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October 29, 2012
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Nurse Redheart sat characteristically silent in the equally quiet reception of Ponyville's large, but mostly vacant hospital. The caring mare finished compiling the files of last weeks patients, once again filing the majority of the cases under mass paranoia, this time from the use of the word 'virus' in one of the Mayor's speeches. As the nurse closed the drawer she felt an all to familiar invasion nuzzling its way into her mane, breathing warm air across her pearly white coat. "Are you still on for Friday night?" The bold but comforting voice asked through the hairs.

"I don't remember hearing about another date." Redheart slowly turned her head to view the stallion smiling back at her. "Or accepting it for that matter."

Doctor Stable kept his gaze consistent, staring into the nurse's jewelled eyes. "I'll book us a table." The orange colt rose back to his hooves upon seeing his date blush before staring up at the clock, its barely audible ticking filling the silent room. "I take it they still aren't here yet?"

"Very perceptive, Doctor." Redheart stated awarding a smirk from the unicorn.

The sudden opening of the main doors brought an abrupt end to the Doctor's reply, turning to face the approaching group of six ponies and growing a smile upon noticing the obviously overacted expression on Applejack's face. "Talk of the problems." He commented quietly to his partner before speaking up to the new arrivals. "Welcome back! And I see you brought some more injuries for us." Stable locked his attention on the earth ponies leg. "And some old injuries I see."

Applejack's large smile did little to hide her guilt for breaking the doctor's crutch. "Hey Doc, it's feeling a lot better now, ah thank ya for the help and-"

"I do remember saying to wear the crutch for a few days, I don't recall twenty four hours being classified as a few days." The doctor tapped his hoof against the grip of the crutch around her shoulder, staring down at the missing, and noticeably broken off support. "I also remember it being longer than this."

"Well, yea, ya see."

"Pinkamena Pie and the hospital's very good friend Rainbow Dash, let's have a good look at you two then." Stable interrupted his patient's attempts to reply as he began to examine the newer, and less destructive patients. "Rainbow Dash's legs look to be broken, I can't notice any specific cuts or bruising initially due to the high quantity of bandages coating her." Pinkie and Fluttershy blushed awkwardly to the mention of their hoof-work. "As a whole stable, as for Pinkamena Pie, body free of injury as for her face." The doctor rose to examine the cut across Pinkie's eye, softly stroking nearby while identifying the fluids around the injury. "Deep cut across the left eye, looks previously disinfected with no signs of infection." The unicorn withdrew from his examination, passing Redheart who finished noting the doctors words onto her notebook. "We have a room already set, follow me please."

Rainbow shook her head as the nurse brought over a wheelchair, favouring the comfort of her friends to help her move. As the party slowly made their way to the room Twilight failed to withhold her growing curiosity. "Twilight dear, is something on your mind?" Rarity's sweet voice broke the unicorn from her trail of thought.

Twilight smiled in reply seeing her lover's caring face. "No, it's just weird that they acted like they expected us. I mentioned a little yesterday, but I didn't say anything about Pinkie or Rainbow, and he didn't examine you or Fluttershy for injuries."

"In here please." Redheart stated with a smile, waiting for the patients and guests to enter.

Rarity turned to smile at her partner before trotting inside. "I wouldn't worry about it dear."

Twilight sighed quietly in recognition, entering closely beside her lover. Knowing she would be unable to stop pondering it until she found the answer.

Rainbow was relieved to be brought into her usual suite, being lowered by her friends onto the bed that she had called her home on many occasions. "Home sweet home." The pegasus opened the nearby drawer of the night stand to bring out her usual trusted ball, tossing it into the air with her right hoof, before failing to catch it as it returned to the bed.

"Let's have a closer look of you Rainbow Dash, we just need to get rid of these bandages first." Stable moved his hooves over the mare's body, causing her to recoil to the foreign touch. "If you like I can have the nurse remove them?"

"Oh can I?!" Pinkie stated happily standing beside her lover. staring at the doctor with a hopeful smile.

"You aren't really a certified nurse Pinkamena." Pinkie's eyes grew large and tear filled, her mouth sobbing and her ears drooping, her expression growing more sad my the second until the doctor could no longer take it. "Okay, you can remove her bandages but do it carefu-"

"YAY! This is going to be so fun Dashie!" Pinkie leaped onto the bed pinning her girlfriend down as she began tearing at the constricting bandages coating the pegasus' light blue coat, causing her to react in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Do remember you are undressing a wound, and not just a body 'nurse'" The doctor replied in partial horror, as appealing as the event was becoming, it was still a required medical action being performed incredibly poorly by untrained hooves. However fears of medical malpractice soon faded as the final bandages flew from the bed, revealing no added damage from the surprisingly ruthless but unquestionably helpful removal. "Okay, let's see what we have here..."

