking into Fluttershy's adorable tear filled emerald eyes. Fluttershy was by far the more desiring pony, however she was weaker. “Sorry, it ended soon.” Fluttershy apologised. Applejack shook her head and stroked her pink mane. This was better than either of them could have ever hoped for, and they both knew it.

“Appleshy” Rainbow Dash said quietly approaching her two best friends. “I'll get used to calling you that now.” Dash playfully mocked. Before turning to each friend “Fluttershy, I'm glad you finally managed to get her, I'm truly happy for you.” She turned her head to which she think she felt a snap, forgetting her previous injury. “Oww, heh. Applejack. I'm glad for you two, and thanks for staying friends, it means a lot.” Before wandering back she finishes “I want to see pink maned orange foals in 5 years, clop clop.” Dash smirks to her friends and she headed back to her spot in the circle.

The two ponies smiled happily at their cocky blue friend, stroking each other’s manes, before finally sitting down. Thus ending their surprisingly long turn to keep eye contact for most of the night.

“Okay, now that's out in the open!” Yells Pinkie, “Time for-”

“I would like this turn.” Interrupted Rarity. “We can go this way around.” Rarity gave Pinkie her beautiful eye flickers, which won over the party pony. “Yes! Ahem okay.” Rarity regains her composure. “I choose.” Rarity looks over to Twilight sitting opposite to her. “Kiss.” Without waiting to hear any response, she spun the bottle and waited patiently. Rarity became distresses as the bottle began to slow down and wasn’t anywhere near the Lavender pony of her dreams.

“GUMMY AGAIN HAHA WOW AMAZING LOOK UP THERE GUMMY'S ON A STRING!” Yelled Pinkie Pie. Fearing fate when the bottle approached Rainbow Dash. Again, all her friends fell for it and Pinkie quickly stopped the bottle, moving it around by accident before jumping back into her original position pretending nothing happened. The bottle was left facing Twilight Sparkle.

“Oh Dear I think you are seeing things, he isn't up there WAHAHA!” Rarity hadn't been so happy since she had her wings in Cloudsdale. She now had a kiss, with Twilight Sparkle!

Twilight gave her usual awkward giggle. Twilight has never kissed before, she never even thought about kissing, and now she had a kiss with her best friend. She had no idea how to act, no idea what to do. Books didn't say anything about kissing or love they just had stories of ponies falling into love. “So ermm Rarity I err...whoever it lands on MUST do it, right.” Twilight realised she has new choice and slowly rose to her hooves. Rarity was shocked to have Twilight come up to her, she imagined the innocent mare would never be the one to do it first. She lovingly looked Twilight in the eyes as the unicorn leaned in, and kissed Rarity on the lips. Under a second passed and Twilight pulled out blushing at the beautiful mare. 'I did it.' She thought to herself.

“Heavens Twilight, have you never kissed before?” Rarity asked even though she soon realised from Twilight's expression the answer. “Well, that's just simply not how you do it.” Rarity pointed towards Applejack and Fluttershy, who looked ready to kiss again at any second. “That's how you kiss Twilight, and this.” Rarity holds the younger ponies head close to her. “This, is how we kiss.” Rarity dipped into Twilight, closing her eyes as their mouths connected.

Twilight's eyes remain wide open, trying to piece together all the questions running through her mind, the bookworm tried desperately to hold onto any information she can gather from this event, but it all slipped through her mind. She couldn’t think of anything, her entire mind was blank of all but one thing. Rarity. Twilight attempted to understand this single fact, but the more she thought the less it makes sense. Kissing, passion. They make no sense, impossible to describe. Reluctantly Twilight gave into the pleasure and closed her eyes. Her mind no longer mattered to her as she lost herself inside Rarity's mouth, her tongue playing with her own, her hooves stroking her mane, rubbing over her flank. It was all new, yet it all feels like it's already known. Twilight, for once in her life, truly understood nothing, and she relished in it.

Rarity kept their mouths connected, the kiss was mostly one sided, but this didn't effect the white mare. Twilight knew nothing about this that much was clear to her, but she stood there accepting Rarity's mouth, accepting her tongue. After dreaming at her picture, kissing it in the candle light, she only grew more happy. At last she held the mare of her dreams in her hooves. Rarity hated herself but she couldn't resist, that deep feeling of wanting to touch the beautiful lavender body was overwhelming. Her hoof trailed down from Twilight's mane, rubbing past her back and at last feeling Twilight's flank, she feared it would be to quick but she couldn't help herself as she rubbed Twilight's sides. She could hear her lovers moans from inside the kiss. 'She is still so innocent.' Rarity thought to herself before finally pulling out, very slowly from Twilight Sparkle. Her hooves kept Twilight in place, her flank supported and her closed eyes looking towards Rarity's own. “Twi.” Rarity skipped the first two words Sweetie Belle had told her, for now. Wanting desperately to know if Twilight liked her first.

