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November 1, 2011
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Twilight Sparkle was woken by the light from Celestia's midday sun shining through the window, the intense light barraged her closed eyes stirring her from her sleep. The lavender pony was comfortable unlike most mornings, her back wasn't in pain as it was after nights spent on the floor of the library, but in fact felt massaged and soothed. Twilight enjoyed the feeling as she readied herself to sleep in, though it wasn't long until a new beam of light distressed her eyes again forcing her to wake. As her eyes opened the blazing light caused her to flinch, as her gaze began to come into focus the light resided behind a figure looming over her. Only a second passed before her eyes focused enough to make out the figure before her sight, a beautiful white mare sat by her side shielding her from the window's light. "Good morning Twilight Sparkle." Rarity said sweetly, brushing her hoof over Twilight's mane. "I was close to needing to say good afternoon." She laughed lightly continuing to pet her still sleepy fillyfriend.

Twilight slowly pieced together her lovers words, though she loved hearing her beautiful voice her mind still trailed behind still wishing it was asleep. "Good morning Rarity." Twilight smiled as she spoke, her smile soon turned sheepish as she finished understanding her final words. "I'm sorry I guess I overslept a little."

"Oh that's fine darling." Rarity continued petting Twilight as she continued smiling herself. "It was expected I did make you very exhausted." She finished staring into Twilight's violet eyes.

Twilight giggled awkwardly as memories of the previous night came rushing back. Her awkward giggles soon dispersed as she began blushing heavily thinking of what they did together. "It was, very, ermm tiring." The bookworm finally managed to speak, her knowledge still barely understanding the things her body did.

Rarity continued petting her lover, slowly rubbing her hoof past her mane to hold her face. "You were wonderful Twilight."

Twilight dived into her lover's legs bringing her into a hug as she finished her sentence. Though the details of the night were clouded by the passion and desire she felt all her bodies feelings rushing back, Rarity's hooves rubbing her body, her tongue licking at her sensitive areas. The sudden release of pleasure before she collapsed to sleep. Twilight could feel herself bursting into tears as she remembered everything she felt and loved. "It was wonderful, you were wonderful." Twilight began crying from happiness as she held Rarity close, her lover that made love to her. "I love you."

Rarity felt her tears escape as she hugged Twilight closely, she could feel her lovers heartbeat against hers, soothing both ponies as they continued their embrace. "I love you." She returned sweetly, gently rubbing Twilight's back inside the warm hug. Both ponies felt at peace.

Twilight wiped the last of her tears onto her partner's coat. "Thank you." She said happily, leaning up to kiss her lover's mouth. As they kissed Twilight recalled where Rarity's mouth had been. She was kissing the lips that met her own lower lips, her tongue that licked inside her danced with her own wet tongue. When their lips finally parted their smiles remained to shout their love for the further connection of their kiss.

Twilight yawned still slightly groggy from her lengthy sleep. "Still sleepy?" Rarity asked jokingly. Twilight nodded slightly as she yawned again, Rarity couldn't help but love her fillyfriend's cute yawns. "I shall make us some tea." The beautiful mare said as she rose to her hooves, hugging her lover as she made her way to the bedroom door.

"Thank you." Twilight called out as Rarity left the room. Twilight was now alone with only the distant muffled sound of ponies in the streets to keep her company. She lay down resting her head on the pillow of Rarity's bed, the pillow and sheets smelt of her which Twilight laughed at slightly realizing the obvious reason why. As she heard the sound of a kettle boiling downstairs she took advantage of the time to grab the sheets closely, brushing her face against the beautiful aroma.

"Enjoying yourself Twilight?" Rarity happily asked as she placed the tray holding two cups of tea and the remaining apple salad on the bed stand. Rarity giggled as Twilight reacted nervously to being spotted, she sat by Twilight rubbing her gently while giving her the same encouraging smile she gave to help Twilight first pleasure herself. Rarity's passion flared as her fillyfriend continued nuzzling the sheets, the very idea of Twilight loving her natural smell to such an extent made her feel even more loved.

Twilight broke from her trance as she felt Rarity nuzzling her in turn. "You can still smell the lavender perfume?" Twilight asked trying to smell any remaining perfume from their date on her coat.

