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August 15, 2011
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It was closing time for Sugar Cube Corner. Mrs. Cake was changing the sign on the door to 'closed' while her husband was finishing cleaning the last of the tables. "I'll go let Pinkamena know, dear" Mrs. Cake told her love as she went upstairs to Pinkie's room. They didn't have a foal of their own, and looked after Pinkie Pie as her parent figures. When she first appeared in Ponyville years ago, Pinkie was only a small pink filly and her mane was strait from sadness and the rain. The couple soon found out she had no family nearby, if any, and feeling sorry for her they decided to adopt her, at least until her parents could be found. She was such a sad pony back then.

"AH! No you didn't see anything we weren't doing that your imagining it there's nothing going on!" Pinkie yelled as her door swung open. The pink pony was holding the plush of Rainbow Dash which she quickly swung from her mouth to behind her back.

Mrs. Cake was sure of one thing, Pinkie had gotten happier since the early days. "It's okay I had my eyes closed I didn't see anything, Pinkamena." Mrs. Cake calmly commented, she was always good at white lies. "You asked to know when the store closed, we just finished with the last customer, downstairs is free for your party."

As soon as the word 'party' was heard Pinkie let out a loud screech "YAY PARTY TIME!" and leaped out the window.

Mr. Cake came up behind his wife who sighed. "I do wish for once she used the stairs." She then looked at Pinkie's alarm clock. "And paid attention to the time." She trailed of, as it became apparent there were still three hours until the party. The couple brushed against each others necks and trotted to their bedroom.


Spike walked by Sugar Cube Corner, and noticed Pinkie Pie bouncing on a trampoline. The baby dragon shrugged and continued to the library. It wasn't a long trip between the two buildings and soon found himself opening the door. Spike noticed an all to familiar sound coming from inside, after a sigh he entered to see the lavender mare throwing books around with her Telekinesis.

"No, no no! Where did I put them I need to read them again!" Twilight yelled at herself, busy messing up Spike's neatly organised work. "SPIKE!" Twilight turned backwards not expecting to see her assistant already there. "Oh, sorry. Spike have you seen the books on party going? I can't find them anywhere none of them!"

'For all tense and purpose,  the element of magic was still a bookworm' Spike thought inside, refraining from saying it out loud as much as he wanted to make it clear. "You don't need those Twilight, you have already read them all anyway, EVERY time you have gone to a party." Spike tries to emphasise the final point but it seems to fall on deaf ears. After several seconds of silent glaring from the violet eyes Spike finally cracks "They are all together neatly in the pile marked 'Party Preparations' as you asked me to put them in last time. And the time before that. And the time before that..." Spike trailed off hoping to actually be heard for once.

"Oh, right yes of course." Twilight shyly stated whilst pulling the stack of books over to where she is sitting, in the process knocking over another few stacks she will never look at in the future. Spike just ignored it for now and headed to his small basket bed.

"You really should try without all those books for once Twilight." Spike said with a yawn. "You really won't need-" The baby dragon fell asleep mid sentence.

Twilight looked at the books and thought to herself for a moment. "You know Spike, you're right. I'm going to brave the unknown like the others for once." She seemed to be forgetting she has been to party's before, and many at that. "I'll only take one book!" Spike would be glad he was asleep to not hear Twilight's lack of understanding as she roamed through the pile of books, looking for one that would prove to be the most useful. She stopped in her tracks looking at a worn book. "Hmm, 'the guide to every party game you will ever see' Small, light, concealable. Yes this will work fine." Twilight gazed back at the mess she made all over the library. "Spike. Spike!...Oh great." Twilight huffed as she rose off her bed to tidy the room, leaving the exhausted dragon to sleep.


Applejack was trotting towards Ponyville slowly, she had promised herself to go to the party and make it up with Rainbow Dash, it had only been 2 weeks but it felt like she had ignored her friend for an eternity. The orange mare didn't notice she was wearing her hat incorrectly, before she was reminded of it by a sudden sharp gust taking the heirloom from her mane. Applejack shed a single tear as she was helpless watching it fly away.

The hat was caught in mid air by a large red stallion with an orange mane, who stood still with the special hat in his mouth. "I see you learnt to cry, Sis." That was all Big Macintosh needed to say. Applejack dived into her brother and began to cry, relieved her emotion onto his stern chest. As Applejack began to cry less, Macintosh placed the hat, the symbol that always brought inner calm, onto his sisters head.