Twilight finally felt Rarity's tongue leaving her mouth, she was slightly upset by it but the warm hoof on her flank kept her from melting. She had never felt anything before, nothing on such a level. Why did it have to end? She finally began to regain her thoughts, she could still not make any sense out of what happened but her brain was back. She knew she loved it, she wanted more, she wanted those strange feelings forever. Twilight slowly opened her eyes as she heard only the first letters of her name called. It sounded so beautiful yet calming. Twilight stared into the glowing sapphire eyes of her best friend who just. Twilight's face continued to gain more blushing. 'She just...kissed me, we kissed each other. She. I.' Twilight's mind began to crack up again, she still knew nothing about any of this, it scared her. Twilight dived into Rarity, who embraced the young pony with a long cuddle, Twilight cried and Rarity held her in her legs, stroking the innocent mare. Just as she was about to think she moved to far with Twilight, she heard her voice. “Thank you Rari.”

Rarity just smiled, petting her lover who's head now rest on her open chest. She knew the tears weren't from sadness, Twilight was truly happy, but she was scared at the new experience. Rarity looked at her violet and pink mane. 'I'll just have to teach her, until she learns not everything needs facts.' Rarity looked up seeing her friends all in tears themselves. “She's fine, there just weren't any books on the subject.” She giggles slightly causing the tension to break. Applejack and Fluttershy were in each others legs watching, and if Rarity ever noticed anything, she could be sure they had been kissing again from the blushing on their faces.

Rainbow Dash was still lost for words, she had never imagined anyone with Twilight, yet alone Rarity of all ponies, she was such a bookworm she understood nothing of love or kissing. 'And I do?' That thought hit her again. Even Twilight had just kissed the most beautiful mare in Ponyville, who blatantly enjoyed it herself. Yet she couldn't kiss that one pink pony she desired more than all else? Rainbow looked like she was about to cry before a voice stopped her.

“Dashie's turn!” Happily yelled Pinkie Pie, looking at Rainbow Dash. She was finally going to kiss the real Dash, no toy of her, no worn out plush. This was going to be real.

“Yes! My turn so everypony stand back I'm going to fly this out the window!” Rainbow looked up into Pinkie's waiting eyes. “Kiss!” She spun the bottle so fast it threatened to take of.

Everypony was staring down deeply at the bottle, even Twilight who dried her tears onto Rarity's mane. Everypony could tell from her voice that the pegasus was very pleased with the option to kiss. Applejack looked on in shock as a realization hit her. 'Dash likes a pony here?!' She knew she would be fine with whoever Dash had picked, but she never imagined it as one of her friends. 'Twilight? No, no chance. Fluttershy...she was happy for her so no. Not me for sure. Rarity?' Applejack was cut dead in her tracks with shock at what she saw.

Pinkie Pie was staring deeply, she had waited so long, the original idea was ruined but she made this new game, 'It's going to work!' she thought to herself happily. Then she noticed, the same problem as the previous spins. There was no way to make sure it landed correctly. Pinkie was still mostly succumbed by her imagination of kissing Dash that she didn't have the same effect as intended when she lied again. “Gummy yay you’re over there good.” No ponies turned around but Pinkie Pie didn't notice as she threw her hoof over the bottle stopping it instantly. Facing Pinkie Pie.

Everypony seemed ready to yell, but none did. Applejack looked infuriated 'How could she do that?! This was her one chance at kissing the pony she loved and you ruined...' Her thoughts cut before she made any known to her friends. She stared at Rainbow Dash and the pegasus was staring at Pinkie, but not with any hatred in her eyes, just shock and...and the same look Fluttershy had before they kissed. 'Oh nelly, Pinkie Pie? She likes, Pinkie? Really?' Applejack wasn't sure if she was more shocked or confused as to why Pinkie Pie of all possible ponies. But looking over at Fluttershy, the shyest pony to ever exist kissing a stuck up work pony. 'Ah guess we're no better.' She smiled, as she looked between the pink and blue ponies, staring at each other.

Rainbow Dash was silent, her heart racing. Did Pinkie really just do that? All the possible thoughts of what was going on passed by her mind, did she not want to play the game, she didn't like pegasi having a go, she thought there was explosives in the bottle. No. She knew the one and only answer. “Pinkie.” Rainbow finally managed to speak, with all the other ponies looking at her. Rainbow’s voice was so quiet, so sweet, no pony had heard her like that before.