Rarity stopped nuzzling her partner as she looked into her eyes. "Why are you smelling my sheets?"

"I, I like your, smell." The bookworm nervously admitted.

"I'm not smelling perfume Twilight." Rarity returned to rubbing her face along her partners chest. "There is one fragrance I love more than lavender, and that is yours." Rarity pulled herself away from her lover as she thought about her lovers aroma. "Oh, on that note I should run a bath for us."

As Rarity rose to her hooves for the second time to leave the room Twilight called out slightly worried. "I thought we loved how we smelled though."

Rarity turned around laughing lightly. "Twilight dear, we may love it but that doesn't mean the rest of Ponyville does." As she noticed her lover beginning to blush she continued. "Besides I am still a little, dirty, from last night." Rarity blushed herself entering the bathroom as thoughts of Twilight's passionate climax came rushing back, the very memory becoming a struggle for Rarity to not rush back to the bedroom and take her lover for a second time.

Twilight relaxed back on the bed as the details of Rarity's affection slowly returned, her hoof lowering itself towards her haunches. The sound of rushing water masking her delicate moans.

"Twilight." Rarity called out in a seductive voice causing the lavender mare to look over, still holding her hoof in place. "I believe you will be interested in how that feels in the water." She licked her lips as Twilight rose to her hooves and trotted happily into the bathroom. Rarity gently nudged her lavender flank inside as she closed over the door to keep both the steam, and their voices inside.


The rushing water stopped as a talon finished turning the cold tap closed, grasping the towel she swiftly dried her face before throwing the towel aside. The griffon looked up into the mirror, her face betraying the contempt she was hoping to feel. She returned her gaze to her still dripping talon who's only prey had been her own built up desires. "This isn't you Gilda." She told herself knowing how irritated she felt. "They are all just dweebs, foals, none of these ponies are cool enough for you." Gilda stared at her reflection managing to force herself into a grin. "Yea, I'd rather stick to my talon than have any of those weaklings." Behind her fake smile she knew how lonely she felt, but refused to allow herself to show any weakness.

Gilda left the bathroom of her rented house, it was a small earth pony building on the outskirts of Ponyville, but it was enough for the small duration she needed it for. The griffon looked out through the window into the distant streets, it was closing in to the middle of the day. "The day I'll get her." She thought to herself, pleased of her plan. As she continued staring out the window a mare couple in the distance shared a beautiful kiss. Gilda removed her sight in disgust as she began patrolling the room, looking at the time as she walked. "Only an hour, it took years but now there's no going back."

A crashing sound came from outside. "Oww, oh not again." Gilda already knew who the soft voice and crash belonged to as she opened the door quickly to state down at the little pegasus. "Gilda!" The postmare tried retreating slightly from her uncomfortable position but was unable to escape before the griffon's talons grabbed her, forcing her to her hooves.

"Hey Derpy." Gilda made sure to add emphasis to the insulting nick name, remembering how much she hated it back in flight school. "So you got me any letter from Dash?" She asked petting the quivering pony.

"There, there aren't any le-letters from her." Ditzy stuttered still fearing her old bully.

"What?!" Gilda tightened her grip onto the grey pegasus' coat. "You screwed up again?!"

Gilda's grip was hurting the weak pony as she tried replying. "No I ahh! I, I did! I posted the letter!"

"That's what you said LAST time!" She tightened her grip further until her prey's shoulder started to bleed.

"Please!" Ditzy began crying. "I posted it. I posted it." She finally felt relief as her bully's talon left her shoulder, yet her crying only increased as she felt the same talon pet her head.

"See? All it takes is honesty." Gilda let go of the postmare as she turned to head back inside. "But if Dash doesn't turn up I'll remind you just how friendly we used to be." Her tail slammed the door shut leaving the crying pony outside. Gilda sighed staring down at her talon, fresh with blood. "It's the only way they listen."

Gilda looked over at the picture on her table. "All the other ponies are weak. But not you." She gazed into the old school photo of her sitting happily beside a light blue pegasus. "They got in the way when I tried telling you last time, and that stupid party. But not this time." Gilda smiled staring at the pony. "This time nothing will get in the way, it's just me, and you."


