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August 13, 2011
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Celestia's Sun was slowly rising over Ponyville, almost every pony was seemingly still asleep, that was except for the lone light shining out from a bedroom window of Sugar Cube Corner. Inside sat a pink pony, playing with plush versions of her friends.

"No one can defeat my power I know all your weaknesses with my super brain!" Mimicked Pinkie Pie moving a  miniature Twilight Sparkle. "You may know everything from books, Nightmare Sparkle! But you didn't know that's a fake book!" She said while trotting Rarity around in a circle. "What, my super brain cannot handle this no book cannot be correct!" Replied the Twilight plush. "The being weak to a Sonic Rainkick was actually YOUR weakness you told us all!" Replied a worn looking Rainbow Dash as Pinkie threw the Rainbow plush at Twilight knocking her into the wall as Pinkie yelled "Nooooo not again, Super Dash!" "Weeeee you did it Dashie!" Yelled Pinkie holding a smaller version of herself bouncing with it up and down. "I knew you would save me again Dashie your my hero!"

As Pinkie Pie stopped bouncing around the table she brought the two toys of herself and Rainbow Dash together and started to make them kiss. Her eyes calmly looked on as the two were making their loving embrace. Pinkie then let go of her small version self letting it drop onto the table, as the pink pony brought up the image of Rainbow Dash to her face, and began kissing it herself. A minute passed before Pinkie Pie regained her composure and noticed a loose thread in her mouth. "Oh, not again Rarity is going to be so upset that I keep ruining Super Dash."

BWEEP BWEEP BWEE- Pinkie Pie quickly threw her hoof over the alarm clock to stop Mr. and Mrs. Cake from waking. The pink pony grew a smirk across her face and reached over to a secret drawer under her table. Pulling out a list of five ponies each with a photo to match and a brief description, Pinkie grabbed a red pen in her mouth and circled the image of Twilight Sparkle. "Time for action, Pinkie Pie style." Said the party pony with a surprisingly serious expression on her face. She threw the list, the damaged plush, and some concealed supplies into her saddle packs, tossed them over her back, and leaped out the bedroom window.

Pinkie landed on a trampoline she had set up in the night, and after enjoying herself for a few more bounces she remembered her task and jumped away from the fun, which gave her a slight frown. Pinkie looked around making sure all those who could see her were still asleep, then crept towards the Library to her target. The violet mare, Twilight Sparkle.


Twilight lay in bed still asleep, muttering the names of several books and something about how they weren't correct. The violet mare opened her eyes slightly looking towards the slowly rising sun. She thought about Princess Celestia for a few seconds before her eyes fell shut again.


Twilight opened her eyes again to the annoying sound seeming to be coming from the door, that wasn't a normal knock, who would ever knock like that? How could she get any sleep knowing someone had never read up on door manners? "Arghh!" Yelled Twilight annoyed by her own ideas, and the noise at the door wouldn't cease. "Ok I get it! I get it someone's there, it's early but. I get it stop it!" The sound was unrelenting, not loud but very annoying to Twilight's ideals of knocking. Twilight came down to the door at last and began to open it. "Be quie-"

"SURPRISE!!!!!" Yelled at top volume by a pink mare throwing her face into Twilight's own, topping it off with several party poppers detonating into Twilight's vision and streamers seemingly flying out of no where.

"AHHHH" screamed Twilight as her horn shot off a burst of magical energy on it's own into the apparent threat, throwing Pinkie Pie backwards with a flip onto her knees. Upon noticing what happened and noticing Pinkie kneeling down Twilight quickly rushed over and apologised "Oh Pinkie I'm so sorry I didn't know it was you, well I should have guessed it was you, but I didn't I'm so sorry are you hurt?" With genuine concern in her voice.

About 2 seconds of silence passed at which point Pinkie leaps up onto her hooves with a "Nope." She then bounces around Twilight who is still in a state of shock "I have to say that's the best reaction I have gotten from you YET! I mean last month with the books pinning me against the wall when you saw me in your mirror was great to but that flip was AMAZING!"

Twilight gave a weak laugh in an attempt to conceal her awkwardness, she loved Pinkie's personality and humour as much as all her friends, but even after all these months she could still find no books to ever give an accurate description of what she was. Fun? Random? Invasive? Nothing fully explained why the pink pony was always like this. Twilight suddenly remembered Pinkie Pie bouncing around her and asked "Why are you here? Other than to shock me?"