"Pinkie." The party pony gazed over to the actual nurse as she lowered herself from the bed, allowing the doctor to examine her girlfriend. Smiling happily upon hearing her less formal name. Redheart beckoned the patient over to a nearby chair while opening a small medical chest, drawing a cotton swab to the patient's eye.

Applejack broke the new silence with a loud yawn before looking over to the second bed, still remaining vacant. "Don't mind if ah do." She commented quietly before launching herself towards the clean bedding, awarding a soft giggle from Fluttershy who obediently followed her, hovering through the air rather than leaping, gently nudging herself between the workpony's strong legs.

"We'd appreciate it if you didn't break more hospital equipment." Stable stated neutrally before withdrawing from his examination. "Well the good news is everything should heal up fine Rainbow Dash, the bad news is those left legs are broken, and you know what that means?" He questioned with a knowing smile.

"I'm going to be stuck here for a few days?" Rainbow replied with a far less enthusiastic smile.

"Your usual as always." Rainbow's doctor replied with a rare expression of happiness, enjoying the presence of his recurring patient. "You know, you are very lucky to stave of serious injuries considering how often you keep breaking your bones."

"Yeah, thanks Doc." Rainbow exhaled in her usual frustration of being imprisoned within the confines of her medical cell.

"Don't worry Dashie! I'll be here with you." Pinkie's exalted voice almost knocked Redheart back as she finished cleaning her patient's cut, turning to face her superior to gain his attention. The doctor applied the finishing touches to Rainbow's new bandages before trotting over to his partner, exchanging whispers while examining the party pony's healing face.

After an uncomfortably long exchange the doctor finally spoke, keeping his gaze fixed on the renewing flesh. "The good news is your face will heal well, there is already healthy clotting across the entirety of the wound." Stable paused briefly before finishing his conclusion. "However I am afraid the expected speed of recovery will result in scarring across the deepest of the three cuts."

Pinkie frowned, making her way back over to her girlfriend for support. "I'm going to be ugly?"

"Of course not, you're hot." Rainbow gently stroked her partner's face softly reassuring her. "Nothing will stop you being hot, anyway it's small and cool so who cares if you have it."

"Rainbow Dash is correct, the scarring will be smaller than the current wound." The unicorn made his way back to his upset patient. "If you would prefer there is the option of a tissue transplant, we can take some tissue usually from your inner leg and transplant it to your face, to cover the scarred area." The doctor's voice trailed slightly to the mention of the cosmetic procedure.

Pinkie shook her head to the notion of altering her body, before gazing into her lover's eyes for advice. "You don't need to change how you look , you're already beautiful, and besides looks don't care anyway." Rainbow stroked the beautiful pink face staring down at her building a smile as she spoke. "But that doesn't change the fact you are hot anyway, so it's even better!"

Pinkie giggled in response, snorting several times before calming herself to speak. "No, I don't want it. I don't care if it scars."

"A wise choice." Her response pleased the doctor as he made his way back to the door. "I dislike having to perform operations with no medical benefits." Upon reaching the door the doctor leaned against the solid frame, regaining his lost energy from the sleepless night as he silently watched his patients reminisce between themselves. Half smirking to the sight of the troubling workpony being examined by Redheart who was subtly performing a few more tests then were medically required for the orange mare's check-up.


The doctor waited patiently by the corridor, resting his hard worked body against the door as he watched his patients chat merrily about matters he had no personal interest in, but their tone alone brought comfort to the seasoned doctor who had feared a much worse atmosphere considering the circumstances. "Pinkamena." Stable's seemingly emotionless voice subtly cut through a lull in the mare's discussion, gaining the attention of the party pony as her friends continued to talk. "I need to talk to you."

Pinkie attempted to reply with a cheerful comment but instead found herself staring at a serious and almost grim face. The usually cheerful party pony replied with a silent nod, remaining by her partner's side.