Rainbow Dash slowly awoke feeling exhausted as she opened her eyes. Still half asleep she was confused by her unusual surroundings, she was in an earth pony house with the floors and walls covered in splashes of bright paint. She rolled over onto her back feeling the soft sheets and stared at the ceiling, upon noticing several streamers hanging from the light she quickly realized where she was. Rainbow threw her legs backwards as she lay flat on the bed, feeling herself warm up while recalling what she and her passionate pink fillyfriend did with each other in the same room. "You are so awesome." She laughed happily to her partner as she lay back drenched by pleasure.

"So are you Dashie!" The fun loving voice shouted from the opening door.  Rainbow looked over to see her lover entering the bedroom with a tray on her back. "That was really really really fun!" Pinkie Pie bounced forward joined by the sound of clashing from her tray.

"Oh." Rainbow looked down slightly. "I was sort of hoping you would be lying next to me when I woke up."

"Don't be silly Dashie." Pinkie lowered her tray next to the bed before looking sweetly into the blue pegasus' eyes. "I was sleeping by you, but somepony needs to get you breakfast. Or else you will never fall asleep second."

Rainbow Dash looked back up happily before giggling shyly. "Yeah, thanks babe."

"Oh it's not that bad Dashie." Pinkie replied energetically. "For somepony who never eats the most important meal you still lasted over a whole day! Who knows, you may even be able to outlast me if you eat it!" Pinkie started laughing before yesterdays memories overtook her, causing her to moan lightly staring into space.

Rainbow interrupted the awkward yet passionate silence as she looked down at the tray covered by a white cloth. "So, what did you make us for breakfast then?"

Pinkie broke from her trance and placed her hoof over the cloth. "Well I was thinking of something special and that gives loads of energy! As we spent so much you know?" She laughed happily noticing her lover staring into her eyes. "So I thought what better meal than a traditional Pinkie Pie breakfast!"

"Great! So what is-"

"Cupcakes!!!" Pinkie yelled happily quickly drawing away the cloth to reveal a tray of freshly baked blue and pink cupcakes.

Rainbow looked up questioningly at the party pony. "Cupcakes? For breakfast?"

Pinkie Pie nodded in approval. "Yeppie. I was thinking about muffins but realized cupcakes is far more special." Pinkie didn't seem to pick up on her lovers confusion as she grabbed a cupcake and gave it to her. "Here taste it! It's a special type I only make for super special occasions. And what could be more special than us!"

Rainbow Dash accepted Pinkie's gift despite it still seeming wrong for breakfast and she threw the pastry into her mouth. It was only upon doing this that she soon discovered it wasn't a pastry. Her face contorted as she tried chewing the cupcake before finally managing to swallow the delicious sweetness. "How, how much sugar did you put in that?"

"One hundred percent." Pinkie happily stated, she noticed Rainbow still panting from the intensity of sugar as she continued. "Melted sugar on the outside containing compacted sugar on the inside. It's really really nice and great for getting up in the morning!" Without a second thought the pink pony threw a cupcake into her own mouth, swallowing it almost instantly. "Oh, they really hit the spot!"

Rainbow laughed as she saw Pinkie finish of a third consecutive cupcake. "Ok I have no idea how you can eat those." She licked her lips as she noticed Pinkie's messy way of eating leaving sugar all around her mouth. "You missed a bit there babe. Well, a lot."

Pinkie noticed her lover licking her lips as she stared into her eyes. "I think I need help cleaning up."

Rainbow was more than happy to help, quickly launching herself towards the pink pony, crashing with her loudly into the floor where they both began laughing while holding each other close. A short while passed before Rainbow Dash finally broke eye contact, lowering her face to lick her lover's mouth.

A quiet knock on the bedroom door interrupted Rainbow just before her tongue descended below Pinkie's torso. "Girls your friends are waiting. Do that later." Mrs Cake's voice was polite and caring, yet to Rainbow Dash she still felt annoyed for her breaking apart their fun.

"Oh I almost forgot. Fluttershy and Applejack were downstairs when I came up I told them we would be right down." Pinkie sounded slightly upset for leaving her friends behind.