"You mean shock ME" Replied Pinkie without missing a beat. "Oh right I almost forgot I was having so much FUN! Here this is for you!" Pinkie pulled out a letter from her saddle pack with her mouth. "n inviaton ust fr u" She tried saying before Twilight pulled it out with her telekinesis.

Twilight magically opened it in front of her and began to read it. "An invitation, to a party?" and gave a sigh. "I should have guessed." Twilight continued reading "To celebrate not having a party with all of us there for 3 weeks, I mean come on girls why haven't we had one this is silly, and not the good kind of silly, the bad kind of silly, the silly that shouldn't happen. We will have this party tonight at 9 just the 7 of us and we" Twilight stopped "7 Pinkie?"

"No silly, one me." Replied Pinkie.

"I mean who is the 7th?" Questioned Twilight, unknowing whether Pinkie was joking or was serious about her last statement.

"Oh that would be Gummy of course!" Finalised Pinkie Pie with an air of victory.

"...Pets don't count in...oh forget it" Twilight continued reading the invitation not wanting to have an argument she couldn't win with actual logic. "At 9 just the 7 of us and we can play games and sing songs and dance and eat cupcakes and drink ermm stuff and and and stuff, it's going to be GREAT!" Twilight finally reached the end of the surprisingly long description. "Ok great Pinkie I'll see you then." Twilight slowly retreated into her house waiting to be able to close the door.

"GREAT!" Yelled Pinkie Pie, oblivious to the still early morning. "I'm going to go let the others know, I let you know first as you said you always like to know first for some booky reason but whatever see you tonight Twilight!" With that said Pinkie shot off to the Carousel Boutique to meet Rarity.

Twilight finally got the door closed, and with only a second of breathing yelled "SPIKE!" Spike, who was luckily already awake and coming due to the previous yelling between the two ponies, sat down in front of Twilight, looking at his mother figure. Yawning the baby dragon still clearly wanted to rest more, but Twilight needed something first. "Spike, quickly send some letters!"


Rarity was lying in bed, her face covered by a mud mask and her eyes each concealed by a slice of cucumber. Her purple mane done up with curls and her white coat glistening after a recent wash with many soaps. The beautiful mare lay down with the aroma of incense burners filling her room. Rarity felt at peace.


Or at least, she felt at peace before somepony rudely interrupted her during her beauty time. Rarity called. "We aren't open yet come back in a few hours." This didn't seem to be heard by whoever was still banging away at the door downstairs. Reluctantly upon realizing she could never enjoy herself with this racket she removed the cucumber from her eyes and trotted down to the door of her shop, Rarity began to open the door. "Please come bac-"

"SURPRISE!!!!" Yelled Pinkie Pie waking Sweetie Belle upstairs, who gave a little stretch before deciding to give Cutie Mark Crusader Spying a go.

Rarity stood still for a small moment before sighing and speaking in her calming, yet serious voice. "Pinkie Pie, I was having a relaxing time before you, interrupted."

"Oh, but I got you this invitation. You know if you want to come and..." Pinkie's usual humorous voice trailed off.

Rarity was concerned, she knew this wasn't like Pinkie Pie, even with being talked down like she just did, Pinkie never took it to heart. What could she... "Oh I see." Rarity suddenly understood why Pinkie Pie was upset. "Come inside I'll have a look at Super Dash."

Pinkie Pie followed Rarity inside and opened her saddle pack, she took out several party related objects until she came across the toy that always brought a smile to her face. She gently pulled out the Rainbow Dash plush and handed it to Rarity, who waited a few seconds until Pinkie released her grip of the toy from her mouth. "I'm sorry, I did it again." Spoke Pinkie Pie.

Rarity glided the toy slowly onto her workbench with her magic, she looked down at the worn out plush and grew a beautiful smile. "Don't be sad Pinkie Pie, even my great thread work can't compete with the strength of love." Rarity slowly began stitching the worn out threads back into place as she looked back at the pink pony sitting down with her head facing the floor. "It won't take long, she isn't hurt." Half a minute passed and Rarity shouted happily "Finished! She's as good as new." and gave the toy back to Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie's face shot up and she bounced into the air hugging Super Dash. "Thank you so much Rarity! She's as good as ever! I won't do it ever again I promise!" Pinkie Pie sat down and continued to cuddle the miniature Rainbow Dash.