"...thank ya brother, ya didn't have to, but...thanks for being here." Applejack finally responded, wiping the remaining tears onto her brother's mane.

"Sis, you would... Ya did the same for me." Big Macintosh replied. "Go wash ya face in the trough over there, you don't want to turn up stained with tears."

Applejack nodded to her big brother and rushed over to the water, she ducked her face into the trough and pulled back out, blowing her mane out of vision as she looked down at the water. She saw herself and Rainbow Dash smiling up at her. After letting out all her tears, Applejack finally knew she could still be friends with the mare she cared for. "Thank ya again Big Mac" She stated happily as she raced to Ponyville, not wanting to be late to meet her friends.

Big Macintosh looked up to above the barn where a grey Pegasus pony with a yellow mane flaps her wings causing a small gust, whilst looking down as if for an applause. Big Mac smiled back, and happily talked to himself, looking back to his sister in the distance. "Eeyup."


"Applejack" Applejack stopped thinking she heard some pony say her name, she was still outside ponyville on one of the roads leading past the Everfree Forest. "Applejack, wait." Applejack turned around to see an exhausted yellow Pegasus pony fall down by her side. "Oww, thank you Applejack sorry if I yelled." replied Fluttershy slowly rising of the floor, dusting herself off.

Fluttershy had never been a good flier, but Applejack always found it cute whenever she tried, even if it usually resulted in bruising. "Are ya hurt sugarcube?" Fearing that, like normal, she likely was bruised again. She helped Fluttershy up fully and looked into her kind emerald eyes.

"No, I'm fine, thank you for your concern." Fluttershy shyly gazed at Applejack's side before quietly speaking. "Ermm, would it be okay if I walked with you, it's getting dark and I just read a bad story, if that's fine with you of course?"

'Is there any way for any pony to say no to such a voice' Applejack thought to herself, before replying "Of course sugarcube, we still got time we can walk slow for ya." Fluttershy subconsciously walked sideways until their flanks touched.

Fluttershy quickly leaped away making a high pitched scream "Sorry I didn't mean to do that I'm sorry I'll be going I..." Fluttershy looked scared and as if she was about to fly away.

"It's okay Fluttershy." Applejack quickly replied causing Fluttershy to remain completely still, looking at the orange mare. "Ah'm letting you do whatever ya want, and ask whatever ya want to make yourself comfortable." Fluttershy gave a cute smile touching Applejack's heart as she trotted over, and placed her flank against the work ponies. "Feelin' better?" Applejack asked, to which Fluttershy merely nodded as the two make their way slowly to the party.


Rarity sat at her vanity in candle light, the beautiful white unicorn sat staring into a photo in her hooves. It was one of Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn who's beauty was second only to her own. Even though to Rarity, she could think of nopony, even herself more beautiful than the image in her grasp. Rarity saw beyond the silkiness of her coat, the polish of her horn, the glistening in her eyes. Rarity could see the lavender mare in a unique light to every other pony. Her voice, her nature, her magic, her personality, and most of all, "Mmmm..." Rarity moaned slightly touching the photo, her flank.

Rarity sighed, for as much as she loved everything about Twilight Sparkle. When it came down to it she was still obsessed over her body more than her heart. Though not to be taken the wrong way as she knew she loved everything about her, it's just that she always fantasized about the physical even more. "How can such a beautiful mare love me when I am so shallow?" Rarity sighed again. She had never asked Twilight about her feelings openly outside of sly referencing which, being such a bookworm, she never understood. She always worried that Twilight would just look at her as "A beauty obsessed tart." she said out loud. Not knowing Sweetie Belle was playing the spying game again.

"You're not like that Sis." Said the quiet voice of the white foal entering Rarity's room. Rarity was about to say something but her little sister held up a hoof, and continued. "I've seen how you look at those pictures, your eyes get glazed over and you get lost in thought, sometimes for hours you can stay still staring at her. It wouldn't be like that if you just wanted fun." Sweetie Belle moved forward into the candle light to sit by her sister. "I've been Cutie Mark Crusader spying for a while now, and there's always one thing I hear when you are looking at your pictures, and you get tears in your eyes." Sweetie Belle holds out her hoof to Rarity. "I love you, Twi."