Pinkie noticed her friends carrying equally confused expressions as she rubbed Rainbow's mane a final time before rising to her hooves. The earth pony cautiously made her way into the corridor as her doctor closed the door behind her. "Is Dashie okay? She can still walk again right? She isn't-"

"Rainbow Dash is healing well." Stable motioned his patient towards a waiting chair. "As are you, physically."

"Physically?" Pinkie questioned anxiously. "That was a long time ago, and Rainbow helped me through it."

"It isn't about your breakdown this time Pinkamena." Stable trotted back from a nearby water cooler with a cup in tow, he sat down beside his patient, levitating the plastic cup into her reach. He waited once more for her to calm herself with a slow drink before speaking. "I need to talk to you about what caused your injuries."

Pinkie hesitated to the question before managing to fake a reply. "I fell in the Everfree Forest."

The doctor held his patient's hoof to reassure her. "I was operating on a new patient last night, a gryphon, who goes by the name of Gilda."

"Is she all right?!" Pinkie almost screamed in fear to the thought of someone she knew, even her attacker being in pain.

"I'm afraid I can't divulge private details. But I am to believe you knew each other?"

Pinkie nodded her head, still being in visible shock to the news. "She's Rainbow's friend, is she okay?"

"This morning Gilda claimed she assaulted you, mentioning in detail a strike to your face." Stable allowed time for the injured mare to take in his words before speaking once more. "I am aware this is a hard time for you, but all we need from you is your testament."

"I fell in the Everfree Forest." Pinkie repeated quietly, looking back to the closed door to think of her friends.

"I understand how you must feel, but assault is a serious offence especially when it causes such injuries. Gilda has already admitted her actions. But we need your testament to punish her for her actions." Stable stared hopefully at his patient, her gaze still focused on the room, waiting for her delayed reply.

"...I fell in the Everfree Forest."

The doctor exhaled in defeat before gently patting his patient's back, helping to cheer up the determined pony. "Very well, we won't pressure you again, but if you ever change your mind make sure to talk to me." The unicorn raised to his hooves, watching as the party pony made her way back to the door with speed. "You can be too nice at times, Pinkamena. Not all deserve it."

Pinkie turned her gaze back to her doctor, attempting to smile in return before making her way inside the room, where the party pony was immediately greeted by concerned and caring faces. Rarity quickly trotted over to the emotional mare, rubbing her hoof gently across the crying face. "Darling you look distressed, whatever is the matter?"

Pinkie wiped her watering eyes against the unicorn's hoof, finally looking up through the glazed sapphire globes to her lover lying down silently staring back. She quickly made her way to the hospital bed, surrounding Rainbow with all her limbs, fearing the impact the news of her friend would bring.

"Keep the icepack close to your eye for a few more minutes, call me if you need anything." The nurse whispered to the lavender unicorn who replied with a knowing smile. As Redheart left the room the six mares were left alone in silence, until the distressed earth pony finally brought the courage to speak.

"I was just told Gilda is here." Pinkie looked into her lover's violet eyes, drawing on them for strength before continuing. "They were, operating, on her. Last night." There was a visible struggle in her partner's eyes as she heard the words, and an equally visible discomfort in the lavender mare as the news she was hoping to hide resurfaced. "He didn't tell me how she is, but she was able to talk."

"What did she say?" Twilight intervened without giving time to calm herself, awarding an aggravated glance from Applejack. Rarity watched her lover's reactions with a mixture of care and worry, noticing the emotional pain being hidden in her mind.

"Gilda said she attacked me, and he wanted me to confirm it." Pinkie felt her lover's hoof gently caress her mane, helping to comfort the both of them as she rested against her light blue chest. "But I couldn't do it. I didn't want her to be punished even further."

"She will keep bullying others!" Fluttershy yelled almost angrily before retreating behind her mane in regret. "I'm sorry. She just, she needs to be stopped." Applejack's strong legs tightened around the usually timid pegasus, desperate to give support to the pony she loved without letting her know what happened.

Rarity kept her sight focused on her girlfriend as she spoke. "I don't mean to be disrespectful, but surely being in this hospital has done that." The beautiful unicorn panned her eyes across to her the concerned rainbow pegasus before re-establishing her point. "Gilda causes us much trouble, but in the end she was still your friend, and she admitted what she had done. I can't say I would have kept her from justice myself, but I can understand Pinkie Pie's view." Rarity focused her gaze finally on her lover once more before finishing her thoughts. "I would say whatever happened to her changed her for the better."