"Hey it's ok we haven't been at it long anyway." Rainbow replied, slightly upset herself at the very thing she said. As much as she loved seeing her friends right now what she really wanted was to make love to Pinkie Pie a lot more. "Let's go see them, they may have tips we can try out." She laughed remembering how much Fluttershy loved Applejack. "I really hope they did it."

"Of course they did!" Pinkie returned to her usual cheerful self as she raised onto her hooves. "Fluttershy is so cute I bet Applejack couldn't wait to get her in bed!"

Rainbow Dash rose alongside Pinkie Pie. "Yeah, that's just my worry, I hope she was ready for it."

Pinkie threw herself around her lover in a hug. "Applejack would never be bad to Fluttershy I bet they made love and they were happy about it!" Pinkie kissed Rainbow's coat as she hugged her. "I have a great idea! Let's ask them all about it!"

Rainbow laughed happily mixed with a few moans as she felt her lovers tongue trail against her coat. "I doubt they will tell us, but I'm definitely asking!"


"Y'all took ya sweet time." Rainbow Dash looked over happily to their usual table hearing her rival's voice. All the worries she felt were instantly replaced by joy seeing the sweet yellow pegasus resting in Applejack's strong legs. "We thought y'all weren't going to come down for another day." Applejack laughed to her comment as her friends finished descending the stairs and made their way over to the table.

"Yeah sorry we got a little, carried away." Dash gave a playful smile to Pinkie awarding a typically long laugh from the party pony.

The two newcomers finally sat down opposite the work pony who still held Fluttershy in a warm hug. "It's good to finally see y'all again, ya were to busy to join us yesterday ah take it?" Applejack boldly asked.

"Yeah, you could say that." Rainbow Dash placed her leg around Pinkie Pie, drawing her in for a hug which she happily leaped into. "Very busy."

Mrs Cake made her way over to the friends table. "Ah perfect timing, can you get me a-" Dash's words cut short as the waitress placed an energy drink in front of her, along with handing a hay smoothie to her partner.

"Pinkie Pie ordered for you before she went to wake you up." Mrs Cake stated winking to her foster daughter. Before heading back to help other customers.

"Thanks." Dash looked at her lover happily sucking the smoothie through her straw while looking back in approval. "But you didn't wake me I can wake myself up you know." She added giggling at the fact she had to defend such a foalish thing. Rainbow Dash went to open her bottle but found a long scratch mark across it's top. "Hey wait, did you scratch this?"

Pinkie shook her head. "It was like that when I picked it up."

Rainbow opened the top easily the seal already being broken. "I scratched it by accident before I came to the party." Dash smiled as she carefully held the bottle in her hooves. "This is the same one I had then?"

Pinkie nodded. "Yeppie. I thought I would fill it up with another drink, you know, because you liked it and it was special and ermm." Pinkie stumbled on her words. "Romantic." She quietly whispered before throwing her mouth back around the straw blushing.

Dash heard her lovers whispered words clearly as she leaned over to hug the pink pony. "Very romantic." she whispered in her ear causing her pink face to blush bright red.

"Still hard to imagine that one little bottle started all of this." Applejack called out staring at the energy drink. "Didn't think ah'd owe my happiness to a drink of all things. Especially since it's orange flavoured."

"I still prefer Apple." Fluttershy's sweet voice quietly replied kissing her lovers chest.

Rainbow Dash looked up from her hug smiling as she noticed her friends doing the same. 'Well it's now or never.' She thought to herself grinning slightly. "Hey AppleShy."

Applejack smiled to their nickname being called out again. "Yea what is it RainbowPie?"

Dash grinned in approval to the new name before sitting upright at the table to look her friends in the eyes. "So you had each other yet?"

Applejack instantly felt herself overcome with shyness to the blunt question, looking around awkwardly to notice the other customers all looking over to them. "Dash, not in public." She finally managed to say quietly leaning into the table.

"Why not?" Dash replied purposefully loud. "Come on everypony seems to know me and Pinkie have had each other so what about you?"

"Dash!" Applejack interrupted urgently. "Flutter doesn't want everypony hearing about our private life."