Rarity looked over to Pinkie Pie and smiled at the site, she loved the thought of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash being together, since even before Pinkie Pie brought the plush back for it's first, of many, repairs. "Have you told her yet?" Asked the beautiful pony in a caring tone.

Pinkie was silent for a few seconds before replying. "Not yet" Pinkie talked in a low voice. "I don't know, what Dashie thinks. What if she doesn't..." Pinkie trailed off.

Rarity placed a hoof over Pinkie's shoulder. "You're a good pony, and Rainbow Dash likes you as we all do. She doesn't show off her feelings as it's her nature, she has to keep her cool. But I am sure if you ask her, you will find out for sure." Rarity said calmly, and finishes. "Besides, she is the element of Loyalty, no matter what the outcome, nothing will be worse, only better." Rarity moves her hoof to lift Pinkie's face to meet her eyes. "Trust me, I know how these things go".

Pinkie smiles and replies "Ok, I'll think of a way to say it, Pinkie Pie style!" With that said Pinkie leaps up off her chair, smiles again at Rarity and shoots off to her next destination at Sweet Apple Acres to meet with Applejack.

Rarity's smile slightly fades as she looks at herself in the mirror of the shop. "If only I followed my own advice" A mysterious smoke appears through the still open door and forms into a note falling into Rarity's hooves, as she opens it up it says only 4 words "Warning Pinkie Pie Invitation" Rarity holds the note close to her heart. "Oh Twilight, why must you always be so late in my life..." Rarity trails off closing her eyes.

Sweetie Belle stands quietly on the stairs looking at her sister and wipes away the tears from her eyes "I hope she likes you, Sis. You deserve it." She whispers as she heads back to her room.


Applejack was lying on her stomach over some bags of seeds in the barn. She wasn't asleep, the roosters already woke her up when Celestia first rose the sun, as much as it usually annoyed the work pony, the last few weeks they just didn't get to her as much. The orange mare just stared at the sky through a window, and gave a weak sigh. Applejack was never one to show her weaker emotions, even when she really could do with a good cry. Two weeks ago she finally brought herself to admit she had feelings for Rainbow Dash, to the blue pegasus pony herself. Rainbow Dash, being as good of a friend to Applejack as she was didn't hold this against her, however Applejack still remembers the words Rainbow Dash said.

"I like you AJ, I really do, you're a great friend, but, but I'm sorry, I like another mare..."


Applejack's flash back cut short when a note fell onto her hat. "This better be good" With a sigh Applejack began to open the letter when she noticed a noise coming from the door. "Ya be one at a time!" Applejack responded slightly annoyed, she began to read the note "Warning Pinkie Pie Invitation" Applejack suddenly became alert knowing what was waiting for her behind the barn door. Applejack prepared herself, then opened the door.

"SURPRISE!!!!" Pinkie yelled at Applejack's face mixed with several exploding party poppers and streamers landing in her yellow mane. Pinkie looked at Applejack who had a surprisingly calm expression about the surprise. "Hmm, well I'm glad you didn't respond like Twilight I don't think I could take an apple bucking!" Pinkie giggled to herself.

"So ah take it y'all have an invitation for me?" Applejack asked getting to the point.

"Hmm, oh yea right, your right! Your right? How can you be right? It's a surprise? Your right about a surprise right? Or was the right a surprise of the surprise right-" Pinkie continued.

"Ah just guessed ok, guess ah was right" Applejack tried to calm Pinkie's detective sense.

Pinkie pulled out the invitation from her pack and passed it between mouths to Applejack. "You feeling ok Applejack?" Pinkie could sense the sadness coming from her friend. "I can stay for a bit if you like, we can talk and prank and-"

"That's not needed Pinkie, please just go finish ya invitations" Replied Applejack with a fake smile.

It was always easy to tell when Applejack was lying, as the Element of Honesty she was never good at it. Pinkie knew she was hurting but knew it would be best to leave her if she didn't want her there. "The party will be good, lots of fun, I'm sure you will love it!" Pinkie made sure to remember to make it especially fun for Applejack tonight. "Well, off to Fluttershy, see you tonight Applejack!"