The weight on Twilight's shoulder's felt ready to crush her as she looked sadly into her lover's knowing eyes, fearing the coming pain of hatred, fear, or worse rejection as the knowledge of her actions began to be known. "Rarity."

"It's okay Twilight dear, nothing you are able to do would make me stop loving you." The white mare pulled her partner closer, resting her worried face against her neck.

Fluttershy felt Applejack's stroking cease and a soft exhale of breath glide gently through her mane. "I'm sorry Flutter." Applejack whispered quietly into her lover's ear, knowing she had to do anything to keep her friend's rage a secret. "I asked Twilight to keep what she saw a secret. Ah didn't want y'all to know what I did to Gilda."

"Don't say it." Rainbow interrupted her rival, speaking for the first time in the discussion.

"I'm sorry sugarcube, but ah have no right to keep this from you, I have no right to pretend ah did nothing wrong."

"Applejack!" The wounded pegasus' voice clearly struggled to keep in her building cries, her words creaking from her dry tongue. "I can see your body, and Twilight's. Anypony can tell what happened but I know you. I know you would never hurt another unless you had no choice and Gilda..." Pinkie held Rainbow's body closer to her heart, partly muffling her words against the comforting sea of pink. "Gilda must have given you no choice, she never gave her victims a choice. Just please this is already too painful, don't make it any worse." her final thoughts almost fell on deaf ears as she buried her face deeper into her lover's coat. "I hate what she did, but she's my oldest friend. I can't just leave her."

"Rainbow please." Fluttershy hovered onto the bed to hold her best friend's hoof. "You need to let her go, you have given her too many chances, the number of times she has hurt us...hurt me. She doesn't deserve to keep making lives worse."

Rainbow failed to keep in her sadness, crying deeply from her partner's tear soaked chest as the truth swiftly burdened her down, pressing her even deeper against the closest source of comfort. The timid pegasus softly petted Rainbow's back, supporting her best friend's difficult decision. But as much as Fluttershy had waited for this moment, she could find no happiness in knowing her choice would cost her best friend the first friend she was ever able to make.


A golden hue radiated through the hospital room as Celestia's sun began to approach its final hours of the day, laying on and near the bed both pegasi and earth ponies sat quietly helping the rainbow mare to overcome the news and knowledge of having to lose her friend. The two unicorns however still remained on their hooves further away from their friends.

Rarity nuzzled against Twilight's lavender mare, enjoying her lover's soft coat subtly not wanting to gain attention from her friends. Though she would ordinarily put their wishes first the caring unicorn knew there was something else that was still being kept hidden, something which was threatening to tear at her lover's heart which only she could relieve. Rarity gently nudged her partner who's mind seemed vacant, pushing her towards the corner of the room away from her friend's senses. The beautiful unicorn raised her lips to her partner's ear, kissing it delicately before whispering inside. "Twilight dear, I know what is on your mind. That worry in your eyes is too strong for you to cope with alone."

"I'm sorry." Twilight responded before attempting to part company, finding her face caught in a levitation spell she gave in to the weaker magic, allowing her lover to scold her actions.

Twilight flinched as Rarity's hoof came closer, but no strike came, rather a gentle caring rubbing sensation passed across her newly crying face. "Twilight, I already told you, nothing you are able to do would make me stop loving you. Please let me share your pain, help me to get it off your chest."

The lavender mare paused shortly, staring into her lover's eyes before allowing herself to whisper her secrets to the mare she could truly trust. "I got scared. Gilda kept hurting Applejack, and then she hurt me. It, it hurt."

"Twilight." Rarity held her lover closer listening to her whispers, wanting nothing more than to support her.

"I thought of the pain me and Applejack felt, the pain she gave to the others. But then I thought of you. I couldn't help but think of you being hurt, it scared me." Twilight continued to cry holding her lover close, never wanting her to feel the pain she once thought about. Her emotions and words began to break as the single worst worry returned to her mind, praying silently for Rarity to not abandon her. "I was scared. When I regained conciousness Applejack was hugging me, and the room was...destroyed. Gilda was lying covered in blood, barely breathing. I could remember what I did, but I couldn't control it! By Celestia I couldn't control my magic!"

Rarity held Twilight as close as possible, hugging her tightly as their friends watched from the distance. "Don't worry Twilight, I'll be by your side. I won't leave you with such things alone." Twilight's crying became more intense as she collapsed into her lover's hold. Rarity continued to softly pet her mate, firmly holding her in place, promising to protect her dear unicorn to never have to see her so emotionally broken again.