"It was wonderful." Fluttershy quietly added to the awkward moment shocking both her fillyfriend and best friend. "Ermm, I mean, I won't say if you don't want me to." She retreated into her lovers chest shyly.

"That sounded like a ye-es." Rainbow teased quietly.

Applejack looked around still feeling awkward. "Yes." She whispered covering the side of her mouth to avoid being lip read.

"YES!" Rainbow Dash yelled joyfully throwing her hoofs into the air. "Nice one Fluttershy, I hope she was good."

Applejack faked a laugh trying to hide how awkward she felt as the room began applauding. "Oh roadapples this is never going to be let down is it."

"Ah who cares I say let everypony know!" Dash yelled happily looking around the room. "My best friend just got laid." she continued happily stating.

Fluttershy looked up feeling nervous but still smiling knowing how much every pony approved of their love. "She was wonderful." The quiet pegasus laughed happily. "I love you."

Applejack felt her uneasiness leave her as she heard her lover speak. "I love you." She carefully said leaning in to kiss. Her attention drawn only to her lover leaving Rainbow Dash's continued antics silent.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders stood outside Sugar Cube Corner staring into the window while concealing themselves in a bush. "See Applejack loves Fluttershy." Sweetie Belle stated pointing at the two ponies kissing. "And look Rainbow Dash loves Pinkie Pie see?" She moved her hoof slowly along to the light blue pegasus throwing her legs around as if miming while giving a long speech about her and Pinkie Pie.

Applebloom lowered herself from the window smiling. "That's sweet, Fluttershy is so much cuter than Rainbow Dash."

"Hey what's that supposed to mean?" Scootaloo interrupted sharply. "Dash is so much better than Fluttershy she is at least 20% cooler than other ponies and Fluttershy isn't even as cool as them!"

"She's cuter still." Applebloom stated back knowing it would agitate her friend.

"Phh, who needs cuteness when you can be cool." The pegasus replied folding her legs.

"Cuteness doesn't matter?" Sweetie Belle asked faking a cry.

"What? No no! I love you you're cute and beautiful and, I didn't mean that!" Scootaloo threw herself around her lover. "You know I love you I wouldn't ever mean anything like that."

"Yeah I know." Sweetie Belle stated happily.

Scootaloo looked up at both her friends in turn seeing them sniggering. "What? I?" Upon realizing she had been played she returns to all fours. "Oh you are big meanies." She noticed her new friend burst out laughing next to her. "And what are you laughing at?"

The baby dragon regained his composure while wiping a tear from his eye. "You three are such good friends, it's fun to watch."

Scootaloo smiled to the comment. "Yeah? Well it's even more fun to join in with." She watched as Spike continued talking to her other friends. At first she didn't think Twilight Sparkle's assistant would have been fun, and not nearly as friendly and entertaining as he turned out to be at their sleepover. 'Never judge a book by it's cover.' Scootaloo laughed recalling the old saying she heard from one of the few times she did go to school. Just like with Zecora and now Spike, everyone just needs to be given a chance.

The pegasus' thoughts were interrupted as she felt herself hit the soft dirt beneath their cover. "Hey what gives?" Scootaloo called out slightly agitated before she relaxed noticing it was Sweetie Belle pinning her into the floor. "Hey if you want to kiss just ask." Her voice cut short as a white hoof filled her mouth.

"Shh, it's them." Sweetie Belle pointed out the bush where the Crusader's and Spike were hiding. A beautiful lavender mare trotted alongside an even more beautiful white mare, resting their necks against each others as they slowly made their way inside Sugar Cube Corner. When the unicorn couple left their sight the Crusader's raised themselves from the bushes again. "Did you see that?!" Sweetie Belle said looking down at her friends looking ready to burst. "My sister got with Twilight!"

Scootaloo brushed some dirt from her coat. "How can you tell? She didn't say she did."

Sweetie Belle hugged Scootaloo as she continued with her happy realization. "Oh she's never been that happy! Even when she was lost staring at pictures of Twilight she never looked so peaceful!"

"Staring at pictures of Twilight?" Spike asked confused. "They aren't dirty are they?"