Applejack sighed to herself and placed the invitation in her hat. "Thank ya for trying Pinkie." She then went to lie back down and thought about Rainbow Dash again. "So ya love another pony..." Applejack took out the invitation again and looked at it. "Ah haven't talked to ya for real since that day. It's about time ah did. Ah miss ya Rainbow. As much as ah love ya, ah want you to be happy with the pony who makes ya happy. Ah love ya enough for that." Applejack sighed and placed the invitation back. Her friendship was to good to waste.


Fluttershy was wide awake, and perched on top of a bookcase in her cottage. The shy yellow mare was in a state of shock and her pink tail was whipping side to side as she sat there, staring down at her attacker. Fluttershy was sitting quietly reading one of her 'special orders' from Twilight's library, when out of no where a cloud of smoke had emerged and dropped onto her mane as a scroll. Fluttershy hadn't moved an inch in several minutes since the attack, even with Angel Bunny motioning many times at the scroll for her to get down and read it. "No, I'm fine up here." was the only words Fluttershy spoke, and quietly at that.

"Surprise." Pinkie Pie said softly as she entered the never locked door of the cottage, even Pinkie Pie knew not to shock Fluttershy, even though this got about the same reaction the previous one had gotten from Twilight, as Fluttershy dived behind a couch.

"Oh Pinkie It's you, I'm sorry I thought you were another scroll." Fluttershy said in a low tone as she slowly got out and walked behind Pinkie Pie for safety.

"It's just a scroll Fluttershy! Oh I wonder what it reads!" said Pinkie as she grabbed the scroll and opened it.

"Oh no you shouldn't do that it's probably private for me..." Fluttershy's words were barely audible by the end of the sentence.

"Warning Pinkie Pie Invitation?" Pinkie thought about this for a few seconds before pocketing the evidence. "Oh that reminds me here Fluttershy I have an invitation for you! Meet up at Sugar Cube Corner at 9 tonight! Don't forget!" Pinkie Pie reached into her pack and gave the invitation to Fluttershy. Pinkie started to bounce to the door and said very happily even for Pinkie Pie level "Now It's time for Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie Pie then runs off to Ponyville to get her balloon.

Fluttershy looks at the invitation, before realizing the scroll was gone. "Oh, no Pinkie took that letter didn't she?" Fluttershy asks Angel Bunny, who just sits there with his paw to his face.


Rainbow Dash lay rolling in her bed of clouds with her eyes closed. She had already swatted away an annoying scroll that landed on her in the middle of an awesome dream and was trying to get back  to sleep. The blue pegasus pony tossed and turned many times, half asleep, she was desperately trying to get back to the point of the dream she was so rudely interrupted at.

The door of her cloud mansion began knocking, this annoyed Rainbow Dash even more as she went to open the door. "urgh how can I get back to making out with Pinkie if ponies keep-" She stops in amazement as Pinkie Pie stood there in a balloon looking Dash in the eyes. 'Oh no did she hear'  Dash began to panic. "Ermm Hey Pinkie I er, say good seeing you how about, ermm we-" Dash voice was stopped again, this time by Pinkie's mouth covering hers.

After what seemed like an eternity that was probably only 10 seconds Pinkie broke out from the one sided kiss and gently commented. "I thought you wanted to make out Dash, not make me do all the work."

With this said, Rainbow Dash felt slightly insulted. "Hey you were the one that did it, I could have but you did! So what was I to do?"

"I thought you were the best pony Dash, yet you get dominated by me." Pinkie seemed to be begging to get Rainbow Dash to respond.

Dash did respond jumping at Pinkie Pie and landing in the balloon she lay on top of her holding her into the basket "You wanted the best and I am the best! There's no way YOU can dominate ME, You're MINE Pinkie!" Pinkie lay on her back with a very satisfied grin, she got exactly what she wanted, and Dash knew this to. Rainbow Dash was going to finally get what she dreamed of for so long.