Pinkie continued to hug her lover warmly, resting their faces against each other as she noticed the unicorn's reactions. "Should we go and hug them?" She asked in her usual happiness loving tone awarding a small smirk from the rainbow mare.

"Nah its fine, leave the hugging until they are done with their own." Rainbow softly stroked her girlfriend's mane before finishing her sentence. "Twilight must have just owned up to beating up Gilda."

Applejack shook her head in response, being shocked by her friend realising the truth. "I already said ah was the one that hit her."

"AJ." the wounded pegasus looked over keeping the small smirk in her expression. "Considering I beat you in most of our fights I can't see you beating up a gryphon yourself, especially since I never could." Rainbow withdrew her smirking smile to the memories of Gilda getting more than carried away with their play fighting before looking back to the unicorns in the distance. "But Twilight...we've already seen what that egghead can do, she would never mean it and would never want it, but she has the power."

"Please don't hate Twi for what she did, Gilda almost crippled me for good and turned her attention on to Twilight, she didn't know how to fight. It was the only thing she could do and ya can see how much she regrets it!"

"I could never hate my friends." Rainbow's smile turned to one of happiness and care. "I understand what happened, you didn't have another choice, and I wouldn't even want to think of what would have happened to you if Twilight didn't respond as she did." The pegasus trailed off before looking back to the unicorns once more. "I couldn't hate that egghead for doing what I could never have the guts to do, to stand up against a known bully, who I knew was hurting my friends."

A bright glare shone through the window as Celestia's sun lowered further, shining brightly into Rarity's beautiful sapphire eyes causing her to recoil to the irritation it caused. As the brightness faded from her lenses she could see her partner's loving gaze smiling back at her, the final tears draining down her lavender cheeks which were soon wiped clean by pearly white hoof. Rarity turned her attention to the window as the golden hue descended from the day leaving a purple sky in its wake. "Twilight is always beautiful."

"But coming everyday, it is no Rarity." Twilight giggled to their choice of words, softly stroking her lover's hoof which previously dried her vulnerable face before speaking out to the pony of her life once more. "I lov-"

"Group hug!" Pinkie bombarded the startled lavender mare from behind collapsing her towards her mate, forcing their embrace to tighten a little too much for comfort.

Rarity joined wrapping her hooves around both mares as she smiled down to her slightly crushed lover. "I love you too dear." Soon after finishing her words of love Pinkie pulled both unicorns back to Rainbow's bed, throwing them against the injured mare causing a small cry of pain before apologising once more, bringing all her friends into a very forced but universally desired hug.

Merely a few seconds into the embrace the door swung open to the approaching presence of Doctor Stable returning levitating a tray of food towards the night stand. "It is good to see you are all recovering, but it is getting late and the visiting times ended over an hour ago." Nurse Redheart appeared through the doorway and slowly approached the injured mare's bed. "Rainbow Dash will never recover if you keep stomping all over her."

All Rainbow's friends except for Pinkie grew apologetic expressions as they rose from the bed, leaving Pinkie behind lying against her lover's injury free side with a deep frown looking ready to burst into tears. With a small sigh expecting this reaction Stable quickly moved to cheer his patient up. "Of course Pinkamena while we have a spare bed you can stay."

"YAY!" Pinkie threw her legs tighter around her partner, not moving to the previously mentioned bed, awarding another deep sigh from the overworked doctor who knew better than to try and keep them apart. "We are going to have so much fun!" Pinkie yelled exaltedly before noticing the doctor's stern gaze causing her to rethink her plans. "Hospital not bedroom, got it!" The party pony giggled warmly despite still wishing she could have both.

Stable turned to the other four mares standing near the occupied bed. "You can come visit her."


Stable halted shortly before continuing. "You can come visit them in the usual hours, though I think for the moment you best rest yourselves at home as you all still look very exhausted. Get a warm meal and rest for the night, and I said rest, not keep each other awake all night." The doctor smiled to his patients knowing about their relationships before leaving the room to check up on his other, less happy patients.

The four friends smiled shyly at each other before gazing back to the couple laying in bed staring back. "Well, we will see you tomorrow then." They waved before making their way to the door before a voice cut through the room.

"Don't forget what the doctor said, if we aren't allowed to you aren't allowed to!"

Applejack stroked Fluttershy's mane as she returned the smirking smile across the room. "Yea, later Rainbow."