"No, nonono!" Sweetie Belle held her hooves over her mouth in shock. "My sisters not dirty they were just pictures of them as friends." She stopped as Spike burst out laughing again. "Oh you."

"You asked for it." Scootaloo interrupted gently rubbing her hoof along the unicorn's back. "Own back for doing it to me."

Sweetie Belle laughed in reply knowing her fillyfriend was right. She was about to open her mouth to speak when a loud scream came from inside Sugar Cube Corner accompanied by many ponies stomping their hooves in applause. "Again?" The Crusader's said as they threw their gaze to the window.


The bell above Sugar Cube Corner's door rung as Rarity led Twilight Sparkle inside. "Hey RariTwi! Oh wait or is that TwiRari? Or RariLight? Or TwiRity?" Pinkie Pie grew a serious expression as she tried thinking up a nickname for her friends. "Not fair you girls got to name the easy ones."

"Ok?" Rarity sat down after Twilight at their friends table. "Regardless it is good seeing the two of you again. Pinkie Pie." She turned her gaze to the distracted pegasus. "Rainbow Dash."

"Huh?" Dash stopped mimicking her idea of showing what entertainment she and Pinkie had to the room as she looked over to the newcomers. "Oh hey RariTwi how are you?"

"Hey I came up with that name!" Pinkie crossed her legs in retaliation. "No fun tonight for you."

Dash gave a weak laugh. "You are joking, right?" She suddenly felt distressed. "Right?"

"Yep." Pinkie bounced off her chair and into her pegasus. "You'll never have to go a night without me." She finished smothering Rainbow Dash in kisses.

"That's a yes then." Rarity said giggling to herself.

"I thought we already knew they did?" Twilight replied joining in with the giggling.

Rarity nuzzled her still laughing partner. "Well of course they did, but you never do know with Pinkie Pie. She may have been making a helicopter or water slide instead."

"Don't be silly ponies." Pinkie pulled out from her kisses and looked back at her friends. "I can't fly a helicopter in my room that's just dangerous."

Twilight was pleased to hear her random friend at least noted some health and safety with her contraptions. "What about the waterslide?" She asked not understanding Rarity's joking comment.

"Hmm, not again." Pinkie replied seriously. "The last one leaked it was very messy."

Applejack was just as confused as the rest of her friends, and likely every other pony in the room to the party pony's reply. "Well ah don't remember that bein' here but ah can believe it." She heard a snigger come from Pinkie and Rainbow Dash but chose not to pursue the strange topic any further. "So. Twilight."

"Yes Applejack?" Twilight replied happily turning away from her lover.

"Ah was just thinkin' about, 'Ah thought we already knew they did?'" Applejack lay back stroking Fluttershy as she probed the quote.

"Ermm, yes? What about it?" Twilight asked cautiously.

"Last time we saw each other, and every time before y'all had no idea about ponies makin' love." Applejack could see Twilight becoming nervous, and knew she was correct. "So how come ya suddenly now know all about when ponies are at it?"

Twilight froze in fear as the entire room turned around to face her, she could feel their gaze as if the restaurant event was repeating itself. "I, I." Twilight noticed Fluttershy turn away from Applejack's chest while Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash turned around grinning. "We, it's." She couldn't think of what to say, fearing the inevitable mass disapproval. "I."

"Yes, we made love!" Twilight was speechless as she heard her lover proclaim their night to everypony. Her worries washed away as the room filled with the thundering of hooves and loud cheering from Pinkie Pie

"YESSS!" Pinkie yelled into the ceiling as she celebrated her final close friends becoming intimate "Oh we have so got to have an orgy!" She noticed the looks her friends gave her. "I said party." She quickly adds being grateful the further away ponies couldn't hear over the applause.

"Good idea." Rainbow Dash whispered into her lovers ear before sealing the words with a warm lick. She gave a sly wink before turning back to face the others. "So, what did you girls do with each other?"

Rarity held Twilight in for a hug, taking away the rest of her concerns "Well sit down and we shall let you know." She laughed lightly taking note of how quickly both ponies got themselves seated. "After the party we went our separate ways, and met up at noon the following day like usual to come here, where we kissed on the way." Rarity dipped towards her lover, repeating the same long kiss they had on the day.