Rainbow Dash awoke kissing her cloud pillow. "Urgh it was a dream AGAIN!" Dash slowly got up and made her way to the door, she saw the scroll lying on the floor she swatted away earlier and gave it a kick into the kitchen and continued to the door. "Why can't I ever just open this door to Pinkie for ONCE, I just want to-"

"SURPRISE DASHIE!!!!!" Pinkie Pie was floating in her balloon in front of Rainbow Dash, with the streamers and party poppers all blowing Dash's direction, Pinkie had a huge smile on her face.

Rainbow Dash finally got what she wanted for so many weeks of dreaming, she knew for a fact she wasn't dreaming this time, as her dreams are always surprising in a sexual way, not from being blasted in the face. But her heart was already racing from the shock as well as her dream. Dash had no idea what to do. The blue pony thought of kissing Pinkie Pie, but didn't know how Pinkie felt, she couldn't do that and risk ruining everything! 'Oh Celestia why does this have to be so awkward' Dash thought to herself.

"Here Dashie, I got this for you." Pinkie picked up the invitation in her mouth and leaned over to Rainbow Dash.

'This is it!' Dash thought to herself 'A sly kiss while she's giving it to me, awesome idea!' Dash leans in to Pinkie and drifts her mouth over the invitation, and touches Pinkie's mouth. Pinkie opens her mouth in surprise leaving the invitation to drop to the ground. "Darn it I'll get it!" Dash says as she flies down and catches it mid air. "Damn it Dash, you ruined it!" She says to herself, and flies back up to Pinkie Pie's balloon. "Sorry Pinkie I-"

"That was awesome Dashie! I mean how you caught it mid air it was great I always love how you do stuff like that, I-" Noticing what word she used Pinkie suddenly stopped talking, did she say to much?

"heh yeah I am awesome of course. So Pinkie ermm, I...I'll be sure to come to the party it will be awesome, maybe even more than me!" 'I hope it will be' Dash only thinks the last part, smiling and blushing slightly at Pinkie, who is returning the same looks.

"yes the party will be even more awesome than you Dashie and that's saying a lot, please don't be late, it won't be the same without you!" 'Nothing will be' Pinkie thinks to herself. With the makeshift goodbyes sorted they leave, knowing they will see each other again at nightfall.

Rainbow Dash closes the door slowly when Pinkie Pie's balloon leaves view. The pegasus fell to the floor holding the invitation to her chest and looks up to the sky. "Tonight, tonight I'll kiss her."

As Pinkie Pie looses sight of the mansion she falls to the floor of the balloons basket. She thinks about all the party ideas, and picks out one in her mind with a smile. "Tonight, tonight I'll kiss her."
Pinkie Pie heads of to send invitations for a new party, one that will leave none of her friends untouched.

3 Weeks Party:
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3 Days Regret:
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Part 4 [link]
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Part 8 [link]

RainbowPie so far. Other hinted shipping and more to come.

I had planned to do the party as well in this, but didn't realize how long just the invitations lasted. Estimated 4 parts.

Please leave a comment after reading.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro(c) and Lauren Faust.
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BoneSatellite Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
So Twilight, her five friends of the same species/gender, and a pet are invited to a unique party while her closest and most supportive companion just gets used as a fax machine. Okay.
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Spike is always happy to finally get a night of peace and quiet away from Twilight's constant requests for books at all hours of the night.
Applejack2011 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
I saw this on fimfiction too.
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nice to see it gets seen on that site then, I tend not to get as many views over on there as I do on here, hope you enjoy it.
MLPAlways Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
(ive recently joined Deviantart, mostly to read and see, then...comment) this is so good,i love the thought of Rainbowpie and the two of them kissing so cute! Also how Rarity has something for Twilight, how cute. I love MLP FanFic's
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I am happy that you chose to take an interest in this story when you joined. Pony romance is indeed very cute.
MLPAlways Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012
im glad i did too, you are a very good writer, have you thought of being an author someday? you should think about it. And yes, pony romance is quite cute, thank you!! for writing this, or else... i would have never read it haha.
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I have thought about getting into writing since it is the thing I am best at, I plan on working on some original work in a few years when my experience grows, thank you for taking interest in that also.
Pony romance always makes me happy to write or read or look at, adorable love.
snafflesnomsyaoi001 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
Needs moar PinkieShy.
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
In this story the focus is more on other pairings, but they are still great friends.
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