Doctor Stable levitated the new X-rays  into the light, examining the renewed image before turning around to his patients. "It would seem like you have fully healed again Rainbow Dash, and if I got paid every time I said that line I would be a very rich stallion."

"So does that mean we can go home now?!" Pinkie questioned hopefully jumping to her hooves.

"I would recommend not doing strenuous activity for a few days, but other than that yes you are free to go."

"YAY!" Pinkie repeated once again as she threw herself around the startled doctor before grabbing her lover's leg. "Come on let's go!"

"Pinkie, no 'strenuous activity' remember?" Rainbow giggled before kissing her lover's pink forehead, rubbing her hoof through her cotton candy mane as she slowly rose to her hooves, rubbing her previously broken legs before cautiously lowering her weight onto them, sighing in relief as she began to trot around the room. "A good job as always Doc, thanks!"

"My pleasure Rainbow Dash, sign out with Redheart on the way out." The unicorn waited silently until the two ponies almost left hearing distance before finishing his farewell. "See you next month."

Rainbow laughed lightly to the idea of her breaking something as often as she did, trotting quietly down the silent hallway flank to flank with her partner. However just before reaching the reception area she noticed the hospital's signpost pointing to the various wards, reading the ward names the pegasus became filled with a deep sense of purpose, knowing there was something she had to do. "It's okay Dashie, I'll wait for you." She looked down to her partner smiling back at her, giving her the courage as she followed the signs.

After a lengthy journey Rainbow found herself standing before a recovery ward, and with great care slowly opened the occupied room. The room was dark save for strips of light leaking through the blinds, casting horizontal illumination over the occupied bed. The pegasus slowly trotted to the side of the bed with the sounds of the heart monitor beeping between each stride. Rainbow stood quietly beside the bed, hearing the deep breathing of her friend struggling beneath the sheets. "Hey."

The heavily injured gryphon kept herself facing towards the wall, not wanting to look the pegasus in the eyes as she struggled to reply. "Hey." Several minutes of silence passed with only the machines, breathing and occasional moan of pain bridging the gap between the next words. "Is she okay?"

Rainbow smiled slightly to her friend's first care of what happened to one of her victims. "Yeah, she's fine." The pegasus sat down on the vacant bed before continuing. "You told the doctor what you did."

A short pause fuelled by moans of pain followed as Gilda attempted to keep back how severe her injuries were. "After what I did, it's the least I could do."

"She refused to say you did it, saying you had suffered enough." Rainbow kept her sights on the dark figure beneath the sheets as she spoke.

The broken gryphon paused once more as she wondered why anypony would give her the mercy she never gave. "I don't deserve it."

"She thought you did, and that's all that matters. I hope you recover well." Rainbow rose to her hooves before trotting over to her bed ridden friend. Gazing down her broken body as she gently stroked the back of her head. "Goodbye Gilda." With a final slow stroke she turned to the door and slowly retreated from the bed.

"You deserve each other." Gilda struggled to keep back tears as her friend left her, knowing she had no right to complain about being left alone, not after what she had done. The broken gryphon managed to keep in her cries until she heard the door close behind her, signalling the permanent loss of the mare she loved.

Rainbow leaned back against the door as she closed it, her eyes welling up with tears as she gazed lovingly at the pink pony waiting loyally for her against the wall. The pegasus managed to wipe away some of her tears before making her way to her partner, to join in slowly trotting to more comfortable surroundings. "I'll miss Gilda."

Pinkie rubbed her neck against her lover's as they walked to comfort the emotional mare. "Losing a friend is always hard, but you have many friends, and four very close friends, and one very very very very very close friend. You aren't alone." Pinkie kissed the pegasus on the cheek before continuing. "Now let's go to the obvious surprise party they have set up for us!"

Rainbow stopped her lover in her tracks, rubbing a hoof gently across her mane, staring deep into her sapphire eyes to see her own reflected smile. "Yeah, it just wouldn't be a party without us." Rainbow pulled her lover's head closer as their lips parted to share a deep long awaited kiss.
After finally reuniting the mares make their way to Ponyville's Hospital to treat Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Therein they learn of Gilda's presence, which pushes Rainbow Dash to finally confront her friend as she wish she had so many years ago.

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RainbowPie, RariTwi and AppleShy shipping, with bonus StableHeart! All the ships!

There may be an extra part added to this for the next party, but as it stands this may be the end of the story.

Please leave a comment after reading.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro(c) and Lauren Faust.
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