"This should be good if they repeat everything." Rainbow said happily as she looked around for something to eat, she noticed her saddlepack still lying near the wall from one of Pinkie Pie's first thrashes of their night. Dash quickly leaned over to grab the bag placing it on the table.

Rarity finally pulled out from Twilight, smiling as she heard several 'aww's from the Sugar Cube Corner's other patrons, including Mr and Mrs Cake who decided to accept the new entertainment for their customers. "Where were we? Oh yes. So after we left Sugar Cube Corner we went back to our homes, and I later had to return to wake my dear Twi up who fell asleep reading again." She petted her lover's mane while continuing. "She was reading how to be romantic."

There was another collective 'aww' from the room as Twilight began to add detail. "I was also reading how to act at a restaurant and treat you, and. Well yes romantic." The lavender mare giggled awkwardly. "Sorry you continue."

"You are so sweet Twi. And you falling asleep reading how to be romantic, that was beautifully romantic in itself." Rarity hugged her lover slightly stronger, feeling her warmth join with her own. "Then we turned up late to the spa, I know how much you don't like being tardy but we got our whole session so nothing was lost."

"The spa?" Rainbow Dash added rummaging through her saddlepack. So what did you do? Bathe together? Massage each other?" Rainbow looked up from her pack with a mischievous grin. "'special' massage?"

"Rainbow Dash." Rarity called out in her strong superior voice. "We are ladies and we neither do such things nor talk about them if we did."

"Ok whatever." Rainbow replied returning to her pack searching in vain for remaining sweets. "I bet you did." She muttered behind her breath.

"Dashie do you need some help?" Pinkie asked quietly noticing how much her partner was struggling.

"Yeah, I can't find any of the sweets I brought, I know I didn't eat them all." Dash responded, not noticing the guilty look on Twilight Sparkle's face.

"Back to where we are then." Rarity continued still feeling proud for evading the subject of their spa session. "After the Spa we returned home, where we dressed for our date. Though I say dressed we separately decided to do the same and not dress up, though I did wear a beautiful flower of my love's lavender colour." She gently brushed Twilight's lavender coat. "We then went to the restaurant."

A loud sound interrupted Rarity as Pinkie Pie emptied the contents of Rainbow's saddlepack over the table knocking over the bottle and smoothie in the process. "Oopsie" Pinkie gave an over-exaggerated smile apologising for the interruption.

Rarity sighed before continuing. "As I was saying, we went to a restaurant and had a beautiful candle lit dinner, with a sweet Waitress and even sweeter food. I had a dandelion stuffed apple." She turned to Applejack. "A fine Sweet Apple Acres one."

"We sell our apples to all the best restaurants and stores around." Applejack proudly stated as Fluttershy leaned up and grabbed her hat, placing it over her own mane. "Cute." She added before the pegasus could say the word, who smiled happily resting her head again.

"Well back to the story. Twilight had herself a dandelion smoothie and we had a bottle of wine."

"A smoothie with wine?" Applejack questioned confused to her choice.

Rarity burst out laughing for a few seconds before regaining her composure. "Yes, she does love her smoothies. Alas we had these and all went well so we left happily and."

"Everypony there knows you missed a part of this story." A voice from the background interrupted Rarity again. She looked over in shock as she saw the green coated musician from the restaurant looking at her playfully. "What was it you missed again?" Lyra continued to prod Rarity.

"I was hoping you wouldn't be here, with no offense of course." Rarity smiled back at Lyra and Bon Bon sitting at a table across the room. "Twilight, she. She licked my cutie mark in the restaurant."

"Awesome." Rainbow Dash suddenly gained interest while the rest of the room began gossiping between each other.

"I wasn't aware it wasn't a thing to do in public." Twilight replied looking down at her hooves. "None of my books said it." She felt Rarity's warm hug return to comfort her as she spoke.

"Well yes, that was going to get around the town soon enough anyway may as well say it now." Rarity looked over at Pinkie Pie still rummaging through the pile on the table to which Fluttershy took a keep interest. "When we returned home, after a talk with Miss Lyra and Miss Bon Bon over there.

