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Twilight's Show by Ragnarokia Twilight's Show :iconragnarokia:Ragnarokia 20 2 Twilight's Great and Powerful birthday by Ragnarokia Twilight's Great and Powerful birthday :iconragnarokia:Ragnarokia 40 4
Pinkie's Tooth
"This is the best birthday ever!" Pinkie Pie's words broke through the walls of Sugar Cube Corner, her exalted voice being almost painful to her friends standing by her if they hadn't already been forced to become used to her overzealous voice over the years. The party pony bounced around the room in her new bright pink dress happily singing one of Rarity's many dress making songs, which only confused the unicorn who was sure she never sung it while in her friend's presence.
"My present is next!" Twilight stated, thrilled to show her new discovery to her friends. Pinkie suddenly stopped bouncing and flashed across the room to the table growing an even larger smile.
"Ohhhh, what is it?" The earth pony shook the large box but heard no rattling sound, confused she hit the box against the table but again heard nothing. With an unsatisfied frown she brought her teeth to the box and tore the wrapping off with a single clean sweep.
Upon seeing the large scroll unfold in Pinkie's hooves Twilig
:iconragnarokia:Ragnarokia 30 29
Fluttershy eats jelly cubes
Fluttershy whimpered a soft yawn, stepping one hoof at a time slowly down the echoing stairs of her cottage, very slowly as each hoof gave a quiet creek barely louder than her own drowsy voice greeting the various animal inhabitants of her home. The shy yellow pegasus was never to loud in the morning, then again she wasn't much louder even when fully awake. Fluttershy's delicate hooves finally reached the ground level as she trotted slowly towards the kitchen.
"Good morning Angel Bunny." Fluttershy's fragile voice called over to the bunny sitting on a raised seat by the table, he gave a glare to his carer tapping his little paw against the empty plate in front of him. The timid pony yawned again before replying. "It won't be a minute Angel, I just need to get the ingredients." Fluttershy slowly opened various cupboards and drawers, gathering leaves and petals and vegetables together, landing them tiredly into a salad bowl on the counter. Before finishing she pulled out a large box of v
:iconragnarokia:Ragnarokia 21 61
Fluttershy eating Jelly Cubes by Ragnarokia Fluttershy eating Jelly Cubes :iconragnarokia:Ragnarokia 31 52 Gummy Pie the tail lover by Ragnarokia Gummy Pie the tail lover :iconragnarokia:Ragnarokia 25 53
Hearth's Warming Weather
Rainbow Dash marvelled at her work as she hovered above the frozen landscape. Ponyville was blanketed by a thick but even layer of soft snow, shimmering with the light of Luna's moon. It was truly a beautiful sight one that even Rarity would stare open jawed at. Rainbow smirked as her eyes took in the view, it was truly a masterpiece from Ponyville's master weather pony. Suddenly Rainbow quivered as an ice-cold lance of wind tore through her soft coat. 'Oh, right the cold.' She laughed lightly as she looked up, the grand creation of clouds filled the sky as a calming blanket, though it wasn't the type of blanket Rainbow truly wanted as she flapped her freezing wings for the final time, gently lowering herself onto a wooden beam. Usually she would dive down landing in a spectacular fashion, but even Rainbow's arrogance knew it's limits carefully stopping on the slippery frozen beam. The wood was covered in snow, the trees were covered in snow, ponies themselves would be covered in snow
:iconragnarokia:Ragnarokia 67 53
But Why Balloons?
Luna's moon was concealed by a thick canopy of clouds, the streets of Ponyville were silent and dark. The only light to illuminate the visible town came from the window of Ponyville's library, as a small orange foal gazed out from the glass with a sigh. It was evident to her that Rainbow Dash had once again not cared for her job, but it only made the filly admire her more. The pegasus rose to her hooves as she smiled at her idols laziness. "Ok, so what's next?" She asked, looking over her shoulder to the other two foals.
"We could try romance writing?" The adorable unicorns voice pleased the pegasus, though it was quickly countered by her friends choice of task.
"Really, romance writing? What would that cutie mark even look like?" Scootaloo would never understand her friends over enthusiasm when it came to romance, she was just like Rarity, though that was slightly understandable seeing as they were sisters.
"Well we don't have a lot to work with, we might as well try it." Sweetie Bell
:iconragnarokia:Ragnarokia 18 33

Random Favourites

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United Kingdom
I am currently heavily inactive on this site, if you want to get in touch or see things I am doing try some of the following links.

Other websites I use:… - Let's plays / story readings / random videos… - If after MLP based stories go here instead. - Daily checking here, not posting much though currently.

Ask me for any desired contact details, Skype etc.
Current Residence: Cheshire, England
I plan on writing some more fan-fiction but expect less than before, currently working on trying to get into game development. Either way until I have content to show be it stories or game images I'm unlikely to make many updated here. I'll be more active on other websites linked in the information above and on skype / steam etc.

Decided to simply edit my older entry rather than make a new one since this is more of a passive update and not something people need to know unless checking up on me themselves.
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Happy Birthday :meow: :iconcakeplz:
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Hi, do you still work on that story All Ponies go to Heaven? I suddenly remember reading that 3 years ago and feeling nostalgic.
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I hit a writer's block with that one since I was trying out a rigid format which didn't work, if I ever can get past that and do chapter 4 without it seeming out of place or forced then I might be able to finish, but for the time being I won't know for sure. Will try it though.
KopaLeo Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What would happen later? Would Rainbow Dash succeed in her quest?
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Would continue with a similar way the original movie did, sacrificing herself to save another where required.
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