Rarity began to cry as she accepted her sisters hoof. "How did I ever get such a good sister?" She stroked Sweetie Belle's pink and purple mane, while thinking to herself and her little sister. "How did a foal learn to be so romantic?"

Sweetie Belle responded cheerfully. "I learnt it from you, and it works wonders for Cutie Mark Crusader Romance Fiction." Noticing her sisters look she continues. "You would be surprised how good it is, Twilight keeps buying them for a 'special client' every week."

Rarity's smile only broadened. "Okay Sweetie Belle, thank you, but sister needs to get ready for the party, she just ruined all her make up." Rarity finished as she waved Sweetie Belle off to bed, the party was going to start in under an hour and she had to make sure she was presentable.


Rainbow Dash pinned Pinkie Pie into the wall of Sugar Cube Corner, all her friends were watching but neither of them cared. Rainbow kissed Pinkie, she threw her front legs against the wall keeping the elusive earth pony in place, as her tongue finally managed to open Pinkie's mouth enough to break through and kiss her deeply. Finding the party pony's tongue she closed her mouth around Pinkie's, keeping them locked in place as they breathed from each other and continued letting their tongues kiss. Pinkie finally managed to break free from the mouth lock and questioned Rainbow Dash "Dashie."

Rainbow Dash didn't want to talk, she tried fighting it but didn't want to risk Pinkie getting the better of her. "What Pinkie?"

"If you really want this" Pinkie started kissing her partner more vigorously "You better wake up now."

Rainbow Dash awoke kissing a cloud, again. "Damn it!" She threw the cloud at the wall which disappeared in a puff before sitting up in bed annoyed by her dreams breaking themselves before the best parts every single time. She was already annoyed from the mail pony waking her up with some letter earlier just before Pinkie let her get lower, and then it happens again. "Better wake up now? Yeah right your just stopping me from-" Dash looked at the alarm clock by her bed, only 20 minutes before the party. "Okay, for once I'll let you off, but next time I want the full thing!" Dash yelled at her bedding of multiple clouds, before heading off to prepare herself.

Ordinarily Rainbow Dash wouldn't worry too much about her appearance, but tonight the pegasus had a plan, she was going to kiss Pinkie Pie for real, and if she had it her way, it wouldn't stop at kissing. While imagining the possibilities she almost tripped over a scroll on the floor of the kitchen. In annoyance she kicked it again, which managed to land itself back into the bedroom as the preparing mare continued to the shower. Rainbow was going to make sure she was clean for tonight even if she wouldn't be by the end if her plans came to fruition.

Rainbow Dash set the shower to warm and climbed inside, she let her mane drape over her covering a large amount of her sky hardened chest. She used a mostly odourless shampoo on to her mane and tail, and used an even less smelling soap on the rest of her body. The boisterous mare did indeed bathe a lot, and cared about her looks, however if any of the girls figured it out they would think she was like Rarity. As a result she always made sure to use the least smelling soap she could find. A nice look, but never girly, that's how Ponyville's best flier enjoyed it.

She would usually brag about things taking ten seconds flat, however in this case the wash took ten minutes. Not helped by the fact she thought about Pinkie Pie when inside, and took extensive care on certain areas of her body. Dash climbed out with a large grin and blushing and looked into the mirror "Not bad.", she looked at the clock "VERY bad!" Rainbow had only five minutes left and had to still dry up, look good, get to Pinkie's and... "Plan! I forgot to plan I fell asleep!" The worrying mare looked around in a hurry, she had no idea what she was going to do at the party, she planned to use the day to figure it out but she had slept the whole day by, not like that's a new thing to her, but this really wasn't the day for that. With barely a thought she flew out the window and created a miniature tornado performing her patented Rainbow Dry to solve one problem, she then needed to comb her mane down and noticed now she only had two minutes left. "Oh Celestia what do I do?!" Rainbow grabbed her saddle pack and threw in the letter and scroll she got earlier, a broken sealed envelope, an energy drink bottle, a random selection of pranking equipment she really didn't have time to go through and finally several bags of sweets. "ONE minute, you've gotta be kidding!" She almost yelled as she darted out from her cloud mansion.