Pinkie Pie stood there, still with her hoof on the bottle facing the cautious pegasus. She was hyperventilating. This was it the moment she wanted, the moment she was wanted for so long. She didn't notice any of her friend’s looks, the only thing in her vision was Rainbow Dash, staring back at her. “Dashie.” Pinkie slowly moaned. “Dashie.” Suddenly the pink pony leapt through the air, landing on Rainbow Dash pinning her into the floor. She stared into her violet eyes, and before she could burst from happiness. Descended her head and with an open mouth, kissed Rainbow Dash.

Dash lay there, powerless under Pinkie's position. In her dreams she would have hated it, but here and now, that she finally felt Pinkie's lips against her own, she loved it. She could feel the pink pony’s mouth wide open, her tongue pressing against her mouth. They were clearly both new to this yes, but her dreams did teach her enough as she opened her mouth allowing the hungry mare to dive in. She could feel the partying tongue flying through her mouth, Rainbow brought out her own tongue and touched Pinkie Pie's.

Pinkie's frantic searching came to an end, she felt her lover’s warm tongue finally meet her own. She moaned and slowly began to massage their delicate tongue's against each other. Dashie tasted better than any cupcake she had ever had, any punch, any cake. There was nothing at all that even felt close to this. She shut out the world and kept kissing, for once in her life the random pony wanted only one thing, to never break away.

Rainbow Dash lay still kissing up into the forceful pony’s mouth, licking her tongue for as long as she could. Rainbow was an athlete and one of the best at that, she knew she could keep this up for longer even when injured. She was going to force Pinkie into submission and show her exactly how much she loved her. The pegasus moved her legs over Pinkie, her hooves trailing her body. Pinkie flinched moaning within the kiss as her lover continued getting lower, and lower. Pinkie was going to have the best feeling she had ever had, this was going to be completely awesome.

“Okay Y'all think it might be getting a little late?” Applejack yelled, noticing Rainbow Dash was about ready to show off Pinkie Pie to the world. 'That pony will never change' Applejack thought to herself smiling. “It's dark an' Flutter would like to get to bed.” Applejack gently nudged Fluttershy to respond.

“Oh yes, I'm very tired I didn't get much sleep before I read a bad book and it kept me awake. I'd like to go home soon.” Replied Fluttershy, as she looked up for a confirming smile from the orange mare. As Applejack gazed back she could see Fluttershy seemed to be day dreaming something while she was blushing, but didn't feel like she should ask what it was.

Rainbow Dash reluctantly broke the kiss and rolled on top of Pinkie Pie still holding her around her hips. “What, now?!” Dash was clearly upset. “Why does it always end before the best bits.” she repeated softly while looking down at Pinkie who clearly heard her.

Rarity finally snapped from her new frozen image from watching the two ponies she knew loved each other finally embracing each other’s lips. She looked down at Twilight in her hooves. “Well, Twilight could likely do with a break too, but don't think about it to hard, dear.” Rarity smiled as Twilight looked up to her face before beginning to stand.

“'s strange, but...thank you Rarity.” Twilight's sweet voice was soon engulfed by another kiss from the beautiful mare, only a few seconds long this time, but enough to remind her how she felt. “Thanks Rari.” She said in a more pleased voice.

The four friends each made their way to the door in pairs, Applejack and Fluttershy were flank to flank and Applejack brushed against Fluttershy's neck softly earning a soft “Yay.” Rarity was closely following Twilight looking at her and day dreaming about all she wanted to teach the young mare. They all gave their goodbyes and headed off for their homes.

Rainbow Dash was left alone with Pinkie Pie, removing herself from the party pony as she began attaching her saddle pack back around her injured body, putting the things she dropped back inside it before heading off to the door looking down, deeply wishing it wasn't time to leave. “Bye Pink, I'll see you later.” She regrettably stated, heading to the door.

“Dashie.” Pinkie Pie asked staring at her lover turning around before leaving. “You forgot your bottle.” The pink pony pointed her hoof at her lover’s bottle they had been using. Rainbow Dash trotted over to the container and placed her hoof down to pick it up. She stopped still for a few seconds. “Dashie?” Pinkie asked again, this time with more hope. Rainbow Dash smiled as she spun the bottle around slowly, and with no subtlety, moved it to face Pinkie Pie.
Pinkie Pie's plan backfires, leading to a spontaneous, and badly thought out replacement.

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RainbowPie, AppleShy and TwiRari shipping.

The continuing party from Part 2.

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