"Yo." Lyra interrupted.

"When we returned home from the restaurant, we both went to my boutique, where we had a second romantic meal, and then the night happened."

Rainbow Dash looked up cocking her gaze. "Yes, and the bit I have been waiting for 'the night' go on."

"Please Rainbow Dash do you honestly expect ladies to begin discussing our private life, in public of all places." Rarity responded again in her superior tone.

"Yes, I did with Pink, your turn spill the beans." Rainbow was clearly agitated to which Twilight was happy to take advantage of, laughing quietly to herself. "What's funny?"

"All those times you would laugh at me not knowing things." Twilight looked up to her light blue friend. "Good isn't it?"

Rainbow Dash threw herself backwards in her chair crossing her legs. "Fine. But as soon as you tell any other pony I'm there." Her friends began laughing, and Rainbow soon followed. Pinkie continued rummaging through the pile of pranking equipment setting aside several she could use herself.

As Pinkie continued filtering the contents Fluttershy noticed what it was she was attracted to, the letter that Rainbow Dash read out at the party. She could barely remember the words inside or even the topic, but something told her she needed to remember it. The shy pegasus dove in to remove the letter before more of Dash's pranking set fell around it. Fluttershy couldn't make out her friends chatting as she concentrated on reading the message. "Oh no." Fluttershy already dreaded what she read as she tried getting her best friends attention. "Rainbow." The blue pegasus was to busy yelling about her night to hear. "Dash please it's important."

Applejack looked down at the worried pony in her hooves. "What is it Flutter?" She noticed the letter and began to read it, recalling the message from the party. "Urgh ah forgot about this." Applejack turned to Rainbow Dash. "Rainbow Dash!"

The yell would have frightened Fluttershy if it didn't come from her loving source. She noticed her friends turn to her and Applejack, as she held out the letter for them. "Dash read this it's important."

Rainbow Dash grabbed the letter from her friends grip. "Wait I remember this." She began reading down the paper quickly before dropping it to the table. "Damn it! What time is it?" She looked over to the clock realizing it would be quicker than waiting for an answer. "Dammit I was meant to meet Gilda an hour ago!" Rainbow began to panic as she quickly flew to the door. "Sorry girls, I'll be back soon, sorry Pink." reluctantly she flew away hating to be late to meet an old friend, almost as much as she hated leaving her lover behind.

Pinkie rushed over to the door as she watched Rainbow Dash fly away. "She looked upset, I'm going to go help." Her friends could see the look of sadness on Pinkie's face as she rushed out before any of them could respond.

The room fell silent without the two energetic ponies, the four friends looked down at the letter as they each thought about it. "I can't see why she would return to talk to that obnoxious griffon." Rarity stated gently wafting the paper away from her. "She was just rude and mean, I know we are meant to give everyone a chance and not judge by the cover but."

"She's a bully." Fluttershy interrupted the others as she fell into Applejack's strong legs for support. "She doesn't deserve another chance she never changes." Applejack comforted her lover as she began to cry. "She bullied me at flight school and she bullied me here. She doesn't deserve Dash's friendship."

"I'm sorry Fluttershy." Rarity could feel the emotional pain her friend had built up over the years. "Did you ever tell Rainbow Dash about her?"

Fluttershy shook her head. "I, I didn't want to make her hate someone because of me." She felt safe in her lovers legs, able to say things she was always to scared to admit.

"I understand. Rainbow Dash didn't stay friends with her last time when she noticed how mean she was, I am positive she won't change her mind." Rarity could still hear Fluttershy crying as she finished speaking. She barely felt disgust for anyone, allowing herself to love even irritating and annoying ponies. But she couldn't help but hate the very idea of Gilda being so mean to her friend. Rarity stared out the window towards Dash's house, and thought of her friends outside. 'I am sure she will make the right decision.'
A new day dawns as the three couples finally meet together for the first time since their 3 Weeks Party. But as they have fun telling each other about their previous days, Rainbow Dash is reminded of a meeting she hoped she would never have to make.

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RariTwi, RainbowPie, AppleShy and ScootaBelle shipping in this part.

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