Pinkie Pie was happily bouncing on the trampoline outside Sugar Cube Corner, ignorant to the time. She had been bouncing for almost three hours. Pinkie then heared her alarm going off from upstairs. "Oopsie." Pinkie rushes into the shop and threw herself behind the counter, knocking her hoof onto a tile on the wall which descended to reveal a keypad. "P-i-n-k-i-e" she says to herself tapping away at the keys. The wall descended through the floor, leaving a wide variety of balloons, streamers, cake, drinks, party games, party poppers, silly hats, banners and more. Pinkie's eyes lit up at the site as she struggled to keep her hooves away. "No must resist! Got to set up!" She rushed with all the supplies hidden in her secret vault and threw them all over the room, punch bowl on table cups near it, balloons and party hats on every chair, banner on the ceiling, streamers all over the place. Pinkie tossed the rest of the gear behind the counter and still facing the door, knocked the keypad's 'cancel' button shutting her secret party store behind her. Seconds later, her guests voices could be heard approaching the store. "Always on time!" Pinkie giggled with a smile.


"Jack" Fluttershy shyly spoke. "I think we should, you know maybe not walk like this now." Fluttershy slowly moved away from trotting flank to flank with Applejack.

Applejack looked over with a curious gaze. "Y'all feeling safe now then Flutter?"

Fluttershy shook her head slowly before replying. "Not that, it's just that ponies might get an idea about us." She smiled at Applejack before continuing their approach with a little more distance.

'Idea about us? What does she' Applejack suddenly realisesdwhat Fluttershy means, and thought back to everything she had done on the walk over. 'Oh Celestia ah...I've been hitting on Fluttershy?' Applejack didn't know what to say. 'Ah didn't mean it but, but it felt right, it felt good. Oh Celestia ya make me fall in love with two friends in a row, and both Pegasus? Oh I'm screwed up.' Before she could think any more she heard her friends calling out.

"Hey Applejack! Hey Fluttershy!" Twilight seemed surprisingly happy for some reason. "I'm book free yay! Going to be so much fun!" Twilight continues clapping her hooves together.

Rarity took her smile of Twilight and looked over to the two new comers. She trotted over to Applejack to whisper into her ear. "You two are cute together." Before winking to Fluttershy and trotting back around Twilight.

Applejack was suddenly shocked. 'What did she mean, how could she tell ah was hitting on her was it that obvious?' She gazed down at Fluttershy, hanging her head even more shy than usual, and heavily blushing. "Flutter?" Applejack finally managed to say another word. "Are ya, do-"

"Oh look the party we should go in, let's go in, we should ermm go in yes?" Fluttershy was obviously avoiding answering the question she was about to be asked.

The avoidance only makes Applejack wonder more. 'Is it possible, does she like me? Well she's avoiding it, but she's shy, that's how she is right? She isn't rejecting me, right? Ah mean I haven't really asked her out yet or told her, but ah think...'

"Right!" a sound cuts Applejack's thoughts short. "On!" Everypony gazed into the sky at the blue blur coming down with surprising speed. "Time!" Rainbow Dash yelled as she landed full speed at the floor, to her dismay the unlucky pegasus landed on the trampoline below Pinkie's window and got rejected back into the air "Ahhhhhhh...."

"Hey girls!" Pinkie Pie bounces from inside the door. "Did I just hear Rainbow Dash?" Pinkie looked around scanning the area. Nope seems not! Ah well! Come on in the parties ready to start!" Soon after saying that Twilight, the first in line is stopped by Pinkie's hoof. Which held a scroll.

Twilight knew already giggling awkwardly what Pinkie had somehow stumbled across, before it unrolled before her eyes. "Hey Pinkie, hey, ermm, where did you get that." Pinkie's eyes were very serious. "Okay I can explain you see-"

A loud crash broke everypony from their thoughts "Oww." Rainbow Dash landed rolling into the ground, unable to get into a good position after the trampoline event, gravity eventually kicked in and stopped her. "Hey girls...oww...I'm fine don't worry about me" Dash slowly got up, she was bleeding a little, bruised and shaken up, but nothing looked broken. "I got here on time anyway.... oww..." She trailed off reaching down to her flank which seemed to hurt.

Rarity's mind suddenly sprung an idea. "Okay everypony inside, I'll go grab the first aid kit." She looked over to Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie you can make sure Rainbow Dash is in good health okay!" Rarity purposefully ended without making it sound like a question. 'If touching Rainbow isn't enough, her flank hurting is even better!' Rarity smiled to herself with the idea and went to fetch the kit.

Twilight sighed in relief as everypony went inside. Each looking at their friend with care. "I said I'm fine, don't worry about me! Go! Have fun! Oww... ahh my flank it-" Rainbow Dash stopped as a new feeling appeared, not the pain but a soft touch, it felt good. The wounded mare looked down to see Pinkie Pie rubbing the area Rainbow had previously been paying attention to outside. It was right next to her cutie mark, and it felt awesome.

"Dash" Applejack was standing in front of her, the pegasus could see a mix of seriousness, worry, care and love in her eyes, but not the same type of love as last time they spoke. She felt happy knowing Applejack was finally talking with her again. "Dash ya feeling okay? Y'all are moaning, hit ya head?"

Dash suddenly remembered where she was, in front of her friends, and she was enjoying Pinkie's touch. "Ermm yea sorry guess I  hurt myself a bit worse than I thought heh. I'm fine though really." Hoping no one noticed what she was really up to. Luckily it seemed no one, other than Rarity who came back with a large grin did.

"Here you go Rainbow, bandages painkillers." Rarity leaned into her wounded friend to whisper. "Best not take them if you want to feel all of Pinkie Pie." She returned to speak to her friends again, noticing the large blush in Rainbow's face as she continued. "Disinfectant, ice...smoothies..." She looks down at Pinkie who just smiled. "Well...I guess they will work as ice packs. Also some other boring stuff." She gave the kit to Pinkie Pie who begins to pull everything out and play with them.

"Silly medical string!" Pinkie gazed up at Rarity to see the older mare staring back. "Fine." She stopped playing and turned her attention to Rainbow Dash. "You aren't that hurt Dashie, but don't worry I'll take good care of you!" She gave Dash a quick hug.

Pinkie moved away before Dash could get her leg around her. She couldn't tell mostly due to the annoying pain whether Pinkie was just hugging her as she was injured, or as she wanted to hug her, but not in front of her friends. This was annoying, she could never tell Pinkie Pie, she was always so random and spontaneous, Rainbow loved that, but it was impossible to figure out if she should go and kiss her right now or not. 'Let's face it, I had no plan to begin with, I had no plan coming as I was late, and now I'm injured and being helped by her. She's taking care of me, she's...dominating me. That's always what happens in my dreams, and this isn't a dream, that much is clear from the pain.' Dash was thinking hard while Pinkie was applying bandages. 'She's...she's top, Pinkie is doing everything, I'm putty in her hooves. This isn't right I'm meant to be top, I'm meant to do everything. I am the fast, strong, powerful... pony...' Dash suddenly felt something hit her, harder than the ground had just done. 'Pinkie's touch is calming, I don't feel pain. She...she cares for me. All those times she took control in my dreams, she was making me feel good. It was never about her enjoyment it was about mine. And when I was on her I...I wasn't pleasing myself, I was pleasing her. I.' Dash wasn't noticing Pinkie's touching any more, being completely lost in thought. 'I don't just want her, I, I love her...' Time passed by while Rainbow Dash reflected, she never knew her feelings until now. Fantasies flew through Rainbow Dash as she was being bandaged up, and the smile she formed on realising her feelings stayed with her for the rest of the treatment.
The ponies make their way to Pinkie Pie's 3 Weeks Party, that starts of badly with an accident which makes Rainbow Dash think about her feelings.

3 Weeks Party:
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3 Days Regret:
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RainbowPie and AppleShy in this part. Hinted RariTwi

The party turned out to be to long for one part, part 3 continues with the events of the party.

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My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro(c) and Lauren Faust.
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Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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Ragnarokia Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Big Mac looks after his sister's well being. The story sort of flows through the stages of the relationships as they came. There is both the sweet innocent kisses and eventually making love when they are comfortable to do it, so I am glad you picked up on me using a mix of things to make sure it stays romantic.
Feuring Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012
Hey found something: 11th paragraph after the 7th break (--), there's no quotation mark (") starting Pinkie's sentence after she scans the area for RD. But on another topic, I love your fan fic; i can't stop reading it.
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks I just made the change, and glad you enjoy reading them :)

There are other problems with these early chapters also since I haven't gotten around to proof reading them again lately, but will solve them all when I get around to them to make it better to view in the future.
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